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Kraft företagspresentation

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Mats Lindberg


HISTORY1935Business started with Battery Chargers1948Traction and Plating businesses added1955ESP business added1980Premises in Surte1996Hong Kong subsidiary1996Reverse pulse plating business developed199920052008Kraft CPS Ltd, a UK subsidaryKraft Electronic Shanghai Ltd.PowerconHISTORYRectifierType LR345,5A/6V

Advertising picture from 1955 for battery charger




UPS SYSTEMSStarted with battery chargers 1935Now sophisticated range of Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS SYSTEM FOR GASTURBINESRinghals Nuclear Power Plant

Kraft supplied UPS System

High Voltage Power Supply (ESP)

Long Experience of ESP Power Supply!The principle known for more than 100 yearsIn the middle of the 1950-ies industrial viableKraft first deliveries in 1955Has supplied approx. 12 000 TR-units and 11 000 control cubiclesMost of them are still in operation

Before ESP

15Modern ESP Gives Clean Air

Kraft Main CustomersFL Smidth, CopenhagenKaukama OYFingo Eco Svensk Rkgasenergi ABRafaco (ELWO), PolandAir Treatment Systems, MilanLurgi Bischoff, EssenH Petersen , WiesbadenElex, ZurichAlstomHigh Current Power SupplyLow voltageHigh currentHot, humid, aggressive and corrosive environmentWide range of applications

Wide Range Of ApplicationsPrinted Circuit Board platingReel-to-reel platingGeneral Metal Finishing (GMF)Hard Chrome PlatingAnodisingElectrophoresisElectroformingChlorine PreparationHydrogen ProductionCorrosion ProtectionBallast Water Treatment

Metal Finishing

Product RangeSwitch Mode Power up to 30 000APole reverse units for general metal finishingPulse Plating units with or without polarity reverseMulti rectifier systems tailor madeStand alone or embedded controlsThe most common protocols for communicationA wide variety of options to meet individual customer needs Water cooling

Sales And Service Agentsaround the World

Some CustumersOEMsEnd-usersAtotechSweden, GermanyBodycoteSwedenAELTaiwanDalianChinaCandorSwedenBMWGermanyRobert BoschGermanyKCEThailandEnthone OMISweden, UKRoyal MintUKGainfordHong KongSanminaMalaysiaPALHong Kong, UK, MalaysiaProton FinishingSwedenSchltterSweden, GermanyShort BrothersUKOcean SaverNorway

VolvoSwedenPower Supplies for Traction UsePS for automatic train control computersAC/DC and DC/AC converters for air condition systemsBattery chargersDC/DC convertersVoltage stabilitisers

The MarketThe traction market is almost 100% captive in Sweden.It is dominated by a few large groups, like Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom.25Thank You For Your Attention!We are looking forward to co-operating with you!26

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