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Date post:01-Feb-2021
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  • J A N E S V I L L E U M C

    Pastor Audrey

    Dear JUMC and HUMC Families, Do you have “a person?” On one

    of my favorite tv shows, Grey’s Anato- my, the staff sometimes talk about the “person” they go to in times of trouble or trauma. I hope everyone of the care-givers, rescue personnel and all, have “a person,” to help them get through this pandemic.

    But do you have “a person” to help you through this pandemic? Sometimes it’s a parent or adult- child, a spouse or neighbor. Perhaps yours is a co- worker or best friend from school days. Whoever it is, please remember to give them a frequent call during these days that seem to stretch out longer and longer as they go by.

    And if you haven’t anyone else to call, my number is 641-840-0119, or look above for other ways.

    I often group message with my two older sisters who are retired UM pastors. That gives me family & God, as well as understanding clergy, connections.

    We all need connections. We all need “a person,” or two that we can talk with about our emotions as we face each day.

    You’re expecting me to mention that you can “have a little talk with Jesus” too, aren’t you. Yes, “He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own,” and He’ll do that for you too. Just pick up your Bible, if you don’t already do so, and began to read the Gospels or the Psalms to hear from God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    There’s a meme on facebook right now that has pictures of Barney Fife, deputy to Andy Griffith in the

    little town of Mayberry. Barney brought a great deal of comic relief to the stories that tv show presented. Many times Andy could come up with an option that no one else had considered. He is much like Jesus in that way and many other ways too.

    But the meme shows poor Barney at his worst with crazy facial expressions and messed hair. The caption asks which of the Barneys are you feeling like? I want to say, all of them at one time or another i n t he pas t f i ve months of this crazy pandemic.

    I hadn’t anymore than begun to settle into a new normal of single-living here and getting to know you, when the virus hit. Unprecedented is the word that really comes to mind for me, even though I often bolster myself with thoughts of having survived losses of loved ones, illnesses, and remember history’s descriptions of other national and world events that civilization have survived.

    This pandemic may be new to us, but it’s not new to God who has watched His people suffer through worse. You name it, God has seen it, including the death of His own Son on a cross.

    On other pages of this newsletter you’ll find Bible verses to remind you that GOD IS WITH US.

    May God speak to you through them, Pastor Audrey:)

    August 2020 Newsletter Janesville United Methodist Church

    The Janesville Bridge “To be a bridge of caring relationships connecting people to God and each other.”

    424 Sycamore Street PO Box 358 Janesville, Iowa 50647 [email protected] 319-987-2596

    janesvilleunitedmethodistchurch.weebly.com facebook.com/Janesville.UMC

    Pastor Audrey H. Westendorf Cell phone for calls or text.(641) 840-0119

    Also “Friend” on FaceBook at “Audrey H. Westendorf” or email at [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] http://janesvilleunitedmethodistchurch.weebly.com http://facebook.com/Janesville.UMC mailto:[email protected] http://janesvilleunitedmethodistchurch.weebly.com http://facebook.com/Janesville.UMC

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    Please pray for: All Nursing Home Residents All Veterans & Military &

    their loved ones Fire & Rescue

    First Responders Medical Staff-NURSES

    Those working essenDal jobs Students and Educators

    Our Pastor Our District Supt., Bishop, Cabinet The United Methodist Church

    PaN Baldwin ScoO Turner

    Dennis Osborn & family Marge Grandon

    Prayers for our homebound church family, who are visited

    by our Shepherds: Flo Shephard

    Evelyn Wubbena Marlys Cook De & Carol Dix Georgia Eibey Linda Stroud

    Please keep in your prayers with health concerns:

    Tom & Char Brickman Wendy Brace Chelsey Brace

    Johnny & Esther Folkerds Ben Huber

    Karen Borglum Lolita Huber Marilyn Lee

    Fred & Lorraine Hallberg Grandma Mae Jan Guzman

    Our Sympathies are with Sherri Head on the loss of her mother-in-law, June.

