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Koji of House Boon

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  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    The Life andDeath of Koji

    of HouseBoon

    This is the story of a young

    adventurer named Koji, who

    when cast away on the

    shores of Skyrim discovers

    that his calling was much

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After shipwrecking off the coast, Koji of House Boon had nothing to hisname. He found some clothes of his fellow shipmates and stumbled onto the snowy

    icy shore of Skyrim. Koji found a cave for shelter but quickly found out that it was

    home to a mad man using alteration and dark magic to resurrect the bodies ofcaptive females. Koji eliminated him and left out of a fear of staying any longer in

    a place where the dead rose. He traveled across many ice tundra fighting wolves

    and bandits until finally seeing trees in the distance. Trees meant life and life

    meant shelter and a place to find out what was going on, where his ship was going

    and maybe someone who could clue him in on what happening. Upon arriving to

    the nearest town, discovered to be Winterhold, Koji heard talk of a college of

    magic to the north. After his run in with the demented sorcerer in the cave near his

    ship's ill fate, Koji's curiosity grew. Are these mages associated with the wizard

    who destroyed those women's souls? Were they responsible for his ship's wreck?

    And what is happening in Skyrim that is causing such fear and war? Koji must find


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon joining the college, Kojisinstructor took the beginning mages to anearby excavation to learn of the dangers of magic. It is here that Koji hoped to

    discover more about the mysterious power that allowed that man to turn those

    helpless girls into reanimated corpses, and perhaps the source to whatever causedhis ship to wreck. It is here that Koji discovered a strange group known as the

    Psijic Order, and learned that there is a value in Koji. Upon further investigation

    with Kojis instructor theycame across a great Orb in the air with a strong magic

    protecting an undead knight. After killing the knight, Koji advanced further in the

    chambers to find a wall with ancient Dragon Writing on it, which seemed to

    respond to his presence granting him knowledge Koji had not had before. Things

    were certainly getting weird, but Koji must continue to find out what this Orb does.

    Is it what granted that sorcerer the power to torture those people's souls? Is it what

    wrecked Kojisship? And is it connected to the power in this dragon text? Time

    will tell as Koji continues his adventure in Winterhold.

    Upon returning to the college to inform the Arch Mage of the Orb, Kojiwas redirected to find some stolen books that may contain some information. Koji

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    set out across Skyrim to find the books, but was met with new threats along the

    way. Bears, wolves, necromancers and soldiers fighting in a war all got in his way,

    and all fell before him. Worn and tired and fearful for his life, Koji found an inn

    near a frozen lake. It seemed to be low-profile, but Koji met a woman inside.

    Having no intimacy in a while, and with blood boiling, Koji approached thewoman in hopes of charming her. He found out that she was a fighter, like him,

    and so he offered her coin in exchange for assistance on his adventures. They left

    and continued to search for the books with the info on that orb. Along the journey

    Koji once again sensed a mysterious power coming from a stone wall, and so he

    approached in on a mountaintop. Immediately a coffin burst open and a fabled

    Dragon Priest arose out of it, angry at the presence of Koji. Koji knew of these

    priests, and their strength was dangerous! Testing the skills of his new companion,

    Koji hid behind a tree while his new companion Callen fought the priest. Koji sawgreat balls of fire burst and ice be shattered, and so he peaked out to see Callen

    disarmed and the priest burning her fleeing body. She fled behind the wall and

    cowered in fear. Koji ran to trade her a new weapon, but she would not respond to

    anything he said, she simply wept and knelt behind the wall. Koji had to fight this

    priest himself. Sword swinging and fire balls blasting, Koji and the priest

    exchanged blows back and forth down the mountainside, interweaving in and out

    of trees and both fighting for their lives. Finally Koji, after much consumption of

    potions he swiped from the Arch Mage, defeated the priest and took his mask as a

    symbol that he had defeated a Dragon Priest and was no longer an Alik'r Hoodrat

    like the sailors he rode in with. His companion finally overcame her fear and

    approached him, and Koji looked at her with anger that she didn't help him at all

    with the priest. With one strike, Koji struck his steel greatsword through her heart,

    looted her body, and continues to find the source of magic that caused this great


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After murdering hiscompanion and becoming a

    much stronger force in this

    world, Koji put on his new

    armor and identity and set forth

    towards the keep that held the stolen books. Here Koji found sorcerers that were

    much similar to the first wizard he encountered in that cave, the one who

    reanimated the corpses of those helpless girls. Could the magic from that orb, the

    magic in the books they stole, and the dark magic they use all be tied together?

    Koji had to kill these sorcerers and take back those books to find out. Koji pressed

    deeper into the keep, silently killing the mages with his bow, and slaughtering thecaptive vampires as well. Koji has claimed many lives, but takes many strides

    closer to banishing the evil from this world and finding out what in Oblivion is

    going on.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Koji advanced further in the keep, finding a mage from the College ofWinterhold who had stolen the books about The Orb. He had been taken prisoner

    and was going to be murdered by a woman named The Caller and then used as a

    test subject. Unable to kill him from beyond the bars, Koji freed the rebellious evilmage and immediately killed him. Advancing further into the Keep, Koji finally

    ascended to the chamber of The Caller. There he asked for the books, but quickly

    realized this wasn't going to end with both of them living. Koji needed to kill this

    evil woman who possessed the same magic as that sorcerer in the cave had. He

    threatened her, demanding the books. She summoned forces from the Oblivion

    realm and began to fight. Koji swung his sword and cut right into her head, and her

    body vanished, replaced by a Flame Atronach. Koji destroyed the beast and was

    blinded by flames. Looking around, he saw that the Caller had resurrected in a ring

    of soul gems. He charged at her and impaled her through the chest. She

    disappeared and returned to the center of the chamber. One last time Koji charged

    at her, swinging his sword, this time swiping out her legs and then stabbing her in

    the head. She disappeared and reappeared, dead, in a circle of candles. Koji looted

    the key from her body and approached the books that might have the secret to his

    ship's crash, this dark magic spreading through northern Skyrim, the mysterious

    Orb of Winterhold, and the powerful connection between himself and the ancient

    texts and priests of Dragons.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon leaving the Keep, Koji found himself in an unknown and warmerclimate. He quickly met hostile residents of a fortress over a river. Koji eliminated

    them and rested in their home, reading the tales of the Akaviri, the legends that

    intertwine with the Legends of Boon, Koji's House and namesake. Koji nowcontinues to a city in the distance, where maybe he can finally unload this armor

    and the weapons he had and buy a horse to return North and discover the secrets of

    The Orb that started him on this whole adventure.

    Upon entering the great city of Windhelm, Koji was greeted by a courierwho blessed him with an inheritance of the fallen Callen. Little did the Jarl know

    that Koji was the one who killed the fearful and weak disgrace of a woman. In a

    world with such evil, those who fight for light must not cower behind stone walls.

    Koji ripped up the letter, took the gold, and proceeded to the market square. Boon's

    do not delight in the companionship of cowards.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon entering Whiterun, Koji crafted many daggers and leather bracers toincrease his knowledge of the forge and anvil. He sold wares and traded goods,

    becoming stronger with his knowledge of the weapons he uses. He gathered

    flowers around town and became tired. Looking for the inn, he accidently entered

    an archery shop where he met a beautiful Dark Elf named Jenassa. (The story is

    about to get dirty). He recruited her as a companion for five hundred gold and theyboth went to the inn to make love til daybreak. Upon entering the inn Koji noticed

    another woman who seemed to be a mercenary. He approached her and asked if

    she wanted to join in his and Jenessa's wild romp upstairs (this is the culture), but

    she insisted on brawling him. Koji put down his mace and put up his fists and

    brawled the foolish woman. He punched her in the head and she fell against the

    wall. Outraged, she pulled out her sword and swung at Koji who backed up at the

    sudden escalation of events. Jenassa pulled out her sword, a man shouted "A

    fight!" The lute stopped and the inn turned to witness the death of this foolish

    woman as Koji pulled out his Orc warhammer and bashed her head. He took the

    steel armor from this woman and gave it to his lovely girlfriend Jenassa. He

    encouraged everyone to join along in the song, Ragnar the Red as they gathered

    around the burning body of this woman. Koji never learned her name, but he killed

    her with a smile under his mask of the dragon priest. As his power and strength

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    changed, so did his desire to become the greatest in all of Skyrim. He shall sleep

    for the night, but in the morning he shall return to the College of Winterhold to

    discover the magic of the Orb, and possess it for himself.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Purchasing a carriage ride, Koji rode off back to Winterhold with hisintimate-friend Jenassa. Upon arriving at the college and returning the books to the

    library, Koji began discussing his research with his magic instructor until being

    rudely interrupted by an Aldmeri associate. The Psijic Order had requested Koji byname and demanded to speak to him. In a vision, Koji was told that the Orb, now

    being called an Eye, was very dangerous and too powerful. Koji did not care, he

    wanted and needed more power as his thirst for blood and domination grew. He

    was told that a resident of the College may know more about how to deal with the

    Eye, and so Koji set out of the Arch Mage's quarters to go find this man. Upon

    leaving the main hall, Koji looked back and saw the glow of The Eye, and in it the

    potential for his greatness. He stepped up so that his vision was enveloped with the

    markings and the light of The Eye. Jenassa too gazed curiously in awe at the Eye.

