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  • Kanoo Logistics

    D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

  • D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    Oil & Gas Machinery Power

    Industry & Energy

    Shipping & Logistics

    Real Estate


    YBA Kanoo

    providing a diverse

    range of quality

    products and services

    to the highest


    standards across

    selected growth


    KANOO profile


  • As the region’s premier tanker agent and offshore service provider, Kanoo Shipping represents some of the largest, most prominent ship-owners and operators in the world. Its growing portfolio of Charterers covers the Oil & Gas sectors and bulk and infrastructure segments.

    The Kanoo Shipping network includes 43 offices in 18 countries across the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, the Indian sub-continent, and East and Southern Africa. The regional network operates through both wholly-owned offices across the Arabian Peninsula and partnerships that extend from Suez to Sri Lanka and South Africa.

    • Founded in 1912, Kanoo Shipping was the first Arabian shipping agency in the Gulf region. It challenged long-established western monopolies of the day. And is today the largest shipping entity in the Middle East specializing in Ships Agency Services.


  • Today it boasts a team of over 1,445 travel specialists across the region, operating a network of 146 IATA locations. It has established world-class partnerships in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and France. YBA Kanoo’s Travel division specializes in corporate and holiday travel, airline representation and marine travel and has been consistently recognized for its premium solutions and service excellence through regional industry awards.

    • Kanoo Travel was launched in the late 1930s alongside the rise of Bahrain’s aviation industry. Since then it has grown to become the largest travel company in the Middle East offering the most comprehensive and sophisticated solutions in the travel industry.


  • Since then it has become the region’s most prominent distributor and solutions provider serving a diverse range of industries in the government and private sectors, including construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and agriculture.

    In the GCC, Kanoo Machinery is widely regarded as a leading distributor of cranes, construction equipment, materials handling and lifting equipment and industrial equipment. All supported by maintenance delivered by highly trained, professional after-sales service teams.

    • The Machinery division started its journey with the boom in the region’s oil, gas and infrastructure industries providing essential equipment and services that helped lay the foundations of these vital sectors of the economy.


  • It offers the oil, gas and petrochemical industries a range of specialized products and services. Its team of experienced engineers delivers unique value-added solutions to technical problems via a well-developed network of international companies and associates. Kanoo Oil & Gas also provides engineered solutions to refineries, petrochemical and gas plants backed by local support through skilled and experienced staff.

    Over the years Kanoo Oil & Gas, through its dedicated services and expertise, has attracted a large clientele, including such reputed names as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, ADNOC, GASCO, BAPCO and PDO Oman. Today the company is recognized as the leading solutions provider in the region, thanks to its expertise in logistics and specialized handling of these products and services.

    KANOO O&G • YBA Kanoo has tracked the dramatic rise in demand for oil and gas services and is

    recognised across the region for bringing customised, value-added solutions to this field through a well-developed network of reputed worldwide manufacturers supported locally by technically qualified multinational engineering staff.

  • With strategic partnerships and alliances with leading companies in the world, Kanoo P&IP supplies products and services such as gas turbine parts, spares and consumables, turbo-machinery controls, electrical equipment, diagnostic equipment and services for predictive maintenance, life assessment and motion control products. It is a pioneer, and one of the leading players, in the Kingdom in the field of power rental solutions and O&M of diesel-based power plants.


    • Established over two decades ago, Kanoo P&IP offers engineered products and services that cater to the power generation sector. It is a leading vendor to major utility companies, refineries, petrochemical companies and general industry around the GCC.


    At Kanoo Logistics, we offer innovative services that are customised to meet the demands of your business. With global reach and local know-how, we provide end-to-end Multimodal Supply Chain solutions to a diverse portfolio including Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Automobile, Chemical, and FMCG sectors. To find out more and learn how we can help your business, log on to www.kanoo.com

  • D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    Kanoo Logistics

    Offers Global Freight Forwarding and

    end to end Multimodal Supply chain

    Solutions to a variety of Industry Segments

    Manufacturing Petrochemical Automobile Chemical FMCG

  • FREIGHT solutions


    CONTRACT Logistics



    SPECIALISED Logistics

    D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    BUSINESS segments

  • FREIGHT solutions


    ₋ Ocean Freight ₋ Customs Clearance ₋ Multi-Carrier option ₋ Global Network ₋ Tracking ₋ Bonded WH ₋ Breakbulk Shipments ₋ LCL – FCL ₋ All Key Ports in Region


    ₋ Air Freight ₋ Customs Clearance at

    all Airports ₋ IATA/FIATA ₋ GACA certified Pre-

    scanning ₋ Member of ALN ₋ DGR Certified staff ₋ All types of cargo, Live

    animals, Human remains, High value

    ₋ Local Deliveries ₋ Customs clearance ₋ Cross Border ₋ Airport to local ₋ Port pull outs ₋ Various equipment ₋ Present at land borders

    in GCC ₋ Project, bulk cargo

    D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

  • CONTRACT logistics


    ₋ Freight forwarding ₋ Customs clearance ₋ EPC projects ₋ Timeline management ₋ Consultancy ₋ Heavy, out of spec

    cargo deliveries

    ₋ Dedicated & Multi- purpose WH

    ₋ Major cities in all countries in GCC

    ₋ Open yards ₋ Hazchem WH ₋ Inventory

    management ₋ Safety & security

    ₋ Packaging, repackaging ₋ Labelling ₋ Crating, Shrink

    wrapping ₋ Consolidation,

    Deconsolidation ₋ Cross docking ₋ Sampling

    D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

  • SPECIALISED logistics


    ₋ Freight forwarding ₋ Customs clearance ₋ Own Fleet of tanks ₋ Haz, non-Haz chem ₋ Acid tanks ₋ Leasing, storage ₋ Testing, Inspection ₋ Global network ₋ Cross loading ₋ High Safety standards

    ₋ Customs clearance ₋ Transport ₋ Storage of vehicles ₋ CCTV, Security ₋ PDI, Tire Rotation ₋ Inspection, air fill ₋ Spare parts mgt

    ₋ Sport event management

    ₋ Exhibitions & Events ₋ High value cargo ₋ Customs clearance,

    handling ₋ Custom bonded area

    mgt ₋ Deliveries & escorting ₋ Palletising, de


    D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

  • D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    ISO 9001-2015200,000 m2 of yard facilities

    40 forklifts/handlers

    40 forklifts/handler s

    50,000 m2 warehouses

    400 employees

    550 tank containers

    500,000 Tonnes of Product handled in WH

    Over 25000 vehicles handled per year

    Aramco, Sabic Approved

    Number speak

  • D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    50,000 m2 warehouses

    400 employees Over 25000 vehicles handled per year


    - Compliance - Integrity, honesty - SAFETY - Quality - Respect - Transparent - Sharing and caring

  • D E L I V E R I N G O N E K A N O O

    Saudi Arabia Bahrain

    UAE Oman


    Countries presence


    G lo

    b al

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    Customers served

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