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junkers force book

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Design and directionJohn Robertson

Games designJohn Grant

Written and developed byMark Brendan, Adam Souness & John Robertson

ArtworkStuart Beel

Layout & DesignChristina Robertson

Cover ArtworkAdrian Smith

Head sculptorKevin White

Figure sculptorsPeter Flannery, Nick Collier & Steve Saleh

Figure paintersMark McNaught, Andy Wedmore & Christian Weiss

model making guidesGary Chalk

Painting guidesChristian Weiss

PhotograghyDavidson Read Associates

Playtesters Ben Brownlie, Adam Davies, Alan Davies, Frank Miller,Andrew Starling, Mark Singleton, Thorsten Stein, BillWard, Spencer Warner, Christian Weiss, G3 GamingGroup & South East Scotland Wargames Club

DirectorsJohn Robertson (Managing), John Grant & Félix GarzónSalesMoray Grant, Oliver Jech, Craig McDowell, Alex Theys, Tom Wakeford & Jonathon WhiteDesignersNick Collier, Peter Flannery, Christina Robertson, Steve Saleh & Kevin WhiteProductionCeline Leuty, Craig Leslie & Willie StirlingWEB MasterRob Grant

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junkers FORCE BOOK

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JUNKERS force book


Junkers: The Legions ofIronglass

IronglassThe second planet out from Viridia Solaris isIronglass, a large ball of rock with some unusualgeological and astronomical features. Ironglass hasa rotational period that is absolutely equal to itsorbital period around the star. This means that itsyear is precisely the same length as its day, andbecause of this day and night never change on theirrespective sides of the planet. On the day side,known as the Red Erg because of its deserts of ferricsands, temperatures above ground are intolerable tohumans not equipped with some sort of protection.Meanwhile on the night side, or Darkside as itsknown, the planet is freezing. There is a thin bandbetween the two, known as the Meridian, wheretemperatures are favourable to settlers. Ironglass'sfamous honeycomb structure is thought to be theresult of a cataclysmic gas explosion within thenewly formed core, back when the planet was stillcoalescing around Viridia Solaris. It is composedalmost entirely of silicon, though there are abundanttraces of iron throughout the Red Erg. Ironglass'sindigenous life consists of microscopic red algae andbacteria, and all the higher plants and animals to befound there now were brought from Viridia bycolonists. Since the arrival of the colonists, Ironglasshas become prone to violent and unpredictablesandstorms. This is thought to be a manifestation ofthe 'butterfly effect', because the planet had noweather before their arrival. It is thought that the dis-turbance of air currents caused by moving humansintroduced an element of chaos that bred geometri-cally.Life on Ironglass has never been particularly easy,and it persists in being a miserable exercise in sur-viving day to day for large numbers of the currentpopulation. The original settlers from Viridia foundlife on the Meridian tolerable, if rather basic whenthey first arrived there. The atmosphere was thinand rarefied on the surface, but got better deepunderground in the natural honeycomb of cavernsand tunnels. When it became necessary to expandthe colony to mine new resources beyond theMeridian, conditions became dangerous andunpleasant. Volunteers were hard to come by anddemanded a high price for their services, so Viridiadecided to use convict labour as a cheap source ofdisposable manpower. Although politically unpopu-lar, this decision was forced through and VASAsupervised the administration, turning the planetinto a penal colony. Convicts were granted landdeeds for serving their terms, and so the colonygrew. Because overseers for the convicts were hardto come by the Syntha of Prime were consulted tocome up with a cybertech solution to controlling theprisoners. The result was the notorious 'neural

spike'- a device that replaced the left eye and con-trolled the wearer by remote VDU messaging andpain modulation. Since those dark days Ironglasshas won independence from Viridia, but the govern-ment which replaced the Viridian Assembly is worseif anything. Laughingly called the Ironglass Senate,the government is a shadowy oligarchy that ruleswith an iron fist and stifles creativity and individuali-ty. They have retained the use of the neural spike,and on Ironglass and its colonies there are nowmore people than ever wearing one, thanks to theSenate's incomprehensible yet incredibly strict legalsystem.Technology on Ironglass has always been born ofnecessity. Heavy industry is the mainstay, with mas-sive sand processors called 'Reapers' roaming theErg, swallowing millions of tonnes of surface materi-al. These machines are crewed by thousands of con-victs in filthy, hazardous conditions, and amongstother things they make glass and ceramics, extractalgae to make a revolting subsistence food called'grul', and filter out iron dust to make steel. Theother key industry is water farming, which takesplace in yawning subterranean chambers whereheavy duty condensation traps extract water vapourfrom the air. Ironglass has never been renowned forkeeping up with new technologies, and they cope bycrudely copying the technologies of the Viridiansand Syntha through a combination of piracy andscavenging. This has earned Ironglassers the nameof 'Junkers', which they have adopted with a certainsense of wry underclass humour.Ironglass has an essentially militaristic society, andboth their ground forces and their space fleet aremassive. Junker representatives in VASA are all mili-tary top brass, and the identity of Ironglass's Head,or Heads, of State is classified as a matter of plane-tary security. Whoever they are, they have a casualattitude to human life and their stock response tomilitary problems is to throw bodies at it. Militaryhardware, like the rest of Junker technology is crude,bulky but robust. Naturally there is no stampede ofvolunteers for the Junker armed forces, so conscrip-tion and the use of disposable penal legions are theSenate's solution. Junker colonies are constantly inbreach of VASA's human rights guidelines, butexcluding unstable Ironglass from the TripartiteConfederacy is considered so dangerous as to beunacceptable, so their atrocities tend to be over-looked.

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JUNKERS force book

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JUNKERS force book

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The LegionsThe legion is the standard infantry regiment of the Junker army, andis the key to the Ironglass Senate's military might-indeed it could besaid that the legions are the glue that holds together unstable Junkersociety. Discipline is harsh and often unfair in the Junker legions butdespite all this the army operates very efficiently on the battlefield.The Junkers have thousands of legions stationed throughout thegalaxy; each distinguished by its name and number. One name candescribe as many as a thousand legions, each legion being desig-nated a number based on the chronological order of their foundinge.g. the 506th Scorpion Legion, or the 12th Vulture Legion. The threemost famous and largest are the Scorpion Legions, the SerpentLegions and the Vulture Legions, but there are many, many lesserones including the Jackal Legions, Sand Viper Legions, Desert FoxLegions and so on.

Command StructureAny given legion's command chain follows the same basic structure.Legions contain on average somewhere in the region of ten thou-sand troops, though this can vary widely from legion to legion. Theofficer in charge of a single legion is the Praetor, a career soldierwho is more often than not a decorated war hero. The legion is com-prised of ten cohorts, each of which contains on average a thousandtroops, though again this varies. A Tribune commands each cohort,and like the Praetor they are long-timers in the army. A cohort fur-

ther subdivides into a variable number of centuries, usually ten,sometimes more, sometimes less. Centuries contain somewherebetween fifty and one hundred-and-fifty soldiers and are led by aCenturion. The only unit sub-division lower than that of a century isa standard squad led by a Decurion.The 1st cohort of any legion is called the Praetorian Guard of thatlegion, and acts as the elite bodyguard for the Praetor. This cohortconsists of veterans who wear different armour to the rest of thelegion, denoting their importance. When a legionary has served theIronglass state well enough to be awarded their freedom the firststep is to remove their neural spike, leaving them with a scar that isas highly renowned as a medal for valour. This done, legionaries arefree to choose re-enlistment in the Praetorian Guard or resume civil-ian status. Most choose re-enlistment having become institution-alised by the mixture of war, heavy discipline and camaraderie in thelegions. Those that try to rejoin society often suffer terrible mentalproblems arising from their inability to readjust.Attached to each legion and representing the political arm of theSenate are the Enforcers, a body of officers not answerable to thePraetor but to the Senate. Enforcers combine the roles of militaryand secret police. They are the ones responsible for carrying out thenotorious neural spike executions, the Junkers' most summary formof military discipline. High-ranking Enforcer officers called Censorsaccompany the Praetor on all of his or her engagements and in mil-

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JUNKERS force book


itary command terms the legionaries treat them as being of equalrank. The Censors are in charge of lower ranking Enforcers calledLictors, who vary from Decurion to Tribune in equivalent militarystatus.Finally, the highest battlefield rank in the Junker Legions is that ofConsul. A Consul will command an entire theatre of war where mul-tiple legions are involved. Consuls are mostly appointed by the mainSenate at Ironglass and do not attach to any particular legion orindeed world, though most worlds will have one or two in residencein case a military crisis occurs. They go where they're needed orwhere Ironglass thinks their particular skills would be best suited,resolving one situation and then moving on to the next.

Tactics & Combat RoleJunkers are experts at close quarters fighting and this is the methodby which the Legions are trained and equipped to engage theenemy. Junker Consuls know the value of sacrifice, as chess playerswould say, and as far as the humble legionary is concerned they area little too enamoured of this concept. In battle a legionary's duty isto get across the field and engage the enemy up close as swiftly aspossible. More often than not this means on foot, in a suicidal frontalcharge-Junker combat casualties are almost always heavy and theaverage lifespan of a legionary once they enter battle is somewherein the region of ten to fifteen minutes. The Consuls know thisthough, and are entirely comfortable with the idea. They know thatthey can usually soak up enough damage, given the sheer size ofJunker land armies, to close quarters with the enemy and have

enough legionaries left to fight hand-to-hand and close rangeassaults, where Junker equipment and training tends to give themthe upper hand. The high casualty rate means that there are alwaysa high number of raw recruits being drafted to the legions, but ahardcore of veterans provides the experience and backbone neces-sary to keep the army functioning.The pain, horror and toil of being a legionary can obviously have adisastrous effect on morale, so a psychological rallying point isrequired to keep the troops' spirits up in battle. This is the LegionStandard, around which an almost totemistic mythology has builtup. Each century carries a standard into combat, and so influentialis this item that many legionaries believe it to have magical powersthat will protect them in battle, or give them strength to crush theenemy. If a standard is lost and the century responsible for it sur-vives, retribution is harsh indeed. Under unofficial Junker militarylaw (for the activity described here contravenes VASA human rightsregulations) the century is 'decimated'. This means that the survivorsdivide into groups of ten and draw lots. The winners then beat todeath those who drew the shortest straws.Artillery support for the legion usually comes in the form ofSalamander Field cannons. These are cannons mounted on mobileshielded platforms and operated by a crew of three legionaries. Itcan fire both standard HE ordnance and special incendiary hellfirerounds. The mortar is towed into position by sandrunners.The mobile arms of the legions are sandrunner units, supported bythe heavy Dune Raider sand buggies and the faster Desert Marauderquad bikes.

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JUNKERS force book

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Junker ColoniesJunker colonies are arid, desolate places where the living ishard, not to mention dangerous and unhealthy, for themajority of the population. But the Junkers are past mastersat surviving against the odds and they have truly made theseplaces their own.

Junker WorldsWhat began as a punishment for the first people to be sta-tioned on Ironglass has become the technological basis forJunker expansion throughout the galaxy. Having learned thelessons of surviving Ironglass's marginal conditions, Junkersare now experts at colonising the worlds no-one else wants.Parched desert conditions or barren rocky worlds bereft oftopsoil suits their purposes as long as there is some sort ofatmosphere and halfway decent mineral resources. Junkerscan extract every particle of worth from a world that otherpowers would declare to be not worth the bother, by the sim-ple expedient of massive, non-sustainable strip mining oper-ations. Many smaller worlds have been exhausted by Junkeractivity forcing even the scavengers to move on, but Ironglassstill has a good few thousand years in it on account of itssheer size.

