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James Brierley presentation

Date post: 22-Jul-2016
Author: james
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  • DOPE

  • ContentsPage 4-5 Space Poster

    Page 6-15 Conversation Project

    Page 16-17 Exploding Planet

    Page 18-25 Re-brand Project

    Page 26-27 Deep Space Poster

    Page 28-35 YCN/J20 Project

    Page 36-37 Nature Photo

    Page 38-43 Level Collective Project

  • Different Ways To


    Eye Contact

    Eye contact i s a perfect way to flirt and communicate to person of your dreams, j ust give t hem a little w ink and if they give you a wink back its happily ever after.


    Technology is a great way to commu-nicate with your friends and f amily. You can send them a message from anywhere in t he w orld. Its a lso a great way to ignore your family and friends by staring at your phone 24/7 so you dont have to be apart of their conversations.


    Speech i s the most popular w ay t o communicate to another human being or your loving pet. Speech is a great, you can have m any conversations with people and you can t ell them anything you w ant e specially i f you want to insult them.


    Sound was great when you were kids, we all made different sounds to make each other laugh, plus it was the kids way to communicate to each o ther. Some adults still make these sounds today, they are called politicians.

    Body Movement

    Body m ovement a lso known as reflexing or posing is a secret conver-sation between people who have the perfect bodies. Its w ay f or t hem t o tell you l ook a t me Im better than you in every way.

    Hand Gestures

    Hand gestures also known, a s sign language i s a great w ay f or people who are deaf t o communicate to people, but for the average person it is a g reat w ay t o annoy, i nsult and flirt with the person of your choosing.

  • Guidelines

    Dont use more than 3 colours (except t shirts)

    Make sure the colours work together

    Dont over strech anything

    No serif typefaces

    Must have simple logo designs

    Logo must be on every product we made (t-shirts,shoes,bags)

    Always use the TEEBOY typeface in every product

    Only use red,white and black for the logo

    Logo must always be in a rounded square

    Logo and rounded square must be the similiar lengh and size

  • This is my final logo; Ive kept to my guidelines by only using two colours and keeping the logo simply. Theres not really much changed from the ordinal logo, all I have done is create a new background and cleaned the type up. I think the logo suits the brand and what it stands for. The reason I have two final colours for the logo is be-cause they both look great for the brand and can be used for different products but the red logo is the main logo.




  • As I wanted something bigger and better and went back to the brief to see what Level Collec-tive wanted from us and seeing as they wanted anything to do with nature, I decided to create t-shirts with animals on them so at first I started by design a simply deer head and I added dif-ferent textures to it and played with the opacity.

  • Going on the animal theme I still wanted to have the idea bigger and better and I ended up creating this bear because it is the biggest animal in the forest plus I really like them. So I just started looking at designs people have done with bears and I found one which was similar design to mine but Ive lost the image now and I cant find it but I really loved the design so I created my own. I did the same as I did to the deer were I just added textures and changed the opacity

  • Here I was still working on the bear but I just changed it a little but I pre-fer the other design so I went back to that to present it to Level Collective.