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  • Those featured in the stories and lessons of faith 1. Irish Missionary Monks 2. Moses 3. Saint John XXIII 4. John Henry Newman 5. Nicholas Callan 6. Saint Vincent de Paul 7. Joseph Shanahan and Mary Martin 8. Matt Talbot 9. Nano Nagle 10. Saint Peter 11. Edel Quinn 12. Our Lady of Knock 13. The Christian Hospice Story 14. Saint Patrick 15. John Boyle O’Reilly 16. Margaret Aylward 17. L’Arche 18. Saint Augustine 19. Saint John Paul II 20. Father John Sullivan SJ 21. Saint Thomas More 22. Father Patrick Peyton 23. Jesus and the Beatitudes 24. Frank Duff 25. Evie Hone 26. Job 27. Margaret Ball and Francis Taylor 28. Blessed Maria and Luigi Quattrocchi 29. Catherine McAuley 30. Pope Paul VI 31. Frederic Ozanam 32. Saint Columcille 33. Maria Goretti 34. Edmund Rice 35. Columba Marmion 36. Jesus and Prayer

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    Following the layout of the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults, it offers:

    Summaries of the catechetical themes Relevant scripture passages Discussion questions Suggestions for further reading and study.

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    NANO NAGLE:MOTHER OF IRISH CATATA HOLIC EDUCATATA IONDuring the period of the Penal Laws, Ireland was in the grip of relentless colonial exploitation and religious persecution. The distress and poverty of the rural population was harsh. Rebellion only invited more repression. When we hear the story of those heroes and heroines who tried to alleviate the hardship and lift the spirits of the poor,r,r with little encouragement and less support, then we can appreciate the dire straits that afffff licted Ireland at

    that time. One such heroine was Honora Nagle of Cork, known as

    ‘Nano’ Nagle, who later became Mother Mary of St John of God, and

    is now recognised as the Mother of Irish Catholic schools. Nano Nagle was born in 1718 near Mallow in Co. Cork. Her family

    was reasonably well-offfff , given the miserable state of the country and

    the economic repression of Catholics at the time. Nano and her sister

    Anne were sent to school in Paris. Little detail is known about her

    youth, but a few stories have been passed on.The two Irish girls enjoyed themselves in Parisian society,y,y attenddii and parties as well as classes and lectures. One night – oorr

    rning – coming home after a dance, Nano spotttteedd shippers outside a local church waitingg qqtrast between her life of pplleeaa



  • Who is the Catechism for? The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is for adults who wish to renew or learn more about their faith, including:

    Parish Study Groups Liturgy Committees Retreat Groups RCIA groups Those interested in personal study.

    It also provides information about the Catholic faith to other interested readers.

    How is it structured? The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is composed of thirty-six chapters, divided into four sections:

    I. The Creed: The Faith Professed II. The Sacraments: The Faith Celebrated III. Christian Morality: The Faith Lived IV. The Our Father: The Faith Prayed.

    Each chapter: Commences with a short account of a saint or

    holy person, most of whom are Irish Is followed by a presentation of a related

    teaching Contains excerpts from the Catechism of the

    Catholic Church Relates the Church teaching to Irish culture Contains questions for discussion that

    invite the reader to explore personal ways of connecting with the teachings of the Church

    Concludes with doctrinal statements and suggestions for meditation and prayer.

    How to use the Catechism The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults can be used for personal study or for group study sessions.

    Members of the group can read the material before coming together for a facilitated discussion, following the chapter structure.

    Also available is the companion text, the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults: Study Guide.

    Visit www.irishcatechism.ie for weblinks, videos and suggested programmes of study for group sessions.

    Feedback from parish groups:

    ‘Informative and thought-provoking.’

    ‘It gave me great insight into the meaning of the First Commandment.’

    ‘I would encourage others to attend parish study groups to learn more about their faith and how to put it into


    ‘Enlightening, captivating and faith-lifting.’

    ‘I heard things I never would have realised before.’

    ‘I would encourage others to attend because the sessions are lively, enriching in the faith and help in forming fellowships that are helpful spiritually,

    psychologically and socially.’ is a call to a renewal of faith

    The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults

    As Ireland’s leading religious publisher and retailer, Veritas is proud to publish the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults. The result of several years’ work, this Catechism is a call to a renewal of faith at a time when some people may be questioning whether the good news of Jesus Christ applies to them.

    The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults presents Irish Catholics with a renewed opportunity to study, refl ect on and live by the faith we profess in the Creed, celebrate in the Sacraments, live in the Christian moral life and deepen through prayer.

    What is the Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults? The Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults is a new resource from the Irish Episcopal Conference. Designed to complement the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is adapted for an Irish audience and written in accessible, easy-to-understand language.

    This Catechism is a resource to facilitate adult faith development, which is prioritised by the National Directory for Catechesis, Share the Good News.

    Each chapter begins with a ‘story or lesson of faith’, featuring many notable fi gures from Ireland, such as Edmund Rice, Catherine McAuley and Nano Nagle. Those chosen are people whose lives or actions illustrate a particular Church teaching.

    MATATA T TATAT LBOT: HOPE FOR THE LOST‘An elderly man collapsed in Granby Lane yesterday,y,y and on being taken to Jervis Street Hospital, he was found to be dead. He was wearing a tweed suit, but there was nothing to identify who he was.’ So reported the Irish Independent on Monday,y,y 8 June 1925. The previous day was TrTrT inity Sunday. The man was wearing a tweed suit, his Sunday best, because he was going to 10 o’clock Mass in the Dominican

    Church, his second Mass that day. The dead man was eventually

    identified as Matthew TaTaT lbot, a pious and humble worker in the north

    inner city,y,y who during the week wore clean but shabby overalls. As the

    Mercy Sisters prepared the body for burial, they found chains around

    his body,y,y and holy medals, which indicated that the chains had a

    religious significance. The discovery was precisely described, recorded

    and witnessed. The story spread quickly and a small crowd attended

    the funeral on 11 June 1925. Matt TaTaT lbot was sixty-nine years old. That looked like the end of the story,y,y but it was only the beginning.

    An obscure and secret life would soon be revealed. Matt TaTaT lbot’s stoorryy

    wwaas destined to intrigue everyone and encourage many. Othhe eevver,r,r would see Matt TaTaT lbot as a peculiar person. The quuiiee

    hhiiss tweed suit going to Mass excited a controversy inn dd uulldd have dreamed of while alive.wwaass bborn in Aldborough Coouurrtt o6 dd b


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