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Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue Top Spin Newsletter

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Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue Top Spin Newsletter Support required for building of new Jerrabomberra Tennis Club Sports Facility Inside this Issue: New annual sponsor Presidents Report Letter to the Editor Noel Murray Junior Championship & Hot Shots Tournament Results Adult/Child Tournament Bendigo Bank – meet Rebecca Whitehouse Pennant Balls must be returned Adult Spring Pennant Report Ladies American Doubles Mixed results in Ulladulla Pan Pacific Masters Games Narooma Seniors Tennis Tournament Police & Emergency Services Games 2014 Winter Pennant dates Memberships Welcome to new members Important dates JTC committee members Canteen prices JTC Directory Find us on As many of our members are aware the Committee is working with Council to finalise plans for the development of a new sports facility for the club next financial year (July 2014). As many of you are aware the current clubhouse facilities are inadequate for the size of the club. Welcome to our new annual sponsor: Suite 109A Riverside Plaza, 131 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan. Phone: 02 6297 0005 Continued on Page 6 The budget for this project is tight and without the generous assistance of members or their friends with building construction skills this project will be unable to be completed and may need to be staged to remain within budget. Could I encourage any person with these skills who is willing to lend a hand to contact me on 0474 727 575, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. I expect the plans to be available for viewing by members shortly on the clubhouse wall. John Talbot President
Jerrabomberra Tennis Club
Adult/Child Tournament
Adult Spring Pennant Report
Find us on
As many of our members are aware the Committee is working with Council to finalise plans for the development of a new sports facility for the club next financial year (July 2014).
As many of you are aware the current clubhouse facilities are inadequate for the size of the club.
Welcome to our new annual sponsor:
Suite 109A Riverside Plaza, 131 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan.
Phone: 02 6297 0005 Continued on Page 6
The budget for this project is tight and without the generous assistance of members or their friends with building construction skills this project will be unable to be completed and may need to be staged to remain within budget.
Could I encourage any person with these skills who is willing to lend a hand to contact me on 0474 727 575, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I expect the plans to be available for viewing by members shortly on the clubhouse wall.
John Talbot President
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Enrol now for JTC Cardio Tennis for Term 2, 2014 (May-June)
Program information can be found at
http://cardiotennis.com.au/ Players can send expression of interest to [email protected]
or call David Horsfall 0405 495 648
President’s Report
The first quarter of this year has been very busy. As a club we have been in tournaments, run our own tournaments (Noel Murray and parent/child), had a clean-up morning at the club and working with Council about what is achieveable to replace the existing clubhouse premises.
As the development of our facilities takes place I will keep you informed, the challenge at the moment is to secure what money and resources we can and see what we can do - obviously this might be a staged event over a number of years. I would like to thank those who participated in our clean up morning - keeping the club facilities including the courts is important for the enjoyment of all players.
I would like to thank our coach Dave Horsfall and Adam Bradley and all those who challenged the rain, both organisers and players, to complete the Noel Murray Tournament. I would like to recognise our club captain Pauline for facilitating the parent/child tournament.
To those who assisted me at a fundraising BBQ at Harvey Norman recently, thank you. Raising money is important to help sponsor events at the club and assist resourcing items we may need within a new sports facility. I was also glad to see we were represented in a number of tournaments around the country. I believe it is important to put the Jerra name out there. We are known for competing fairly and enjoying a good time after the match.
All the best to all players for the rest of this year. John Talbot
Letter to the Editor – Inaugural Narooma Seniors Tennis Tournament.
