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Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Concluding Paragraphs

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  • Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Concluding Paragraphs
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  • Each essay has three main parts: Introductory Paragraph (or just Introduction) Body Paragraphs Concluding Paragraph (or just Conclusion) In order to successfully write an essay, you must have all 3 of these ingredients! Introduction
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  • An introductory paragraph contains: A thesis statement A list of the supports you will use for the thesis statement it may contain an attention getter or a summary of the situation Introductory Paragraph
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  • Your thesis statement is the backbone of your essay It is what you want the reader to believe or understand It CANNOT be an obvious statement or fact It must be a clear position that you can support with evidence Your thesis statement can be found anywhere in the paragraph, but is generally found in the last sentence Thesis statement
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  • Good: February is the best month of the year. We should be allowed to drive at age 15. Conversations can help a class learn. Bad: February is the shortest month of the year. We are allowed to drive at age 17. Classrooms are places of learning. Thesis Statement Examples
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  • Why do we need major supports? Shows the reader that there is a reason behind your statement Shows higher order thinking skills Convinces your reader that you know what you are talking about Major Support for Your Thesis Statement
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  • Thesis Statement: High school should be extended to five years from the current model of four years. Possible Support: Schools now have so many interesting courses; students cannot take all the ones that interest them in just four years. Five years would give students time to prepare for college. The amount of homework could be reduced if coursework were spread out over five years. How to support a thesis statement
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  • Each body paragraph has: Major support for the thesis statement Development for the major support with supporting details and explanations A sentence that relates the support to the thesis (same language) THE MAJOR SUPPORT FROM YOUR INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR BODY PARAGRAPH Body Paragraphs
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  • Introduction: School cafeterias should be required to serve food that enhances good health and tastes good. They should be required to offer fresh salad, fresh fruit, and no food that contains trans fat. Ensuring the health of younger generation means ensuring the future of the country. Where are the major supports? Identifying Your Major Supports
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  • The major supports found in the introduction paragraph will be used for your TOPIC SENTENCES in the body paragraphs. Using these major supports will: Help you write your body paragraph Keep your essay ORGANIZED Support your thesis statement Make you look good Ive Found the Major Support. Now What?
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  • Topic Sentence: mentions one of the major supports in your introduction. Supporting detail: why is this supportive detail important (use facts, statistics, or logic)? Example: elaboration of the supporting detail by using evidence from real life or fiction. Second supporting detail: another reason why the topic sentence is important. Example: elaboration of the supporting detail by using evidence from real life or fiction. Restatement of topic sentence: relates the paragraph back to the thesis statement. How a Body Paragraph is Put Together
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  • The concluding paragraph ends your essay. A good concluding paragraph contains: A restatement of your thesis statement in different words A restatement of the major points of your essay (your supports) A final sentence that calls the reader to action or makes them think about the essay Your concluding paragraph should be an ALMOST mirror image of your thesis statement Concluding Paragraph
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  • Concluding Paragraph Example Intro Paragraph Having open lunch on campus has many advantages. This rule would result in a better use of school time, a healthier lunch for students, and higher morale among the student body. Both students and parents want it and even teachers are not opposed to students going off campus for lunch, so this would be a welcome decision. Concluding Paragraph There are many reasons to support an open-lunch campus. Efficient use of time, ensuring nutritious lunches, and raising morale are three compelling reasons to adopt this change. Please contact the members of the board of education by letter or e-mail and ask them to vote yes for an open-lunch campus.
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  • An Introduction Paragraph Thesis Statement (a statement that is NOT a fact, and must be supported) Two major supports (reasons why you stand by your thesis statement) Body Paragraphs Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence that covers one of the major supports from the introduction paragraph Your supporting details should explain WHY the supports are important, and provide examples Concluding Paragraph A restatement of your thesis statement A summary of the important parts covered in the body paragraph A sentence that leaves the reader with a strong impression of your thesis statement. So, your essay should have
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