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Introduction Super Leisure Lifestyle Show 2016 - Taiwan

Date post: 20-Mar-2017
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0 Super Leisure Lifestyle Show July 30 to August 2, 2015 Exhibition Concept Taiwan Fair for Upscale Leisure Sports and Lifestyle October 7-10, 2016 Kaohsiung Exhibition Center TAIWAN
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    Super Leisure Lifestyle Show

    July 30 to August 2, 2015

    Exhibition Concept

    Taiwan Fair for Upscale Leisure Sports and Lifestyle

    October 7-10, 2016

    Kaohsiung Exhibition Center


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    At a Glance

    Show Date: 7-10 October 2016, 4 days

    Opening Times: 11:00am-7:00pm

    Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

    Visitor Target: Private Buyers with High Income

    Entry Tickets: 200 NT$

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    Why Super?

    Targeted towards high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs)

    Target exhibitors are higher end than normal

    Exciting. Give the public a sense of excitement, of

    something exceptional. A must-see show! Upscale or Luxury

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    Why Leisure Lifestyle?

    People in Taiwan work longer hours and do not have much

    vacation/leisure time. With increasing disposable incomes, people

    have more opportunities to look for an improved work-life balance with

    more leisure time

    Provide the hi-end leisure goods industry with a platform to showcase

    their products alongside others in a synergistic manner, bringing

    objects and activities closer to the public to enhance awareness

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    Why Taiwan?

    High demand for Luxury products!

    Valued at TWD161 billion (US$5.1 billion) in 2015,

    the luxury goods market in Taiwan ranked 14th out of the 32

    countries (Euromonitor Internationals luxury goods research)

    Taiwan is the 6th fastest growing market behind UAE, South Korea

    and Indonesia

    Taiwans people place increasing importance on status, image and

    wealth, resulting in younger consumers pursuing lavish lifestyle

    choices, such as indulging in luxury goods rather than saving money

    or investing. (Luxury Goods Report in Taiwan)

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    Upscale Market


    High average Income

    In 2013 Taiwans GDP per capita in PPP

    was nearly US$ 40,000 (Rank 29 in the

    world), above Germany!

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    Exhibition Categories

    Fast Mobility

    Water Activities

    Outdoor, Sports & Travel

    Fashion & Collection

    Stylish Living

    Gourmet F&B

    Select Shopping

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    Exhibition Scope

    VIP night

    Presentations, forums, panel discussions

    VIP lounges

    Special event program

    *Lucky draws

    *Wine, whisky and cigar tasting

    *Business-class smokers lounges

    Special selection shopping

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    Stage Area

    Find champions who will take a subject and arrange all that is necessary.

    Possible subjects:

    Owning a boat made easy

    Boat license course

    Marinas, ports. Taiwans infrastructure

    Water sports in South Taiwan

    Golfing. Getting started

    Horse-back riding a sport for all ages

    Careers in sports

    Development of car-racing in Taiwan

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    Special Events Program

    Wine and whisky tasting

    Cigar and smokers lounge

    Mounted police horse parade

    Luxury harbour tours

    Lucky draws

    Resort stays / Cases of wine and bottles of whisky / Horse-riding classes

    Fitness centre subscriptions / Watches / Airline tickets

  • 10

    Advertising opportunities

    We offer various online & onsite Advertisement

    opportunities to place your Brand in the right

    environment where it has best impact.


    KEC front banners

    Hanging banners in the hall

    Website banners

    Entrance ticket

    Hall plan

    Shuttle bus

    Video on KEC Central Boulevard (30 seconds)

    Stage in the hall

    Special requests for advertisements possible!

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    Raw Space (3x3m): 47,250NT (including Tax)

    Early Bird*: 42,525NT (including Tax)

    *Early Bird applies to applicants until January 31, 2016

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    Standard Booth


    Standard Partition H=250cm*1set

    Needle Punch Carpet*9sqm

    Company Name Fascia Board*1set

    Spotlight 18W*3pcs(Yellow Light)

    Info Counter 110cm*50cm*82.5cm/H*1set

    Folding Chair*2pcs

    Waste Basket*1pc

    Socket 110V/5A

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    Sponsoring opportunities

    We offer customized exclusive sponsorship opportunities that can include:

    VIP night

    * F&B

    * Title sponsor

    VIP lounges

    * Entire lounge

    * Elements in the lounge (e.g. furniture, F&B)

    Lucky draws

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    The Venue

    Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC) World class design & Technology

    Taiwan's newest and most modern Event venue.

    25,000m2 indoor and outdoor exhibition space with waterfront Marina.

    KEC is the premier multipurpose venue in Taiwan.

    Ideal for hybrid events and Yacht Shows.

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    See you @SLLS 2016

    Sign up today!