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La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’...

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Private Clients: Anchors aweigh! Insurance tips for boatowners Arts & Entertainment: Insurance pitfalls for a 21st century dance company Media & Production: All about 3D: protection for your production Science & Technology: Online & data perils exposed La Playa Financial Management: Auto-enrolment pensions: where to begin? People like you like us. Passionate. Discerning. Independent. La Playa: Insurance with Intelligence ® Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority LA PLAYA p la ya Winter 2012/13 news from the beach
Page 1: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Private Clients: Anchors aweigh! Insurance tips for boatowners

Arts & Entertainment: Insurance pitfalls for a 21st century dance company

Media & Production: All about 3D: protection for your production

Science & Technology: Online & data perils exposed

La Playa Financial Management: Auto-enrolment pensions: where to begin?

People like you like us. Passionate. Discerning. Independent.

La Playa: Insurance with Intelligence®

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


p l a y a

Winter 2012/13

news from the beach

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Page 2: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign



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This newsletter and most policyinformation is available in largeprint – please let us know how wecan make the information moreaccessible to you.


Welcome to our winter newsletter! We hope2012 has been an exhilarating year for you sofar. We’ve been insuring all sorts of Jubilee andCultural Olympiad events – including thebeautiful Peace Camp by Artichoke. Fortunatelyeven the sodden summer we’ve had didn’tmanage to rain on anybody’s parade!

And while we’ve been celebrating, our NewYork office has started to work with manyorchestras through our League of AmericanOrchestras Insurance Program, and haslaunched the North American Performing ArtsManagers & Agents Association InsuranceProgram. Here in the UK, growth continuesapace and we’re delighted to announce our newMarine Insurance offering for yachts andsuperboats. It’s also an exciting time for ourScience and Technology practice, with the launchof Lab Portfolio™, our new policy for start-up,early stage and SME research and developmentbusinesses.

A very warm welcome to our new starters at LaPlaya, and to new clients who have come on boardsince our last issue – welcome to “The Beach”!

Mark Boon, CEO


Headline Numbers:giant water sculpture insured at theOlympic park 1



2 La Playa weddings

years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn


La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign up at laplayainsurance.com and receive:

• Risk management tips

• Offers from the La Playa community

24 hours was all it took to find cover for “Lo Monstre” at Leeds festival

2000 illuminated tents of Peace Camp,produced by Artichoke

Glee star insured

new faces at La Playa New faces

Jessica Hiscock, Financial Services Administrator Jessica joins La Playa Financial Management having worked asa freelance paraplanner in Dorset before relocating toCambridge. Certified in Financial Planning and Administration,she is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. In

her spare time she enjoys pottering in her garden, local history and weeklyhumiliation on the badminton court.

Patrick Gordon, IT Manager Patrick has worked with computers since they were loaded -very slowly - from cassette tapes. Distracted for 2 years by thejoys of performing with a Goth band around Europe, Patrickreturned to computers and published the Guardian on CD-ROM, worked on crime fighting software and then moved to

the internet, building websites including La Playa’s. Outside of work, Patrickcan be found at woodwork classes making boxes and tables.

We love it when clients and professionalcontacts guest-write our blog, so if you havesomething you’d like to share, send it [email protected]

Blogging from the Beach

Casey Grabowski, Corporate Account ExecutiveCasey started at La Playa in September 2012 to join our teamof Media and Production specialists. Previously based in NewYork, Casey focused on insuring film and music videos, photo-shoots and advertising. With more than 8 years’ experience

under her belt, Casey also holds a New York brokers licence. When Caseyisn’t advising, you can find her rocking out at gigs, reading or travelling.

The greatest compliment you can pay us is to tell your colleagues and friends – and we’ll send you a Fortnum and Masonhamper when new private clients mention your recommendation…

“When you get good service it’sworth shouting about”…in the words of one of our clients.

Private Clients Arts &Entertainment

Science & Technology

La Playa: Insurance with Intelligence®

Media &Production

...to Elaine who tookpart in the NationalLottery Olympic Parkrun in the spring!


