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Kansas City Seminar - eTapestry - June 2010

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  • 1. Embracing Technology as a Nonprofit
    2010 Seminar
    Katie Rucker
    Healthcare Account Executive Blackbaud/eTapestry
    June 2010

2. Agenda:
The economyand fundraising
A look at our groups in 2009. How do you stack up?
Cornerstone strategies -Website optimization
-Recurring gifts
-Communication direct vs. email
-Data management, reporting, etc.
Relationship Management CRM tools
Whats New @ eTapestry?!
How eTapestry can help you succeed
3. How is the economy effecting giving?
4. How is the economy effecting giving?
Donors plan to give less through direct mail, telemarketing, door-to-door canvassing and MORE through online giving and in kind gifts instead of cash
Overall Online Gifts have increased 26% in 200
Donors are tired ---SEGMENT to avoid fatigue
More competition for fewer dollars
Your services are needed more
Increase need for accountability
5. How did our organizations fare in 2009?
Average results for over 2500 of our current customers
Organization Type Comparison
Public and Social Services
Geographic Region Comparison
6. Benchmark Giving Dynamics Report
7. 8. 5 Thing the database can do for you!
You need to move beyond business as usual; despite the economic climate
You need to drive results
You need greater efficiencies
You need increased productivity
You need greater reporting
9. The basic rules still apply
Fundraising is still about relationship building
Acquisition Cultivation
10. Todays environment is a little different:
Acquisition Cultivation
11. Whos Behind the Money?
12. So, what do you need to do to keep your supporters loyal?
Prompt, personalized acknowledgement
Confirmation that gifts are being used as intended
46% of donors say theyll stop giving if they dont get quality information about how their gift is used
Cant see the impact of their gift unless you show them!
Results on outcomes, prior to being asked again
93% said theyd definitely give the next time if they are provided meaningful information
13. Building out your strategy: AcquisitionCultivation
14. WebsiteAdvanced EmailEcommerceDonor Database
15. Websites:
eTapestry has built and hosts over 270 websites
Your website is the first place a donor will go to get information on your organization and it takes less than a minute to gain or loose a possible donor
16. Do you have an online social media strategy? Whatis happeningwhen? Get involvedDonateonlineContactusUpcoming events
17. Keys to Building a Successful Web Site

  • Learn from your content

18. Start with Google Analytics to see how many unique visitors you have, how they found you 19. Whatdid they viewed, where they stayed the longest, and what content produced actions 20. Make your content easy to consume 21. Always offer RSS feeds in addition to various subscribe options.Make sure they are easy to find and use 22. Make your content ever changing 23. Be brave enough to blog, show responses, share viewpoints, and utilize forums. New information needs to be added daily or weekly by you and your community. Why do you think millions go to Facebook or Twitter by the minute 24. Make your site easy to find 25. Every NPO and those serving NPOs should have a social web presence. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr are your outposts linking back to the web site hub!

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