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October Issue
  • 1701 Washington Avenue - Miami Beach, FL 33139 - (305) 538-2503 - www.tesobe.org

    Voice of Emanu-El October 2013 / Tishrei-Cheshvan 5774~ Volume 2


    Rabbi Marc [email protected] ext.232

    Executive DirectorJoan [email protected] ext.224

    Finance Director Hector [email protected] ext. 222

    Office AdministratorPaula [email protected]

    Marketing & Media DirectorAna [email protected] ext.242

    Facility ManagerGlen [email protected] ext.234

    Program Director and AdministratorArielle [email protected] ext.221

    Chairman of the BoardDr. Phillip Frost

    Co-PresidentJoel Hoppenstein

    Co-PresidentJerry A. Jacobs

    1st Vice PresidentJacqueline Simkin

    2nd Vice PresidentBrian Heller

    Immediate Past PresidentJeffrey A. Rynor*

    Board of Directors

    Geoffrey AaronsonSandra AaronsonBetty ClarickDedee CohenHoward CohenAnn-Lynn Denker, PH.D.David GreenbergTibor Hollo*Richard LehrmanRosalind Lehrman, PH.D.Raul Moncarz, PH.D.

    Paul RiemerLawrence Schantz*Joy SpillShayna SirkinLeah SternLeon Tenenbaum*Brenda VargasGeorge WeissJanet WolkJudith Wurtman, PH.D.

    Advisory Board

    Amanda AdlerMichael Adler*Arthur AndermanArthur Barr*Hon Elaine BloomIrving CowanBarton GoldbergChristopher GrowaldLucero LevyJoan MussMartin Nash, z"l*Jerry PotashnickHoney Revitz


    Dr. Irving Lehrman, z"l, Founding RabbiMr. Sam Friedland, z"l, Chairman Emeritus

  • The first Shabbat of October, which coincides with the beginning of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan is Parashat Noach.

    God said to Noach, The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with robbery through them, and behold, I am about to destroy them from the earth. (Genesis, 6:13)

    How come Noach is chosen to be saved by specifically building an Ark? After all, when God tells Noach that the earth will be destroyed, Noach doesnt do anything: he doesnt pray, nor does he try to influence the generation. In fact, the Rabbis have criticized him for his indifference towards Gods warning. By contrast, when God tells Avraham that Sdom will be destroyed, Avraham goes straight there, argues with God not to destroy it, and does everything to give it a second chance.

    Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach quotes Rashi who says that Noach was a maamin veeino maamin, a believer and a non-believer. What does it mean to be a believer and a non-believer? Carlebach explains that Noach believed in God, but he didnt believe that God believed in him.

    So Noach didnt believe that he could make a difference. In the 120 years it took him to

    build the Ark, Noach had a chance to speak to people, to try to influence them. But the problem was that Noach didnt believe in himself; imagine Noach saying: Would you like to maybe do teshuvah? Obviously, it didnt go anywhere this way.

    So Noach entered this huge floating zoo. The Rabbis tell us that during the time he spent in the Ark, Noach never had a good night sleep. He had to feed all the animals, each of which had a different feeding schedule. He constantly moved from one animal to the next to make sure that each was properly fed and taken care of. Our sages say that he gave of himself until he was coughing blood. He gave of himself until there was nothing left to give.

    Something special happened in the Ark: Noachs kindness to his passengers brought a new spirit, his actions in the Ark taught him real faith: the understanding that God believed in him. Sometimes, faith is the realization that what God wants from us is to give of ourselves to others. This is the paradigm here, Noachs kindness not only brought a new spirit in the Ark, it brought a new reality into the world. The experience brought faith to Noach, and hopefully we learn from it. After all, were all in the same boat.

    Shabbat Shalom,Rabbi Marc Philippe

    Sometimes, faith is the realization that what God wants from us is to give of ourselves to others

  • For Judaics


    Parashat Hashavua: Each week we will review the Parashat Hashavua, the weekly Torah portion. In this weeks Torah portion, we learned about Noah and his Ark, the Tower of Babel and the confusion of all the languages in the world.

    Shabbat: We will continuously review how we experience Shabbat. We will learn the blessings on the challah (Hamotzi) and the wine (Hagefen) and learn about kiddush.

    Holidays: We will learn about the holidays throughout the Jewish year, a couple weeks before each holidays. Students will be able to identify and incorporate the major points of each holiday at Temple Emanu-El and in their own homes.