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    August Birthdays Amy Shook 8/3 Bailey Carlisle 8/5 Sandra Johnson 8/5 Cody Bertram 8/5 Cory Bertram 8/5 Dee Ann Hinders 8/6 Gloria Freilinger 8/6 Joe Kessel 8/6 Dan Brace 8/7 LaVonne Dorman 8/7 Margaret Shepard 8/7 Davis Kidder 8/9 Nikki Haan 8/10 Kaitlyn Brocka 8/11 Maranda Mills 8/11 Andi Marie Shook 8/11 Colleen Liming 8/12 Fred Hallberg 8/15 Lois Boeck 8/16 Shannon Brocka 8/16 Hunter Destival 8/16 Steve Dobbs 8/16 Earl (Wil) Spencer 8/16 Jack Lockett 8/17 Markella Stratiou 8/17 Christian Heiser 8/17 Brandi Jans 8/18 Tyler Osborn 8/18 Betty Betsinger 8/24 Lexi West 8/24 Velma Rice’s 90th 8/25 Tom Brickman 8/26 Kathleen Knapp 8/26 Barb Reid 8/26 Mickey Baker 8/26 Lee Ackerson 8/27 Tyler Robinson 8/27 Dalton Woodyard 8/27 Rylee Johnson 8/27 Angie Destival 8/29 Lynnley Barr 8/29 Michael Burkes 8/30 Vicki Fisher 8/30 Jacob Yochum 8/30 Andrew Heins 8/31

    August Anniversaries Alex & Melinda Westendorf 8/3 Shawn & Jenifer Cooper 8/5 Brad & Colette Ruth 8/5 Tim & Cindy Nisius 8/8 Justin & Nikki Shook 8/11 Bret & Paula Wrage 8/14 Walt & Rita Ruth 8/20 Dick & Karen Funk 8/23 Lyle & Jennifer Piper 8/24 Marvin & DeAnn Bliss 8/27 Mike & Deb Wienhold 8/30

    Let’s Send Greetings Velma Rice will observe her 90th

    Birthday anniversary on August 25. Her address is Heritage Court,

    1499 Office Park Road, West Des Moines, IA 50265

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    UMW News

    In early May Pastor Audrey notified us of a grant for community projects that was available through the Conference UMW. She suggested we try to get a grant for the free lunch program at the community center. One of the requirements for the application was a "date of approval" from our unit. Since we were not able to have a meeting, a telephone vote of the Executive Board members.

    We are pleased to announce that we received a check for $1,000. That’s enough to fund at least 5 weeks of meals! We will be preparing a report for the grant committee which we will share with our members as well.

    For those of you that are unaware of this program, it was started in December of 2019 by the manager of the community center, Dan Phillips. It started as a free lunch to anyone in the community twice a month. This spring the free lunches were increased to once a week with the school age children and many additional adults at home due to the virus issues. Dan does the cooking and distributes the meals through takeout or delivery with community volunteers. 300 meals are currently distributed each week. Cindy Spencer, UMW President

    May 04, 2020

    Iowa Conference United Methodist Women has awarded Be Bold grants to several local units to be used for community projects that will enhance the Purpose of UMW.

    The grants were made possible by a planned gift to Iowa Conference UMW from the late Barbara Csomay of Kanawha. She was a retired music teacher and marching band

    instructor, and a member of Kanawha United Methodist Church.

    The grants were to be awarded later in 2020, but are being awarded on a shortened timetable to help meet the needs of communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Additional grants may be awarded for calendar year 2020; the deadline for applications to be received is May 15.

    Recipients include: — Sioux Rapids First UMW, $1,000 to

    provide assistance to the Sioux Rapids Food Pantry.

    — West Union UMW, $1,000 to provide assistance to the Open Hands Food Ministry of the North Fayette Valley Ministers Association.

    — Center Chapel UMW, $1,000 to provide assistance to the Helping Hand food pantry in Indianola.

    — Archer UMW, $1,000 to provide assistance to the Sheldon Summer Lunch Program.

    In addition, Be Bold grants have been awarded to women in ministry to participate in an educational event or class. Recipients include:

    — Rev. Joni Hickey of Thurman, $350 for tuition assistance to St. Paul’s School of Theology in Leawood, Kan.

    — Rev. Joan Thomas of Greene, $200 for tuition assistance to Garrett Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill.

    — Rev. Dr. Karen Nelson of Cedar Falls, $500 for tuition assistance to attend a training for Spiritual Directors at Mt. St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kan.

    — Kasey Dredge of Mount Ayr, $500 for tuition assistance to the Iowa. Annual Conference Licensing School.

    Dredge said she is thankful the grants are available to all women in ministry through UMW, no matter their age or level of study. ”My belief was that UMW was for the older generation of ladies in the church,” she said. “Now I know that the UMW is for ANY woman that is part of the church."

    August UMW Scripture God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.” Eph 2:8 NLT

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