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JOENASR - media. · PDF fileperform that touch of magic after the mix is done! 03|| Elsa El...

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    JOENASR | Audio Post Production | Online/Offline Services

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    | What are we? | What do we do? | What do we use?

    Studio Complex with a huge multi language Library of Professional VO Talents/Actors |

    Recording | Audio Editing | Sound Design | Foley Recording | Dubbing | Tracking & Over-

    Dubbing | Audio Sync | BWF Restoration | ADR | Royalty Free Music Libraries | Radio Spots |

    Radio Jingles | Music Composition for TVCs & TVSs | Soundtracks for Games | Film &

    Documentary Scoring | Mixing in Stereo, 2.1, Quad, 5.0 and 5.1 | Mastering | Re-Mastering |

    Re-Formatting | Vinyl Cutting | Mastered of iTunes | Visual Editing | 2D Animation | Graphics &

    Web Design.


    Avid Pro Tools | Steinberg Cubase | Steinberg Nuendo | Cakewalk Sonar | Sony Acid Pro |

    Magix Sequoia | Avid MC | FCP | Adobe Collection | Lossless Quality Digital Converters

    Part of a creative community that includes award-winning music for TV Commercials and

    Documentaries... The environment at each of our studios has been designed by professional

    artists for Agencies, Filmmakers, and Productions, offering unparalleled comfort, providing the

    best of production and post-production facilities and media tutoring and consultancy... Online,

    as well as Offline!


    | Who are we? | How many are we so far?

    01|| Joe Nasr

    Music Composer / Sound Director, for more than 10 years. Finishing his BA in Advertising and

    PDMA in Music and Ethnomusicology, he worked as an Art and Music Director at Grey

    Worldwide, and then stepped totally into the Music Industry in late 2007. Joe worked in Lebanon

    as a Music Educator at Beirut School of Art and as an Audio Post Production Department at a

    local TV Station, but had enough of this "Art versus that local Lack of Musical Knowledge Business

    deals"; so he moved to Dubai... After a whole different experience, his whole Life suddenly

    changed! Joe is still giving courses online, and he is currently working on an International

    Paramount Pictures in-production Movie in Australia.

    mailto:%[email protected]

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    02|| Simon Laham

    Mastering Expert! After finishing his Electrical Engineering Degree, he went on to study Audio

    Engineering in England specializing in Audio Mastering! He has more than 10 years of Audio

    Production experience and 4 years in Mastering! He worked and assisted in professional

    Mastering sessions in London and in Germany. Simon now owns one of the best acoustically

    built, specifically designed by 21dB studio for Mastering only: CraftLabMastering! His Gears are all

    handmade in England and Germany, carefully chosen to satisfy his ears in Analogue and Digital

    Mastering! Simon is the last source in our post production services to finalize the audio and

    perform that touch of magic after the mix is done!

    03|| Elsa El Hage

    Sound Designer Expert by all means, for more than 12 years of Audio Recording and Sound

    Design experience. Studied Audiovisual and Cinema at ALBA where she became a teacher

    there as well after she finished her Degree, then moved to France to have her Advanced

    Courses in Sound Design! She records her own stuff in projects that need original sound materials

    not using those common sound effects library samples that we find everywhere on the Net these

    days. Capturing every audible nuance movements, Elsa toils to recreate reality and make your

    projects sound as "Natural" as possible!

    04|| Nataly A. Safy

    Motion Designer / 2D Animator / Compositor. Finished her BA in Graphic Design and took a minor

    certificate in Graphic Animation and in Music from the National Lebanese Conservatory. She

    had been working in the Art field for more than 10 years, Nataly worked in several local and

    international TV Stations, then stepped to Post Production Houses. Nowadays, she's holding an

    Art Director position in a TV station. To add a hobby; that turned into a career, Nataly is the lead

    singer of the band: "Pattes D'Elephant".