Junker CitiesJunker buildings are characteristically conical, domed affairsof prodigious size. When viewed on the horizon of a typical-ly flat, barren world of the type favoured by the Junkers, acity of such constructions looks like a great cluster of termitecolonies. Up close one realises that these cities are massive-human beings are crammed by the million into these sprawl-ing metropolises. They are noisy, grimy and busy places withgreat airships cruising between docking points on domes,avoiding the ubiquitous scaffolding, and the constant din ofconstruction and reconstruction. However, no matter howmuch they outwardly appear to be chaotic and higgledy-pig-gledy, Junker cities are organised with military precision.The upper part of the domes are actually massive mobileshielding devices, glorified parasols in effect, and only coverover half of the constructions within. The reason for this is toallow airships to travel freely between domes shifting work-ers and goods, whilst at the same time protecting the build-ings behind the shield from anything from harmful solarradiation to violent sandstorms.The city is organised as a series of concentric rings with secu-rity being uppermost in the minds of the administrators. Theoutermost part of a Junker city is the defensive curtain wall;usually between twenty and fifty metres thick this is made ofreinforced concrete and covered in ablative ceramic tiles that

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are produced on board the Reapers. Industrial by-productsand non-recyclable human refuse are incinerated and ventedout of the city via waste pipes on the walls-a process that overtime creates a no-mans land of toxic ash and grit that formsdunes against the walls. There are also a number of securitystations along the outer wall at regular intervals, containingsurveillance platforms equipped with heavy weapons. Inemergencies the more important cities' power grids can bediverted to massive shield generators within their walls, form-ing a force field over the whole city that protects against aer-ial strikes, orbital bombardment, meteor impacts or othermajor threats of this nature. Outer walls also have the facilityto berth mobile launch pads, more on which later.Within the wall the city is organised into three distinct con-centric zones. The first of these is the industrial processingzone where, as the name would suggest, the city's industrialbase is located.

Domes within this area are varied in their usage. Some aregiven over to reprocessing salvaged materials, others act aswarehouses for storing and distributing the wares brought inby Reapers and their orbital counterparts. There are alsomassive shipyards given over to the building of mining andspace salvage vessels. Fusion reactors are also located here topower these industries.The second zone is the municipal district, and here the bulk

of the city's citizens are housed in cramped dwelling units-purpose built domes which contain a honeycomb of units,each of which provides the basics of shelter, heating, lightingand furniture. Also located within the municipal zone aredomes that provide things like basic education and health-care for the citizens, as well as food and luxury item distribu-tion centres, both of which operate on a voucher scheme.Entertainment comes in the form of state sponsored media,which apart from rolling news bulletins praising the militaryachievements of the Ironglass Senate has nothing much tooffer except televised executions and gladiatorial challenges.The innermost zone of a Junker city is the Central SenatorialSanctum. This has its own miniature version of the outer cur-tain wall, complete with weapon platforms and shield gener-ators. The Sanctum acts as a proxy for the Ironglass Senate,to all intents and purposes making the city a miniature mar-shal world. The staff of the Senatorial Sanctum sees to theadministration of the city, ensures an even distribution ofgoods and services to the citizens (in theory), and deals withinternal security matters. They are answerable only to theIronglass Senate, to whom they pay a levy of produce andmilitary units, and receive instructions on how to conductthings like local trade, VASA conscription and so forth. Toenforce all of this the Sanctum has its own naval base andanything up to five legions of infantry, depending on the sizeof the city.

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Junker MobileIndustries &TransportInfrastructure

Apart from salvage and piracy, the main industry ofJunkers is strip mining. The Reapers provide all theraw materials necessary to supply construction,power and food production for the vast cities. They dothis by hoovering up topsoil and sand in massive vac-uum pumps. This material is passed through a systemof magnetic and particulate filters to separate metaldeposits from silicates, and silicates from organic mat-ter. Then the various components go through furtherfiltration processes until they end up on factory floorswithin the Reaper, where they're processed into suchdiverse things as steel, concrete, ceramics, glass andfood paste. What little waste there is is ejectedthrough a funnel on the roof of the Reaper.Transport between Junker cities is exclusively by air.Limited networks of vast aerial highways travelled byairships form webs across the surfaces of Junkerworlds. Personal transports are rare and require spe-cial licenses, effectively making the highways a globalmass transit system. This allows the authorities tokeep tabs on traffic movements because they areparanoid about terrorism, defection, black marketeer-ing, and all manner of security issues. Vehicles awayfrom these designated airship lanes without properauthorisation are liable to be fired on without warningby Junker security patrols. Transport on and off theplanet is handled by a super-paranoid method uniqueto Junkers. Firstly only a limited proportion of cities ona planet have the extreme security and bureaucraticinfrastructure required by the Ironglass senate to han-dle customs operations. But the startling thing is thatthe actual landing and launching pads are modularmobile platforms. These airship drawn constructionsare stored in vast, secret military hangers and arefloated out once or twice a day to dock with points onthe walls of designated port cities. After use theymove on to a different hanger, so that their move-ments aren't predictable. This prevents an enemy dis-rupting Junker trade and military operations byattacking their launch sites.

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JUNKERS force book


The Taking ofResearch Vessel xl-rtg/111Extract from the Journalof Decurion VitusDeribidus, of the XLIIndScorpion’s Exo-Suits…

…After weeks of nothing doing, the troops certainly gotwhat they'd been waiting for today. We received ordersfrom the Senate back on Hormuz IX that the fleet should goand check out an asteroid field in the quadrant we werepatrolling, so at 0730 hours that's what we did. CenturionErebus told us that Vaccum Vultures we had in tow might beable to pick up something useful on the asteroids-wrecksand what have you. It's madness though, isn't it? Trying tomanoeuvre a Fabian Class starship like the Mecopteraaround an asteroid field, not to mention the other threeFabians in our fleet. If we weren't careful the VacuumVultures might end up salvaging us.We arrived at the site circa mid-day and the bulk of the fleettook up a stationary position above the asteroids while ascouting detail of Gladii took a couple of Jackals into thefield. It looked like more boredom was on the cards after anhour or so, but at least up to that point no one had saidwe'd actually have to take the big ships into the field. Thenof course the order came through to suit up; we were goingin. Centurion Erebus said he didn't know why, but this wasthe usual crap. If we were getting into our exo-suits, thenbattle was on the cards. This was confirmed when Erebusreturned after half an hour and ordered us to the Ravens. Tohis credit he decided that now was the time to tell us whatwas going on. Which was a relief to me because I hate hav-ing to wait until the particles are actually fizzing around ourears and half the squad's dead before I can tell the legionar-ies what's happening. The expeditionary fleet had comeacross a fat, juicy Syntha research craft in the middle of thefield, and what was more, it didn't have any escort. The tech

aboard these things was always way ahead of anything any-body else was doing, and we reckoned we'd get a medal forthis for sure.The ride out in the Raven was fairly bumpy, and of coursehaving no viewing ports in the passenger pod we'd no ideawhat was happening until the Auger had tunnelled usthrough the hull and the ramps activated. The ramps camedown and the vacuum seals went up simultaneously aroundthe hole we'd made. The corridor we were in was dark andlow ceilinginged so I gave the order to deactivate thermitelances, didn't want them hitting the roof and going off. Assoon as we'd disembarked the corridor filled up withgrapeshot from the darkness at the other end. One of therounds must have caught Legionary Hephaestus in hisflame thrower's fuel cell, because he exploded right in frontof me. I was stunned and blinded, and then there was a rushof air and something so heavy that it knocked me over, exo-suit and all, hit me in the chest. I activated the lances andthere was another rush of hot air and the weight was gone.Then the battle lust got me and I virtually emptied my grapegun. When I could see again there were bits of assaultandrosynth everywhere……We took the vessel, just. We'd bitten off more than wecould chew because this was a military research ship. Nofighter escort, but plenty of mines, sentry guns, military per-sonnel and so forth. We'd lost one of the Fabians, fourGladii and one of the Jackals. Somebody had made a bigmistake here.

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Junker CraftJunker aerospace and astronautical technologies leave a lotto be desired when pitted against the advances of VASA andthe other Tripartite powers. However, necessity is the moth-er of invention, and as ever the Junkers' makeshift approachhas resulted in the development of some brilliant, if bizarre,innovations.

Mining ShipsThe Red Erg of Ironglass presented certain challenges to theoriginal settlers that were worth meeting. Indeed, the wholereason the Viridian Assembly built a penal labour camp onIronglass in the first place was the abundance of ferric sandson the surface, from which iron and silicates could beextracted. The mobile sand-harvesting factories calledReapers were developed for this process, and at first werefine for lumbering about the fringes between the Meridianand the Erg. But as over-mining took its toll and demand forthe resources that the Reapers produced increased, theJunkers had to move to the second phase of mining onIronglass. This involved developing aerial transports to getthe slow and cumbersome Reapers exploiting the vast,untapped expanse of the deep Erg.These aerial transports are large, powerful airships calledHunters. Hunters are low-orbital craft consisting of a huge

steel canopy filled with helium, beneath which is suspendeda gondola incorporating the flight deck, crew quarters,nuclear driven turbines and a cargo bay. This is an extreme-ly ancient flight technology used by Viridians in pre-spacetravel days. With a bit of adaptive Junker magic permittingthe carriage of something as big as a Reaper, this methodhas proven ideal for quickly getting the massive, heavyReapers out on the Erg. Since then the same method hasbeen used on all of Ironglass's marginal colonies across pan-humanic space. Each Hunter vessel carries a single Reaperand patrols the planet, asteroid, or whatever, looking formineral deposits. It sweeps the surface using powerful geo-physical scanners that monitor magnetic fields, allowing askilled crewman to pinpoint areas worth mining.Once a potential minefield has been identified the Hunterwill drop its Reaper and return to base-its job is now done.The Reaper then remains in the general area, extracting asmuch produce from the site as it can. When the Reaper isready to return it sends a radio request back to base and hasto wait for a cargo transport airship called a Gatherer to takeit home. The Gatherers are much bigger, slower versions ofthe Hunters, and their gondolas have disproportionatelylarge cargo bays and ramps, into which up to four Reaperscan be driven. A Gatherer's only job is to pick up Reapersonce they have processed a full load.

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JUNKERS force book


Space FleetsJunkers don't have much in the way of commercial flights,tourism not being a major priority for Ironglass's militarygovernment. The bulk of Junker orbital shipping consists ofa relatively small naval contingent of warships and a largenumber of salvage equipped vessels.