    But alas, dark things are yet to come.

    Koji sought out the man he was seeking, only to find that the man wasnothing more than an aura of magic. He described the destruction that comes to

    those who seek power through the knowledge that the Eye provides. Humbled by

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    the experience with the being, and fearful of what might happen to the College,

    Koji stood by the void salts that remained glowing in the chamber under the

    College. He must find the staff of the Eye's creator. Either to possess the power for

    himself, or prevent it from falling into the hands of the Thalmor associate Ancano.

    Koji now sets out to end this mayhem.

    Koji continues to investigate the Staff of Magnus. During his research at thecollege, Koji helped a Dark Elf with some magic. She transformed him into a cow,

    a horse, and a dog. Koji, finally human again, saw the potential in this Dark Elf

    mage. He recruited her to his team for the simple thrill of having a sorcerer in that

    had such a unique approach to spellcasting. He may kill her if she bores him. His

    love is truly for Jenassa, who will always be favored and protected. Koji now goes

    and searches for ruins that may contain the Staff he seeks.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After a night of magical, passionate, loving, shape-shifting, sinful love

    making with the dark elves Jenassa and Whats-Her-Name, Koji waddled out into

    the world of Skyrim to find the staff. Upon his exit of Winterhold, Koji was

    greeted by three hired thugs who immediately attacked. Koji backed up in a fear

    for his life, and Jenassa stepped up to attack. She got knocked to the ground but not

    dead. Koji beat all three thugs and looted them naked. The contract was from a

    man named Deekus. Koji knew no Deekus, what did he steal from him? He

    emptied the Arch Mage's quarters, but that was for the good of the College! Koji

    shrugged it off and continued onward through the cold town of Winterhold. An

    Orc approached Koji and invited him to join the Dawnguard. Insisting that

    vampires were a threat to the area, the Orc gave all the information Koji needed.

    Koji despised the vampires he had encountered so far, but also knew that their

    power was much greater compared to the sorcerers and Daedra worshippers had

    encountered so far. He would need the knowledge of The Eye of Magnus to fight

    them, and so Koji continues on his journey. Dawnguard can wait, Winterhold

    needs him.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon leaving Winterhold, Koji met a farmer who was off to join theStormcloaks. Koji had read many books in the College, one of them being the

    Talos Mistake. The Talos Mistake teaches that worship of Talos as a god is wrong

    and quite damaging to the true gods of Tamriel, and thus Koji supports no rebellion

    that pushes the worship of Talos and the murder of Kings! Koji killed the farmer

    before the Stormcloaks could get another soldier.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Unfortunately, a guard was right down the road. He saw this brutal murderand charged for Koji. Koji was arrested immediately and he went to jail. He sits in

    the jail, still fully dressed, and worried about the fate of his beloved and his girl-

    pet. He knows that to escape would mean a hefty bounty in Winterhold, the town

    he has sworn to protect. He waits, hoping that Jenassa does not find another lover

    and that the staff will remain hidden.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Koji served his time and left the prison. Outside, Jenassa, his love, waswaiting for him. They tied their tongues together like two serpents dancing.

    Holding hands and skipping they ran out of Winterhold, happy to be free.

    However, the worthless female other Dark Elf was nowhere to be found. She had

    abandoned Koji, and should he ever see her again, Koji will kill her. Traitors and

    deserters have no place in this world he will rule. Upon leaving the town limits,

    Koji met a traveling Khajiit who was making a journey to worship one of the

    Daedra. Koji questioned his theology of being a monk who worships Daedra. The

    Khajiit, Qa'Dojo, explained that to worship both Aedra and Daedra was to find true

    balance and flourishment of life. Koji has read the book Aedra and Daedra while

    exploring the Keep of the dark sorcerers, and understood how this theology made

    sense. Aedra and Daedra are both divine, Aedra simply create and leave static,Daedra cannot create, but change. To leave static and to change is the constant

    flow of life. Koji respected Qa'Dojo's ideology of growth, decay, and

    transformation and recruited him to be a part of the House of Boon. They now

    journey for the Staff.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon journeying to find the Staff, Koji depleted iron veins in mines, killedan infected man on the road, and finally came across a mysterious cave. On the

    outside of a cave was a book telling the tale of a shipwreck and how the hero of the

    ship was buried in this cave. The legend of this man left a significant impact, and

    Koji wanted to investigate, having been left ashore himself. Upon entering the

    cave, mysterious balls of light surrounded Koji and led him deeper. They seemed

    to delight in him, as if his life was connected to the hero buried here. After

    overcoming many mind-bending puzzles and traps, Koji arrives at a door where he

    places a crimson claw to go further. Qa'Dojo and Jenassa are in awe of this

    adventure, with Jenassa saying things like "Damn, this is a sight to behold," and

    Qa'Dojo saying "It is interesting to explore these Nordic ruins. And isn't it

    fascinating that all Draugr are human? You never find an elf or Khajiit undead.Probably because beasts are less likely to desire immortality." Koji advances

    further, guided by the light that starts every adventure of his.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After leaving the crypt of the sailing hero, Koji found a fortress known asWindhelm. Upon entering he found drunks slandering a Dark Elf female. Koji

    became quite excited at the sight of the Dark Elf and let his excitement guide him

    towards their conversation. They talked of a war going on. After the drunks left,

    Koji asked the Dark Elf about the war. She asked if he hated Dark Elves. With that

    Koji told the dark elf to ask Jenassa. Jenassa described Kojis actions of loveand

    the dark elf had her answer. She gave him information on the war and the Helgen

    Tragedy. Unsure of what exactly was happening; Koji went to the inn and asked

    the bartender who directed him towards a man named Sam in Kynesgove. Koji

    wrote the name and place in his journal but knew he must find the staff the next

    morning after selling and trading wares. A beautiful woman sat at the bar, a Nord.

    Koji had not had white meat in some time, and put on his charm. She was abrawler, and insisted on fighting. QaDojo and Jenassa sat down at the counter,

    drinking and singing cheers of the fabled Boon Brotherhood. The brawling woman

    threw the first punch, and Koji began to fight back to win 100 gold. Jenassa and

    QaDojo assumed that Koji was under attack, and quickly drew their blades to

    slaughter the woman. The woman, terrified for her life, ran outside. Koji chased

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    her down in order to knock her out before Qa'Dojo and Jenassa could kill her.

    Unfortunately a vampire was outside, and in the chaos the brawler died. The gang

    then killed the vampire and headed back to the inn to drink and drown their

    sorrows. Windhelm brought nothing but darkness to the crew, and they needed to

    get out and search for that Staff, save Winterhold, and find a new place to callhome. Some place warmer. Some place safer. Some place where the mead flows

    like rivers and the venison is as common as snow. Some place where the birds

    spread their wings wide. Some place where Jenassa and Koji could get married,

    perhaps, and where Qa'Dojo and Koji could discuss theology well into the night

    hours. Koji stared into the fire and dreamed of such a place as Qa'Dojo and Jenassa

    continued the verses of The Boon Brotherhood. As they sang Koji went off to bed,

    ready for another day on Nirn.