Mike Taylor-West, Head of Private Client & Marine, LondonMike is a graduate of the Institute of Marine Studies, Universityof Plymouth, where he majored in Maritime Business and MarineLaw. Formerly Director of Savills Insurance Services (PrivateClients), and with underwriting experience at Chubb Masterpiece

and Pantaenius Yacht Insurance, Mike brings 20 years of private clientinsurance experience, passion and enthusiasm in his field of expertise. Rarelyhappy unless within sight of water, Mike can usually be found on the Solent inhis free time.

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Page 3: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Private Client Practice GroupA personal and responsive service for private clients. We specialise in advice and cover for period, listedand modern homes, vehicles, yachts and motorboats, wine collections, antiques, jewellery and art on aworldwide basis.

Buying a boat is probably one of the biggest purchasedecisions after your home – perhaps it’s the most importantpurchase made in a lifetime, but research suggests thatpeople spend a fraction of the time they spend on homeinsurance on their boat cover. These useful tips will helpprotect your yacht, motorboat or superyacht:

1. Make sure cover is in force as soon as you or a lender has afinancial interest.

2. Seek an “agreed value policy”, to avoid being out of pocketwhen a claim settlement is based on a depreciating marketvalue; and ensure that you include the financial value of anyextras added or enhancements made.

3. If it’s a used vessel and you’re unsure of the condition or value,get a survey. Any vessels over 10 years of age or of non-standard construction are likely to need a survey for insurancepurposes.

4. Standing rigging should be serviced at regular intervals.Consider replacing it after 10 to 15 years - or earlier, dependingon vessel type and usage.

5. Keeping your boat in a marina can reduce premium.

6. Chartering and racing are not standard covers and you shouldinform your insurer of any intentions in this area, as it mayincur an additional premium and risk considerations.

7. If you’re crewing your craft, perhaps for the first time, you mayneed to consider crew liability and potentially accident andmedical cover.

8. Personal effects, outboard engines for tenders and loose itemsshould be stowed and locked away to deter the opportunistthief. If the engine is fixed, ensure that it has an outboard lock– most policies won’t pay claims without this.

Whether you operate your own craft or employ a skipper and crew,prefer a portfolio or separate policies, we’d be delighted to talk toyou. At your convenience, we’ll carry out a complimentary reviewof your current insurance arrangements, without obligation.

1. Ms X put a £6,000 ring in a sockfor safekeeping but accidentlythrew it away some months laterwhen spring cleaning! The insurerspaid the claim in full.

2. Mr Y put out a number ofexpensive suits in bin bags to betaken to cleaners. The housecleaner thought they were rubbish,and put them out for collection.The suits were never seen again.The claim was paid in full.

3. Mrs Z damaged a ring costing£4,000. During the claim, shemailed it for assessment. Theenvelope arrived empty! Althoughthe ring should have remained athome the claim was still paid infull.

We’re confident we can make yourclaims experience a good one. If youneed to make a claim, please call uson 01223 200650.

1. Try to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, and introduce changesgradually.

2. Use professional fine art handlers and installers whenever possible.3. At least two people should handle large works to manage size and weight safely.4. Wash hands or wear gloves to prevent oil and dirt from damaging the surface.5. Never install a painting near heating vents or frequently used fireplaces; in direct

sunlight; or in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or outsidedoorways to these areas.

5 Tips onprotecting yourArt at home

Our claims promise:We’re on Your Side

Anchors aweigh! Insurance tips for boatowners

Matthew MulleePrivate Client [email protected]


o: J





Contact: Mike Taylor-West Dip CIIHead of Private Client & Marine, London020 7002 [email protected]@MTWLaPlaya

“Extremely helpful in all respects and I have recommended you tofriends already!” John F

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Page 4: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Our specialist practice for the performing arts and live events in the UK and USA. Providing expert advice and coverfor artists and touring companies, agents and artist managers, festivals, venues and promoters, and dance schools.

Arts & Entertainment Practice Group

PANDA was originally set up as apilot project in 2002 to providean essential network anddevelopment agency forperforming arts practitioners inGreater Manchester.