Military VesselsJunkers have some of the largest naval ships of any of theTripartite powers. Excellence in ship to ship combat is deter-mined by who has the best technology, and inevitably theJunkers are at a something of a disadvantage when it comesto waging this sort of warfare. Therefore they stick to whatthey're best at and go in for boarding actions on a majorscale. Medium to heavy Junker battleships are equippedwith specialised assault craft called Ravens. Each Raven cancarry up to a dozen infantry, or eight exo-suits, and is armedwith a single unique weapon called the Auger. The Auger isa heavy, short-range particle drill capable of disrupting allknown shielding and armour systems in very short order.Simply put the Raven uses the Auger to burrow right into thehull of an enemy ship and discharge its boarding crew. Theassault craft are horribly vulnerable until they can engagethe enemy vessel, so the tactic is to get the mother ship asclose as possible, then launch wave after wave of Ravenssupported by light interceptors. Many don't make it, but this

is the Junker way. Junker fleets are always kept busy, for ifthey aren't engaged in invasion and expansion, the IronglassSenate tacitly encourages its admirals to engage in piracywherever they can get away with it, much to the annoyanceof VASA and the other powers.Junkers have four distinct classes of battleship, the designsof which echo the curves of their airships and cities' domes.Weapons and armour systems on board these craft come inall shapes and sizes-particle cannons, negatron torpedoes,heavy lasers, mass drivers, anti-matter shields, etc-usuallywhatever can be salvaged from previous battles. The largestbattleships are the Nero class, which are the flagships of theJunker fleet and are used to transport armies of up to fiveLegions along with their Consul and Praetors. Smaller thanthe Nero class are Praetorians, carrying a single legion oftroops and their Praetor. The standard battleships of theJunker fleet are Fabian class vessels; these rarely have grav-shunting capability and come in a bewildering array oftypes-some designed for boarding actions, others for ship-to-ship combat, some more for orbital bombardment and soforth. The smallest battleships are the most numerous andare known as Gladius class-they have very limited range andfirepower and usually serve as cannon fodder during anymajor conflagration.

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JUNKERS force book


Salvage Vessels

Junker salvage vessels are essentially vast orbital ver-sions of the airship design apparent on the Gatherersand Hunters. They're generically nicknamed'Vacuum Vultures' and come in a variety of sizes. Thelargest of these are the planetoid sized ThanatosClass Starfactories, which are cobbled together inspace from the wreckage of smaller vessels, no ship-yard being large enough to purpose build such mon-strosities. Most of these vessels are of a size some-where between that of a Nero and a Praetor classbattleship and are known as Jackal ClassStarfactories.Vacuum Vultures are propelled by plasma drives,and obviously don't have gas in their canopies.Instead the great space above the gondola isreserved for hangers containing small debris collec-tion craft and light interceptors for defence. Thereare also floors dedicated to salvage processing,equipped with furnaces, nuclear reprocessing equip-ment, etc. Outside there are umbilical claws that canhold large salvaged structures in place, allowingspace-walking crew equipped with plasma cutters todismantle them so they can be brought inside. Asusual the bulk of the hazardous, unskilled andmenial tasks are undertaken by convicts kept in lineby brutal overseers.The debris collection craft are two-seater vesselsequipped with basic sensor arrays, telemetry predic-tion devices and macro-spectroscopic tractor beams.This latter piece of equipment has been developedby modifying a device used by the Syntha to manip-ulate positronic microcircuits to move much largeritems. The tractor beam consists of two spirallingphoton fields that lock on to magnetic fields in targetobjects. The fields can then be manipulated to moveand rotate the object. The mass of the object limitsthe effect of the tractor beam, so larger objects haveto be moved by two or more ships co-operating bycombining their fields.Thanatos Class vessels tend to be deep-space lonetraders, setting off to salvage whatever they happenacross, and are equipped with enough ordnance tofend for themselves against piracy or enemy attacks.Jackal Class ships on the other hand have only a fewlight interceptors for protection since they accompa-ny battle fleets into combat and can expect to bedefended by the warships. Their job is to clear upafter the battle, scavenging whatever useful itemsare left floating in space.


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CensoredExtracts from Service Journals

Warning! These documents have been classified as'F-Notice' material by VASA. Broadcasting, reprintingor unauthorised viewing is strictly forbidden, and ispunishable by extradition to Ironglass territory.

Invasion ofOblomov 2Extract from theJournal of LegionaryGanymede, of the CCVthVulture’sSandrunners…

…Jacta Alea Est-"The die has been cast", as the say-ing goes on Ironglass when one is committed, forbetter or worse, to a particular course of action. Ourintelligence reports on the Oblomov system, to sum-marise, made it clear that the Oblomovians wouldpresent no threat whatsoever. Oblomov 2, the onlyinhabited planet in the system, was a new inde-pendent colony peopled by breakaway Viridians andSyntha from a fringe political movement, whobelieve in a life of leisure and idleness facilitated bytechnology. They collectively gave up their posses-sions and former lives, and along with a supply oflabour saving and settlement technology, took offfor an obscure, minor system to live like slobs. Thiswas reported by various media as an amusing filler

story, but the Senate did some research on theOblomov system and discovered that Oblomov 2was a semi-desert planet, not considered commer-cially viable by any of the other powers. But whatthe others scorn in their arrogance and pride, weJunkers can profit from.Inevitably the order came through to prepare for theinvasion of Oblomov 2. Five legions were consideredsufficient for this purpose, since resistance wasexpected to be slight. The Senate's strategistsassured us that a single legion could probably dealwith such weak and cowardly foes, but theConsulate decided to be on the safe side-better tooverestimate a foe's capabilities than underestimatethem, and happy for us legionaries that it should beso.Oblomov 2 had three major settlements on it, thecapital Goncharov and two cities under construction.The CCVth along with the XCIIIth Serpents and theDCLIst Jerboas were to strike at the capital, whilstsimultaneously the other two cities would be blitzedby the CIXth and CDth Scorpions. The plan seemedlike a good one until we came pouring out of thelanding craft and immediately into a sustainedartillery barrage from within the Goncharov com-plex.Committed now, we poured towards the city wallsas swiftly as we could, making best use of the dunes

Page 22: Junkers Forcebook


on sunny Oblomov 2. Communications were impos-sible in the chaos, even between squads never mindcenturies. It was every legionary for himself. So how,you may wonder, did the slovenly Oblomoviansmanage to muster such effective resistance? Well theanswer came as the surviving half of our legionclosed on the city and TAVs, Black Legionaries,Archangels and militias poured out to meet us. JactaAlea Est indeed! There was no question of turningback now, indeed no way that a cease-fire could beeffective amidst such confusion, so we redoubledour attack. The battle lasted nearly five hours and ofthe three legions that attacked Goncharov,there were barely enough troops left afterthe fight to constitute a legion. TheScorpions fared little better at their tar-gets, but we eventually won the day,thanks largely to the sacrifices made byour Dune Raiders……Of course the whole thing boileddown to a communications problem,which seemed to be the order ofthe day. According toour prisoner,

Archangel Captain Aleph, VASA had arrived onOblomov 2 in force a week earlier. The Oblomoviansbrand of wilful laziness couldn't be tolerated withinPan-Humanic Space, so they were forcibly re-inte-grated. Just before we'd arrived rebels haddestroyed the VASA temporary comms-station, so noorder to tell the Junker Fleet to stand down could beissued, and by the time the assault was underwayit was too late. So no doubt our glorious victo-ry will be swept under the carpet and thisjournal censored. Still, factum est…

Page 23: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

22 void


Page 24: Junkers Forcebook


JUNKERS force book


Junkers ArmyList

The following section contains information tohelp you build a force roster and play a game ofVoid 1.1 using a Junkers army. Within this sectionis a full army list of Junker forces featuring statsand equipment for your units, an armoury anddetailed background notes on the combat roleand tactics of units to help you decide on thecomposition of your army. For the rules on howto build any army for Void 1.1, including Junkersarmies, see page 32 of the Void 1.1 rulebook.It's important to note that the army list present-ed here represents a definitive Junkers force:· If you've already got models for the

more generic army lists that appear in Void 1.1 and they don't appear in this list-no one is stopping you from and playing with those models!

· Units that have appeared in the past and have a new profile here are updated units, and you should use the new profiles in your games

Finally, if you're playing or organising tourna-ment games, force composition is entirely a mat-ter for the organisers and you should respecttheir decisions in this matter. i-Kore does nothave an official policy on army composition,other than that you're free to work these thingsout between yourselves.When you make a Junkers army you and youropponent(s) should decide on a points limit foryour battle before sitting down to choose forces.See page 20 of the Void 1.1 rulebook for somehints on point limits. Think about what sort ofbattle you and your opponent(s) are about tofight and how you've planned the way the battlewill go, and then decide which forces would beallocated to such a task. So for example, youmay wish to play a game with the Junkersattempting to regain control of a breakawayplanet and VASA trying to stop them. For thissort of game you would have a large amount ofConvict Legionaries and Lancers backed up withMarauders and Dune Raiders. VASA would haveSuppressors and Ronins in an attempt to stemthe Junkers advance until the Black Legion andBirds of Prey turn up later in the game. Thecomposition of the army is completely up toyourself but the more you keep within a themethe more enjoyable the game will be.

Life is CheapThe Consuls that control the Junker armies onlycare about one thing, victory. How this isachieved is of little consequence and the lives oftheir warriors are considered to be expendable.To represent this Junker units do not have to testwhen they wish to fire into an ongoing combat.

ConvictLegionariesConvict Legionaries are criminals forced to servetheir time in penal Legions, fighting the enemiesof their State. In battle they are used prettymuch as cannon fodder, scouting out dangerousterrain and charging in suicidal frontal assaultsto soften up enemy positions. They have a mis-erable time of it on the whole, and low moraleand poor training are real problems. Their neu-ral spikes act as tracking devices for Enforcers,and feature a microcapacitor that can be used tosummarily execute the convict if the need arises.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 8-15You may include a maximum of 1 Supportmodel for every 4 other models.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostLegionary Combat 8-15 14

Shotgun, Combat Blade,Battleshield

Chain Chain Gun, 0-2 20(s)Gunner Combat Blade

Flame Flame 0-2 25(s)Thrower Thrower,

Combat Blade

Thermite Thermite 0-3 15(s)Spearman Spear,

Combat Blade,Battleshield

Legionary Combat 0-1 15Decurion Shotgun,Combat Blade,


Special RulesAll: Swarm, Enforced RallyDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

Legionary Flamethrower

Legionary Chain Gun



Legionary Decurion

Page 25: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

24 void

Convict LancersConvict Lancers are Legionaries that have replacedtheir standard Combat Shotgun with the deadlyThermite Lance. Although the Thermite Lance haslimited ranged ability this is compensated by itseffectiveness in close combat where its deadlycharge can destroy heavily armoured vehicles andpositions. However these troops are extremely sus-ceptible to missile fire and as such need to be prop-erly supported to be effective.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 8-15

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostLegionary Thermite 8-15 20

Lance, Battleshield

Legionary Thermite 0-1 25Decurion Lance,


Special RulesAll: Swarm, Enforced RallyDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

Convict Lancer

Page 26: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book


GrenadierSquadGrenadiers are specially trained Legionaries thatare equipped with a large complement of handgrenades. This allows these squads to root outand destroy enemy entrenched positions, some-thing that the standard Legionary units have aserious problem dealing with.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 4-8

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostGrenadier Hand 4-8 18

Grenades, Combat Shotgun, Combat Blade

Veteran Hand 0-1 20Grenadier Grenades,

Combat Shotgun, Combat Blade

Special RulesAll: Swarm, Enforced RallyVeteran Grenadier: Tactical Awareness, HighMorale (+1)

Suicide BombersSuicide Bombers are Convict Legionaries thathave been scheduled for execution. They arefanatical psychopaths that rush up to enemyunits and detonate a large rig of plastique that isworn like a harness- cheaper than smart mis-siles and just as effective. The use of such troopsis controversial, to say the least, but JunkerEnforcers guarantee the prisoners' co-operationwith a mixture of controlled combat drugs andcrude brainwashing.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 4-8

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostSuicide Explosives 4-8 10Bomber Pack, Combat Blade

Special RulesAll: Impetuous, Fast, Enforced Rally, Immune toPanic

Suicide BikersWhere the situation dictates and hardwareallows Convicts that are scheduled for executionare sometimes mounted on the dilapidatedquad bikes discarded by the regular LegionaryDune Raiders. Although these living bombs areless reliable than the Suicide Bombers they arefaster and have a greater probability of reachingtheir designated target in large areas exposed toenemy fire.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 6 1 3 4 8

Structure: Individual/VehicleUnit Size: 1

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostSuicide Thermite 1 35Biker Explosives Pack,

Combat Blade

Special RulesSuicide Biker: Impetuous, Enforced Rally,Immune to PanicThe Suicide Biker can make 1 turn for every 2inches moved.When the biker activates you must test to see ifthe bike is reliable, make a command check. Ifthe test is passed the bike may move as normalbut if it is failed the bike cannot move. SuicideBikers cannot evade.