    Upon waking, Koji went to search for the man who claimed to be the trueand just king, Ulfric Stormcloak. However, his hall was absent of him, and so Koji

    talked with his generals. They claimed to be fighting the Imperials because of their

    banning of the worship of Talos, and that they were going to kill every Imperial

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    they could. They rejoiced at the death of the King, and planned attacks of villages

    and farms. Disgusted at their brutality, Koji left. While leaving the city, Koji

    remembered the foul drunk who had insulted the Dark Elves. Koji went in the inn

    and found him drinking. Koji challenged him to a brawl in a hope of killing him

    with a punch to the head, but with every brawl the man yielded before Koji couldkill him. Koji had enough, and drew his weapon to kill him. He'd serve all the jail

    time he needed to see the death of this racist scum! Upon attacking, Koji was

    surrounded by guards. They refused to let Koji yield, they wanted his head. Koji

    was beat and bloodied and was outnumbered. He ran out of the city gates, jumped

    off the bridge, and landed in the freezing lake below. He heard the cries of his love,

    Jenassa, as she fought off the guards. Koji swam to the shore and waited an hour.

    Jenassa was at his side after the wait. No sign of Qa'Dojo. He waited another hour.

    No sign of Qa'Dojo. Koji had to find his corpse and give him a proper funeral. Kojiheaded back for the city gates and was met with an onslaught from the guards;

    once again they refused to let him yield. Koji had had enough. These racist

    guarding, King slaying, Talos worshiping fighters were going to die by the sword

    of Koji of House Boon. He swung and he fought and nearly died, but Koji killed

    the two guards with the help of his love Jenassa. Koji dragged their bodies onto a

    fire at a Khajiit camp nearby. As he dragged the looted corpses he saw a Khajiit

    escaping the city. Qa'Dojo ran to Koji with a smirk. Together they burned the

    bodies and talked about warm sands with the Khajiits outside the city. Koji sold the

    armor of the fallen soldiers to the Khajiit in the tent and set off towards the Staff.

    Windhelm no longer welcomes Koji, but he'll be back with the Imperial army

    behind him.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Leaving Eastmarch, Koji made his way to the ruins where the Staff ofMagnus was to be found. After traveling through the woods and encountering

    many packs of wolves, Koji found Dwemer ruins that matched with the location in

    his journal. He ventured inside to find machines running as if they were created

    yesterday. The architecture was incredible. Koji could not believe his eyes.

    Qa'Dojo offered his knowledge of the Dwemer, and Jenassa mentioned that while

    being called Dwarfs, they were actually the size of humans. A researcher near

    death told Koji to advance further in the ruins to find some sort of shard. Koji

    assumed that the shard will have something to do with the Staff. As Koji went

    deeper, spiders and spheres made of gold metal became animated and attacked as if

    programed to defend. The contents of these machines would make great armor, so

    Koji took the cogs and struts and gave them to Qa'Dojo and Jenassa. Very quicklythey could no longer carry the Dwemer metal. Onward Koji went, constantly

    needing to dodge Dwarven traps. Finally arriving at an end to the entrance

    chambers, Koji encounters an elf he had never seen before accompanied by dead

    Dwemer machines. Why was this elf dead? What lies on the other side of the door?

    Where is the staff, and what do the Dwemer know about this magic that has the

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    power to open Oblivion, raise the dead, create immortality and teleport entire

    islands of people!? Koji must go deeper.

    Advancing further into the Dwemer ruins, Koji killed many Falmer elves.Oddly, he felt the urge to cut off their ears for alchemy testing... Regardless, Kojicontinued until finally meeting a frightened mage, a member of the Sryod. He was

    helpless and Koji offered help, so he led Koji into a great room with Dwemer

    astronomy tools. Using the magic he had learned at the college, Koji reshaped

    focusing crystals to use the light of stars to project a map of Tamriel. However,

    massive sources of power blocked the full map. The Eye and the Staff were those

    power sources. The mage insisted that the Staff was at Labyrinthia, but then he

    began to go insane. He talked about those back in the Imperial City that would love

    this information of power. When Koji insisted that the man had gone crazy, the

    mage simply responded with a high level of delusion defense. He rudely made his

    exit without offering Koji any more assistance. The Sryod friends of this mage had

    died to discover what was in this room, and unfortunately he now must perish. As

    he walked away, Koji struck him with his warhammer. The man stumbled to the

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    ground, shocked as his life work shined in the room. He turned up to see Koji, and

    smiled as he saw Koji put his weapon away. As he stood up, Qa'Dojo and Jenassa

    swung their greatsword and battle axe, killing him immediately. Koji laid his body

    against his life work, gazed into the map of the world, and once again continued

    his journey for the Staff to put an end to all this madness.

    On his journey back to Winterhold, Koji met a caravan of Khajiits, towhom he sold many treasures he found in the Dwemer ruins. He then bought many

    collections of hides, ores, and ingots to smith when he got back to a town. After

    that encounter, he journeyed down the road where a pack of wolves attacked near a

    Giant camp. Jenassa and Qa'Dojo foolishly attacked the mammoth as well,

    angering the giants. The Giants attacked Qa'Dojo and Jenassa. Koji, knowing the

    power of a Giant's swing, ran down the road. At a nearby farm, safe, Koji waited

    an hour for Qa'Dojo and Jenassa, who appeared ready to press onward. Koji

    continued towards Winterhold and along his journey came back to Windhelm. He

    decided to try once again to enter the city and make peace with the guards. The

    guards greeted him with swords in hands, declaring he face the Jarl's justice. He

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    submitted and went to jail. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Koji

    was without his armor and without his mask. He thought back to his first time

    stepping upon Skyrim, battling the horkers and ice wolves along the shore that led

    him to that demented cave. He remembered the hatred he had for dark magic, and

    how that hatred led him to investigate the college. He remembered the strangepower in that excavation, the power that filled him with the knowledge of Dragons.

    So many memories flooded through him. He was ready to serve his time and end

    this dark-magic power at Winterhold so he could finally find his purpose in

    Skyrim. Why was he on that ship again? He couldn't remember. He knew that he

    had come from Daggerfall, where he was serving as a knight for Jamal Boon XV.

    Jamal XV had died before Koji came to Skyrim. Jamal spoke of great things to

    come for Koji, and told him of the power in Koji's House, Boon. He showed him

    the sigil of the Great Boon Tree. He said, "See all these leaves? Each one has itsown story, its own power, and yet they all come from the Boon tree. Their roots

    run deep into the Nirn. See these two fallen leaves? Those are the leaves of the

    Two Boon Brothers, who long ago fought off the evil of Molag Bal and started this

    House of Boon. Remember your heritage. Fight with honor and obey the callings

    in your heart." With that his memory becomes foggier and foggier. Jamal had died,

    and with his death came Koji's departure to Skyrim. But why? Koji rolled over, fell

    asleep, and awakened to an open cell as his jail time came to an end. "I got this" he

    said, as the sun hit his face and the bitter cold of his mask set back upon his face.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Upon serving his jail-time, Koji left the prison to find his companionswaiting for him. However, the female dark-elf mage from the College of

    Winterhold was there as well. She had abandoned him long ago when he served his

    jail-time in The Chill, the prison in Winterhold. Koji had vowed to kill her should

    he see her again. With Jenassa and Qa'Dojo, Koji walked with this ignorant woman

    to the outskirts of Windhelm. Near the lake and under the bridge, Koji struck her

    once, killing her. He stripped her body of all she had and threw her body into the

    freezing lake. A guard from the bridge saw this murder and created a bounty for

    Koji. After finally being free of charges, Koji was once again a wanted man. But

    his jail-time had delayed him long enough; he must get to the College and inform

    Arch-Mage Savos Aren of what had happened in the Dwemer ruins! He returned to

    the College to find Toldrif, his instructor, quite displeased at the absence of the

    other mage. Not tolerating the behavior Koji had undergone, Koji was suspended

    from the college until he could remedy the situation. Koji donated 250 gold to

    make up for the death of that still unknown-named mage woman. Toldrif accepted

    the coin as an acceptable excuse to let Koji back in the College. Alas, it was

    perfect timing, for Ancano had turned the Eye of Magnus into a powerful ward that

    blocked off all the mages from the main hall. Koji, with the help of Savos and

    Merebelle, destroyed the ward and approached Ancano. Ancano retaliated with a

    mighty blow. Koji, afraid he was dead, woke up to see Merebelle badly hurt, and

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    the Arch Mage Savos nowhere to be found. Koji ran outside to find the corpse of

    Savos. The other mages looked at Koji, angry and suspicious. That other mage had

    just gone missing, Koji returns, and now Savos Aren is dead!? Things were not

    looking good for Koji. But he insisted to Toldrif that if he were to get the Staff of

    Magnus he could end this madness and bring vengeance for the death of SavosAren. With that, Koji heads to Labyrinthia to find the Staff once and for all.

