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Keynote: Delighting Your Customers with USB

Date post:29-Jun-2015
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2. Delighting Your Customers with USB Jason Ziller Technology Initiatives Manager,Intel Corporation Chairman, USB Implementers Forum 3. Retail Theme:USB Everywhere 4. USB is Everywhere Source:PC Data (represents 55% of total U.S. retail market)Percent of USB in U.S. Retail Market for July 2000 % Market Share Peripheral Categories External Floppy Video Conf Scanners Ink Jet Printers Flash Memory Readers Removable Media Joy- sticks Game- pads Mice Racing Wheels 5. USB is Everywhere

  • 9 of top 10 video conferencing cameras
  • 9 of top 10 scanners
  • 8 of top 10 printers
  • Top 3 Flash memory card readers
  • 3 of top 4 external CD/RW drives
  • 3 of top 4 keyboards
  • 3 of top 4 joysticks

Source:PC Data (represents 55% of total U.S. retail market) 6. Addressing Portable Device Needs

  • Mini-B connector
    • Receptacle is 1/20 of standard B connector (volume)
    • Plug is 1/6 of standard B connector (volume)

Courtesy of Molex 7. USB in Business * All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners The new legacy-free desktops prove that the major computer manufacturers are looking seriously at what corporations really need. Indeed, the new machines have completely embraced USB.Yes, after years of promise, USB devices are now plentiful and effective Infoworld, August 21, 2000 HP* e-pc*IBM* Netvista*Compaq* iPaq* 8. Installed Base ofUSB-EquippedPCs Source: Cahners In-Stat Group, Sept 2000 Installed Base (M Units) 9. USB Peripheral Growth Number of Peripherals Shipped per Year Source: Cahners In-Stat Group, Sept 2000 Peripheral Volume (in Millions) 55% CAGR from 1999-2004 10. In All Categories Source: Cahners In-Stat Group, Sept 2000 # Printers Shipped Per Year (in Millions) # Storage Devices Shipped Per Year (in Millions) 11. How Do We Realize This Opportunity? 12. Top Ten Issues with USB

  • Ever try to update a USB driver?
  • High-powered device gets plugged into an embedded low-power hub (i.e., in keyboard)
  • I cancelled the installation because the pop-up wizard scared me
  • Device is no longer recognized after PC wakes from sleep
  • I am still using Windows 95

13. Top Ten Issues with USB

  • Does my PC even have USB?
  • USB connectors arent color coded
  • Wrong driver installs when device is plugged in before putting CD in
  • Legacy driver installed for dual-port device (i.e., USB/parallel port printer)
  • Device stops working when another one gets plugged in alongside it

14. Improving Ease of Use

  • Testing
    • Compliance and interoperability testing
  • Documentation
    • Clear, simple instructions on packaging and in manuals
  • Education
    • For retailers, resellers, tech support, website, etc
    • Address most frequent problems

Provide Your Input to the Ease of Use Quality Roundtable at www.eouroundtable.com 15. Making USB 2.0 HS Devices Easy to Use

  • It Just Works!
    • Passes compliance and interoperability testing
  • Full forward & backward compatibility
    • Works with new USB 2.0 Gold Tree
    • Runs at HS & FS

Making USB 2.0 Easy to Use is Essential to a Smooth and Successful Transition 16. Plugging HS Devices into FS/LS Ports

  • For USB 2.0 PCs:
    • Pop-up dialog box can alert user to non-optimal use, and to look for HS ports
    • Addition to trident icon for host ports only (on PC or add-in card)
  • For USB 1.1 PCs:
    • Device driver can alert user to non-optimal use, and to get add-in card or PC with HS ports

17. How Can TheUSB-IF Help? 18. New USB Logo

  • New and Exciting:
    • Special identifier forhigh-speed product only
  • Core Message is USB-Simple, speedy, expandable connection
  • Compliance:
    • Identified as passingUSB-IF compliance testing

19. Certified IndependentTest Labs

  • Cable/connector:
  • Contech Research, Inc.
  • National Technical Systems
  • ETC
  • Device:
  • Professional Multimedia Testing Centre
  • MCCI
  • NSTL
  • NTS/XXCAL (US and Japan)

20. USB 2.0 Enabling Support

  • Training and Services:
    • USB 2.0 Developer Conferences
    • USB 2.0 Compliance Testing
    • USB 2.0 Building Block Vendor List

Look for More Information at developers.usb.org

  • Tools:
    • Peripheral Developer Kit (PDK)
    • Compliance Device

21. USB 2.0 Development Progress

  • Final bus spec released on April 27, 2000
  • Final UTMI spec also released
  • Intel will release EHCI spec, Rev .95 for discrete host controllers this quarter
    • Over two dozen companies have licensed spec so far
  • Strong industry development is underway
    • 75+ companies planning to ship USB 2.0 products by early next year

Note: All dates provided are for planning purposes only and are subject to change. 22. Significant Milestones Achieved

  • Integrated single-chip hosts, hubs, and device controllers sampling
  • First UTMI-compliant transceiver macrocell functional in silicon
  • Prototype hardware/software demonstrated at several events this year

23. 24. USB 2.0 Demos

  • Functionality
    • Storage devices, scanner, and hubs connected to PC running Windows 2000*
  • Compatibility
    • HS devices running at FS when connected to USB 1.1 port
    • USB 1.1 FS/LS speed devices running on USB 2.0 PC and hub
    • Devices connected via standard USB cable
  • Performance
    • HS hard drive is 10x faster than FS hard drive
    • Full-motion video running while transferring file

* All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners 25. Recognition Awards

  • Outstanding Contribution to theDevelopment of USB 2.0 in 2000

Congratulations! 26. Lets Work Together To Make Hi-Speed USB A Great Success!

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