Again I must salute the Editor on this fine publication. As a keen follower of the game of tennis I decided to take in the inaugural Narooma senior’s tournament held on 12-13 April 2014. The draw comprised the usual suspects at these events; Pruckner, Cameron, Lindbeck, Elliott, who are all sufficiently matured to partake in these events for those of advancing years. I was surprised to read the name David Horsfall amongst the entries and even more surprised that it was the very same David Horsfall who coaches at our esteemed club. While fully supporting Dave’s realisation that he has in fact reached senior citizen status in the tennis world, I think it unfair that someone born post wooden racket era could inflict his modern brand of topspin, kick serves and western forehand grip on unsuspecting pensioners in their Dunlop volleys. These pensioners are already reeling from the news that the government is forcing them to work to age 70, without having to also suffer humiliating defeats at the hands of someone who once defeated Leyton Hewitt (albeit when he was 12). Dave’s name is a notable absence from Jerrabomberra Div 1 2014 teams where he has performed credibly in the past. Here he may find the competition a bit stiffer but more challenging than the locals seniors tour. Surely the $20 first prize cannot be that enticing? Tennis Seniors Australia needs to take a leaf out of the Abbott Government’s book and increase the age eligibility for these events.
Name and Address withheld Dear Name and Address withheld Agreed! The Editor
Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue
Our second Adult/Child tournament was held on Friday 21 March. Fifteen pairs entered the tournament making up three divisions. Everyone must have played hard as they were very hungry so a big thanks to Kerrie Harris for getting more sausages and Jess for making sure the steaks were defrosting and everything was running smoothly. Thanks to our VP Gary for cooking great steak and sausage sandwiches and to Coach Dave for getting the barbie started before playing with Ranga. A good time was had by all as the rain stayed away!
Three groups played, using all six courts with Pauline and Jack Downes holding onto first place in group one and the runners up were Nathan and Tammy Hope, on a countback from Cathryn Husdell and Audrey Ellwood.
Group two result was a bit more controversial. The winners were Angus and Gary Knox with the most number of games, but the runner ups, Barnaby and Genevieve Twyford, were undefeated with unfortunately not quite enough games to get them gold (something I might have to think about for the next tournament).
Group three was won by Sonya and Ryan Amey and Tony and Emily McCosker taking second place, thought they definately get FIRST place for chest bumping.
There was some time for social tennis at the end and an exhibition match with Coach Dave and Big Mickey defeating Jon (I can play tennis with a baby in one hand) Ellwood and Tony (does anyone need new carpet)
McCosker in a close match, 6-4.
Adult/Child Tournament – 21 March 2014
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Congratulation’s Matt Bradley
1st Place, Div 1
Noel Murray Junior Championship & Hot Shots Tournament Results
The Noel Murray Junior Championship began this year on 14/2/2014 and FINALLY finished on Wednesday the 12/3/2014 with the really really big winner being the rain!!
Albeit frustrating trying to get through all the matches in between showers and unfortunately having to cancel the Hot Shots part of the tournament, a great time was had by all with some really good tennis and some really good results. Congratulations to all the junior players for participating and showing great sportsmanship.
Well done Matt Bradley, winner of the Division One Boys Singles and Laura Ganley, winner of the Division One Girls Singles. Both Matt and Laura will also have their names engraved on the Noel Murray Memorial Plaque.
Overall results were: Division 1 Boys Singles: Division 1 Girls Singles: Division 2 Combined Singles Winner - Matt Bradley Winner - Laura Ganley Winner - Matt Harris Runner up - Nic Forner Runner up - Avneet Bakshi Runner up - Kristina Veskovic
Jerrabomberra Community Bank® Branch is
delighted to announce the appointment of Rebecca Whitehouse as its new Branch
Rebecca has worked in banking and finance for more than seven years—specialising in retail
and consumer lending—and also has experience running her own business.
She is excited about building business at
Jerrabomberra, and in turn, returning up to 80% of profits back into the local community
via grants and sponsorships.
Rebecca is available at the branch Mon – Fri
from 9am – 5pm, and Saturday 9am – 12pm. She is also available outside these hours and
is able to come to you, however by appointment only.
So, please get in contact with Rebecca to
discuss any of your banking or business needs. She can be contacted via the branch on
6299 8357 directly on 0435 532 640 or via email on
[email protected]
Pennant balls must be returned to Club House! Those teams that still have balls from the last pennant, can you please make sure you return them after each game to the club house (or asap) as they are used for social tennis.
If you prefer to keep them, then please contact me and you can arrange to pay for them.
