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Joshua Fray Dissertation Progress Map

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    Within this booklet I will show my journey to completion of this dissertation. I shall dis-

    cuss my thought process and methods, how I obtained in-

    formation, and what difficul-ties I had.

  • 2P R O G R E S S M A P

    Adam and Eve ,1538Lucas Cranach The Elder

  • 3J O S H U A F R A Y

    Le Violon dIngres, 1982Man Ray

  • 4P R O G R E S S M A P

    SeptemberSeptember 1st - I decided I wanted a minimum of 2 interviews within my dissertation Also decided that ideally, these two interviews would be con-trasting, therefore one interview from somebody related to contemporary photography, and the other related to classical paintings.September 4th - Created an essay plan, dividing my dissertation into 3 chapters. For comparative purposes between contemporary photography and classical painting, three chapters works well as it allowed for individ-ual chapters of the two mediums, followed by a comparative chapter.September 10th - Having interned in New York, I met a fashion photogra-pher called Andrea Blanch. She was quite strong-minded so I thought shed be perfect to interview. I contacted her via email to see if shed be interested.September 13th - Researched thoroughly on the University library to find examples of sexualisation and objectification of women in both classi-cal paintings and contemporary photography. Found examples such as Man Rays Le Violin dIngres and Michelangelos The Fall of Man which I scanned to use as illustrations within my text. Also began to write Chap-ter 1.September 16th - Read John Bergers Ways of Seeing which was hugely

  • 5J O S H U A F R A Y

    beneficial as in one of his essays Berger suggests a similarity between oil paintings and 70s advertisements.September 20th - Thoroughly researched the objectification and sexual-isation of women in American Apparel adverts online. From this I began to explore Tom Ford adverts, and photographer Terry Richardson, re-nowned for his sexual exploitation of models. I found a lot of material on this, including a YouTube interview with models who had formerly been exposed to his sexploitation.September 22nd - Received a reply from fashion photographer Andrea Blanch, who said shed be more than willing, but would take her a few weeks as she was closing an issue of her magazine. I sent a range of ques-tions over and asked her to answer as many as she could.September 25th - After attending an exhibition opening a few years ago, I met an art critic called Jon Sharples. Renaissance Art is something I knew he had studied, so I contacted him via email to see if he could answer some of my questions.September 27th - Received a reply from Jon Sharples who said hed be delighted to answer some questions. He had a really tight schedule so as he wasnt able to make time for a sit down interview, so I sent questions via email.

  • 6P R O G R E S S M A P

    Ways of Seeing, 1972John Berger

  • 7J O S H U A F R A Y

    Le Djeuner sur lherbe, 1863-18682nd VersionThe Courtauld Gallery, London

  • 8P R O G R E S S M A POctoberOctober 1st - After researching Manets Le Djeuner sur lherbe online (a painting I used in my dissertation proposal and knew it would progress to be a key feature in my dissertation), I found out that Manet created a sec-ond version, which resided at The Courtauld Gallery in London. I went to see it so as I could gain a first hand experience of the piece. Having seen the first painting so much online, it was really great to get a look at the second version with my own eyes.October 3rd - Received answers from Jon Sharples, he made some re-ally interesting points, notably about the historical hangovers of how women are depicted. He also recommended a friend of his called Aindrea Emelife, whos an art critic and writer for the Financial Times. I emailed Aindrea a further few questions and she responded right away saying shed love to be part of my research, and would get back to me with her answers within the week.October 4th - Feedback from my dissertation tutor. I struggled a little to articulate everything into a 10 minute slot, but she liked where my pro-ject was going.October 10th - Began to struggle with Chapter 1, was concerned that the content I was writing wasnt strong, so I began Chapter 2 to freshen my mind a little.October 14th - Whilst back home up North I managed to obtain a copy of Lynda Neads The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality from Liver-pool Library. A fantastic book which produced some invaluable quotes, this helped me further my ideas for Chapter 1.

