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Jefferson as President Remember He’s a Republican

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  • Jefferson as President Remember Hes a Republican.
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  • Early changes Lowered military spending Army cut to 3200 Navy cut to 7 ships Lowered taxes - no more cool aid tax Closed down the agency that collected taxes Kept the Bank of the U.S. Replaced many federal positions with Republicans
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  • Louisiana Purchase Napoleon Bonaparte building empire in Europe. Also wants to start empire in North America Napoleon tries to send troops Louisiana In an attempt to stop his expansion Jefferson sends ambassador to try to purchase New Orleans. Because Napoleon was about to go to war with England, he needed money, so he offers up all of Louisiana Bought all of Louisiana for 15 million 1803.
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  • Lewis and Clark Americans knew very little about the frontier (land in Louisiana Purchase) Jefferson asked Merriwhether Lewis and William Clark to explore the new land, form good relations with Native Americans, map out the area, and keep detailed journals of land and wildlife. Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea and the rest of the Corps of Discovery set out in 1804 from St. Louis on the Missouri River.
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  • Foreign affairs and Economy Britain and France go to war in 1803 U.S. gets involved by selling war goods to both sides. Britain begins taking U.S. ships and putting sailors to on war ships Jefferson passes Embargo Act - 1807: banned all trade. Replaced with Non-Intercourse Act: No trade with just Britain and France
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  • War in the West Britain still had land in Canada. Americans moving west made England nervous for those lands Britain began funding American Indians Tecumseh tried to organized different tribes. Battle of Tippecanoe - 1810 - Tecumseh and tribe attack, American forces force Indians to retreat, burn Tecumsehs village
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  • War of 1812 Americans mad about British support of Indians War Hawks - members of Congress who wanted war with England 1808 - James Madison elected (Republican) War hawks pressure Madison to war in 1812. War lasts for two years. Treaty of Ghent was signed before the final battle(New Orleans) No one wins.
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