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Knut Eirik Gustavsen - Electric Vehicles Disrupting the Norwegian Grid

Date post:16-Jun-2015
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Electric Vehicles Disrupting the Norwegian Grid – New Solutions are Underway Knut Eirik Gustavsen, Partner, Norwegian Centres of Expertise Smart Energy Markets
  • 1. BerlinOctober 23, 2014German Norwegian Energy Forum

2. NCE SMART ENERGY MARKETS A Norwegian cluster and a competence center Network of 40 members within businesses, government bodies and researchinstitutions that cooperate around energy and ICT related activities Representing international oriented businesses with a total revenue of 21 billionNorwegian kroner A pioneer in energy market design and implementation The cluster developed software for the first European electricity exchange,NordPool and the first European CO2 trade became conducted on a systemdelivered by the cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets1 became a Norwegian Centre ofExpertise in 2009 This secures us longterm governmental funding and support1) Smart Innovation stfold AS is hosting company 3. A PIONR IN MARKET DESIGN 4. From upstream to downstreamThe overriding issue:How to use available flexibility to maximize profit by trading in the markets?History FutureNew IT solutionsbased on Big Dataand Analytics 5. The Real IT Revolution Starting NowIndependent trends are merging into The Nexus of ForcesDisruptive Innovation the Way ForwardFor High Value Adding EconomyThe Nexus of ForcesSource: Gartner 2013Social MediaMobilityCloudBig Data 6. Exponential Growth and Disruptive Innovation 7. 5th Avenue New York City, April 15, 1900Source: US National ArchivesA car 8. 5th Avenue New York City, March, 1913Source: US National ArchivesA Horse 9. Disruptive InnovationDisruptive innovation The process of developing new products orservices to replace existing technologies and gain a competitive advantage.1900 1913From Horse to Cars during 13 years There was nothing that horse carriage producers could do It was a matter of time before car manufactures brought cost down and quality upThe car was a Disruptive innovation & technologylike PC vs. typewriters, Cell Phone vs. landline. Digital Camera vs. Film(Kodak) etc. 10. The Electric Vehicle Lower cost of the fuel or free fuel: 1,5 2 cent per km (Norway) Cheaper to maintain 90% fewer moving parts Higher efficiency by as much as 400 to 600 percent over an internal combustion engine Far more powerful than an internal combustion engine No emissions or polluting byproducts because this car gets its power from batteries15% 20% efficiency 85% 95% efficiency 11. Status and trend on EV cars in Norway Number of EV cars by September 2014: 34,000 Sales growth from 2013 to 2014 (Q1Q3) is 284% Public and business charging infrastructure ha problemskeeping up with this growth, especially in the larger cities Financial and traffic incentives has been established by thegovernment and is effective until 2018, or until the 50,000 EVtarget is reached The 50,000 target couldalready be met by early 2015EV incentives in Norway: Exempt onetime fee on new cars Zero VAT Reduced annual traffic fee Free parking at public parking lots No charge for toll roads Free use of public transport lanes No car charge on public ferries 12. Fire fastlandsyer med veiforbindelse6 800 installasjoner med AMS4.300 hytter hvorav 70 % av eierne bor utenfor fylket.50 kV radial forsyning1 sekundrstasjon, 30 MW18 kV HS nett (11 mil luft)206 NS 13. 50 kV single supply power line to the island of Hvaler 14. Two Case Studies High Return Of InvestmentUniversity College,Remmen in Halden, NorwayDistribution gridthe islands of Hvaler, NorwayeSmarts Offering Realtime analysis Critical peak prediction Automatic control of flexible load Automatic control of local productionCustomers Outcome Postpone new grid expansion by 10 years Cost savings of $10m Social and environmental value for localcommunityeSmarts Offering Realtime load, market and weather analysis Automated trading in spot market andbalancing market HVAC integration and controlCustomers Outcome Reduced peak load by 1000 kW $20k savings per winter month Annual saving of $30k for 1 building alone Significant cost savings accumulated for all2350 buildings annually 15. What does this mean for a normal household in Norway 16. What does this mean for a normal household in Norwaywith an electric vehicle car! 17. Trends in the Norwegian energy market New electrical loads Heat pumps EV cars Instant water heating Induction powered cookers New renewable production Small scale power plants Wind power plants Solar power plants Integrated market and cableinfrastructure with the continentand UK 18. What challenges does this give? More dynamic load andproduction that givesless predictability Increased demand for flexiblebalancing resources and reserves Increased demand for transmissioncapacity (regional and national) Less challenge on transmission level(planned development), biggerchallenge on distribution level due tolack of investments 19. Case: Half the neighborhood has EV cars Neighborhood with 20 houses 10 buys EV cars and charges at the same time 20. Case: Half the neighborhood has EV cars version 2 Neighborhood with 20 houses 10 buys EV cars Now with smart charginginstalled 21. Smart ChargingSay that 10% of Norways car park is EV cars in the near future:End of the day charging peak at 9PM can be 1000MW above todaysafternoon peak. 22. An interesting PROSUMER concept ! 23. Visit us at www.ncesmart.comHilde BekkevardGeneral ManagerMob: +47 920 32 [email protected] BremdalProfessor II Narvik University CollegeSpecial Advisor, NCEMob: +47 900 61 [email protected]

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