  • 9J O S H U A F R A Y

    October 17th - Found a perfect example of the influences that classical painting has had on contemporary photography when I came across the Yves Saint Laurent 1999 Spring/Summer campaign. It sparked my ex-citement and confidence for Chapter 3, which I began loosely writing. It became apparent to me that I write far better when I dont concern myself with finishing each chapter chronologically before moving onto the next. Jumping between chapters allowed me to think of points that I might not have, had I written the piece in order.October 20th - Received Aindreas responses via email. Although some of her answers were a little farther field than what I was writing, she made some interesting points regarding fashion campaigns, and confirmed my thoughts on the inclusion of the Yves Saint Laurent campaign.October 22nd - Decided I wanted to begin Chapter 2 with the history of womens rights and key influences such as the Suffragettes, so I looked online and gathered appropriate facts.October 29th - Previous week was spent finalising Chapter 1, which was immediately sent off to be proof read by a friend, Ben Llewelyn.October 31st - Whilst back home again I had another opportunity to go to Liverpool Library. I found a great article by philosopher Martha Nuss-baum on objectification, which I pulled a quote from that would fit per-fectly into my introduction. Also received Andrea Blanchs answers to my questions.

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    P R O G R E S S M A P

    Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 1999 CampaignMario Sorrenti

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    J O S H U A F R A Y

    Oh Lola! Marc Jacobs2011 Fragrance CampaignJrgen Teller

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    P R O G R E S S M A P

    NovemberNovember 4th - After taking a few days off to refresh my mind, I began putting in the hours to write, as the deadline was looming. I got into a really good pattern of attend-ing the library on my own most days, without anybody to distract me, this was also invaluable as it meant I could get help with referencing. Along with the Ravensbourne Harvard Referencing guideline, I also used a book that I found in the library called Cite Them Right by Richard Pears and Graham Shields. This was a huge help, as Ra-vensbournes guidelines hadnt included certain examples of things that I needed to reference.November 5th - Received Chapter 1 back from Ben, he advised me to make very minor corrections, but said he really enjoyed it, and was looking forward to the rest.November 7th - I hadnt been referencing my illustrations, as I wasnt entirely sure on how it was done, so I asked my tutor and spent the day referencing them correctly.November 10th - Completed Chapter 2, it went on a little longer than expected but I felt it was all very necessary information. I was really happy with the way it turned out, adding in a section about The Suns Page 3, as its something I feel very strongly against. Sent off to Ben to proof read - I preferred sending in chunks, so as it wasnt as big a task for him.November 11th - Got stuck in with Chapter 3, Id been briefly writing things in the word document (I had a different Word document for each chapter so as I couldnt look at the word count as a collective), so began to articulate this in a more readable way.November 17th - After finalising Chapter 3, which I really enjoyed writing, I began to reword the random things Id jotted down into my Introduction and Conclusion Word documents.

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    J O S H U A F R A Y

    November 18th - I decided I wanted to include Marc Jacobs banned advert Oh Lola! depicting an over sexualised Dakota Fanning in my conclusion to end on a strong note. Its an image that received a lot of bad press, and it echoed my lead question quite well.November 20th - After finishing my Introduction and Dissertation, I sent everything off to Ben to proof read. I also combed through to see if there was anything that Id missed our or wasnt happy with. There were minor changes, but I was mostly happy.November 22nd - I received the final proof read with corrections to make, back from Ben. Again, all very minor things, a few words that had been repeated here and there, which made me feel confident and quite triumphant.November 25th - Attended a guest lecture by Roger Tooth whos the Head of Photogra-phy at The Guardian. Although very last minute, I thought itd be a great opportunity to get a quote from him to quickly slot into my dissertation. I asked him a question at the end to which he responded brilliantly, so I managed to include it just in time.November 26th - After tidying up my Dissertation document (line spaces, fonts etc), I thought about how I wanted to present my progress map (as it had all just been com-piled into one long Word document). I decided to go with making a booklet, a little similar to something youd see as a hand out in an exhibition. I felt it would be much more aesthetically pleasing, and would allow me to touch up on my Adobe InDesign skills.

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    P R O G R E S S M A P

    On completion of this dissertation Ive learnt a lot about the way I work, and how I can ge

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