Legionary Grenadier

Veteran Grenadier

Suicide Bomber


Suicide Bomber

Page 27: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

26 void

PraetorianGuardA Convict Legionary who survives his or her Tour ofDuty or distinguishes themselves in battle displayingboth prowess and courage are given two stark choices.Either they can be dismissed from the army to lead amal adjusted and impoverished life as a low grade cit-izen or volunteer to serve in the elite Praetorian Guard.In both cases the Neural spike is removed. However,the residual scar is worn with a sense of honour andpride by the Praetorians but as a sign of shame by thecitizen. The Praetorians are renowned throughout the galaxyas the Junkers elite ground troops, fearless and loyal,they fight with fanatical dedication knowing no otherway of life.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 1 5 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 8-15You may include 1 support model for every 4 other fig-ures


Page 28: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book


Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostPraetorian Combat 8-15 20Guard Shotgun,

Combat Blade, Battleshield

Hellfire Hellfire 0-3 40(s)Launcher Grenade Launcher,


Praetorian Combat 0-1 25Decurion Shotgun,

Combat Blade, Battleshield

Special RulesAll: Shield WallHellfire Grenade Launcher: Tactical AwarenessDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

Exo-SuitsExo-Suits are heavily armoured servo-frames,modified for military use. In battle these suits arepiloted by skilled operators and make extremelyeffective close assault units. They are armed with avariety of devastating short range and close com-bat weapons. The suits were developed fromcommercial lifters, and work by amplifying themotions of the wearer to give them superhumanstrength.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 6 6 1 5 3 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 2-8

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostExo-Suit Cestus, 0-8 35

Heavy Grape Gun

Light Flame Two Light 0-8 40Thrower Flame Throwers

Decurion Cestus, 0-1 40Heavy Grape Gun

Special RulesAll: Heavy Armour 3, Multiple Attacks (x2)Light Flame Throwers: Multiple Shots (x2),Combine FireDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

Dune RaidersDune Raiders are the fast cavalry arm of theLegions. These vehicles are employed for scoutingout enemy positions, harrying isolated pockets ofenemy resistance and providing support to theslower foot based elements of the army.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 6 1 3 4 8

Structure: Squad/VehicleUnit Size: 3-6You may include a maximum of 1 Support modelfor every 2 other models.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostRaider Mounted 3-6 30

Combat Shotguns

Pillager Mounted 0-2 45(s)Chain Gun

Decurion Mounted 0-1 35Combat Shotguns

Special RulesAll: Rough Terrain Specialist Desert, Enforced RallyDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)Raiders and Pillagers may make 1 turn for every 2inches movedRaiders and Pillagers cannot evade.

DesertMarauders These are the big brother versions of the DuneRaiders. Although they are slower they are mount-ed with heavy weapons to give supporting fire tothe Dune Raiders or other mobile units within thearmy. They often operate in deep desert cam-paigns solely teamed with the Dune Raiders. TheScavenger variant also has troop carrying capabil-ity to facilitate the quick deployment of troops toareas of the battlefield badly in need of support.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 6 2 3 5 6

Structure: Squad/VehicleUnit Size: 1-6You may include a maximum of 1 Support modelfor every 2 other models.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostMarauder Mounted 1-6 60

Chain Gun

Marauder Mounted 0-2 65(s)Heatwave Flame Thrower

Marauder 5 Combat 0-2 65(s)Scavenger Shotguns

Decurion Mounted 0-1 65Chain Gun

Special RulesAll: Rough Terrain Specialist Desert, Enforced RallyScavenger: Multiple Shots (x5)Decurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)Marauders may make 1 turn for every 2 inchesmovedMarauders cannot evade.

Exo-Suit Decurion


Dune Raider

Dune Raider

Page 29: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

28 void

Sandrunners Sandrunners are mounted Convict Legionariesthat take their name from the mounts they ride incombat. These are the basic mounted troops ofthe Legions. Their primary combat role is to seekand destroy heavily armoured opponents withtheir devastating Thermite Lances. The convictsride on bipedal Sandrunners from the fringes ofthe Red Erg, creatures that are renowned for theirsavagery and vile temperament.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 5 1 3 4 6

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 3-8

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostSandrunner Combat 3-8 35

Blade, Thermite Lance,Battleshield

Legionary Combat 0-1 40Decurion Blade,

Thermite Lance,Battleshield

Special RulesAll: Rough Terrain Specialist: Desert, Fast,Enforced RallyDecurion: Tactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

In close combat the Sandrunner also gets anattack using the riders AS. To Hit +0, Dam 5(x2)Sandrunners cannot evade.

Berserkers The installation of the neural spike is generally aroutine operation. However there are someanomalies that occur, the most common of thesebeing death, an unfortunate side effect but noth-ing to keep the top brass awake at night. Theother, and arguably the most efficacious, is thaton the surface the convict seems compliant untilplaced in a stressful situation. Then the subjectexplodes in a berserk fury, taking no heed to per-sonal injury. These subjects have shownenhanced physical characteristics under tests anddemonstrate an almost primeval cunning makingthem extremely capable and savage warriors.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: SquadUnit Size: 8-15You may include a maximum of 1 Support modelfor every 2 other models.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostBerserker Two Combat 8-15 22

Blades, Combat Shotgun

Gunslinger Two Combat 0-4 26(s)Shotguns

Decapitator Broadsword 0-4 17(s)

Champion Broadsword 0-1 25

Special RulesAll: Multiple Attacks (x2), Berserk Charge,Impetuous, Fearless, Immune to Panic, ShockTrooperGunslinger: Multiple Shots (x2)Champion: Strike First, Shock Trooper

Berserker Champion

Berserker Decapitator


Sandrunners Desert Marauder

Page 30: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book


LegionCenturionCenturions command an entire Century ofLegionaries however they are assigned on thebattlefield to a particular squad. The effective-ness of a squad is usually a reflection of thecompetence of its leader. Because of the harshdiscipline and ruthless nature in which theJunker Legions are employed squads tend tohave a very short life span. Statistical analysisshows that providing Legionaries survive thefirst few hours of a campaign their prospects ofsurvival are greatly improved, additionally suc-cessful Centurions have been shown toimprove the performance and life span of aunit. Centurions within squads greatly improvethe morale and there are fierce contests withinthe squads of the Century to get re-assigned tothe Centurions unit. As a result of theseCenturies, Cohorts and Legions then begin tofight in particular styles, imitating the prefer-ences and techniques employed by itsCenturions. This over time has created a limit-ed kind of specialisation in the forces of partic-ular Legions.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 1 4 2 4

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may add a Legion Centurion to asquad of Convict Legionaries or ConvictLancers by replacing the standard Decurionentry. To add both a Centurion and a StandardBearer to a squad they must both belong to thesame Legion. You may not have more than oneCenturion of the same Legion in any Junkerforce.

Troop Type Equipment No. per Unit CostVulture Two Combat 0-1 30Centurion Shotguns

Serpent Combat 0-1 21Centurion Shotgun,

Combat Blade

Scorpion Combat 0-1 30Centurion Shotgun,

Combat Blade,Battleshield

Desert Fox Thermite 0-1 32Centurion Lance,


Sand Viper Two Combat 0-1 21Centurion Blades

Shadow Combat 0-1 22Jackal Shotgun,Centurion Combat Blade


Special RulesVulture Centurion: High Morale (+1), TacticalAwareness, Multiple Shots (x2)Serpent Centurion: High Morale (+1), TacticalAwareness, Lethal Strike (x1)Scorpion Centurion: High Morale (+1), TacticalAwareness, Multiple Attacks (x2)Desert Fox Centurion: High Morale (+1),Tactical Awareness, FastSand Viper Centurion: High Morale (+1),Tactical Awareness, Strike FirstShadow Jackal Centurion: High Morale (+2),Tactical Awareness, Fearless, Immune to Panic

Desert Marauder Heatwave Desert Marauder Scavanger

Page 31: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

30 void

Legion StandardBearersAs with the Centurions standard bearers havereached reverential status. The bearer in any unit isseen as a prestiges position. The standards them-selves have become icons for their Legion, somebeing centuries old. Because of the ephemeral andrisky nature of life in the Legions, Legionaries aredeeply superstitious. Soldiers wear specially blessedtrinkets, often tied in their hair, and take part in spe-cial rituals before battle, even making sacrifices insome of the outer reaches of the Galaxy. When noton campaign the standards reside in somethingclose to a religious building where many soldiersmake offerings, burn candles and take prayer in thepresence of these great artefacts.The overall effect is that these banners can inspiretheir troops to deeds of valour and keep themfocussed in precarious combat situations.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 4 4 1 3 2 4

Structure: IndividualsUnit Size: You may add one Legion Standard Bearerto a unit of Convict Legionaries or Convict Lancers.To add both a Legion Centurion and a LegionStandard Bearer to a squad they must both belongto the same Legion. You may only have one of eachLegion Standard as a maximum in any Junker force.

Troop Type Equipment No. per Unit CostVulture Combat 0-1 60Standard Shotgun,Bearer Combat Blade,

Vulture Standard

Serpent Combat 0-1 60Standard Shotgun,Bearer Combat Blade,

Serpent Standard

Scorpion Combat 0-1 60Standard Shotgun,Bearer Combat Blade,

Scorpion Standard

Desert Fox Combat 0-1 60Standard Shotgun, Bearer Combat Blade,

Desert Fox Standard

Sand Viper Combat 0-1 60Standard Shotgun,Bearer Combat Blade,

Sand Viper Standard

Shadow Combat 0-1 50Jackal Shotgun,Standard Combat Blade,Bearer Shadow Jackal Standard

Special RulesAll: Inspiring

LictorsEnforcers are military police for the penal Legions.The Lictors are the lower ranking officers of theEnforcers varying in office from Tribune to Decurion.In combat they operate either alongside ConvictLegionaries or somewhere nearby, ably defendingthemselves at close ranges with their Autopistol.They exert discipline over the Convicts with thethreat of a neural spike execution, and as such aredespised and obeyed in equal measure.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 1 5 2 4

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may add a Lictor to a squad of ConvictLegionaries, Legionary Grenadiers or ConvictLegionary Lancers by using the same buying criteriaas Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostLictor Autopistol 1 20

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 1

Dune RaiderLictorThe mounted arm of the Enforcers. Lictors follow theDune Raiders into battle on similar quad bikes tomarshal them into battle and dispense Junkers jus-tice to those who fail their state in war.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 6 1 5 4 8

Structure: Individual/VehicleUnit Size: You may add a Dune Raider Lictor to asquad of Dune Raiders by using the same buying cri-teria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostLictor Mounted 1 35

Combat Shotguns

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 1, Rough Terrain SpecialistDesertMounted Lictors may make 1 turn for every 2 inch-es movedMounted Lictors cannot evade.