    After traveling through many towns and meeting many people, from drunksto orphans to natives of Daggerfall, Koji finally made it Labyrinthia. Upon

    entering the temple, Koji saw visions of Savos Aren as he entered the temple

    himself. Koji arrived to a great arena blocked by a bar door. Pulling a lever, Koji

    was able to go through, but the door shut behind him and Qa'Dojo and Jenassa

    were separated from him. Before he could turn around to let them in, a mighty

    skeleton of a dragon emerged from the ground. Koji literally pooped his pants and

    realized this was the end for him. The dragon roared and an undead army of

    skeletons, fully equipped with bows, swords, and axes, crawled from the dirt

    surrounding the beast. Koji had nowhere to hide and no one to guard him. With

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    warhammer in hand, he charged forward towards the dragon. With a mighty blow

    Koji significantly lowered the health of the dragon. But the dragon spread its wings

    and roared at Koji, knocking him to the ground. Fear paralyzed Koji. As he lay on

    the ground he was sure he was dead, and a wave of depression and regret washed

    over him. But then he breathed, and he breathed again, and he was alive! With thislife he stood up to finish the dragon, but he was knocked down again. There was

    no way to get up with this dragon towering over him. Undead sorcerers froze his

    body, ancient Nord arrows plummeted his flesh. The bones of the dragon rested on

    his body. Koji looked up and saw Jenassa, his love, swinging her axe at the gate

    blocking her from her beloved. He looked and saw Qa'Dojo frantically try to shoot

    spells through the bars. But it was useless, they couldn't help, and Koji's face

    buried deeper into the dirt. He would die here, and be buried with the memories of

    Savos Aren and his fellow mages. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as hecontinued to try to get up, drinking health potions and snorting Skooma like a mad

    man to keep his life alive. Finally, his attempt to get up was successful. He stood

    with a powerful stance and struck at the dragon again. It screamed and belted ice

    from its mouth. Koji swung again, breaking the bones of the dragon and dizzying

    it. Koji swung again, and like the sound of thunder the dragon ceased to live, its

    bones crumbled and tumbled to the ground, and Koji had won. Koji maniacally

    swung at all the remaining skeletons, and one by one they fell. He looted the bones

    of the dragon and went and found a lever to reunite with Jenassa and QaDojo. He

    held Jenassa with a warm embrace, and scratched the top of QaDojos head,

    making him purr like a sexy kitten. Fearful that what was dead may rise again,

    Koji, Jenassa, and QaDojopressed onward to find the Staff. They had overcome

    so much to get here, including an undead Dragon. What could stop them now?

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After overcoming the dragon, Koji had just begun his descent into hell. AsQa'Dojo described it, the "bowels of a great beast, going further and further." Koji

    encountered spectral, Draugr, undead, skeletons, all of which were very powerful.

    Jenassa and Qa'Dojo fell to their knees several times, nearing death. Savos's

    visions continued to enter Koji's mind, each time his group became weaker and

    thinner. Koji nearly died when a soul gem trap burst him with a blow of fire. At

    one point Jenassa was nowhere to be found. They finally found a Draugr Lord who

    sat upon a cursed throne. The Draugr Warlord shouted at Koji with a mighty word,

    identical to the noise that the dragon had made in the entrance arena. The shout

    was so strong that Koji's warhammer fell to the ground. Koji stumbled to grab it as

    Qa'Dojo and Jenassa fought the warlord. Chants of men rang through Koji's ears.

    He couldn't focus, all he heard were those words, those shouts of the dragon. Asthe warlord died, Koji could see nothing but a glowing text on a wall nearby. Koji

    stumbled over to read the word "Time" in Dragon-Speak. As this knowledge

    entered his head, the chanting and shouting stopped. All was quiet. Koji, Qa'Dojo,

    and Jenassa pressed onward, seeing one last vision of Savos. Savos had been here

    before, losing many friends, one of whom stared at this door and said "This is it;

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    the power we seek is beyond this door, you know? I can feel it..." Koji and

    Qa'Dojo prepare for what is beyond the door. Jenassa stands back, making a

    comment, "It is dangerous to go into crypts like these, but you have a courage

    about you that protects you." She loves Koji, and Koji loves her. He hopes and

    prays that they survive whatever lies beyond this door.

    Another Dragon Priest, this one protected in a sphere seal of magic, held theStaff of Magnus in a grand chamber. Koji quickly took out the mages protecting

    this priest and Koji took cover. He'd let Qa'Dojo attack first so he could gauge how

    strong this priest was. The priest was taking damage to the attacks of Qa'Dojo, whoshot lightning at the priest from across the room. Jenassa and Koji charged together

    towards the priest, swinging and stabbing as an array of lightning filled the air

    between QaDojo and the priest, Morokei. Koji swung and killed the great

    Morokei, taking his mask and adding to his collection. He took the cloak of the

    priest and distributed it amongst his companions. With the exit nearby, Koji,

    QaDojo, and Jenassa leave this nightmare, finally with the Staff in hand, ready to

    return to Winterhold and end this quest that started upon Koji's arrival in Skyrim.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    QaDojo seems to have knowledge of the Staff of Magnus. It is said tocontain power, which he laughs at, for the Dragon Priests worship power and the

    Staff drains power for itself. Koji heard this irony from QaDojoand realized that

    Dragon Priests idolize power, and upon wearing the Dragon Priest Mask of Krosis,

    Koji has had an immense desire for power - ruthlessly killing those that stood in

    the way of his quest. But alas, his time in jail gave him a moment to take control

    over any influence the mask has on him, and so he continues forward, admiring

    Qa'Dojo for his insight on the situation.

    Upon leaving the chambers of Labyrinthia, a Thalmor assassin of Ancanogreeted Koji at the door. He was told that Koji must hand over the Staff of

    Magnus. Koji laughed and told the Thalmor to step aside. The Thalmor said "Ohyou are dangerous aren't you?" with a smirk. Before the Thalmor could raise his

    hands to cast a spell, Koji had his warhammer behind the Thalmor's head. He

    based his head against the Thalmor's, breaking his nose. He bashed again, cracking

    his skull. He bashed again, bruising and bloodying his brain. Koji bashed again,

    ending the Thalmor's life and opening the path to return to the College. Outside

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Koji traveled to Morthal and took a ride to Winterhold. Mages had fallen in an

    effort to keep the town safe, but the aura of Ancano's power was spreading. Koji

    had come just in time to save the day. With his love behind him, Koji is ready to

    end this.

    Koji entered the College with the Staff of Magnus in hand. Ancano had losthis mind, and drained the Eye of Magnus of a great deal of power. Koji challenged

    him, and Ancano struck! Koji used the Staff of Magnus on the Eye to drain its

    power, weakening Ancano. Ancano became furious and shot incredibly powerful

    fireballs at Koji and his companions. Jenassa fell to the ground, nearing death. Koji

    put down the Staff and pulled out his trusty warhammer. He struck at Ancano and

    killed him immediately. The Staff had weakened him, and Koji had finished him.

    Jenassa and Qa'Dojo rose to their feet as the Psijic Order declared that Koji of

    House Boon shall be the new Arch-Mage. Koji, void of emotion, stared into the

    Eye and asked of its fate. The Psijic Order said that they would take it with them,

    for now. Koji stared into the power that could have been his, and knew that it was

    not yet time for him to possess it. His true power is connected somehow to the

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    spirit of dragons. As the Psijic Order took away the Eye, Koji plotted his next

    quest. He must search Skyrim far and wide to find any more trace of dragon power.

    He must also destroy Windhelm and those who worship Talos. With his strength

    acquired in this quest, the safety of Winterhold, and the allies in the College by his

    side, Koji is ready to join the Imperial army. He must find Sam in Kynesgrove andinvestigate the rumors of war. He might know how I can assist the war as quickly

    as possible and put an end to the conflict beyond the College walls. But alas, this

    journey comes to an end.

