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Date post: 21-Jan-2022
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PowerPoint PresentationMicrowave photonics (MWP): manipulation of RF signals using
photonic techniques/components
Yao, J. Lightwave Technol. 27 (2009)
Marpaung et al., Laser Photon. Rev. 7 (2013)
• Lightweight
MWP applied in the generation, distribution, processing, measurement of RF signals
Next generation wireless
• filtering
• delay
Integrated MWP: PICs for advantage in size, weight and power
Material platforms Low loss
• Carrier depletion modulator
(TPA and FCA)
Cross section: ~ 1 m x 1.5 m
Propagation loss: < 0.2 dB/cm
Bend radius ~ 100 m
Coupling loss ~ 1 dB/facet
TPA and FCA free
Beamformer, filters, frequency discriminator,
frequency measurement, …
Silicon nitride
Signal Generation
Microwave tone
J. Wang et al., Sci. Rep., 2016
M. Khan et al., Nat. Photon., 2010
J. Liu et al., Nat. Photon., 2020
M. Burla et al., Nat. Comm., 2016
dynamically reconfigurable
T ra
D. Marpaung et al.,Optics Express, 2013
Y.Liu et al.,Optics Letters, 2017
11/12/12 18
Highest resolution optical filter
Application: RF processing and low noise laser
Ultra narrow
• Optics → wide bandwidth
• Acoustic → high resolution
High resolution (MHz)
Software user interface
Chip-scale SBS filter
• Next step in integrated MWP: on-chip functionalities + RF performance
Nonlinear Nanophotonics group • Established in 2018