PANDA now has over 1300members and supports performingarts practitioners working in:

• Theatre & Dance• Street & Music Theatre • Live & Multi-disciplinary Arts • Writing (for stage)

PANDA’s work includes projectsranging from one-off bespokeevents to ongoing specialistsupport programmes. The FutureJobs Fund is an initiative to getyoung people into work.


Tracey McCreath, ACII, DirectorMedia, Arts & Entertainment @TraceyatLaPlaya


o: J





Performing Arts Network& Development Agency(Panda) Discounted insurance forPANDA members

At La Playa we love dance, from ballroom to hip hop to ballet. Our team includes severalpractitioners, and we’re passionate about helping protect your dance company

Happy Feet Client Spotlight:

Dance companies have very specificrisks and there are some standardinsurance pitfalls: a standardbusiness policy may not offer youthe specialist wording that youneed. For example, is yourequipment covered if it’s left in anunattended vehicle? Do your TourManagers carry per diems whilst ontour? There’s nothing worse thantrying to make a claim, only to betold you’re not covered at thecrucial moment.

What if……an audience member is injured at your performance?…borrowed costumes, props or equipment get damaged?…one of your dancers is injured on stage?…one of your international venues isn’t listed on your insurancepolicy? …you don’t get your visas and have to leave performers at home?

Here are some classic examples of where you might find ‘holes’ instandard policies:

• Are all of your tours covered under one policy? By insuring themon an annual basis you can save cost, and admin!

• Are you touring internationally? If so, you shouldn’t have to payextra to cover this, or need to list the individual venues you’reperforming in.

• Are equipment and costumes covered whilst out of storage? Or ifleft in a vehicle? This is a common caveat in policies.

• Do you work from home? Does your policy include all yourequipment at home?

• Are all of your permanent and freelance employees and dancerscovered, worldwide?

• Check your money is covered anywhere in the world, especially ifyou are touring most of the year.

• Think through the impact of cancellation, for example, a delay atan airport could cause serious problems for your cast members.Do you need cancellation insurance?

• Check you have the right level of travel insurance for medicalassistance and personal belongings.

• Are your trustees exposed? Make sure you have trustee liability.

With more than 20 years’ experience and technical know-how, wecan provide a practical and time-saving insurance solution. You canprotect your income streams with La Playa’s modular policy,Performing Arts Portfolio; it offers exceptional protection underONE policy, which saves you time and money. We also avoid usingjargon, so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

For a free insurance health-check or for moreadvice, contact:Paula Hawthorne, Head of Performing Arts01223 [email protected]@paulalaplaya

We Dance

Cancellation Insurance for Christmas Events Buy your insurance for Christmas events now to secure better rates!


"La Playa has an excellent understanding of the business andoperates as a business partner, not just an insurance service. Iwouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, a great team.”

Britten Sinfonia

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Page 5: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Specialist insurance for creative businesses: media and mediatech, film and television production, postproduction, editing, broadcast technicians (camera/light/sound), graphic design, multi-media, photography,marketing & PR, studios and film promotion & distribution.

“...extremely professional and commercial and always manages to provide the right level ofinsurance package at a competitive price.”

Finance Director, CSC Media Group

Media & Production Practice Group

Filming with two cameras continuously iscurrently the only way to shoot 3D, andthis means that the production is morevulnerable to disruption if somethinggoes wrong. If one of your main camerasfails part-way through filming, howwould that affect your bottom line?

Top 5 Risk Management Tips 1) Make a contingency plan – do you

know what to do if your main camerafails? Where would you source areplacement at short notice? How longwould it take to reschedule the shoot?

2) Write and publish back-up plans.3) Make sure your policy includes

Negative/Faulty Stock as this will coverthe costs of a re-shoot if it’s down tofaulty equipment or damaged negativefilm.

4) Ensure Extra Expenses is included inyour cover so you can recoup costs.Extra Expenses reimburses for theadditional costs to complete filmingarising from loss of/damage to

property, equipment and mechanicalbreakdown of cameras andprops/sets/wardrobe.

5) Check the small print! If you’re hiringin equipment, find out who iscontractually responsible for payingcontinuing hire changes for anydamaged/faulty equipment. It’s mostlikely going to be you.

