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Kindle Fiverr Sales Explosion Sales... · PDF file two fiverr gigs. She had never thought...

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  • Kindle Fiverr Sales Explosion Explode Your Kindle Sales Just Using Fiverr!

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  • The Ultimate Book Selling Plan?

    Got 5 bucks in your pocket? Then get ready – because what I’m

    going to show you is going to blow your mind.

    I would almost say that this is a dream come true. While most

    indie authors are struggling, the people who are utilizing the

    techniques I’m about to reveal are secretly experiencing success

    with their books.

    They are writing books and launching them, paying only a few

    bucks, and in some cases, putting a grand or more in their

    pocket just from using fiverr as a traffic source!

    Imagine, no more fighting for sales, top rankings in Amazon, or

    begging for reviews. No need to do anything but put a book on

    Amazon and throw down a Lincoln to get it selling! I’m

    going to show you exactly how.

    Granted, there is a lot more you can do that takes zero money and

    just a few minutes of set up that will further grow your book sales.

    I’m also going to walk you through that as well.

    Proof This Works:

  • Don’t take my word for it. There are plenty of examples of people

    who have successfully used these techniques to achieve book


    Here is a quick story of Sylvia Hubbard, a mystery-romance

    author who, well…made an extra 1000 bucks from buying

    two fiverr gigs.

    She had never thought about using fiverr to promote her book, as

    she mainly used it to get covers made. After asking around, and

    hearing some good success stories, she took the plunge and

    started researching the best gigs for her niche. She came up with

    two, through them 5 bucks each, then forgot about it.

    Soon after she was checking her sales stats and was shocked to

    find that she had made an extra grand from her book release,

    above and beyond what she normally does. She credits fiverr for

    the sales, because that’s the only thing she did different.

    Since then, Sylvia has been using fiverr to drive more traffic to her

    books and says it’s one of the best “bang for your buck” marketing


  • Advantages of Fiverr

    There are several key advantages of using fiverr to promote your


    - It’s fast and affordable

    - Much lower capital risk

    - You can use it to test your book for bigger/more expensive

    marketing campaigns

    - Results are almost instant. You’ll know immediately if it’s

    worth it.

    - You can test your book. This is probably the most

    important – you can cheaply test your book, the cover, the

    title, the description and more, finding out what works best

    without breaking the bank. You can then scale up

    The advantages are numerous. Even if you don’t follow everything

    I show you inside, it’s would still be worth it to utilize fiverr just to

    test your book.

    Hold Your Horses, I Know This is Exciting But…

    Before you go running off to fiverr to promote your books, there is

    a few things you should know/do before you begin promoting.

    Things like:

    - What fiverr gig you should choose

    - How to prep your book for a promo

    - The best way to launch your book to maximize sales

  • - How to go from one shot success to long haul wealth

    Ignore the stuff above at your own peril. While it’s certainly

    possible to run a successful fiverr book promo, if you don’t do the

    things above, you’ll be leaving a lot of cash on the table.

    With that said, let’s dive in and I will show you the exact steps to

    running an excellent book promotion campaign!

  • 4 Key Ingredients for Maximized Success

    There are four ingredients that I feel are of vital importance for a

    long term, successful publishing business with Fiverr as your

    traffic source.

    Here they are:

    1. Properly “tuned” Amazon book page

    2. Coordinated Book Launch

    3. Long term audience gathering

    4. Backlist sales

    Each one is both a “step” and an “ingredient” as you will see. And

    of course, all of it centers on fiverr. (Though you could use any

    traffic source, fiverr is the focus here)

    Let’s look at each one in detail.

    Tuned Amazon Book Page

    Before I dive in, I want to explain why you need a tuned page.

    Simple. Your promotion will drive traffic and sales, and in turn,

    raise your rank for both keyword searches and the top sales in

    your categories.

  • This helps with long term sustained sales. High rankings equals

    more organic traffic which equals more sales growth, which of

    course means Amazon is more likely to promote you inside the

    also bought section and other sections of their site/email list.

    How To

    Utilize your primary keyword inside your title and description.

    The keyword you are targeting for rankings inside Amazon. For

    nonfiction, this could be something like:

    Dog Training 101: How to Potty Train Your Dog

    The keyword would “dog training”. If you are wanting to grab a

    top spot in Amazon for the search term dog training, then

    including that in your title is important.

    Same goes with the description. Be sure to use “dog training” a

    few times in the description as well, as well as tags and proper

    category placement.

    Here is a fiction example:

    Murder He Said: A Murder Mystery Novel

  • The keyword is “murder mystery”. When people search for fiction,

    then tend to search for specific genre’s they are wanting to read.

    So “murder mystery” would be an excellent keyword if you are

    targeting the people who want to read that type of book.

    Of course, you would also put it in the description.

    What Keyword to Choose?

    How do you select a primary keyword for your book? Base it on

    traffic potential and ease of rankings. Here is ho