    After finally gathering many resources, Koji could take a break from theconstant adventure and focus on a passion of his, blacksmithing. He had vague

    memories of blacksmithing for Jamal back in Hammerfell. He crafted armor that

    mimicked the style of the Dwemer enemies he faced. He crafted elven armor

    mimicking the Thalmor associates he saw. He gave Jenassa and Qa'Dojo new

    greatswords, as well as one to himself, so that they may be quicker in battle as they

    enter war. He almost chose not to cover up Jenassa's beautiful face, but he knew itwas best to protect those beautiful black eyes from any danger. The craftsmanship

    of the armor and weapons of Koji Boon was superior to anything the local

    blacksmith could do. Koji had a gift, and he took time to enjoy it on this fine

    Middas afternoon.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Book Two:Dragons and


    After an epic quest of magic, darkness, demons and light, Koji and hisfriends were exhausted. Koji hadn't been on Skyrim's land for more than an hour

    before being plummeted into an adventure that would change him forever. But at

    last, the conflict off the coast and the threat of Winterhold was brought to an end,

    and for many nights Koji, Jenassa, and Qa'Dojo sang and drank in the pubs of

    Whiterun. "Bright, bright, was the Eye of Winterhold! Fight fight, said the men in

    the cold! With swords swinging and spells being cast, Koji was the one who stood

    at last! Koji took time to craft fine armor and weapons for him and his allies, and

    brewed potions for trading. But alas, Koji still had things that needed resolving.

    Though his adventure of Winterhold had closed a door, it opened several more.

    What was this connection he had to dragons? How would he bring down the

    Stormcloak army? What were these vampires doing in Skyrim? With Jenassa and

    Qa'Dojo at his side, he sobered up and left Whiterun to find the man named Sam in

    Kynesgrove. He would supply information on the war and possibly help Kojidecide to get involved or not, and what he could do to help as Arch-Mage of

    Winterhold. Koji traveled to Kynesgrove and waited for Sam's arrival. Sam, for a

    fee, offered information on Imperial business down south. Koji once again

    traveled, enjoying the warm scenery that was so different than his northern home at

    Winterhold. He remembered his time in prison in Winterhold and Windhelm, and

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    as he remembered Windhelm he remembered the injustice and with that he

    sprinted towards his goal. He arrived at a Stormcloak camp and witnessed the

    slaughter of Imperial soldiers. He approached an elderly woman near the camp and

    asked what had happened. She informed him that the Imperials were headed to

    Helgen to execute traitors, Stormcloaks, and the great Ulfric Stormcloak: TheKingslayer. Koji now knew why Ulfric was not in the halls of Windhelm when he

    visited. Koji set off for Helgen, killing Thalmor agents along the way and

    collecting the hides of many animals. As Koji rounded the Throat of the World,

    Koji saw a great black dragon rise from a burning Helgen. This dragon was not a

    dragon of bone and magic, it was real, dangerous, and heading for the fields of

    Skyrim. Koji ran to Helgen to and discovered a journal of an adventurer. The

    dragon had burnt Helgen to the ground right before the execution of Ulfric

    Stormcloak. Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers were in the cave below the city, andit is there that Koji could find more answers. Koji ran to the cave and quickly

    assisted the Imperial. As the town fell, so did the cave, and the Stormcloak was

    crushed under a pile of boulders. Koji and the Imperial, Hadvar, left the cave and

    made their way to Riverwood to warn the others of the dragon return. Koji sat with

    Hadvar and his family and discussed what had just happened. Koji held his tongue

    about the experience he had had with dragons, but accepted the task to warn

    Whiterun of the dragon return. But alas, night had fallen and Koji must sleep, he

    had traveled to many towns in the past day and was still sore from his holiday of

    drinking and partying. He went to the local inn and met an elf named Faendal.

    Unlucky with romance, Faendal offered to assist Koji on his travels to Whiterun.

    Koji equipped him with the leftover armor he had, and told him about the great

    tales of Winterhold as they sat by the fire. Tomorrow would begin a new adventure

    of war and dragons, and Koji - although excited - was filled with fear. Mages were

    one thing, but a dragon, scaled and alive, was a whole different story.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Koji returned to Whiterun, a place where he met his love, partied, rejoicedhis new position of Arch Mage of Winterhold, and crafted his armor. Whiterun was

    his heart's home, and he did not want to see it burn. He approached the Jarl and

    was threatened by the Hand of the Jarl, but Koji insisted that the city was in

    danger. She let Koji speak to the Jarl, who directed Koji to the court wizard who

    had been studying dragons. Koji was fascinated at the connection between sorcery

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    and dragons, and wondered if his knowledge of magic through the College was the

    reason behind his connection with the dragon texts he found. He agreed to search

    for an item known as the Dragonstone in Bleak Falls Barrow. Jenassa and Qa'Dojo,

    hardened to adventure and ready to go, stand off waiting for the orders of Koji.

    Faendal, with new armor gifted by the Jarl of Whiterun, eagerly awaits the ordersof Koji. He admires Koji, hearing tales of his fights in Winterhold and the brutality

    in Windhelm. Koji appreciated the admiration from Faendal, and gazes into the fire

    before heading off to unlock the secret of dragons.

    Koji departed Whiterun and made his way to the mountains to find thisDragonstone. Along the way he came across a group of dead Imperial soldiers,

    completely looted of all their armor. He traveled further towards the mountains but

    was halted by a group of orcs. They claimed to be Imperial soldiers, and informed

    Koji that he was interfering with Imperial business. Koji realized that these were

    mere bandits, and they had killed the Imperials and taken their armor! Koji,

    outraged, threatened the orc, insisting that he would get his one hundred gold when

    he took it from his dead body! The Orc rallied his gang, but before he could draw

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    his blade Koji stuck his greatsword into the Orc's head. The other bandit was

    quickly killed by an arrow of Faendal who was hiding in the trees nearby. Qa'Dojo

    drained the other bandit of all energy with his staff, and Jenassa impaled the final

    bandit with her blade. Before the group of thugs could even nick the armor of Koji,

    they were dead. Koji then ascended the mountains and arrived that Bleak Falls. Hisfear for places such as these has diminished greatly, and he enters the Barrow with

    a confidence that he will triumph and discover the secret of dragons.

    Eliminating the bandits out front, Koji, Jenassa, Qa'Dojo and Faendalproceeded into the Barrow. Bandits discussed a golden claw in the entry way, and

    waited impatiently for a fellow bandit to return with it. Before Koji could hear

    what they were saying, he attacked. He wanted to be out of this place as quickly as

    possible, it reminded him of the darkness in his Winterhold days and he knew that

    no city was safe while that dragon roamed the sky. As he went further down, the

    number of bandits became less and less. An elf wielding the golden claw was

    found wrapped in webs, and a great spider descended from the top of the crypts.

    Koji quickly eliminated the spider and let the elf free. Before the elf could even

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    run, Koji killed him. He had no reason to think this bandit was more noble than the

    ones outside. Koji took the golden claw and proceeded through the dungeon. As

    the group delved deeper, Qa'Dojo insisted on stopping. The elf's betrayal with the

    golden claw troubled him and he wanted to meditate. Koji insisted that they press


    The Nords had great treasures here, and to protect them had placed traps.One of which was a spiked door that swung open at the push of a pressure plate on

    the floor. Koji avoided the trap, as did Qa'Dojo. Jenassa however had trouble

    seeing it with her helmet and was simply set on Koji; she stepped on the plate and

    continued to run, avoiding the spiked door. Faendal, however, was instantly

    impaled and flung across the chamber. Koji looked back and saw his lifeless body

    tumble against the wall. Jenassa, horrified at what she did, stood by Qa'Dojo whotook time to pray and meditate. Faendal, although new, was a great ally and a loyal

    friend. He looked up to Koji and Koji admired him, and it is a shame that he had to

    die so quickly in the adventure. He left Riverwood to pursue adventure and help

    Koji fight dragons, and while he dies here today, his memory and loyalty will be in

    Koji's heart for a long time to come. Rest in Peace, Faendal of Riverwood, and

    know that your death was not in vain.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After laying Faendal down to his eternal rest and saying the Prayer ofQa'Dojo, the group pressed on. In the next chamber, a hall of axes blocked Koji

    from going any further. If he could not run quickly enough, the axes would surely

    cut him in half and end his life. A pathetic death, Koji thought, and he was afraid

    to risk his heroic life on a simple hallway. He ordered that Qa'Dojo pull the chain

    across the hall to deactivate the axes. Qa'Dojo obeyed and proceeded in the

    hallway, but was heavily hurt when an axe swung and hit him. His heavy armor

    saved him, and he retreated back to Koji's side. Koji would have to sprint to make

    it across. He looked for every possible way around this hall, but he had to go

    through. He took a deep breath, and ran! The axes swung behind him but he

    stepped into the next room, exhaling relief. He pulled the chain and let Jenassa and

    Qa'Dojo proceed. Another hallway of axes blocked Koji, as well as rooms filledwith oil and fire. Careful and cautious, the group prevailed. If Faendal wouldn't

    have died earlier, he would have died in one of these other rooms. Qa'Dojo

    admired the archery skills of Koji as they proceeded past the gate of the golden

    claw. They entered the final room where a dragon wall lit up the dank dark cave.

