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Kognitio & AVS Digital Marketing Analytics Web Briefing Slides

Date post:29-Nov-2014
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This web briefing explores how marketing organizations can cope with the onslaught of data from the web, social media, point-of-sale and back-end systems by using an innovative Big Data technology that can optimize impact assessment, attribution, prediction and forecasting in a multi-channel environment.
  • 1. Digital Marketing Analytics:Put your data to [email protected] @BizVizWizJoin the discussion: #DigiMktSlides on SlideShare:http://www.slideshare.net/Kognitio/kognitio-avs-digital-marketing-analytics-webinar
  • 2. Digital Marketing Analytics: Put your data to [email protected] @BizVizWizJoin the discussion: #DigiMktWelcome!Thankyouforjoiningtodayssession!Thewebseminarwillstartmomentarily.FeelfreetousetheQ&Afeature(We will email you a link to the slides)Slides on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/Kognitio
  • 3. Nigel [email protected]@KognitioSteve [email protected]@BizVizWizAnintroductiontoinmemoryanalyticsanddatavisualizationtechnologyforthemarketingindustrySlides on SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/Kognitio
  • 4. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 4Digital Marketing AnalyticsAddressing the challenges of digital marketing and its contextAddressing the challenges presented by packaged solutionsAddressing the Challenges presented by collecting and using digital marketing dataVisualising the insight and impact of digital marketing
  • 5. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 5Managing the customers digital presenceCampaign dataWebsite traffic data Call center data Revenue dataDatawarehouseData assembly Analytics Data visualization
  • 6. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 6
  • 7. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 7AnalysisServerCase Study: (Not Nike, but just as big)MPPAnalyticalData PlatformMPPAnalyticalData PlatformCollectionServer
  • 8. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 8
  • 9. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 9Expanding the scope
  • 10. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 10Expanding the breadthOperationalActionsSalesTransactionsWeb ActivityCompetitoradvertisingSeasonMarket ConditionsFuel PricesUnemploymentratesOther economicfactorsConsumerConfidenceAttributionOptimisationAllocation1 2 3BusinessOutcomesConsumerResponseSearchOnline ChatterStore VisitsPurchasingUnit SalesRevenueMarginsService StandardsCustomer Lifetime ValueMarketingActionsNative contentSocial MediaPaid searchOnline displayMobile AppsEarnedMediaPricingPromotionsCustomerserviceBroadcast
  • 11. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 11The reality of the digital footprintComplaintsCRMShippingIVRWeb ServerCRMACDA Single CustomerLeaves a big footprintCampaignServer
  • 12. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 12A shift in scope for Digital Marketing AnalyticsNeed a Solution: Marketing/Brand/Merchandising ExecutiveNeed a Platform: Data Analysts/Marketing AnalystSOCIALMEDIALikesSentimentADVERTISINGOn-linePrintOutdoorWEBTRAFFICPage ClicksAudienceoverviewSegmentationreportsCONVERSIONSOffersLoyaltySubscriptionIN-STOREDisplayCross-sellUp-sellSALESeCommercePoS LOB Solutions analytical teams Marketing Analyst Boutiques Advertising/Media Buying AgencyWEBJourneyIntegratedjourneysDigital Marketing AnalyticsTypical user community
  • 13. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 13This means.
  • 14. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 14Digital Marketing needs Granularity
  • 15. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 15Basic vs. sophisticated insight and opportunity
  • 16. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 16data volume challengesWebsite ActivityCampaign DataContact Centre ActivityPoint of Sale ActivityDataVolumeTime
  • 17. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 17Integration ChallengesOperationalActionsSalesTransactionsWeb ActivitySeasonMarket ConditionsFuel PricesUnemploymentratesOther economicfactorsConsumerConfidenceMarketingActionsPrint AdsDirect MailRadioNative contentSocial MediaPaid searchOnline displayMobile AppsEarnedMediaPricingPromotionsCustomerserviceTelevisionAds
  • 18. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 18
  • 19. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 19Managing the customers digital presenceCampaign dataWebsite traffic data Call center data Revenue dataDatawarehouseData assembly Analytics Data visualization
  • 20. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 20The enabler is In Memory MPPDataQueriesCPUsCPUsCPUsCPUsEvery core working on every queryData equally distributed across the serversIn memory Massively Parallel ProcessingServer 1Server 2Server 3Server 4Designed specifically for complex analytics
  • 21. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 21A solution for managing the customers digitalpresence in your businessCampaign dataWebsite traffic data Call center data Revenue dataDatawarehouseData assembly Analytics Data visualization
  • 22. Visualizationdoesntalwaysproduceinsight.22
  • 23. Dashboardscanbedangerous
  • 25. Start here
  • 26. Finish here
  • 27. Produce answersnot questions
  • 28. Break the rules and think outside the chart
  • 29. AVS1999What appears on the surface
  • 30. AVS1999Can easilyhideinsightthat liesbeneath
  • 32. Ifthisiswhatyourbusinesslookslike,thisishowyoushouldvisualizeit.AVS2004
  • 33. Think outsidethe chartAnswers by AVS live here:
  • 34. @Kognitio @BizVizWiz #DigiMkt 34What did we see? Capabilityisnotavailablefromasimplepackage VisualizingBigDatagoesbeyondthechart TheCloudminimize

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