Page 32: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book


Legion Standard Bearer

Page 33: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

32 void

SandrunnerLictorThese mounted Enforcers enter battle astride thesame species of beast ridden by Sandrunners.Their primary role is to shadow Sandrunnerunits, either as part of the squad or somewherenearby, ensuring that they honour their commit-ment to defend and fight valiantly for their state.Like their counterparts on foot they carryautopistols but have the added manoeuvrabilityand close combat fighting ability of their mount.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 5 1 5 4 6

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may add a Sandrunner Lictor to asquad of Sandrunners by using the same buyingcriteria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostLictor Autopistol 1 35

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 1, Fast, Rough TerrainSpecialist Desert

In close combat the Sandrunner also gets anattack using the riders AS. To Hit +0, Dam 5(x2)Mounted Lictors cannot evade.

CensorsCensors are high-ranking Enforcers who accom-pany the Praetor on all of his or her engage-ments. They report directly to the Senate and actas a watchdog over the ambitions of the Legioncommanders to ensure they tow the party line.Their staff of office, or censor, is an enhancedversion of the Neural Spike detonator worn byEnforcers. The added power in the larger unitallows greater range, and enables the Censor toaffect multiple neural spikes.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 2 6 2 4

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may add a Censor to a squad ofConvict Legionaries, Convict Grenadiers orConvict Lancers by using the same buying crite-ria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostCensor Autopistol 1 30

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 2, Fearless, High Morale(+1)

TribunesTribunes command the Cohorts that make upthe Legions. They report directly to the Praetor.Sometimes this office is bought as part of thecareer progress of privileged Junkers politicians.However many reached this level through hardfought campaigns, acts of outstanding braveryand an ability to command. These types ofTribunes are held in the highest respect by theirLegionaries whereas their political colleges areheld in contempt.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 2 5 2 4

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may include a Tribune in a unit ofPraetorian Guard by using the same buying cri-teria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostTribune Autopistol, 1 25

Combat Blade

Special RulesTactical Awareness, High Morale (+1)

PraetorsTo rise to the status of Legion commander, aPraetor, requires a rare mix of the political andmilitary to prosecute successfully the ruthlesscampaigns of the Junker's Senate. As with allpowerful stations within Junker's society there isalways the political mixed with the military, infact from within both are seen as the same.Praetors as a result are inspiring and charismat-ic leaders and many in the Senate curry favourwith the most powerful of these since, in themore remoter sectors of the galaxy, they mayvery well set up their own empires with theirdevoted Legion. This has happened with many arogue Praetor dissatisfied with their lot in theSenate.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV5 5 4 4 2 6 2 4

Structure: IndividualUnit Size: You may include a Praetor in a unit ofPraetorian Guard by using the same buying cri-teria as Decurions

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostPraetor Autopistol, 1 35

Combat Blade

Special RulesTactical Awareness, High Morale (+2), Inspiring



Sandrunner Lictor

Page 34: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book



Page 35: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book

34 void

SalamanderField Cannon

In order to compensate for the lack of longrange firepower Junker technicians developedthese rather crude but highly effective battlefieldhowitzers. As with most Junker's equipment theSalamander field cannons are sturdy, easily main-tained, and cheap to manufacture. They can fire avariety of ordinance from armour piercing shellsto the highly volatile naphtha bombs. They aretowed into position on the battlefield by teams ofSandrunners or Desert Marauders.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV3 3 6 6 4 4 4 0

Structure: Individual/Vehicle

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostSalamander Salamander 1 100Crew (2) Siege Cannon,

Combat Blades

Special RulesImmobile, Tactical Awareness, Heavy Armour 5In close combat the crew will attempt to defendthe Salamander.The Salamander has a 180-degree fire arc to thefront.Salamander Field Cannons cannot evade.Any hits from shooting are allocated to theSalamander itself as the crew take cover.In close combat the crew fight as normal andreceive no Heavy Armour save.

You may upgrade the Salamander to carry HellfireShells for an additional 20 points. If you choosethis option you must declare before you fire whichtype of shell you are using every turn.

Damage Table1d10 Result1-5 No Additional Damage.6 Targeting Array Damaged.All to hit rolls

suffer an additional -1 to hit modifier. 7 Shield Damaged. The shield is damaged

and does not offer the same level of protection. The Salamander now has HeavyArmour 3. A second hit in this location destroys the shield.

8 Main Armament Damaged. The weaponsystem becomes prone to jamming. Each time you try to shot with the weapon roll 1D10. On a roll of 1-5 the weapon cannot be fired.

9 Reload Mechanism Destroyed. The Salamander may only be fired once every second turn, as the crew have to manually load all the shells.

10 Ammo Storage Hit. The Salamander andits crew are killed instantly and the largecircular template placed on the centre ofwhere the weapon was. Any body underthe template suffer 1 hit, DAM 7 (x2) Armour Piercing 3.

Censor CatoCensor Cato is a notorious Censor from theScorpion Legion. He came to renown afterfamously executing Praetor Antonius of the 66thScorpion Legion after a particularly disastrouscampaign in the Thesphian system. Held in highregard within the Senate Cato propounds thevirtues of a Spartan existence and total devotion tothe State. There have been a number of Praetorsthat have taken their own lives when they havereceived communication from the Senate thatCato has been assigned to their Legion. Needlessto say he commands obedience wherever he goes,however, this is born of fear rather than out of anymutual respect.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV5 5 4 4 2 6 2 4

Structure: IndividualAn army cannot contain more than one CensorCato. You may add Censor Cato to a squad ofConvict Legionaries, Convict Grenadiers or ConvictLancers by using the same buying criteria asDecurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostCensor Autopistol 1 35Cato

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 2, Fearless, Immune toPanic, High Morale (+2)

PraetorMaximusMaximus is one of the most esteemed Praetorswithin Junker's society. When Tribune in the 10thVulture Legion he uncovered a plot perpetrated byhis Praetor Calacus to assassinate members of theSenate and set himself up as Emperor of Ironglass.Fortunately for the Senate Maximus infiltrated therebels, gained their confidence and finally arrestedCalacus and handed him over to the authorities.He was decorated in public in the great Coliseumin Meridian City, the execution of his formerPraetor was part of the celebrations. Respected byall he has attained cult status and as such is aninspiring leader to the Junker war machine.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV5 5 4 5 2 6 2 4

Structure: IndividualAn army cannot contain more than one PraetorMaximus. You may add Praetor Maximus to asquad of Praetorians by using the same buying cri-teria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostPraetor Autopistol, 1 40Maximus Combat Blade

Special RulesTactical Awareness, MultipleAttacks (x2), High Morale (+2),Inspiring


Praetor Maximus

Tribune Gracchus

Page 36: Junkers Forcebook

JUNKERS force book


TribuneGracchusTribune Gracchus is a widely known and universallyhated character. So many people within his ownorganisation have vowed to kill him that he nolonger worries about who might be planning toassassinate him, when clearly everybody is a likelycandidate. He has a cruel streak a mile wide and hasan almost supernatural ability, way beyond the vigi-lance of lesser Enforcers, to spot units not behavingin an efficient manner. Gracchus's only friend andconfidante is a huge evil-tempered Sandrunnercalled Rex, and in close range fights the pair are trulyformidable. Gracchus currently serves with the 9thSand Viper Legion and is a member of the elite mil-itary society, the Saurian Order.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 5 2 5 4 6

Structure: IndividualAn army cannot contain more than one TribuneGracchus. You may add Tribune Gracchus to a squadof Sandrunners by using the same buying criteria asDecurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostTribune 2 1 60Gracchus Autopistols

Special RulesTactical Awareness, High Morale (+1), Terrifying,Strike First, Rough Terrain Desert, Multiple Attacks x2

In close combat Rex also gets an attack using the ASvalue of Gracchus. To Hit +0, Dam 6(x2)Gracchus cannot evade.

AurelianCenturion Lucius Aurelian is a well-respected figureboth on and off the battlefield. A three time decorat-ed military hero, his ability to consistently win bat-tles without squandering lives has won him plauditsfrom the Senate and the soldiery alike. Aurelian'scompassionate treatment of the soldiers in his com-mand is certainly contrary to popular Junker wis-dom, but the fact remains his presence does won-ders for troop morale. In battle he currently leadsthe famous Red Serpents Cohort, and carries aunique weapon constructed by Junker techniciansfrom salvaged materials.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 2 5 2 4

Structure: IndividualAn army cannot contain more than one Aurelian.You may add Aurelian to a squad of Praetorians byusing the same buying criteria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostAurelian Trident 1 40

Special RulesTactical Awareness, Inspiring, Fearless, Immune toPanic, High Morale (+2)

Salamander Field Cannon

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JUNKERS force book

36 void

Lictor DecimusEven by Lictor standards Decimus is a ruthless andbrutal Enforcer. Decimus is not actually his name it ishis preponderance to use "Decimation" as a deterrentagainst insubordination and poor performance ofLegionaries on the battlefield that has gained him thattitle.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 4 4 4 1 5 2 4

Structure: IndividualAn army cannot contain more than one

Decimus. You may add Decimus to a squad ofConvict Legionaries, Convict Grenadiers or

Convict Lancers by using the same buying crite-ria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostDecimus Autopistol 1 25

Special RulesNeural Spike Activation 2, Tactical Awareness, HighMorale (+2)

"The Red Fox"

The female Marauder ace Valeria is the most heavilydecorated Legionary in her class. Nick named "TheRed Fox" she rides a converted version of the standardissue Marauder dune buggy. Fitted with racks ofgrenade launchers "The Red Fox" can clear largeareas of the enemy's frontline to penetrate deep intotheir territory to cut supply and communication linesand destroy fuel and ammunition.

AS SH ST T W CD SZ MV4 3 4 6 2 4 5 6

Structure: Individual/VehicleAn army cannot contain more than one Red Fox. Youmay add The Red Fox to a squad of Marauders byusing the same buying criteria as Decurions.

Troop Type Equipment No. Per Unit CostThe Red Mounted 1 70Fox Hellfire Grenade Launcher

Special RulesTactical Awareness, High Morale (+1), Fearless,

Rough Terrain Specialist DesertThe Red Fox may make 1 turn for every 2 inch-es movedThe Red Fox cannot evade.


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JUNKERS force book


Special RulesBerserk ChargeA Berserk unit charges into the enemy at full force,screaming and howling war cries. When charged bysuch a unit, you may not counter charge. In addition,when a Berserk unit has the chance to countercharge, they do so automatically, no command checkis taken.

Combine FireFigures with the Combine Fire ability are capable ofusing two weapons in conjunction to produce a morepowerful effect. When a figure with this skill uses twolight flame throwers and has the Multiple Shot abilitythey may sacrifice two shots to produce one normalflame thrower attack.

Enforced RallyA model or squad with this skill are equipped withNeural Spikes and can be affected by the NeuralSpike Activation Ability.