3D First Aid Kit“Must-have covers”• Camera breakdown – this covers the

cost of repair or replacement• Alternative hire which pays for costs

incurred to temporarily replacedamaged equipment

• Damage to props, sets and wardrobe• Extra Expenses, incurred due to

physical damage to facilities (e.g.locations, equipment, props, sets,wardrobe)

• Non-appearance – losses arising fromcast members being unable to performdue to accident or illness

• Damage to negative, videotape, digitalmedia.

• Faulty stock provides cover for loss dueto use of faulty cameras, soundequipment and developing.

• Employers’ & Public Liabilities – a legalrequirement

• Hired audio liability• Motor insurance for hired in vehicles

With our Media Portfolio policy, we canensure that you’re covered for anyeventuality, and because our advisers areexperienced in the field, they can adviseyou of what you do (and don’t) need.

La Playa is delighted to be working withthe Media Innovation Network toprovide specialist insurance solutions fortheir members, including a 10% discounton Media Portfolio.

The Media Innovation Network is a jointinitiative by the media, design and musicclusters in South West England. It helpsinnovative companies and individualsworking in digital media and the creativeindustries to share knowledge andcollaborate, access market intelligenceand sector information, and developskills by connecting with researchcentres and knowledge hubs. It alsohelps promote excellence within thecreative industries by hosting the MediaInnovation Awards.


The 3D effect: why inadequate insurancecould put your production on hold3D films are growing in popularity, with trend-setting Avatar raking in more than $700 million; but withoutthe right insurance in place you could lose money (and the entire production) if problems occur on set.

our first joint event with Women inFilm and TV! We’ll be screeningWhere the Water Meets the Sky,produced by Camfed in November.

For more information or aquick and easy quotation,contact:Rachel Holmes01223 [email protected]

The Media InnovationNetwork & Awards

We’re delighted to be working with theActors’ Guild of Great Britain, a not-for-profit networking organisation supportingprofessional actors in the UnitedKingdom.

As well as offering a support network,forum and articles, members also enjoyexclusive discounts with leading industryservice providers and access to a schedule

of workshops andseminars led byindustryprofessionals. La Playa is pleasedto offer all Actors’ Guildmembers a 10% discount on their newPerformers Portfolio insurance policies.


Tracey McCreath, ACII, DirectorMedia, Arts & Entertainment @TraceyatLaPlaya


o: J





Coming soon… The Actors’ Guild of Great Britain

[email protected]

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Page 6: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Based in innovation hubs London, Cambridge and New York, our specialist team provides advice and cover forbusinesses in software & app development, social media, online gaming and multimedia publishing, ICT,Nanotechnology, Cleantech and other emerging technologies, and Life Science.

Science & Technology Practice Group

Matthew Clark, ACII, DirectorScience & [email protected]

“I would highly recommend La Playato any technology business that islooking for expert butstraightforward insurance advice.” Michael B, Venture Capitalist


o: T




How would your business fare in a cyber attack? Data Security & Cyber Risks ChecklistMalware, misplaced sensitive data, hacks, data theft by rogue staff, network take-downs and denial-of-service attacks - just some of the perils that are becoming major, every-day threats to business.

It’s not just the big boys of online retail who are at risk. Any firmholding data, having a website, using email, operating remote accesssystems - especially those using virtual or cloud-based services – musttreat data and network security as an integral part of robust businessoperations. According to research by Symantec:

• 25% of Internet users have been victims of cybercrime; that’s 14victims worldwide every second

• 40 new malicious programs are released onto the Internet everyminute

• Malware and cybercrime costs business $130bn a year

Insurance for these risks has been available for the past several years -yet recent surveys by Taylor Wessing and PwC show that the vastmajority of companies remain uninsured, with many completely unawareof the risks.