The social club has provided balls to the teams for free on the condition that they are returned for social tennis. Considering the Mon night has just finished there should be lots of balls for social tennis in good condition, however it is disappointing to see that this is not the case. If this system doesn’t work we may have to go back to the old system where team captains purchased balls and organised with their team mates to pay for them.
Pauline Downes Club Captain
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Div 1 Red of Jon Ellwood, Tony McCosker, Matt Bradley and Grant Woodbridge lost the final to Melba 2-4. Div 1 Blue of Adam Bradley, Michael Elliott, Dean Solway, Mark Solway and Dat Ngyen have rescheduled their final against ANU due to ANU not being able to field a side for the final.
Div 3 Red of Craig McShane, Barnaby Twyford, Cameron Dunne and Gary Cameron won the final 6-0 against Melba.
Div 3 Blue of Scott Smith, Andrew Warnes, John Talbot and Andrew Garrety won the final 6-0 also against Melba.
Adult Spring Pennant Results – Full report next newsletter.
We all had a great time at the last one, lots of tennis.
Put your name down for a local fun tournament (get together) aimed at providing fun for ladies at all levels of tennis abilities.
American doubles is about changing partners, so you have fun playing doubles with various people and could be split into two divisions if required to ensure everyone has fun playing at a level they are comfortable with. There is a lucky door prize rather than a prize for winning to reinforce the participation side. Would be perfect for anyone who hasn’t played tennis for a while, wants to play but can’t find a group for a casual hit, or nervous about playing adult competition and may want to ask questions of people who currently play competitions for the club at various levels. So come and have a laugh and enjoy the company of other women in the Club.
If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact Pauline below after 6.30pm.
RSVP to Pauline by Wed 21 May 2014 Email: [email protected] or Phone: 6299 4074
Bring a plate for the social side afterwards. If we play 3-4 (8 games) should only take a couple of hours and then time for a social chat afterwards.
Look forward to hearing from you all out there. Pauline Downes
Club Captain
Pauline Downes
Club Captain
24th May 2014 – 12pm – Bring a friend!
Dave Pruckner, Pauline Downes and Grant Woodbridge made the trip to Ulladulla for the seniors tournament from 7-9 February. Played in fine but very windy conditions and the Jerra players had mixed results. Highlights were Pauline Downes taking out the 35-50 ladies doubles with Kim MCaughley (Melba). This round was played in the picturesque village of Milton.
Dave and Grant also combined to be runners up in the 35-50 men’s doubles which included defeating 5-3 the eventual winners Scott Colebourne (Tuross) and Cameron Steele (Kaleen)
Both Pauline and Kim and Dave and Grant partnered up again in the combined age 95+ section but could only manage 3rd
place in the 5 team round robin. Grant and Dave only needed to win 3 games against eventual winners Simon and David Graham (Wollongong) but were defeated 2-6 to be knocked out of second place.
Grant also competed in 3 rounds of the 35-50 men’s singles without success.
It was a good weekend with a great dinner overlooking the Ocean from the Mollymook Golf Club a highlight. Thanks to the cheer squad of Helen and Olivia Nealer, Natalie Woodbridge and Daphne Kennedy (Pauline’s mum) for also making the trip.
Mixed Results in Ulladulla 7-9 February 2014
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Local knowledge, local agency Peter Blackshaw Queanbeyan are led by Real Estate Institute ACT (REIACT) Hall of Fame inductee, Alex Ah Key and Sales Manager Aaron Papahatzis. Through the passion and commitment of their dedicated sales and property management teams, they have continued to grow year on year since opening in December 2011. Peter Blackshaw Queanbeyan’s success was proven when they won Small Agency of the Year at the 2013 REIACT Awards and are a finalist for the Real Estate Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence where they have been nominated for the same award at a national level. Alex and Aaron have grown the business to establish a loyal client base, with many customers returning time and again for their property needs. Alex comments, “I am passionate about best practice and the industry as a whole, and this in turn delivers a remarkably high client retention rate.” Peter Blackshaw Queanbeyan has also been a driving force in innovative marketing, including customised property videos and delivering exceptional customer service through a small but highly dedicated team. Their excellent reputation has been built upon providing quality and personalised service across both sales and property management for residential and commercial clients in the Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra regions.