FastSome models are capable of fantastic bursts of speed,whether through training, natural ability or perform-ance enhancing drugs. Models with this special rulemay move up to 1.5 times their MV stat when charg-ing, closing or rushing. So for example a model withMV 4 could move up to 6 inches on a charge move,or indeed in any of the other cases listed here.

FearlessModels with this special rule can be exceptionallybrave, without emotion, or are so hideous themselvesthat other things don't scare them. Fearless modelsare immune to the effects of the Terrifying specialrule.

Heavy ArmourSome models like armoured vehicles and large mon-sters are so heavily armoured that they are very diffi-cult to damage with normal weaponry. Attackersneed special armour piercing weapons in order tohave a reasonable chance of causing damage to thesemodels. Models with this special rule gain a d10'Heavy Armour save' that can negate damage theyhave suffered.When a model has this special rule it will be stated as'Heavy Armour 4', or 'Heavy Armour 7' etc. The num-ber is a positive modifier to the d10 heavy armoursaving roll, for example Heavy Armour 6 adds +6 tothe d10 heavy armour save. The following ruleapplies;· Heavy Armour Save: If a model with Heavy

Armour receives wounds, roll 1d10 per wound, adding the indicated modifier. On a score of 10+ the wound is ignored and the model suffers no harm.

High MoraleModels with this special rule are more steadfast thanothers and less likely to panic or take fright. HighMorale is expressed on the profile as a number that isadded to the dice roll when a unit makes a morale

check. The modifier used is always the highest one inthe unit, so for example if all members of a unit haveHigh Morale (+1) and the Decurion has High Morale(+2), you would use the +2 modifier when making amorale check.

ImmobileModels with this special rule are incapable of movingeither due to their immense size or lack of transport.Once placed on the board it must stay there for theremainder of the game and cannot turn to face anyother direction.

Immune to PanicModels with this special rule are either exceptionallywell disciplined or are simply incapable of losing theircool. They never panic, and therefore don't need tomake any morale checks that would result in panic iffailed.

ImpetuousImpetuous troops are hard to control, and have a ten-dency to run amok rushing into the fray when moreexperienced commanders would rather they holdback.A unit that includes impetuous troops and does notinclude a Lictor or Censor must pass a CD check atthe beginning of their turn if they do not want tomove towards the nearest enemy in LOS. If there isno enemy within LOS the unit does not have to takethis testIn the assault phase an impetuous unit MUST assaultthe enemy if at all possible.

InspiringModels with this special ability have a positive effecton the morale of nearby units. Units within 6 inchesand LOS of Inspiring models can re-roll failed moralechecks. They only get to re-roll once per test and mustabide by the result of the second dice roll.

Lethal StrikeA model with this special rule can cause severe dam-age when using melee weapons in close combat. Thiscould be because of its equipment, its training or itssheer bulk and power.This is shown as a damage multiplier on the profile,for example Lethal Strike (x1), Lethal Strike (x2) etc.The number shows how many extra damage dice youshould roll in addition to the normal number for theweapon the model is using. For example if a modelhas Lethal Strike (x1) and attacks with a CombatBlade (dam ST+0), it would roll 2 damage dice foreach hit scored in close combat.

Multiple AttacksModels with this special rule make Multiple Attacks inclose combat. So for instance a model that hasMultiple Attacks (x2) listed in the special rules sectionof its profile will attack twice in close combat. MultipleAttacks can be used to engage more than one closecombat opponent.

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38 void

Multiple ShotsModels with this special rule can shoot more thanonce during the shooting phase. So for instance amodel that has Multiple Shots (x2) listed in the specialrules section of its profile will shoot twice. MultipleShots can be used to fire on more than one target.

Neural SpikeActivation Figures with this skill are responsible for maintainingcontrol with the convict squads of the Junker armies.They carry a remote control that allows them to acti-vate the neural spikes of convict Legionaries.Instead of shooting a model with this skill they mayautomatically rally any panicked squad that has theEnforced Rally skill, as long as they are within rangeand LOS by executing one member of the squad.Remove one figure from the squad as well as the panicmarker.Instead of rallying a unit you may choose to detonateone suicide bomber or bike within range.The range depends on the level of Neural SpikeActivation that they have. Each level is worth 6" so aLictor with Neural Spike Activation 1 has a range of 6"where as a Censor with Neural Spike Activation 2 hasa range of 12".

Rough TerrainSpecialistSome models, either because of training or naturalability, can move with ease through certain types ofterrain. Models with this special rule suffer none of thenormal penalties for moving on the terrain listed afterthe Rough Terrain Specialist entry on their profiles. Forexample if a unit has Rough Terrain Specialist Desert itis able to move across any desert terrain withoutpenalty.

Shield WallThe Praetorian Guard are dedicated warriors andspend most of their time running complex drills andtraining to operate as a cohesive force.This training allows them to act as one on the battle-field by locking their shields together to provide supe-rior protection for both themselves and their com-rades.

When a Praetorian Guard unit wishes to adopt theShield Wall formation move all non-support modelsinto base-to-base contact and then place all supportmodels within 2" of the wall. All models must have suf-ficient movement to adopt the formation.Whilst the shield wall is in formation the unit is con-sidered to have heavy armour 3 from all attacks intheir front arc and no attacks can be allocated to fig-ures behind the Shield Wall until all members of thewall have been eliminated. Attacks from behind thefront facing other than the front are subject to the nor-mal hit allocation rules.The unit may advance when in formation but mustmaintain base-to-base coherency, including a rushmove.If engaged in close combat the Shield Wall formationis lost.

Shock TrooperModels with this special rule are particularly effectivewhen storming enemy positions and engaging in closecombat. They receive a bonus of +1 to hit and +1 todam when charging or counter-charging. This is inaddition to any other bonuses they might have to theattack.

Strike FirstModels with this special rule have superior reactionsand close combat training. In close combat theyalways resolve their attack(s) first, and if their oppo-nent is killed then it may not have its usual returnattack.

SwarmModels with Swarm attack in a confusing mass in closecombat, overwhelming their foe by sheer weight ofnumbers. Models fighting creatures that Swarm suffera -1 penalty to their to hit rolls, up to a maximum of -3, for every enemy model after the first that they arein base contact with. This only works in close combat. Whilst in close combat it is important to note that amodel can only Swarm one opponent at a time so youmust declare which opponent you are swarming if inbase-to-base with more than one.

Tactical AwarenessModels with this special rule can attempt to ignoretheir normal target priorities. Before the unit shootsmake a CD check for the model. The results of thecheck vary depending on whether the checking modelis a squad leader (a Decurion for example) or individ-ual, or a support model within a squad. Note that if asquad contains both a squad leader and one or moreindividuals you can make a separate check for eachmodel individually if you wish. The following rulesapply. . Squad leaders and individuals: If the check

is passed the entire unit may ignore normal target priorities and may shoot at any enemy unit of the owning players' choice. As with normal shooting all members of the unit must still fire at the same target unit. If the check is failed, then the unit hesitates and is momentarily confused. It cannot carry out its shoot orders this turn.

. Support (S): If the CD check is passed the support model may ignore normal target priorities and can instead shoot at any unit of its choice, firing at a different target unit than its fellow squad members if the owning player so wishes. If the check is failed, then the support model hesitates and is momentarily confused. It cannot carry out its shoot orders this turn.

TerrifyingSome models are so fearsome or vile that enemytroops cower before them. The range of this effect is aradius equal to the model's SZ stat in inches. Enemyunits within this area must make a morale check.Troops, which are terrifying, are automaticallyassumed to be Fearless as well.

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ArmouryCombat ShotgunCombat Shotguns are constructed under the classicJunker design philosophy: robust, functional andcheap to manufacture. These standard Convict issueweapons can operate in extremely harsh environmentssuch as the Red Erg desert on Ironglass.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 5 +1 5 0 3

Type: 2 handedSpecial Rules: None

AutopistolAutopistols are standard side arms. They come in abewildering variety of different models with differentstyles of ammunition ranging from old-fashionedbrass-cased rounds to high-tech flechette sprayers, butthey all perform pretty much the same function on abattlefield.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam+1 4 0 4

Type: 1 handedSpecial Rules: None

BattleshieldBattleshields are essentially an extra piece of armourcarried to protect the user. They are most commonlyemployed by assault troops that are required to stormenemy positions or advance under fire. Battleshieldsare about 1.5 meters tall and are made of a hard, flex-ible ceramic layer on the outside, with an anti-ballisticgel filled cushion behind it.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

Type: 1 handedSpecial Rules: The shield gives good protection fromfrontal attack. It confers a -1 mod to all d10 damagerolls caused by hits originating from within the usersfront facing.

BroadswordBroadswords are massive two-handed weapons thatwhen wielded properly are able to wound even thetoughest opponents. The sheer size of the broadsworddoes not allow the wielder to use any other weaponrythough, leaving them vulnerable to ranged fire on thebattlefield.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam- 1 ST+3

Type: 2 handed, meleeSpecial Rules: None

CestusCesti are massive mechanical gloves attached to Exo-Suits. Aptly named after an ancient gladiatorial weaponthat consisted of a glove with an iron bar in it, andoften spikes across the knuckles, the cestus is used forpunching and crushing. A hydraulic ram in the wristgives the user a killer punch, but the real damage isdone when it grabs something. Capable of crumplingsheet steel like tissue paper, a cestus will mangle mostthings it can get a good grip on.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 6(x sp)

Type: 1 handed, melee, Armour Piercing 3Special Rules: The amount of penetrative damage thecestus does depends on how good a grip it has on thetarget. For every 2 clear points that the 'to hit roll' ispassed by add 1 to the Dam multiplier (always assumethe base to be (x1)). A natural to hit roll of 10 alwaysgives a (x3) Dam modifier.

Chain GunChain guns are squad support gauss weapons. Heavyweapons specialist's carry them into battle, usually onsome sort of gyro-stabilised rig to cope with the recoiland shaking. They are stripped down versions of vehi-cle and tripod mounted chain guns, and are somewhatless effective due to the lack of a stable firing platform.However, chain guns are devastating anti-personnelweapons within their effective range and can spray ahail of heavy flechettes at a considerably higher rate offire than a basic gauss rifle.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-2 6 +1 (x2) 6 0 5

Type: 2 handedSpecial Rules: None

Combat BladeCombat blades are really anything that can be used tostab, slash, puncture or otherwise injure a close com-bat opponent. Swords, machetes and combat knivesare examples of combat blades, and can prove anessential back up tool when confronted at close quar-ters or where stealth is required. Military grade combatblades tend to be incredibly hard, durable and sharp inorder to penetrate modern armour and cope with pos-sible exposure to corrosive climates.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 ST+0

Type: 1 handed, meleeSpecial Rules: None

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40 void

Desert FoxStandardThe Desert Fox Legion has a high percentage of con-vict lancers, requiring them to close with the enemiesas quickly as possible. All convicts recruited into theDesert Foxes must be able to complete a one hourrun through the Red Erg without stopping, not aneasy task as without water you will perish. Those whodo not pass the trial still litter the desert and are areminder to new recruits that failure is not an option.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the Desert FoxStandard gains the Fast special ability.