    Prayer: Students will be able to recite the Modeh Ani, the morning prayer and we will learn new prayers each month according to the order of tefillah, prayer.

    Terminology: Students will be able to identify and understand Jewish terminologies such as Shabbat, havdalah, parsha, sidra, chumash and Talmud.

  • Our Young L e a d e r s h i p division is rapidly growing at Temple Emanu- El!

    We had our first Young Leadership event

    in conjunction with the Jewish Museum-FIU on August 22nd, and our second event is rapidly approaching!

    Come out this Saturday Night at 9PM to 37th and Collins (on the beach) to create a drum roll!

    The event is free, however please RSVP on facebook so we know

    how many snacks we need to bring!

    Please feel free to bring any musical instrument including homemade ones such as buckets and pipes.

    Follow our link here: https://w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m /events/545997645435541/

    And please join our Young Leadership group!: https://w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m /groups/546757658721070/

    If you would like to be involved in any shape or form, please dont hesitate to be in touch with me!

    I can be reached via email at [email protected] or via cell at 917-509-7528.

    Arielle ShimkoProgram Director & Administrator

    Temple Emanu-El Young Leadership Update

  • Please note that the following debate will be held at Temple Emanu-El

    Commission Candidate ForumOctober 15th - 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm

  • Chanukah is in November!

    -Come every day lo light our beautiful giant Menorah in front of the synagogue: first candle will be on Wednesday, Nov. 27

    Dont miss our special Chanukah events!

    - Saturday night, Nov. 30 at 6:30 pm:Candle lighting, Havdallah, and concert by the Youth Choir of our twin city: Nehariyah

    -Wednesday, December 4, at 7pm. Last day of Chanukah:Candle lighting, music and party on the street!

    Contact us if youhave any questions:(305) 538-2503

  • Rabbi Meir of Peremyshlyany, the renowned wonder-working rabbi, once told the following story:

    When I was a young man, I wanted to see Elijah the Prophet. I read everything I could about where he appears, and to whom he appears. I recited prayers and read of his adventures out loud, hoping, always hoping, that he would appear. I even walked through open fields in every direction and talking to every traveler I met on the way. Maybe this one would be Elijah, perhaps that one Finally I talked to my father about my desire to see Elijah. And my father answered, If you study Torah with complete devotion, you will become worthy of seeing Elijah the Prophet.

    So I applied myself with my whole heart and soul to my studies. I studied the sacred books day and night for four weeks without stop. At that point I went to my father and said, Father, I did what you said I should do, and still Elijah has not appeared. You assured me that he wouldNar groiser, you are too impatient! Youth is often impatient. But remember, if you deserve to see Elijah, then he will appear.

    Well, one night, as I was reading a portion of Torah while sitting in my fathers Beit Midrash, a poor traveler came in. His clothes were dirty and torn, with patches one on top of the other. He was ugly besides, and he was carrying a heavy pack.

    As he put his pack down, I was disturbed to see that it was only an old beggar with his dusty, dirty things who was bothering me, rather than Elijah. This made my anger and annoyance explode, and I shouted, Hey, take your things away from this place. Its a place of holy study, cant you see that?

    Im very tired, replied the traveler. Let me rest a while and then Ill go to find a place to sleep.

    But I would not let him stay, and instead told him how my father does not like strangers to come with their dirty packs to stay here. And the traveler left.

    As soon as he was gone, my father came into the room. Nu, have you seen Elijah the Prophet? he asked me.

    No, not yet. Im trying to have patience. I replied

    So, tell me my son, was anyone here tonight? he asked.

    Yes, but no one who mattered. Just a poor traveler with a heavy pack that was filthy, I answered.

    And you, my son, did you greet him with Sholom Aleichem?

    Of course not. Such a tramp, disturbing my holy thoughts!

    I said.

    But why didnt you, my son? Didnt you know it was Elijah the Prophet who came to visit? Now I fear that it is too late, my father told me.

    So from then on, Rabbi Meir concluded his story, I always make sure to greet every person I meet with a warm Sholom Aleichem. And I say it with my whole heart, no matter what that person looks like, no matter who that person is, no matter what his position may be Sholom Aleichem!

    Tales of Elijah the Prophet:

    The Greeting

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

    AnniversariesMr. & Mrs. Peter WhitmoreMr. & Mrs. Mathew AdlerMr. & Mrs. Adam NashRabbi & Mrs. Marc Philippe De RocaMr. & Mrs. Jesse WachsJudge & Mrs. Ron DresnickDr. & Mrs. Steven SutnickMr. & Mrs. R

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