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Koji Nanamura PP

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Japanese Japanese Culture Culture Facts on Japan
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Japanese Japanese CultureCulture

Facts on Japan

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Where is Japan?Where is Japan?

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The national flag The national flag

• The flag is called ”Hinomaru” or “Nisshooki”.• The red circle in the center symbolized “the rising sun”.

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The national anthem English translation “His Majesty's Reign” •May your reignContinue for a thousand, eight thousand generations,Until the pebblesGrow into bouldersLush with moss


•Kimigayo waChiyo ni yachiyo niSazare-ishi noIwao to nariteKoke no musu made

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GeographyGeography• Japan extends 3,000

km from tip to tip.• Japan’s land area of

about 378,000㎢ is slightly smaller than that of Uzbekistan.

• 67% of the land is mountains and only 13% is plains.

• There are about 200 volcanoes.

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・ The nation’s capital is     Tokyo.

•The population of Japan is about 130 million and over 10% of it lives in Tokyo.

•My hometown is Nagoya.

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• When you yourself experience pain you will understand other people’s pain.

ThriftThrift• He who laughs at a

penny will cry for a penny.

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CooperationCooperation•Out of the counsel of

three comes wisdom.

EducationEducation•The child is father of

the man.

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A famous Japanese children’s songA famous Japanese children’s songDrummers at Shojoji, the Temple

1. Sho, Sho, Shojoji Shojoji yard’s bright tonight. To,to, to the moonlight Come out racoon dogs. Come, come, come. Joyful drummers are my friends. Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat.  2. Play much louder, play much louder Than the drum of our priest’s prayer. Come, come, come, come, come, come. Come out racoon dogs. Come, come, come. 3. Sho, Sho, Shojoji Shojoji with bush clovers. To,to, to the moonlight Blooms are emitting scents. I am also on the spree. Rat-a-tat-tat-tat–tat.

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