Explosives PackSpecifically, this refers to the explosives worn by sui-cide bombers. The pack is crude in the extreme, andquite simply consists of a rack of demolition chargeslinked to go off in unison when a ripcord is pulled. Ofcourse this is invariably fatal to the user, but the ideais that the expendable trooper waits until he or she isin the optimum place to cause most devastation, thenactivates the device.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

Type: SpecialSpecial Rules: You can attempt to detonate the packat the beginning or end of any phase of your units'turn. Unactivated units and those on hold reacting tobeing charged can attempt to do this, if they pass theusual CD test for reaction.Roll 1 d10 for each model attempting to detonate, ascore of 4 or more indicates success, and the packdetonates. Place the small circular template over themodel. Any other models touched by it suffer 5 (x2)Dam; remove the model that used the explosives.You may only attempt to detonate the explosives packonce during the units turn.

Flame ThrowerFlame throwers are particularly unpleasant short-range support weapons. They spray incendiary gel orliquid fuel in a curtain of searing fire. Advanced mod-els use compounds that ignite on contact with the air,but most still have either an electrode or a pilot flameto set the fuel alight. They are particularly effectivewhen used to hose down the interiors of bunkers ortrenches, where enemy troops are packed in tight andhave nowhere to run.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

Type: 2 handed, directly placed template weapon,incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the large teardrop shaped tem-plate. The weapon does 5 Dam

Hand GrenadesHand grenades are simple thrown explosive devicesthat are carried by some troopers for short-rangesupport purposes. They come in a variety of shapesand sizes, but on the whole they consist of some sortof fragmentation jacket surrounding an explosivecore. Different models have different priming mecha-nisms ranging from the simple pin, through cylindersthat have their tops and bottoms twisted in oppositedirections, to keypad-operated timers. There are var-ious grades of explosive available too, but standardissue grenades are anti-personnel fragmentationdevices.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

-1 5

Type: 1 handed, indirect fire, ranged templateweaponSpecial Rules: Use the small circular template.

Heavy Grape GunHeavy grape guns are larger, more powerful versionsof the grape guns. Usually attached to Exo Suits theyfire heavier rounds at greater velocity; the overalleffects being that they have better stopping powercompared to the smaller version, but are much bulki-er. This means that heavy grape guns, although stillconsidered small arms for the purposes of definingtheir role in combat, can only be mounted on vehiclesor very heavy troops.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1(x2) 6 0(x3) 6 -1 5

Type: 1 handed, indirect fire, ranged templateweapon, incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the small circular template

Improvised WeaponsTroops that are equipped solely with weapons withno close combat capabilities (for example theGrenade Launcher) must use improvised weapons inclose combat. Gun butts, entrenching tools, sticks,stones, bare hands and natural weaponry can all bepressed into service when the action gets up closeand personal.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 ST-1

Type: 2 handed*, meleeSpecial Rules: *Although improvised weaponry maynot literally be two handed, it represents the use ofweapons that are not particularly efficient in closecombat. As such they cannot be combined withanother weapon in CC to give any bonuses, nor can ashield be used in conjunction with an improvisedweapon.

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Light FlameThrowerFlame Throwers are short-range devices that spraysticky, incendiary fuel over an area. They are terrify-ing, indiscriminate weapons that set fire to everythingin their path. Light Flame Throwers are configured foruse in close combat, so are much more compact thanstandard models and have correspondingly less areacoverage. The fuel is a gel that is pumped from a dif-fuser nozzle and ignites upon contact with the air.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam+1 4

Type: 1 handed, directly placed template weapon,incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the small teardrop shaped tem-plate. The weapon does 4 Dam.

Mounted CombatShotgunsConsisting of two shotguns strapped together andbolted onto the front of a vehicle, usually the QuadRaiders, mounted Combat Shotguns provide goodshort-range firepower. The mounted CombatShotguns fire the same ammunition as the standardsidearm but with them both firing simultaneously theaccuracy of the weapon is offset by the amount ofshrapnel being produced making them the perfectweapon for fast assault vehicles. The Junkers makeexcellent use of this weapon on their Raider Quads.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 6 +1 6 0 4

Type: MountedSpecial Rules: None

Mounted Chain GunMounted chain guns are heavy support weapons thatare devastating at any range. They can be belt, maga-zine or drum fed, and usually have more than onebarrel. Common barrel configurations include rotary,four over four and quad. Mounted chain guns makeexcellent defensive weapons for teams in emplace-ments such as bunkers or trenches, but are also com-monly mounted on vehicles for anti-personnel pur-poses.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

+1 (x3) 6 +1 (x2) 5 0 5 -1 5

Type: MountedSpecial Rules: None

Mounted FlameThrowerMounted flame throwers are simply larger versions ofthe standard infantry flame thrower. Having the bene-fit of larger fuel tanks the mounted flame thrower hasa larger nozzle and can caused a horrific amount of

damage on anything caught in the blast. Mountedflame throwers are amongst the best assault weaponsavailable to the Junker forces. Due to the vast quanti-ties of fuel required to operate the weapon only vehi-cles are able to use the mounted flame thrower.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

Type: Mounted, directly placed template weapon,incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the large teardrop shaped tem-plate. The weapon does 7 Dam

Mounted HellfireGrenade LauncherThe mounted hellfire grenade launcher is simply alarger version of the standard weapon. With theincrease in weapon size the shells also increased insize, allowing for an increased burst radius. Theincrease in radius also has its drawbacks as wellthough as the potency of the fluid is also diluted slight-ly causing less damage to the target. It is still believedthat this is an experimental weapon as it has onlybeen seen on one vehicle so far, a Marauder belong-ing to "The Red Fox".

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

+1 4 0 4 -1 4

Type: Mounted, incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the large circular shaped template.

Salamander FieldCannonThe Salamander is one of the largest weaponsemployed for ground combat by any of the Tripartitepowers. It is capable of destroying any target with asingle hit. The original template was the HowitzerBarrage Cannon used by the Viridians but the Junkersdecided that bigger shells were required.

High Explosive RoundCC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

- 2 8(x2) -1 8(x2) 0 8(x2) -2 8(x2)

Type: Mounted, indirect, Armour Piercing 5Special Rules: Use the large circular shaped template.When a Salamander damage template is placed leavea piece of crater terrain of approximately half the sizeof the template where it landed. This area now countsas difficult terrain, and models occupying it may claima cover save

Hellfire RoundCC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

-2 8 -1 8 0 8 -2 8

Type: Mounted, indirect, incendiarySpecial Rules: Use the small circular shaped template.

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Sand ViperStandardThe Sand Viper Legion is named after a deadlydesert snake that fools prey into thinking it isdefenceless before it strikes with lightning speed.The convicts of this Legion are trained to strikeexactly at the moment when their foes exposethemselves in combat, allowing them to deal thekilling blow within the blink of eye.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the Sand ViperStandard gains the Strike First special ability.

Scorpion StandardThe Scorpion Legion is the most militaristic of allthe Legions. They are one of the only Legions toconduct actual training courses for the convicts.On the battlefield Scorpion Legionaries attack witha ferocity that overwhelms their opponents andallows them to attack again whilst their foe is stillstunned.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the ScorpionStandard gains the Multiple Attacks (x2) specialability.

Serpent StandardConvicts of the Serpent Legion tend to be largeand powerful individuals, usually thugs and cut-throats. The limited training that they receive tendsto revolve around physical attributes such aspower lifting and body combat. For all of theirattributes they still lack the basic close quartertraining of a proper soldier, although when theydo connect people know about it.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the SerpentStandard gains the Lethal Strike (x1) special abili-ty.

Shadow JackalStandardThe Shadow Jackal Legion is considered to be themost brutal and sadistic Legion in existence.Convicts that join the Shadow Jackals realisequickly that you fight hard, or die harder.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the Shadow JackalStandard gains the Immune to Panic and Fearlessspecial abilities.

ThermiteExplosives PackThermite explosives packs are standard equip-ment on all Junker suicide bikes. Consisting of thesame high explosives used on the thermite spearand lance it activates when an electrical current ispassed through the pack it explodes with devastat-ing effects. Both the bike and the driver are ofcourse killed in the blast but it is highly unlikelythat any enemy troops will survive if caught in theblast either.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam

Type: Mounted, directly placed template weapon,incendiarySpecial Rules: You can attempt to detonate thepack at the beginning or end of any phase of yourunits' turn. Unactivated units and those on holdreacting to being charged can attempt to do this, ifthey pass the usual CD test for reaction.Roll 1 d10 for each model attempting to detonate,a score of 4 or more indicates success, and thepack detonates. Place the large circular templateover the model. Any other models touched by itsuffer 5 (x2) Dam; remove the model that used theexplosives.You may only attempt to detonate the explosivespack once during the units turn.

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JUNKERS force book


Thermite LanceThermite lances are larger versions of the thermitespear. Working on the same technology the thermitelance has a longer shaft allowing for limited rangedcombat. Once the explosive charges have been set alaunch system in the shaft allows them to be fire ashort distance before the explode, hopefullyamongst the enemy. At close quarters the longershaft also allows the user to apply more force totheir attack causing more damage to their target.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 7(x2) -1 5

Type: 2 handed melee, Armour Piercing 5Special Rules: None

Thermite SpearThermite spears are long poles with a thermitecharge mounted on the end. Thermite is a plasticexplosive that requires a current to be run through itto detonate, so the user must press a trigger on thehaft of the spear once they've got the charge inplace. This is obviously fairly difficult to use in themidst of battle but when it works the effects areworth the bother as when activated thermite reactsso rapidly and violently that it is consumed in a flashof plasma.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam0 7

Type: 1 handed melee, Armour Piercing 5Special Rules: None

TridentThe Trident is Decurion Aurelian's personal weapon.Many high-ranking officers in the Junker army carrystrange combination weapons cobbled togetherfrom battlefield remnants by their scavenging engi-neers. The Trident is a modified gauss rifle; it has amodified light flamethrower attached beneath thebarrel, and three Vibro-scythe blades fixed aroundthe muzzle. The idea is that it gives Aurelian a widechoice of tactical options rolled into one weapon.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1ST+0(x3) 0 5 0 5

Type: 2 handed, directly placed template* Special Rules: *When the Trident is fired the user caneither opt to shoot normally with the Gauss Rifle sec-tion, or they can use the underbarrel Light FlameThrower. The Light Flame Thrower uses the smallteardrop shaped template and does Dam 4, whichcounts as incendiary.

Vulture StandardConvicts of the Vulture Legion are experts with theCombat Shotgun. When they are not on the battle-field they are constantly training to increase the rateof which the can reload and fire their CombatShotguns, although aiming seems to be of little con-cern.

CC Short Med Long ExtHit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam-1 6

Type: 2 handed meleeSpecial Rules: A unit containing the Vulture Standardgains the Multiple Shots (x2) special ability when fir-ing a Combat Shotgun.

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JUNKERS force book

44 void

Imagine a world of sand where the surfaceshifts and moves in great, slow tides thatchange the landscape day by day. A worldwhere the winds can swirl right around theglobe with virtually nothing to break theirpower. Winds that carry tons of sand and flingthem against any exposed rock, carving awaythe least resistant parts and leaving the remainscarved into strange spires and columns. This isa world that the Junkers call "home"…

If you want to create your own desert planet onthe wargames table, you are going to needsand dunes, rocks and some suitable vegeta-tion. All of these can be made from extrudedpolystyrene sheet of the type used for houseinsulation. If you can't find this very densefoam, the stuff I'm using here is 20mm thick,you can always use the softer expanded poly-styrene type made from little granules. If youare using the latter, you will find that somesheets are more dense than others. Always usethe hardest available. Just follow the instruc-tions below, but cutting bits out carefully sothey don't break and using a little more filler toget an even surface. Whichever insulationboard you use, make sure you cut it with a verysharp craftknife or scalpel or you'll get pieceswith torn edges.