    05|| Serge Fahd

    Art Director / Graphic and Web Designer. Worked as a Graphic and Web Designer in Publishing

    Houses in Kuwait, Advertising Agencies, and in TV stations in Lebanon. Apart from all this, Serge is

    studying oriental singing in the National Lebanese Conservatory. He is also acting in many TV

    series and Movies, His Acting' on screen started as a hobby, then he took many courses in

    Acting to become one of the pioneer actors in many local and abroad TVCs, TV Series, and

    Movies in Lebanon.

    mailto:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]

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    06|| Jad Mhanna

    Music Composer / Sound Engineer for almost 13 years. Expert in Cakewalk Sonar. Worked at BKP

    Dubai for more than 5 years. He has done most of BKP's high end quality music compositions for

    TVCs, Documentaries, and Short Movies. Years have proven to be one of the pioneer composers

    in Classical Music. Jad came back to Lebanon, built a professional studio as J.M.Productions

    and began another strategical approach in his music career, composing songs for famous

    Arabic Artists such as "Haifa" and many more...

    07|| Anthony Saab

    Music Composer / Sound Engineer. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Musimedialogy. He is still pursuing

    his advanced courses in Modern Music Harmony, Orchestration and Composition at the

    L.N.H.C.M. His musical influences are too much into John Debney, James Horner, and Dany

    Elfman's kind of harmonies and nuances... He is working as a Sound Engineer and Music

    Composer at Audionese, also teaching Music Theory and Guitar Sessions at their Studios in

    Lebanon. Aiming higher levels in orchestration projects. Anthony is now working on his debut


    08|| Steven MacGaughen

    Sound Engineer for more than 15 years of Audio Recording and Mixing. Studied Acoustics and

    Audio Engineering in Los Angeles. He is basically a Live Sound Engineer who worked in LA with

    famous artists and bands such as: Havana, Bill Hauffman, Massive Attack, Quick Sand Piracy,

    Aftermath... Steve' is a top notch professional Mixer; working with us for mixing Big Live Sound

    Events and Audio Post Production Projects.

    09|| Daniel Samara

    Sound Engineer / Drummer. From Toronto, Dan grew up to be one heck of a Drummer. His

    musical journey started at a very young age. He took Theories of Music and Modern Harmony

    lessons on Keyboards, this was his first step into music before he bought his first Electric Guitar

    and that is when his whole musical perception changed. After being fully into metal music, he

    found himself in the "Beat" and the "Groove" more than in "Melodies" and "Harmonies". He now

    owns a Professional Studio in Toronto... He studied Sound Engineering through Books, Sessions,

    and Online Courses, and with the big help of his musician cousin Joe Nasr. Dan has finished

    recording his first Album with his band which will be released soon.

    mailto:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]

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    10|| Sam Vallo

    Music DJ Producer | Producing Electronic Music after a vast experience in the Electronic Music

    Production Sphere in Egypt. He made his first step by joining the Ministry Of Sound DJ Academy

    in early 2012 and graduated as an Official International DJ Producer. His debut albums were

    released through Big Labels on Beatport and spread all over Egypt.

    11|| Eddy G. Klan

    Senior Editor for almost 13 years. Expert in Avid MC | FCP. He is now working with us as a Video

    Editor on different platforms. He began his working experience in Graphic Design as he holds a

    BA in Advertising and Marketing, then went into the Editing field and worked on many post

    production projects (TVCs, Short Movies, and Documentaries for Arabia TV)... Edd' has his own

    Editing Studio and he is very well known as one of the best and quickest editors in the Middle



    | Lebanon |Dubai |Egypt |Toronto |Los Angeles

    mailto:%[email protected][email protected]:%[email protected][email protected]

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    | Huge Library of diverse Languages, Dialects, Accents, and Expressions (Men, Women, and Kids)


    Tagalog Armenian German


    Chinese Turkish Hebrew


    Persian Italian Greek


    Bengali Spanish Malay


    Ukrainian Portuguese Sinhala


    Hindi Russian Tamil


    | Pioneer instrument players capable of performing any given session

    Classical Guitar

    Classical Piano Keyboards Flute

    Electric Guitar

    Spanish Guitar Bass Guitar Harmonica


    Viola Cello Trumpet


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