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June 10, 2014 Narrative Report of Typhoon Yolanda · PDF file Narrative Report of Typhoon...

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  • June 10, 2014

    Narrative Report of Typhoon Yolanda

    Last November 8, 2013 Antique was among most the Provinces hit by Super Typhoon “Yolanda” which

    left most of the families homeless in northern part particularly in the small Islands of the Province.

    Let Us Care Foundation Inc., made a leap reaching out the poor victims in coordination of the local

    government agencies. Let Us Care was able to identify the town of Culasi, Tibiao, Barbaza as beneficiary

    of its typhoon relief operation. This Relief operation focused on restoring houses of the poor victims

    and extended help for their livelihood in the Islands (Malalison, Maniguin, Panagatan) by which they

    were Provided fishing nets, ropes, and other materials needed for repairing their boats.

    Let Us Care donated medicines for the selected poor victims.

    May 5, 2014 I went to Malalison Island to check 25 beneficiaries of Housing materials and the

    beneficiaries of fishing nets for their livelihood. Out of 25 beneficiaries 23 houses are already done, and

    the remaining 2 houses is still on construction process because according to them, they don’t have

    enough resources to pay the carpenter to fix it immediately but they promised me to finish it as soon as

    possible. The Counterpart of the families is the bamboo for the trusses and the labor for the Carpenter.

    Regarding to the fishing nets we donated for their livelihood the recipient of the charity were very

    Thankful to us, The Let Us Care Foundation for giving them materials for their livelihood. According to

    them it change their lives compared before that they have nothing to used for fishing as their source of


    Municipality of Barbaza, brgy Esparar, 20 households, brgy Lisub, 22 households, total of 42. Our Project

    was totally implemented because the materials we gave are successfully utilized for their needs. In my

    observation they are near totally recovered from the tragedy that they encountered. In brgy Lisub Most

    of the people’s way of living is fishing and farming. Brgy Esparar people’s way of living is more on

    farming and carpentry.

    Municipality of Tibiao, Brgy Martinez, 22 hoseholds, Poblacion Tibiao, 22 households, total of 44. Our

    Project in Brgy Martinez out of 22, 20 beneficiaries were finished constructed their houses the

    remaining two are single parent and have no enough resources to spend for the labor of the carpenter.

    Poblacion Tibiao, out of 22 beneficiaries, 19 households was finished. The remaining seven is still on

    going for constructing their houses because according to them they were busy for their way of living

    that’s way they fix it step by step.

    Even though they are still a few unfinished houses, the project has been implemented well and we have

    done our part touching their lives in the times where they needed us most. The beneficiaries are very

    thankful for the help we extended by that it helps them recovered from the disaster they encountered.

  • Malalison Island, Culasi

    Two unfinished houses

  • Barbaza, Brgy. Lisub

  • Tibiao, Martinez Benefeciaries ( Finished Houses)and Poblacion Tibiao, Antique (3 unfinished Houses)

    The situation on Maneguin island (4 hours of boating) and the Panagatan Islands still needs to be

    evaluated. This will be done through the social worker, since we will not sail there again ourselves. It is

    too much of a trip (managuin island will take 2 days, Panagatan will take 3 days) and we need to ensure

    the safety of our staff. This information will be reported in the next evaluation.

    The evaluation of the northern provinces, Capiz, Kalibo and Roxas will also be reported in the next


  • Schools finished:

    Jinanipil elementary school: one classroom finished

    Before after (are yet finally finished)

    Narirong elementary school: 2 classrooms, roofing and finishing

    Before After

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