They are a local agency with expert knowledge of Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and the surrounding regions. Before you make a decision about selling or leasing, contact the experienced team at Peter Blackshaw Queanbeyan today.
Alex Ah Key (Rental) 0409 191 177 Aaron Papahatzis (Sales) 0419 683 599
Suite 109A Riverside Plaza, 131 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620 Phone 02 6297 0005
Continued from front page…
Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue
The 9th Pan Pacific Masters Games will be held from 1 to 9 November 2014 on the beautiful Gold Coast. The Games are set to provide participants with a dynamic sporting and entertainment experience set against the stunning backdrop of Queensland’s Gold Coast. An anticipated 12,000 participants from all over the world will compete in the multi-sport event which has stamped itself on the calendar at the beginning of November every two years.
The slogan of the Pan Pacific Masters Games is “Play it, Live it, Love it” which encapsulates its competitive, participatory and social environment. Over 30 sports for the over 30’s will be on this year’s program with no qualifying standards or times required to enter.
JTC is always actively involved in the games and the tennis is held at the Gold Coast Seniors Tennis Club at Mermaid Waters, it is a fabulous tennis facility with great courts and grounds, good food and most importantly a well stock bar!
For more information on the games check out www.mastersgames.com.au
Pan Pacific Masters Games
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Our own AFP Federal Agent Dave Pruckner and ACT Parks Remote Area Fire Fighter Grant Woodbridge represented their workplaces at the Police and Emergency Services games in Melbourne 21-24 April. The tennis component was played at Melbourne Park, the home of the Australian Open. A full report will be in the next issue of Topspin.
Police and Emergency Services Games
Perhaps this tournament should be re-named the Non Narooma Seniors Tennis Tournament because at 7.15am on the morning of the first match, the rain finally stopped... and the blue sky appeared...and then a message was received to say the tournament had been cancelled. Suddenly a group of JTC players found themselves with a couple of tennis free days on their hands in a beautiful coastal location. Needless to say some of that free time was spent at the local sporting clubs. A special mention goes out to the Horsfall family who won not just one but THREE meat trays. As a result of this big win special thanks goes out to Federal Agent Pruckner for escorting the Horsfall family out of Club Narooma under extremely tense conditions....it was apparently obvious that the locals are not used to being done out of their breakie trays and Sunday night roasts. We thought that all the excitement had died down until the following evening when at the local golf club the Horsfall family proceeded to win not one but FOUR Easter Egg Hampers, it was almost embarrassing. So, note to self, not only is the Club Coach a shark on the tennis court, he is also a shark in the raffles. It might prove beneficial the next time you are buying raffle tickets to quickly line up behind him and you too might share in some of the magic. STOP PRESS...one other newsworthy item was the ice cream queen (The Editor) watching in awe as Vice President Gazzla Cameron consumed a double scoop strawberry ice cream cone the size of his head. At the dinner table that night, a new level of respect was experienced.
Narooma Seniors Tennis Tournament 12-13 April 2014
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Adult (Winter) Winter Monday Night Unisex (Singles and Doubles, 3 player team, 1 singles and two doubles matches per player – 8 weeks) Monday 16th June 2013 – Monday 4th August 2014 (Closes 30th May)
Winter Thursday Night Mixed (Doubles only, 1 men’s doubles and 1 ladies doubles, 2 mixed doubles – 11 weeks) Thursday 22nd May 2014 – Thursday 31st July 2014 (Closes 9th May)
Winter Men’s Doubles (Doubles only – 10 weeks) Sunday 15th June 2014 – Sunday 17th August 2014 (Closes 30th May)
Winter Day Mixed (Doubles only, 4 player team, 1 Men’s and 1 Ladies doubles plus 2 mixed matches per player– 10 weeks) Saturday 14th June 2014 – Saturday 16th August 2014 (Closes 30th May)
Junior Winter Pennant No Winter Pennant. Spring Junior Pennant – Unisex U/18 (Singles and Doubles 3 player teams, 3 singles and 3 doubles – 10 weeks) Sunday 31st August 2014 – Sunday 30th November 2014 (Closes 22nd August) No Play (7th September, Canberra Jnr Open), (28th September, 5th October & 12th October, School Holidays)
If you wish to play in Pennant, put your name down on the entry form lists which are on the notice board outside the clubhouse approx. 1-2 weeks prior to Entry
Close date above. Any level can play, depending on numbers. If you require any further information, please contact
Pauline Downes, Club Captain,
2014 Winter Pennant Dates
Sunday 22 June 2014.
email [email protected] if you would like to help out.
