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Journaling power point-Sue Silverman

Date post: 01-Nov-2014
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Joy, Jubilation and Journaling Getting Those Thoughts down…and Embellishing the page! Presented by Sue Silverman
  • 1. Joy, Jubilation and Journaling Getting Those Thoughts downand Embellishing the page! Presented by Sue Silverman
  • 2. To Remember To Document To Relax To Create Reasons to Journal
  • 3. Words heal It slows down your thoughts It keeps you honest It keeps you focused More Reasons
  • 4. The Best Part Is There is no right or wrong!
  • 5. You are doing this for yourself! Only you need to be pleased! The reason is
  • 6. A to Z List Favorite Movies Favorite Songs Places you have been Favorite Foods Things to Try Goals Thankful List Things That Make You Happy All the Sports I Practice Ideas For Journal Pages
  • 7. Childhood Memories List Quotes List Rainy Day Ideas List Book List Talent/Strengths List If I Ruled the World List Ways to Relax List of Things You re Proud Of Funny Things That happened To You Random Facts About Me List More Ideas
  • 8. Choose a word to illustrate
  • 9. I like to keep a travel journal. I usually write it when I return to my room after a busy day traveling. It helps me remember all the things I saw and learned. My Personal Favorite
  • 10. Listing Mind Mapping Similes and Metaphors Questioning (where, when why, how) Brainstorming Techniques
  • 11. I am giving you pages that may offer ideas for your journal. Feel free to use themor not. Relax and enjoy yourself. WellGet Started!