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  • Kent School District

    Alliance for Diversity & Equity Meeting Minutes October 17, 2006 Mission: Provide Kent School District the necessary guidance and assistance to create an equitable, academically enriching, safe, and welcoming school environment for all students, their parents and guardians, and the community. Members: Kristine Agustin, Claire Cortez, Tenika Eddings, Audrey Farris, Aida Fraser-Hammer, Deb Gianola, Roberto Gonzalez, Mark Haddock, Greg Ikeda, Krisann Jarvis-Foss, Victoria Kayo, Joe McBrayer, Nisha Nariya, Deborah Northern, Cami Okubo, Andrea Peace, Steve Tellari, Erica Santos, Eric Wall, Cherie Hilderbrand, Recorder Guests: Gary Melton, Assistant Principal of Kentlake High School; Kelly Vancil, teacher at Kent Mountain View Academy, Brian Bethel, KL student. 1. Welcome, Introductions, Community Updates Guests and members were welcomed and introduced. 2. Quote from Agenda:

    “If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.” - Margaret Mead The attendees discussed what the quote meant to them. Members are encouraged to send quotes for future meetings to Cherie.

    3. Meridian Elementary hosted the meeting.

    Stan Jaskot, Principal at Meridian Middle School introduced students that presented the Cougar Pak. The students meet every eight days by grade level focusing on Calm, Purposeful & Respect (CPR). The PowerPoint from their presentation is attached to the minutes.

    4. Orientation for new members

    Dr. Haddock shared that before the start of this meeting, the new members attended an orientation providing background history of the Diversity Task Force, Diversity Task Force II and Alliance for Diversity and Equity. Mr. Tellari reviewed the mission, purpose, bylaws and subcommittee goals and objectives for the ADE. Mrs. Northern shared general information about the ADE and encouraged the new members to be actively involved.

    5. ADE Member Comments

    Victoria Kayo shared that Kentwood has several clubs and activities encouraging active student participation. “Shades” is an example of a club that actively seeks members from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    Tenika Eddings informed the members that Kentlake is holding a “Mix it up” day on November 14. Students who are dressed alike sit at tables and have the opportunity to meet and visit with other students.

  • Eric Wall, teacher at Kentlake, provided handouts dealing with diversity lessons he has developed. The lesson plans have been used in the past few years with the addition of a harassment section added this year. The staff recognizes the importance of teaching lessons that deal with cultural competence (working effectively with others), understanding the concepts/value of diversity, and the issue of harassment (assuring that students understand the strategies to use to prevent harassment and also know where to go and who to talk to if they are being harassed). The lessons are presented by the staff at the beginning of the school year. Students find ways to expand on the lessons – follow-up for the rest of the year.

    Greg Ikeda shared that he was impressed by the amount of participation by the students in the lessons and activities provided in the diversity lessons.

    Tenika Eddings learned new terminology and felt the lessons were worthwhile. Andrea Peace shared that Kent-Meridian does not have a diversity club. The Kentlake

    students volunteered to help start at club up at KM. Nisha Nariya stated that Kentridge is currently planning for a Martin Luther King

    Assembly, presenting a Charlie Brown play this weekend and will be hosting an evening Veterans Day assembly.

    6. Minutes

    It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to accept the minutes as submitted. 7. Priority Topic – Agendas

    Dr. Haddock asked the committee to review the priority topics in their subgroups and prioritize them for review.

    Differentiated Instruction/Intervention – Remedial Identify the needs of students and provide instruction (extended learning

    opportunities/remedial instruction/… Curricula/Instructional Materials Review the process for selecting materials Become familiar with curriculum adoptions

    Policy & Procedure Reviews Should we look at how they relate to our charge?

    8. Survey Results

    Dr. Haddock asked the committee members to share any areas they would like to review from the survey results. There were no areas of concern shared.

    9. Priority Topic – Parent/Community Involvement

    Materials provided from previous meetings: A. PARENT INVOLVEMENT 2180

    The board directs the superintendent to put into operation programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents in all of its schools as written in the federal and state requirements. The board believes that parents have a shared responsibility for their children’s in- school academic achievement and behavioral conduct. Adopted By Board: 02/09/04 Revised By Board: 06/22/05

    B. Title I Parent Involvement Policy (Elementary schools with a free/reduced population of 40% or above of their overall school population).

    C. Community Connections information shared regarding how the KSD communicates. D. Notes from March 21, 2006 and April 18, 2006 meetings.

  • 10. Committees Role Model Committee: Mr. Tellari – Chairperson

    Purpose: To plan two events: Middle School Summit; Martin Luther King Event Middle School Summit:

    The date was set for Friday, March 2, 2007 The goals were defined and anticipated number for attendance. The format of the day was outlined.

    Martin Luther King Celebration: Will host a traditional event on January 16, 2007 Pilot a strand Festival (Kentlake volunteered to host)

    Next meeting to be determined at a later date. Role Model Committee – feedback from breakout time: Indicators of Engagement/Involvement

    Focus for Role Model Committee: Better understanding for “foreign students” who need help understanding to get help or more attention so they can understand materials.

    Group Looks like, sounds like, feels like…

    Parents/Family 1 representative from each family = great!/successful! Parents come to school activities (during school) Participation shows your concern in school PTSA Parents show concern when they check grades and ask for homework

    After School Clubs Students

    Students can go to class/subject “tutors” to get more attention to understand the class/subject.

    If we can’t ask teachers where do we get resources? Community Going to games and activities it shows that other people care other than just your

    teachers/peers. Investing, spending more time to recognize education. Supporting senior projects Engage the community to recognize students/schools

    Staff Assignments clearly stated to complete the criteria needed. Letters to parents to help your child be successful Teachers don’t have time or spend much attention to your questions/needs Criteria laid out for students to have a model to better succeed. Fewer stereotypes.

    Community Partnership Committee

    Indicators of Engagement/Involvement Focus for Community Partnership Committee:

    Discussion re: Definition of Family Involvement

    Questions considered were what do we do when families come? Why we want them to come? How do we get them to come? What can we do differently to involve more families? There was also discussion around the Basmati system for communication. Information was shared about the new Skyward system. The committee would like to

    recommend that the information on how to use the new system be provided to families in diverse languages. Currently info is only available in English. The group agreed that communication becomes more and more important at each school level for families.

  • 11. Other Correspondence Dr. Haddock shared an email received from a Kent-Meridian parent and their student. Natural Leaders

    Dr. Haddock shared information about the Natural Leaders program. Natural Leaders are community members/parents who are leaders in their community. They work as a team with other family/school connectors, family advocates, family support center staff and school staff to: A. Build relationships/connections with families. B. Listen to family’s ideas on how to help their children be successful in school. C. Bring families and schools together to plan/implement the families ideas. School that participated last year: East Hill, Kent Elementary, Martin Sortun, and Neely O’Brien. Schools interested in participating this year: Daniel, Cedar Valley, Covington, Pine Tree, Panther Lake, and Millennium.

    Further sharing by schools: Park Orchard

    Ms. Okubo shared that Park Orchard: A. Held a Resource Fair prior to their Open House that included a table for the ADE.

    Many local organizations and connections for parents were shared. B. Veterans’ Day planned with community members invited. C. Family Math Night provide parents the opportunity to learn with their students. D. Read Across America activity. E. Science Fair for 5th/6th grade students. When they enter their project it entitles them

    to participate in the popular Park Orchard Egg Drop event. F. Multicultural Fair which p

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