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Investor optimism continues upward trend ... Investor optimism continues upward trend Great...

Date post:19-Mar-2020
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  • Investor optimism continues upward trend

    Great expectations UBS Investor Watch Pulse June 2018

    Optimism on the rise Feeling confident about personal situation

    Mixed signals on North Korea

    Strong views on trade

    12-month economic outlook

    6-month stock market outlook

    “I’m confident about achieving “my long-term goals.”

    “I feel very good about my “current finances.”

    April May JuneApril May June

    60% 52%


    65% 60%




    65% 35%

    1 of 2

    But only

    75% “The U.S. can get concessions “from China without a trade war.”

    80% “A trade war would only “hurt both countries.”

    55% “The U.S. should place more “tariffs on Chinese imports.”

    Say the summit was a success for the U.S.

    Believe North Korea will denuclearize


  • Investors cite key factors in the midterm elections

    Investors weigh in on Trump's policies

    About the survey: UBS surveyed 510 High Net Worth Investors with at least $1M in investable assets from June 11 – 13, 2018.

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    Investors support higher interest rates

    “I support the Fed raising “interest rates.”

    “Changes to interest rates “impact my investment choices.”



    The economy

    55% major factor

    34% minor factor

    2 of 2

    49% Approve

    What does it all mean for your financial future? Talk to your UBS Financial Advisor.


    25% minor factor

    The President’s governing style

    55% major factor


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