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Justin Bieber. about Justin Bieber Name: Justin drew Bieber Born: London, Ontario, Canada D.O.B:...

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

about Justin BieberName: Justin drew Bieber Born: London, Ontario, CanadaD.O.B: March, 1st 1994

Justin has a lot of song and albums, some of his albums areHis first album was my worldHis second album was my world 2.0His third album was under the mistletoeHis fourth album was boyfriendHis fifth album was believeThen he brought out believe acoustic.

Movies His movie is called never say never, witch doesn't mean never say the word never, it means never give up on something you want to be or do, you can do anything. His movie is about him from when he was a little boy and till 2010, he was a very talented boy, it shows you how talented he was when he was a little kid, it is a very inspirational movie. And his next movie coming out is called believe about him now and his life now.Justins family Justin has a big family but the most important ones are his mum Pattie Mallette, his dads name is Jeremy Bieber, his half sisters name is Jazmyn Bieber, his half brothers name is jaxson Bieber, his nans name is diana mallette and his grandads name is Bruce mallette.Instruments Justin plays guitar, piano, drums and trumpet. He self taught him self to play all these instruments due to not having a lot of money when he was little.Photos of justin

Bibliography Photos of justin : http://justinbieberpages.com/2012-justin-bieber-latest-photo-collection



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Justin Bieber
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