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Date post:12-Apr-2016
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kesehatan masyarakat
  • Personal HygieneBy :Dr. Yusda Kris Sari W.

    Tina Handayani Nasution/FN II

  • *What is it???Hygiene : Health

    Personal hygiene : the self care measures people use to maintain their health

  • *PURPOSE OF NURSE PROVIDED HYGIENERemove microorganismsDo physical assessmentIncrease circulationDistal to proximalReturn to heartImprove self imageProvide comfort

  • *HYGIENE includes:Care of the skinCare of the feet and nailsOral hygieneHair careCare of the eyes, ears, and noseClients room environment

  • *1. Care of Skin

  • *SKINRegulates body temperatureFirst line of defense against harmAntibacterial and antifungalTransmits sensationsSigns of problemsRednessWet or dampNot intact

  • *PATIENTS AT RISK FOR SKIN PROBLEMSAltered level of consciousnessAltered nutritionImmobilityDehydrationAltered sensationSecretions on skinMechanical devices, restraintsAltered venous circulation

  • *2. PERINEAL CAREProfessionalism alwaysFemaleAlways sterile to contaminated (urethra to rectum)MaleAssess for circumcisionIf not, cleanse under foreskin and replace

  • *3. Care of the feet and nails

  • *Common Foot & Nail ProblemsCallus (kulit tebal)Warts (kutil)Ingrown nails (tdk tumbuh & nyeri)Rams horn nails (tumbuh lambat, dasar kuku rusak)Paronychia (radang jaringan)Foot odors

  • *FOOT CARESoak feet as part of bathClean toes and toenailsRange of motion of legsFeet of diabetic patients and patients with vascular disease are inspected carefully; Never cut toenails of these patients

  • *NAIL CAREObserve circulation; color, capillary refill timeObserve color, sensation, and movement (CSM)Cut nails straight across and file smooth; Do not go down into cornersAssess for rings too tight or too loose

  • *4. Oral hygiene

  • *Oral HygieneCommon oral problems :Dental caries (radang gigi)Periodontal diseases (gusi berdarah atau bengkak)

    Nursing Diagnosis :Altered oral mucous membrane related to radiation of oral cavity

  • *MOUTH CAREExamine with gloves and light, especially smokersUse only water soluble lubricantsUnconscious patient has no gag reflex, position on side for careTeach about brushing and flossing

  • *5. Hair care

  • *Hair and Scalp ProblemsDandruffPediculosis (Lice)Pediculosis Capitis (Head Lice)Pediculosis Corporis (Body Lice)Pediculosis Pubis (Crab Lice)Hair Loss (Alopecia)

  • *Nursing InterventionsCombingShampooingCuttingShavingMustache and beard care

  • *6. Care of the eyes, ears, and nose

  • *EYE CAREContact lenses usually removedStored in saline liquid; case labeledAlso label and safeguard glasses in drawerClean inner to outer canthus Patient must be able to blink to protect corneaNever use cotton near eyesTreat each eye separatelyEyes considered sterile

  • *EARSAllow nothing sharp in earsHearing aids now miniscule in size dont lose! Label caseCerumen in ears may need softening and removingSpeak directly to patients face

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