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Date post:12-Nov-2014
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  • 1. Diffusion and Integrating Technology
    Karen Connell
    The Diffusion of the Smart Board
    Feb. 2011

2. Using Smart Board Technologyto create interactive lessons
3. 4. Need for:

  • Visual Representation of ideas

5. Students to become engaged in their learning 6. Manipulation of figures, numbers, text and graphics 7. Simultaneous graphical interface 8. More interactivity between students, teachers and knowledge 9. Hueristic approach to learning 10. Availability to search globally for information 11. Stored Notes for easy retrieval 12. Availability to multi-task during a lesson without loosing any information 13. Stimulation and Motivation 14. Cultivating Higher Order Thinking Skills 15. Availability for shared lesson plans from other teachers, textbooks or experts in the field 16. Use of multimedia to enhance learning experiences

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