3 hour shifts are available 8.30am – 11.30am, 11.30am – 2.30pm, 2.30pm – 5.30pm.
All profits will go towards the purchase of match balls and junior and adult pennant as well as the clubhouse building fund.
Social Tennis – all levels! Wednesday from 7.30pm
Sunday from 8.30am
JTC Ladies Saturday American Doubles Get Together!
24th May 2014 at 12 pm – Bring a friend!
Need some new playing gear....skirts, shirts, shorts, tracksuit or a hat? Order direct through Jako Sports.
Contact Olathe Butler on 0410 824736 to place your order or email [email protected]
A catalogue is also available in the clubhouse or you can view online at www.jakosport.com.au
Welcome to New Members
Belinda Ross Public Officer
Belinda Ross Public Officer
If you know someone who would like to join email me on
[email protected] if you require a membership form.
How to Join: Complete the membership form and either make payment by:
1. Direct Deposit BSB: 082-923 Account: 45-1675-314 Account Name: Jerrabomberra Tennis Club, be sure to include your membership number and surname on your bank transaction. In order for your membership to be processed we must receive your completed membership form along with a copy of your transfer remittance/receipt. Email to memb[email protected] or fax to 02 6297 3379; or
2. Send a Cheque with your membership form (and old key if you have been issued one) to PO Box 141, Jerrabomberra, NSW, 2619.
Do not hesitate to contact Belinda Ross at [email protected] if you
have any queries with your renewal.
Please forward this newsletter onto anyone who you think might be interested in joining.
Straker Family
Driscoll Family
Bri Palmer
Laura Ganley
Junior Rep
Canteen Prices for 2014
The social club has increased the price of soft drink cans to $2.00 for 2014. All products are in the fridge. Please remember that the fridge works on an honesty system. All profits are returned to members benefits.
2014 PRICES Sports Drinks $2.50 Bottle Water $1.00 Cans of Soft Drink $2.00 Mars Bars $2.50
Important Dates!
22 May ACT Thursday Night Mixed Double Pennant commences. 24 May JTC Ladies American Doubles Get Together 26 May JTC Final Winter (Mon, Sat & Sun) Pennant sign up due date. t.b.a. JTC Inaugural Open Club Championship 11 Jun ACT Junior Open (was 8/11/2013 now 11/6/2014) 14 Jun ACT Winter day Unisex (Sat afternoons) Pennant commences. 15 Jun ACT Winter Men’s Doubles Pennant (Sunday mornings) commences. 16 Jun ACT Winter Monday Night Unisex Pennant commences. 1-9 Nov Pan Pacific Masters Games, Gold Coast
John Talbot
[email protected]
2014 Noel Murray Junior Championship Photos
Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2014 Issue
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About Our Company…
Location: Madew Regional Park Sporting Grounds Coral Drive, Jerrabomberra NSW
Postage: PO Box 141 Jerrabomberra NSW 2619
Court Bookings: 0420 275 026
Enquiries: [email protected]
Club Coach: Dave Horsfall 0405 495 648 [email protected]
Want to advertise in the JTC Top Spin,
know more about the club, or sponsor an event? Contact: Tony McCosker
[email protected]
Committee Members President: John Talbot Vice President: Gary Cameron Treasurer: Gordon Elliott Club Captain: Pauline Downes Secretary: Lou Forner Sponsorship: Tony McCosker Public Officer: Belinda Ross Newsletter Editor: Helen Nealer Social Club: Grant Woodbridge Facilities: Mark Lindbeck Junior Representatives: Laura Ganley, Nicholas Forner
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