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Journaling with Mrs. Silverman...part 2

Date post: 01-Nov-2014
Author: kakraeger
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  • 1. JOURNALING PART 2 Im Back!
  • 2. Ahoy, Buccaneers! Just checking in to see how you are doing. I have brought some new treasures to share with you!
  • 3. Here Goes Last visit shared my pages Now new styles and ideas Hope you will share! Hooked some friendsand we occasionally have Bite and Write in each others homes.
  • 4. Before we start I would like to ask if anyone would like to share any pages they have done. Any takers? Pause for sharing
  • 5. Now I will share some new things I have done in my journaland then we will check out some cool ideas I have found. Now I will share some of the new things I have done in my journal. Then I will share some cool things I have discovered!
  • 6. EXAMPLE 1 My life is pretty much consumed with hoops. My teams schedule is crazy! We have long practices and games twice a week. My coach is kinda nice But lookout when he gets angry!
  • 7. EXAMPLE 2
  • 8. Coach insists we wear our team uniform all the time for practice. One day the temperature outside was 16 degrees. The heat in our gym was broken. I thought I would get frostbite! EXAMPLE 3
  • 9. Today we played the number 1 team. They were: very talented a little older much bigger They didnt take us seriously. They played sloppy. We rallied at the end and beat them by 12 points! EXAMPLE 4 You should have seen coachs smile!
  • 10. The girl next to me in music thinks she sings like Carrie Underwood! She really sounds like a dog howling! EXAMPLE 5
  • 11. EXAMPLE 6 My Big Box of Dreams Justin Timberlake
  • 12. Always say what you feelbecause those who mind dont matterand those who matter dont mind!
  • 13. Use Song Lyrics
  • 14. Like a wrecking ball..
  • 15. Whats in your pocket? Left Right Friends pocket Girls purse Backpack
  • 16. Guest Journaling Ask a friend to write a page in your journal. Is there a volunteer who will write a page in my journal?
  • 17. Remember Your journal is just for you! Use it to record notes, ideas, dreams, memorieswhatever! Try out new techniques (collage, cut- outs, stamps, etc) Dont try to make your pages perfect Dont ever compare it to someone elses journal Dont make it a chore