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KG2 - Statistics and Information of Agriculture

Date post: 21-Nov-2015
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Agricultural market research not only focuses on quality but also on future needs, and is aimed at: Increasing food security in Australia, Creating opportunities, lead generation and Building business relations.
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About usThe KG2 database maintains the purchasingdecisions, operating details and opinions of over120,000 farms thats 90% of Australian farmscovered by the service.Our extensive database is unique as it is sourced through both government records and proprietary data sources.

Together, these farms represent some $43 billionof contributing revenue to the national GDP.Agriculture Market ResearchBeing one of the largest employers in the world, Agriculture was, is and will be of paramount importance. Owning 61% of the Aussie land, farmers contribute as much as 3% of the GDP in Australia. With an average increase up to 2.8% every year, Agribusiness is broadening its wings with the help of modern equipment and research & analysis.

Agricultural market research usually deals with all the environmental factors such as soil, water and maximum productivity depending upon the conditions. It begins with suitable profiling, which is done by agro-experts after considering the land size of an agri-biotech company or medium/small-scaled agri-entrepreneurs, so as to achieve the desired results.Environmental Factors Extensive DatabaseThereafter, an extensive database is put to use, especially in situations where statistics and information play a crucial role. Also, surveys can be carried out for a custom research. These are some of the dynamics that a fresh survey or an existing database can cover:Understanding customer needsEnsuring a fair dealSkilful utilisation of CATI omnibus (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview) surveyInnovative research and customised client solutionsMaintaining quality standardsRisk analysisResource utilisationRecommendations and Report MakingCrop Protection and WarehousingOur AimIn short, agricultural market research not only focuses on quality but also on future needs, and is aimed at: Increasing food security in AustraliaCreating opportunitiesBuilding business relationsFarming is a profession of hope...-Brian BrettContact DetailsAddress:2/619 Pacific HighwaySt Leonards NSW 2065

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