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  1. 1. ED KISHINEVSKY Situation Southern Exposure is a US-based volunteer-led, community development initiative which builds homes for families in need in Juarez, Mexico. Program volunteers have built nearly 300 homes since 2000, but have had their momentum severely crippled since 2008 by the extreme narco-violence plaguing the region. Southerns goal is to reignite the program. Research & Strategy Case Study: Juarez Home Build, Southern Exposure Socialmediaishelpingusrekindlethispassionatemissionthatwasseverelyaectedbytheextremeviolence [email protected]lpthecommunitygrow,nowthat someorderisbeingre-established. -- Matthew Lanning, Southern Chairman Strategic Challenge Aside the perception of danger, the two-fold challenge was 1) reengaging the mainly Boomer volunteer corps and 2) developing a new corps of volunteers to enliven the energy around the initiative. Volunteers are the program lifeblood providing funding, labor and most importantly word of mouth marketing that at the program onset was so critical to the efforts success. Opportunity With violence nally beginning to curb, Southern conducted its rst volunteer build in two years this past Spring. This group included several new (and younger) members, who, following the build, set up an online fundraiser, though Crowdrise and accompanied by an integrated social media campaign. The initiative generated the revenue for an additional home, and just as importantly built awareness among the younger Gens Y and X demographics. A spring 2013 build is already planned. Impact The cost of one family home is USD $5,150. The security the home provides a family translates roughly into a 3:1 initial ROI impact in the form of improved jobs, better education, a more skilled workforce and a growing community. Its a true community building initiative.
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