    Qa'Dojo spoke in awe of the wall, declaring that it was worth the muddy travel

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    through the Barrow. After defeating a Draugr Lord, the crew looted the treasure

    and found the Dragonstone. Along with the stone was a beacon of light and upon

    touching it a goddess spoke to Koji, inviting him to her temple to restore light.

    While he must focus on the threat at hand, he wrote the prophecy down in his

    journal. The idea of casting out darkness appealed to him, and would be anadventure for another day. For now, he must return to Whiterun with the stone.

    Four adventurers entered, three leave. Goodbye Faendal, the crypt has been

    cleaned of all tainted spirits, and you can now rest in Sovngarde with these ancient

    Nord heroes.

    Upon his return to Whiterun, Koji encountered a Master Vampire whoviciously attacked Koji with powerful dogs. Koji won, but feared that his

    encounter with the vampire may bring him some sort of darkness. He proceeded to

    the Jarl and his wizard to deliver the Dragonstone. Before any research or

    revelation could come, the Hand of the Jarl charged in with news of a dragon

    attack. The watchtower nearby had been burnt and ambushed by a soaring dragon.

    Rallied with the troops of Whiterun, Koji, Jenassa, and Qa'Dojo approach the

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    watchtower to defend Skyrim against a real life dragon. Koji, having faced a

    dragon before, albeit dead, leads the defense. Although he would be lying if he said

    he wasn't afraid. Life is so fragile, and a dragon's roar is enough to disarm a man.

    Koji also fears for his love and his friend, will they be able to handle a dragon?

    They were not by his side in Labyrinthia when he faced the undead. Theadventures of Koji are about to change forever.

    Koji approached the tower and found a lone survivor fleeing the scene. Hebegged Koji to leave, insisting that he did not realize the danger of the dragon.

    Before Koji could respond, the dragon swooped in and returned to finish off the

    tower. The Hand ordered everyone to attack. Bow in hand; Koji bombarded the

    dragon with arrows. Qa'Dojo shot lightning from his staff. Jenassa told Koji that he

    had a fire in his eyes. Koji smiled. The dragon swooped and shot fire at the guards,

    burning men. The armor of soldiers smelted to their flesh. Screams and yells

    surrounded Koji. He aimed and fired at the dragon, weakening it to fall to the

    ground. It targeted Jenassa, who swung her sword valiantly distracting the dragon

    as Koji impaled the dragon with arrows into his side. The dragon quickly died as

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    the group surrounded it. They now stand and witness the dragon's massive body

    laid defeated on the Whiterun Road.

    After slaying the dragon, its body turned to ash, and the shouts and chantsthat Koji had heard from the dragon walls echoed in Koji's ears as a strange powerfilled his soul. A Whiterun guard ran to Koji and claimed that Koji had absorbed

    the soul of the dragon and told him to try shouting like the dragon. Koji looked to

    the sky, remembering the word he saw at Bleak Falls Barrow, and yelled to the

    heavens, "Fus!" Immediately a force surged out of his lungs and into the clouds.

    The guards rallied around Koji declaring he was the Dragonborn, a hero in legends

    that had the power to slay dragons and take their power. Koji did not know if this

    was true, or if his College experience had simply granted him a connection with

    dragon blood. He had to investigate further. The Hand of the Jarl shrugged off any

    claims that Koji was the Dragonborn and insisted that they go back to the

    watchtower to clean up what they could. Atop the bones of the dragon, Koji looked

    down upon his love and friend, Jenassa and Qa'Dojo. They looked up to their hero,

    their leader, The Dragonborn.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    After returning to the Jarl with his discovery that he was the Dragonborn,Koji was immediately sent to the Throat of the World to meet with the Greybeards.

    The Jarl of Whiterun insisted that they would know how to help Koji with his new

    revelation. The Jarl, thankful for Koji's help, named him Thane of Whiterun and

    gave me a gift, Lydia the Housecarl. Lydia met Koji at the doors of the city and

    vowed to always protect Koji. Her loyalty seemed like somewhat of an act, to Koji,

    and while he appreciated the help, she would need to earn any respect of his. He

    assured Jenassa that she was the woman for him, and when all of this drama with

    the College, dragons, and the war was done, he would wed her in Riften and buy a

    home. He crafted some gold elven armor for Lydia so that she would fit in with the

    clan, and they marched off to High Hrothgar to have an audience with the

    Greybeards. As Koji traveled, he came across many animals, and with his newlyenchanted sword, he sucked the souls right out of them. Koji met a man named

    Balbur who was gathering ingredients for the Gourmet in Skyrim. Koji, needing as

    much supplies as he could get, impaled the man with his sword. He found rare

    items on him, and Koji proceeded on.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Koji ascended the 7000 Steps to get to High Hrothgar. Along the way hemet many pilgrims meditating. He stopped and visited with them. Qa'Dojo too

    stopped to pray and think. It was at that moment that Koji forgot where he met

    QaDojo;he simply seemed to come out of nowhere and begin helping Koji. Kojismiled at the Khajiit as he prayed. Whatever he prayed, it helped them, and they

    had overcome so much. Jenassa huddled closer to Koji to stay warm. Lydia

    insisted that they keep moving, that the dangers of the 7000 Steps were not to be

    taken lightly. Onward they went, battling off skeevers and ice wraiths until finally

    arriving at a Frost Troll. Koji commanded his clan to slay it with the shot of an

    arrow. It fell to the ground and Koji moved on. After ascending more stairs, Koji

    arrived at the fortress of the Greybeards. From a wrecked ship north of Winterhold

    to the top of the world, Koji had come a long way. With every answered question

    came ten more unanswered ones and he knew this encounter would be no different.

    Entering the temple of the Greybeards, Koji was greeted by Arngeir, theleader. His requested that Koji demonstrate his Thu'um, or shout in dragon. Koji let

    out a deep "Fus!" and knocked Arngeir back against the wall. The Greybeard was

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    impressed, but insisted on more. He revealed a Dragon word on the floor of the

    temple and asked for Koji to master it right then and there. Koji read the word and

    was filled with the same sensation he had when was first exploring the excavation

    near the College. Koji then looked at Arngeir was shouted, "Fus Ro!" Arngeir, now

    certain that Koji was a Dragonborn, admitted such. Koji asked what it meant to bea Dragonborn. Arngeir said that there have been many, and that it is to simply be

    born with Dragon Blood and thus have an inherent connection with Dragons,

    mastering their ways easily and with great power. Arngeir then warned to not let

    this power go to his head and corrupt him, for that has been the folly of many

    Dragonborns. Koji then realized that his mask must have been a Dragonborn, and

    that is why he has had such a strong bond with it and has become more powerful

    with its possession.

    Koji asked if there were other Dragonborns out there, and while Arngeir didnot deny the possibility, he said that Koji was the only one he knew of. The

    knowledge Arngeir had of Koji made him suspicious. Was he involved with Koji's

    wreck? Did the Greybeards orchestrate this in order to lure Koji into the Way of

    The Voice to end the Dragon threat? Koji boldly questioned Arngeir, and asked if

    there was something he wasn't telling him! Arngeir calmly stated that the

    Greybeards knew many things that Koji does not, but stated that he would not be

    able to understand the meaning of it all just yet. Koji knew of the power of theThu'um, he knew that in the voice of four Greybeards, a ship could be blown to

    pieces. Koji had little time to question the motives of the Greybeards though; he

    must continue his training with them and pursue his calling. While he had not

    asked for this, it was now only him who could stop these dragons and hope to

    provide any future for him and Jenassa. Arngeir ushered Koji outside to continue

    his training.