Sand dunes are made from a number of layersof foam stacked one on top of the other on abase made from thick card. Cut out the basefirst, a rough oval is probably best, holding theknife at an angle, so that you end up with a

nicely sloping edge. Sand round this edge withsome fine sandpaper, so that it's smooth andany cut marks are removed. Cut out a piece offoam that is a little bigger than the base andglue the two together using PVA (the white glueused for woodworking) or a glue gun whichgives you a more instant result. When the gluehas set, cut away the foam that overhangs theedge of the base. Use the edge of the card baseas a guide for your craftknife, sliding it along asyou cut away the excess. Carve the edge backinto a slope and then sand it smooth wherenecessary. You now have a basic, one levelsand dune. To make it higher , simply cut out asmaller piece of foam, shaped like the first, andglue it on top of the other. If you have a bigdunes, you can build them up to four or fivelayers, but you'll probably get better games outfour or five small dunes than one or two hugeones. The dune in the photos has a relativelystepped appearance and this is quite deliber-ate. It's much easier to stand figures on astepped hill than on one with a smooth slopefrom top to bottom. Figures on a smooth slopetend to fall over or slide down every time youtouch them. If you find this visually unaccept-able, you can always smooth the various layersinto a continual slope, but I do advise against it.

Brush the whole model all over with a mix ofPVA glue and ready mixed plaster. This willresult in a tough textured coat that can be dry-brushed at the painting stage in a range ofsandy colours.


Work in progress. The small card base on the left can be used to base cacti orrock spires. The rock stack on the right has been glued together, but needs to besanded down and coated with a mix of filler and woodworking glue. The hairysisal string in the background is the type that I use to make clumps of grass. Youcan dye up a batch of this with clothes dye or tint a short length with thinnedacrylic paint.

When you base the cacti and rock spires on pieces of card. Texture the baseswith filler and glue on some grit or cat litter with a little more of the PVA.You can also add clumps of withered grass made from short lengths of sisalstring tinted pale green. Don't add too much of this - the climate is too dry formuch in the way of vegetation.

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If you have just made a sand dune, you shouldhave a pile of foam offcuts all over the floor.You can use all these little bits to make winderoded rock spires. Cut these out into rough cir-cles or ovals with sizes varying from 2cms toabout 10cms in diameter and then cut some ofthem into two or three horizontal slices. Gluethese one on top of the other with, in general,the largest bits at the bottom, but vary thepieces as you work your way up the stack. Puta thick piece on top of a thin piece and a widepiece on top of a narrow. If this sounds a bitconfusing, have a look at the photos and you'llsoon get the idea. It should look as if the softerstrata have been eroded away and the harderrock is standing out in bands. Make sure thatthe stacks are not all the same height.

When the glue has set carefully, cut a few ver-tical cracks in the rock to represent fault lines.Then roll a bit of sandpaper round a pencil orsomething similar, and start to sand the sur-face horizontally taking off the sharp edges andcreating concave surface on some of the layers.Change the pencil for a cocktail stick and thenuse this to rub narrow horizontal fissures intothe rocks. When you are happy with the result,coat the whole thing with the usual mixture ofready mixed plaster and wood glue and put itaside to dry.

When you've made a few of these columns,you can base them in twos or threes on a cardbase or add them to a sand dune to look as if arock formation has been engulfed by the evershifting sands. Paint them with the same sandcolours you used on the dune, but with a little

grey added. Work from a basic dark undercoatthrough successively lighter colours, so that thehigh points stand out. You can stop there if youlike, but as an added refinement you can put awash of colour over some of the strata to rep-resent different coloured bands of rock. I useda dirty red colour for this and when it was dry,gave the whole thing a final dry brush to unifythe model and give it a dusty look.

You can use more leftover bits of foam to cre-ate cacti. Cut out square rods of foam any-where from about 3cms to 10cms in length. Thethinnest should be about 1cm thick and thethickest about 2cms, but try to make them allslightly different. Cut the corners off the bits offoam so that you now have eight sided rods.Sand the sides of the rods so that shape is stilljust octagonal, but the corners are all roundedoff. Sand the top to a dome and round off thebottom a little. You now have your basic cactusshape. I added spines from thin wire to the big-ger of the cacti, pushing them into the foamwith a dab of glue on the end, leaving about 3or 4cms standing up above the surface. Stickthe cacti in small groups to card bases or addthem to rock formations or sand dunes, beforegiving them a coat of the glue and filler mixture.If you get blobs on the spines, wipe them offwith a tissue.

Painting the cacti is easy. A basic dark greenundercoat and medium green drybrushing isfinished off with some lighter green verticalstripes that fade out toward the bottom of theplant. Touch in the spikes with more of the lightgreen colour.

A patrol of convict legionaries trudge across thesand and stumble onto the scene of a previouscombat

I added this little scene to a standard sand dune, to make it a little more interesting. The skeletoncomes from the Celtos range with its spear cut away and a spare weapon glued into its bony fist. Thebelts were added from paper, with a buckle and ammo pouches cut from bits of card. The bits ofdebris were found in my spares box and sunk into small holes cut in the surface of the dune.

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Stage 1:Undercoat the figureblack. Block paint: ClothesObsidian Black, armourand scabbard Erg Redmixed with ObsidianBlack, pockets JunkerBrown mixed with Obsidian Black, skinTanned Flesh mixed withEarth, helmet front andbackpack Swamp Brownmixed with Obsidian Blackand chaingun BarrelsLeviathan Grey mixedwith Obsidian Black.Metal Parts are blockpainted with Gun Metal.

Stage 2:Highlight by layering up:Clothes with a mix ofObsidian Black andLeviathan Grey, pocketswith a mix of JunkerBrown and LeatherBrown, skin with Tanned Flesh and chaingun bar-rels with Leviathan Grey.The armour is highlightedby layering up by addingErg Red to the mix ofstage 1, helmet and back-pack by adding PrimeWhite to the mix of stage1. Metal parts are high-lighted by drybrushingwith Chainmail.

Stage 3: Add final highlights bylayering up: Armour byadding Koralon Yellow tothe mix in stage 2, allother parts by addingmore Prime White to themix of stage 2. Coloursshould be thinned downwith a drop of water togive a smooth result.Metal Parts are highlight-ed by drybrushing withSynthan Silver, lowerparts are washed withMetal Wash.

Stage 1:Undercoat the figureblack. Block paint: ArmourLeviathan Grey mixed withObsidian Black, skinTanned Flesh mixed withEarth, barrels and cesti ErgRed mixed with ObsidianBlack, blue stripes MarineBlue, white stripesLeviathan Grey, ion lancesViridian Green and NovaOrange mixed withKoralon Yellow. Metalparts are block paintedwith Gun Metal.

Stage 2:Highlight by layering up:Skin with Tanned Flesh,barrels and cesti byadding Erg Red to the mixof stage 1, ion lances byadding Koralon Yellow toboth colours of stage 1.Armour and stripes arehighlighted by addingPrime White to the mix ofstage 1. Metal parts arehighlighted by drybrush-ing with Chainmail.

Stage 3: Add final highlights by lay-ering up: Armour byadding Koralon Yellow tothe mix in stage 2 ionlances with KoralonYellow, all other parts byadding more Prime White to themix of stage 2. Coloursshould be thinned downwith a drop of water togive a smooth result.Metal Parts are highlight-ed by drybrushing withSynthan Silver, lower partsare washed with MetalWash.


Exo SuitSergeant




Erg Red GunMetal







Chainmail SwampBrown






Erg Red GunMetal








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JUNKERS force book


Stage 1:Undercoat the figureblack. Block paint: ClothesSwamp Brown mixed withObsidian Black, armourLeather Brown mixed withSun Yellow and KoralonYellow,grenades WoodlandGreen mixed withObsidian Black, leatherparts Junker Brown mixedwith Obsidian Black, skinTanned Flesh mixed withEarth and scabbardErg Red mixed withObsidian Black. MetalParts are block paintedwith Gun Metal.

Stage 2:Highlight by layering up:Clothes with SwampBrown, leather parts witha mix of Junker Brown andLeather Brown, skin withTanned Flesh. All otherparts are highlighted byadding Prime White to themix of Stage 1. Metal partsare highlighted by dry-brushing with Chainmail.

Stage 3: Add final highlights by lay-ering up all parts byadding more Prime Whiteto the mix of stage 2.Colours should be thinneddown with a drop of waterto give a smooth result.Metal Parts are highlight-ed by drybrushing withSynthan Silver, lower partsare washed with MetalWash.

Stage 1:Undercoat the figureblack. Block paint:Trousers Spear ShaftBrown mixed withObsidian Black, beltLeviathan Grey, skinTanned Flesh mixed withEarth,skirt Woodland Greenmixed with ObsidianBlack, hair Swamp Brownmixed with KoralonYellow, hairband MarineBlue and leather partsJunker Brown. Metal Partsare block painted withGun Metal, gold parts withLucifer Bronze.

Stage 2:Highlight by layering up:Skin with Tanned Flesh,boots with a mix ofLeviathan Grey andObsidian Black, leatherparts with a mix of JunkerBrown and LeatherBrown. All other parts arehighlighted by addingPrime White to the mix ofstage 1. Metal parts are highlight-ed by drybrushing withChainmail, gold parts withPolished Bronze.

Stage 3: Add final highlights by lay-ering up: All parts byadding more Prime Whiteto the mix of stage 2.Colours should be thinneddown with a drop of waterto give a smooth result.The tattoos are done withMarine Blue, highlightedwith a mix of Marine Blue and Prime White. MetalParts are highlighted bydrybrushing with SynthanSilver, gold parts withKaras Gold, lower partsare washed with MetalWash.

Berserker ConvictGrenadier



Erg Red







Earth Chainmail SwampBrown

















Chainmail SwampBrown


Spear ShaftBrown

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JUNKERS force book

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HK 2000 Tornado Grav BikeXiao 3.14 Pi Neura


Tactical Arakton with Spine Blaster

Devi, Arakton Champion

Fenrir Leutenant Johnny ‘G’ Marine Scout Major Icharus Trask

Commander X Female Shuriken Guard Archangel GSX 900 Viper Wing Sergeant

Assault Arakton Grendel

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Junkers are a grim authoritarian empire, ruled over by a Senate whose identity is kept secret even from their own armedforces. Due to the casual attitude towards human life in the Junker military there is no stampede to join, so largenumbers of convicts are pushed into service. The Junkers military hardware is crude and they rely on overwhelming theenemy with weight of numbers rather than sophisticated battle plans.

The Junker Force Book includes:· Detailed background on the Junkers, their

technology, colonies and role within Pan-Humanic Space.

· Junker army list.· New units such as Suicide Bikers, Marauders,

and "The Red Fox".· Plenty of full colour illustrations, and

photographs of miniatures and terrain.· Stage-by-stage painting guides.

This book is a supplement for Void 1.1 miniature battle-system. To use this book for playing Junker armies youmust have access to a copy of the Void 1.1 rulebook, ordownload it for free at www.i-Kore.com

The Junkers Force Book


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Junker Legionaries advance into a VASA controlled sector

Junker Legionaries skirmish with Viridian Marines