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Jacqueline Woodson

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Jacqueline Woodson. Courtney Johnson, Taylor Miller, Caroline Snipes. About the Author… . She loved everything about writing and wasn’t a big fan of sitting still unless she was reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson Courtney Johnson, Taylor Miller, Caroline Snipes

About the Author She loved everything about writing and wasnt a big fan of sitting still unless she was readingWrote a poem in fourth grade about Martin Luther King Jr that was so good no one believed she had written itHer major literary influences are James Baldwin, Virginia Hamilton, and Nikki Giovanni She is known for the detailed physical landscapes she writes into each of her books. Born on February 12, 1963 in Columbus, OhioLived in Greenville, SC until age 7 then moved to Brooklyn, NY (where she still resides)Attended Adelphi College and graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in British LiteratureAs a child, she wrote on anything and everything. Wrote graffiti on a building wall, wrote on paper bags, her shoes and denim binders. She also chalked stories across sidewalks and penciled tiny tales in notebook margins

Books Written

Each KindnessCoretta Scott King Honor Book2013 Jane Addams Peace Award2013 Charlotte Zolotow AwardBest Book of 2012 School Library JournalComing On Home SoonCaldecott HonorALA Notable 2005Booklist Editors ChoiceChild Magazine Best of 2004The Other SideALA NotableRiverbank Review Childrens Book of DistinctionTexas Blue Bonnet ListSchool Library Journal Best BookBooklist Editors ChoiceNew York Public Librarys 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing2001 Time of Wonder AwardIRA Teachers Choices 2002 2004 Louisiana Young Readers Choice Award (Honor)2003-2004 Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Master ListCalifornia Young Reader Medal Nominee2003-2004 South Carolina Book Award NomineeThis is The RopePecan Pie Baby

Books Continued

Sweet, Sweet Memory

Our Gracie Aunt

Visiting Day2003 Skipping Stones Honor Award

Show WayNewberry Honor Medal

We Had a Picnic This Sunday PastMiddle Grade Books:http://www.jacquelinewoodson.com/category/books-ive-written/middle-grade-titles/

Young Adult Books:http://www.jacquelinewoodson.com/category/books-ive-written/young-adult-titles/

Trends1st person narrativeDialectTough issues loss, inequality, prejudice/discrimination, genderAfrican American familiesExtended family and nontraditional household, blended familiesRural/urban settingWrites across ages/genresHistoric and current contentShe places boundaries everywheresocial, economic, physical, sexual, racial then has her characters break through physical and psychological boundaries to create a strong and emotional story

Curriculum ConnectionUsing the book The Other SideThe students will...Write a journal entry about a time you judged or excluded someone because they were different from you. Share an example of a time you felt judged or excluded. How did it make you feel? What can you do in the future to avoid these situations? The students willWrite a journal about what you think the fence symbolizes? Explain your reasoning. The students willDescribe how the main characters acted/thought at the beginning of the story. How do they change over the course of the story? The students willWrite a journal about why you think all the kids decided to play together at the end of the book? What do you think changed their mind?

Fun Facts Has a lot of her writing memorized so that she dont have to carry her books everywhereOnce wrote a book in two weeks and it only needed a little revisionthe next book took four yearsShe can only write with her notebook turned sideways. As a kid, she wrote with it turned upside down.She doesnt believe there is any such thing as writers block, its just your mind telling you what youre writing isnt the thing you really want to be writingHas brothers named Hope and Roman and a sister named OdellaHas a son, Jackson-Leroi and a daughter Toshi

Has plays/movies/TV shows of her work:Locomotion (play)Show Way, The Musical (musical play)Beneath A Meth Moon (upcoming movie)Miracles Boys (mini-series)There are many anthologies (at least 20) that include her work



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