    While walking outside Qa'Dojo shared more of his theology, how heappreciated the balance in a Thu'um. How it required force, balance, direction.

    How it needed power in the soul, yet knowledge in the head. Qa'Dojo was quite

    glad to have met Koji and joined him on these travels, and Koji was glad to have

    Qa'Dojo's insight. Upon entering the courtyard, Koji looked to the sky to see a

    great evil. The moon had suddenly become a face! No doubt this was a sign of end

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    times, and Koji was filled with a greater sense of urgency to use the Way of the

    Voice to destroy the Dragon Threat that loomed across Skyrim and all of Tamriel.

    Koji was given the mission to find a horn of an old Dragonborn whofounded the Way of the Voice. His crypt was far, and the quickest way to get therewas by carriage of one of the Nine Holds. The nearest Hold was Riften, and so

    Koji traveled across the foggy forests of the Rift. Arriving at Riften, Koji was

    greeted by a thieving guard who demanded a tax. Koji attempted to intimidate the

    guard but had no luck and was demanded the gold. Koji called his bluff and

    persuaded the guard to open the gate. The guard, embarrassed, quickly opened the

    doors to Riften. Entering the town, Koji was beckoned by a thug named Maul who

    threatened Koji. He demanded to know what Koji was up to in his town. Koji said

    that he was simply passing through, and was simply here to stay for the night and

    leave in the morning by carriage to go to Morthal, and then travel to receive the

    horn. Maul didn't care; he wanted Koji to know who ran this town. Koji, knowing

    now that Maul was a man of information, asked what he knew. Maul informed

    Koji that Windhelm had a little boy who was attempting to summon the Dark

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Brotherhood. Koji, unable to walk in Windhelm without being attacked, knew that

    this boy must be dealt with. In order for Koji to get in contact with this boy he

    must turn Windhelm into an Imperial city, and for that to happen he must enlist in

    the war, and for that to happen Koji must first get to a point where he could

    manage the Dragon threat.

    Koji, mind spinning from all that continously got dropped on his plate,made his way to the inn to get a drink. Crossing the bridge to the inn, Koji met a

    man named Shadr who was being harassed by a woman named Sapphire who had

    robbed him. Koji demanded that Sapphire leave Shadr alone. The mask of the

    dragon priest pierced Sapphire's soul, the souls trapped in his blade screamed

    warnings to her, and she agreed to back off. Koji had become a force to be

    reckoned with. Koji made his way to the bar to have a drink. Lydia stayed closebehind him while Qa'Dojo and Jenassa found company. Koji was then filled with

    an idea, he told his group to wait for him in the pub while he wandered off.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    With Qa'Dojo, Jenassa, and Lydia waiting at the Bee and Barb, Koji snuckoff to the Temple of Mara. He asked the priest there how marriage in Skyrim

    worked, and was informed that it was quick and lovely. One must simply wear an

    Amulet of Mara to show they are looking for marriage, and if someone isinterested the two undergo a wedding ceremony in the Temple. Koji quickly

    bought an Amulet for two hundred gold. He put it on and returned to the Bee and

    Barb. Qa'Dojo sat at a table reading Gods and Worship, Lydia impatiently sat at

    the counter, and Jenassa approached Koji after waiting for his return. When she

    approached him she noticed his new Amulet of Mara, which she acknowledged,

    Koji asked "Are you interested?" to which she responded "Indeed. I am." to which

    Koji responded "As am I." to which she responded "It's settled then! We'll be

    married! You can arrange with the priest our ceremony at the temple! I cannot

    wait, my love!" Excited and ready for some matrimony baby-making, Koji ran to

    the Temple to make the needed preparations. The priest made arrangements for the

    wedding to occur tomorrow! Koji sat down and waited for a straight twenty-four


    Upon the end of his waiting, the Temple was filled with citizens of Riftenall excited for the wedding. Lydia told Koji that she was so happy for him. Qa'Dojo

    began ranting on the spirituality of marriage, but was interrupted by the priest who

    began the sermon of Jenassa's and Koji's marriage. However...Qa'Dojo kept

    talking... For a while Koji could not hear the priest, but the wedding continued.

    Lydia had a seat in the front row, while Qa'Dojo stood and watched the love

    unfold. With the exchange of "I do"s, Jenassa and Koji were wed, and she joined

    the House of Boon. She insisted that they move into a house, but Koji wanted her

    to remain by her side until he could afford a nice one in Whiterun, or perhaps even

    Windhelm once he conquered it. They went back to the Bee and Barb and had

    earthshaking sex. The power of the Thu'um resonated throughout the entire Rift as

    Koji and Jenassa delighted in their honeymoon. Qa'Dojo and Lydia stayeddownstairs, discussing the war and how the Eight fit in with it all. With the sunrise

    and love in the air, Koji and Jenassa, accompanied by Qa'Dojo and Lydia, set forth

    to Morthal to retrieve the Horn of the Dragonborn, finish the trials of the

    Greybeards, and figure out how all of this relates to the return of Dragons.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    What use to be suspense is now a daily chore. Koji dives deeper and deeperinto the dungeon lay out before him, swinging and hacking at bandits, sorcerers,

    and the undead. Within minutes the Boon group finds themselves in the deepest

    chambers of their quest, and with no fear or worry they simply observe the beautyof the world forgotten.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Advancing further into the dungeon, Koji is amazed at the mysteries of thisworld. He thought he had seen it all with his college adventures, and yet he still

    finds these ruins that come alive at his presence. "Damn, that is quite a sight,"

    Jenessa says as Koji experiences his calling unfold. The weight of the reality of his

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    duty sinks in as he progresses towards the altar before him. With a wife, he now

    has more to lose, and with the title of Dragonborn he has more people to let down

    now, including those back at the College. At any moment his life could leave him,

    and the stakes are so high now.

    Upon approaching the altar, Koji discovered that the horn was gone! Amysterious note was left in its place, requesting that Koji meet this "friend" in the

    inn of Riverwood. He was to rent the attic room in the Sleeping Giant. Outraged,

    Koji crumbled the note and left the dungeon. Had this person not heard of a

    courier?! Koji's quickest way to Riverwood was to go to Solitude and purchase a

    carriage ride to Whiterun. Solitude was easy enough to find, and it is here that he

    may also get more details on joining the Imperial army.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Entering Solitude, Koji witnessed the execution of a supporter of UlfricStormcloak. Koji stood up front and cheered for his death. "Kingslayer Lover!

    Kingslayer Lover!" Koji shouted. As the axe of the executioner came down and

    sliced the head off the scum, Koji smiled under his mask. One less evil in this

    world. Koji explored Solitude, crafting Dwemer armor for Lydia so she matched

    Jenassa and Qa'Dojo and had more protection against the dangers to come. He

    proceeded to the Blue Palace where the met the wife of the late High King. She

    wept as she shared the story of her husband's death, and Koji knelt before her,

    vowing to avenge his death and join the Imperial Legion. Ulfric used the Voice to

    destroy High King Torygg. Such misuse of the Thu'um should not be tolerated,

    combine with the wrongful worship of Talos, and the racism of Windhelm, Koji

    was ready to end this monster. He found General Tullius and was assigned amission to clear bandits out of a stolen Keep. While Koji had to attend to the

    dragon matters, he wrote down his requirements of recruitment in his journal and

    promised to return when he had the time. Tullius and his soldiers seem to already

    have their hands full, and could wait while Koji finished the dilemma with the

    Horn. Koji leaves Solitude now with a solid goal with the Imperial Legion and a

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    passion to end Ulfric Stormcloak. Perhaps the power of the Thu'um will assist him

    when it comes time to get involved in the war.

    After traveling the lands of Skyrim, trading and bartering ores and ingotswith merchants far and wide, Koji developed his knowledge of weapons, smithing,armors, enchanting, alchemy, and speechcraft. With this advancement in strength

    he was ready to continue his quest. He had seen many things between the Imperial

    war-room and his meeting in Riverwood. In Markarth a Forsworn attempted an

    attack on a woman in the marketsquare, but an attack from vampires distracted him

    and alerted the guards of violence in the street before he could kill the woman. In

    the chaos he died, shouting that the Forsworn owned the Reach. Koji ran into evil

    wherever he went.

    Koji returned to Riverwood where he reserved a room in the inn. The notehe had received in place of the Horn had told him to go to the attic room, and yet

    there was no attic room. The innkeeper told him to wait in a small room to the left.

    He laid back as Jenassa snuggled with him. Qa'Dojo sat in the lobby reading of

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    The Dragonborn and Lydia waited outside Koji's room's door. Delphine, the

    innkeeper, came in and interrupted Koji's happy time with his wife and asked him

    to come with her to the other room. She led him to a secret room downstairs in the

    inn. Koji didn't know why she didn't tell him to wait in THAT room instead of wait

    in this small one, walk across the lobby, and then go downstairs, but he decided tojust go with it. Downstairs she informed him that the dragons were not returning,

    they were resurrecting, and she knew where the next one would return. She needed

    to steal the Horn to get his attention and ask for assistance, but could now return it

    to him. He was given the option to go assist her in killing the resurrected dragon,

    or return to Horn. The dragon was planned to arise in Kynesgrove, which was near

    High Hrothgar. He joined Delphine and traveled to Windhelm by carriage and then

    walked to Kynesgrove. In the night sky, Koji looked up to see the Moon glaring

    down at Nirn. In front of the piercing eyes of the moon flew a big black dragon,and it spoke in a dialect Koji did not yet know. With these words came the revival

    of a dragon, on this dirt mound it arose and soared across the sky, breathing fire

    and scorching Qa'Dojo's poor little tail. Lydia valiantly fought with her sword,

    Jenassa was knocked back by the wings of the beast, and Koji relentlessly shot

    arrows into the monster! It died, and its power dissolved into the soul of Koji.

    Delphine, humbled, admitted that Koji was the Dragonborn and explained herself

    and her motives. She believed that the Thalmor were involved with the return of

    the dragons. Koji, who despised the Thalmor after their attempts to murder him in

    the College, was a tad torn - for the Imperials had political connections with the

    Thalmor. He would need to find a way to approach this situation, but until then, it

    is back to the Throat of the World to return this Horn and complete his Greybeard


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    With his eyes set on High Hrothgar atop the Throat of the World, Kojitraveled across the swamps and forests that distanced between him and the

    mountain. As Koji walked, he couldn't help but admire the tenacity of his group.

    No matter what threat game, they charged with an ambition it eradicate it.

    Stumbling over fallen trees and trudging through heated pools of water, Koji of

    House Boon, Jenassa: Wife of Koji, Qa'Dojo: Scholar of the Arch-Mage Koji, and

    Lydia: Housecarl of the Thane of Whiterun, Koji were ready to face whatever lied

    before them. The shouts and chants and calling of the dragons beckoned to Koji

    from the top of a small mountain. On his map, there was another dragon burial

    nearby. Desiring to get the most out of his travels and master the Thu'um for the

    Greybeard's trials, Koji climbed the slope and saw another Dragon Wall. Koji

    approached the wall with a caution, looking around to see if there were anydragons or a dragon priest nearby. Alas, he was safe, and the knowledge of the

    Thu'um filled his soul.

    As Koji descended the mountain, he heard a cry of a woman. Looking inthe distance he saw a sorcerer fighting a bear with a variety of spells. Koji ran to

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    her aid. By the time he got to her the bear was gone and she turned hostile towards

    Koji and his wife and friends. Koji drew his sword and struck the woman. The

    woman roared a vicious war at the strike of his sword, and Koji fell back. The hag

    rose to the air and transformed into an Illusion Dragon. This purple beast soared

    through the sky, hurling fireballs at Koji and the others. Koji took shelter behind arock and switched from his sword to his bow and arrow. He fired at the dragon

    several times, significantly weakening it. As its body became weaker, it became

    angrier. After landing and breathing fire upon the group, it violently pushed from

    the land into the sky, splitting into two different dragons! One was real, the other

    was an illusion. Koji was incredibly confused at what one was real as they both

    dived in the air breathing fire at him. Koji fired an arrow into the sky, hitting the

    dragon! The dragon burst into a light explosion of spectral energy - it was the

    illusion! The other dragon had landed and was scorching Qa'Dojo, Lydia, andJenassa! Of the three, one of them managed to swing and bloody up the face of the

    dragon. The dragon rose and split again, this time the illusion dragon was clean,

    while the real one had blood splattered across its body. Koji fired at the bloody

    dragon as the fakes ones continued to split in the sky.

    Before long, four or five fake yet dangerous dragons swarmed the sky.Qa'Dojo's body flung around, Jenassa was nowhere to be found, Lydia's armor was

    beginning to melt to her body, and Koji reached for an arrow only to find that hisquiver was empty. Afraid to approach the dragon with a sword, Koji used his

    knowledge from the College to freeze the beast. Shooting ice from his hands, Koji

    pressed towards the dragon that shot fire from its mouth. Ice and fire, battling it out

    in the fields of Skyrim. Just as Koji got the upper hand and nearly killed the beast,

    the illusions of the dragon flew in behind Koji. Their wings gusted Koji over the

    real dragon. The real dragon, now free of Koji's ice, roared fire at Koji at he flew

    across the sky. "Vol!" the dragon shouted, and Koji flew higher in flames. "Vol!"

    the dragon shouted again, as Koji was projected higher and higher. Finally Koji

    was out of the reach of the dragon's fire, but alas it was too late. The thrusts of the

    illusion dragons and the flames of the real dragon had launched Koji to a

    dangerous height. He plummeted towards the ground, landing on a rock with a

    mighty thud. His bones broke and his breath left him.

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    For a brief moment he looked to the sky. He saw the sun, the beautiful sunthat he had admired with Qa'Dojo, Jenassa, and Lydia just days ago. He looked to

    the North and remembered his days at the College, the lessons he learned and the

    adventures that his instructor Toldrif had sent him on. The leadership of SavosAren that led Koji to meet his wife Jenassa and his closest friend, Qa'Dojo. Koji's

    mask, the mask of the dragon priest, the mask of the one who sought power above

    all else - was fused to his face by the flames of the illusion dragon. As he lay in the

    grass, he shouted to Qa'Dojo, Jenassa, and Lydia, "We got this!" And with that,

    Koji of House Boon died.

    Jenassa ran to her husband's corpse and fell to her knees in heartbreak at thesign of her love's lifeless body. She needed to kiss him, hold him, one more time.

    She reached for his mask to remove it, but it would not budge. For every tug, flesh

    ripped. She screamed to the Eight, begging to bring him back, but he simply lay -

    absent of any response. In the distance, the collection of illusion dragons cornered

    Qa'Dojo. With a staff in one hand and a sword in the other, Qa'Dojo shot bolts of

    lightning and swung with all his might. But the dragons closed in, one bit at his

    leg, the other at his arm, and one at his head. "Tonight, I walk upon warm sands

    with the Aedra and Daedra, lightness and darkness!" And with that, Qa'Dojo's body

    was torn into pieces, and he was no more.

    Lydia ran towards the dragons and jumped onto the back of one of thebeasts. With a valiant swing, she brought her sword - crafted by the hands of Koji -

    down upon the beast. But the beast was a mere illusion, and vanished from reality.

    Her sword continued to fall, digging deep into the ground. At this sight the real

    dragon scorched her, forging her gloves to the handle of her sword and burning her

    alive. With her sword stuck in the ground of Koji's death sight, and with her hands

    upon her sword defending the Boon clan, Lydia died.

    Jenassa stared at all the death with agony in her heart. With little time tospare, she ran from the collection of dragons that filled the sky and land. She ran

    and ran until arriving at Windhelm nearby. Selling the dragon bones and scales that

    Koji asked her to carry, she bought a boat ticket to Daggerfall. Nine months later,

    she gave birth to a child, Koji of House Boon, second of his namesake. And so

  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    ends the legend of Koji of House Boon of Skyrim, Dragonborn, Arch-Mage,

    Husband and Father. May he dine in Sovngarde with his great elder, Koji Boon of

    the Boon Brotherhood.

    The End

    Thank you for


  • 8/13/2019 Koji of House Boon


    Tune in 4.4.14 for the

    adventures of KojiBoon