Take a good look at your business and use this checklist to make sure youhave the right cover:

PData and Network Security insurance to get you up and running fast

PCyber Liability

PMedia & Content Liability – including cover for user-generated content

PDefamation – in case you’re accused of libel, slander or disparagement

PIntellectual Property Rights Infringement – protection against allegationsof content infringement, including copyright and trademarks

PBreach of Privacy

PBreach Costs – including costs of IT forensics, notification of individuals,public relations, crisis management and credit monitoring

Online Health & Safety Solutions for R&D firmsLa Playa has partnered with Cardinus Risk Management to provide R&D clients with an online Health & Safety resource, includingtraining, online risk assessments and access to risk management experts. We’re delighted to offer each of our Lab Portfolio™ (our newR&D insurance policy) clients up to £150 to spend at cardinus.com

To find out more, contact Hanna Beaumont, Senior Account Executive 01223 200664 [email protected]

Contact Elaine Redington for further information. 020 7002 1541 [email protected]@EREDINGTON

Cyber Crime: an IT director who was dismissed byhis employer took revenge by deletingvaluable data. The ex-employee wasjailed for the hack but the companyincurred hefty recompilation costs.

Data Breach: a local government agency lost anunencrypted memory stick withdetails of young people’s healthrecords as well as their ethnicity,prompting a costly investigation.

IP Dispute: an importer of computer chips thatallowed people to play pirated videogames infringed copyright and brokeforeign laws forbidding thecircumvention of copy-protectiontechnology – resulting in a costlylawsuit.

Technology Failure: a bank’s mobile phone bankingapplication contained a security flawresulting in sensitive informationbeing saved in a hidden file on users’phones.

Retailer Neglect: an electronics retailer was hauledover the coals for allowing sensitivecustomer data to be dumped in askip next to one of its stores.

PBusiness Interruption – for lost income as a result of viruses,hacking or cyber crime causing ‘down-time’

You also need to consider your exposures in jurisdictions whereyou’re unfamiliar with the law – for example, UK and USDefamation laws differ significantly; you need a policy thatprotects you wherever you’re sued.

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Page 7: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

Dovetailing your insurance, investments and retirement planning & protection to make your money work harder• Private Clients: life assurance and family protection, pensions, investments and tax advice • Business: Business Protection and Employee Benefits Mike Palmer

Financial Services Manager Dip [email protected]

La Playa Financial Management

How does the Pension Act 2008 affectyour business?

• Employers are for the first time requiredto automatically enrol eligibleemployees into a pension scheme.

• Employers are now required to paypension contributions for anyemployees who join and stay in thepension scheme.

• The Pensions Regulator will police andenforce these new laws.

• Even if you have an existing workplacepension scheme, you may have to makechanges so that it complies with thenew laws.

Aside from the financial consequences ofauto-enrolment, employers need to beprepared:

• Identify your staging date, i.e. when youneed to be ready.

• Make an initial assessment of theworkforce to understand who is or isn’teligible.

• Ensure pensionscheme is in placefor automaticenrolment (existing,new or NEST).

• Get information ready for bothregulators and employees.

• Set up payroll and ensure it can meetthe demands.

• Get ready to manage opt-ins & opt-outs, joiners and leavers.

• Arrange record-keeping, which must berobust.

• Make a formal assessment of theworkforce and finalise the data.

Stay one step ahead of the game by beingproactive and planning.

Contact me to talk it through and arrange a complimentary review.01223 [email protected]@MikeLaplayafm


o: T




La Playa Financial Management LLP is an appointed representative of PB Financial Planning Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

“I just want to say what a great service I have had from La Playa around my pension...Mike Palmer has been incredibly thorough and has had the patience of a saint.Thanks to Mike I feel a lot more confident about the years ahead!”Ann C, Private Client

If you’re frustrated with the ongoing economic uncertainty, vagaries of the financial markets,banks losing credibility and wealth management companies exposed for mis-selling, you’renot alone! There has never been a more important time to review your existing financialarrangements and ensure that they continue to meet your long term goals.

New legislation effective 1 October 2012 means thatALL employers, both large and small, have to auto-enroltheir employees into a qualifying pension scheme. Ifonly it was that simple.

• Does your business rely on certainindividuals to generateincome/profits?

• Would income fall, even for a shortperiod, if those individuals wereunable to work?

• Would you need to employ either atemporary or permanentreplacement?

If you answered YES to any of the above,you may have a business protection need.You insure the business itself, but withoutcertain employees the business may notbe able to continue in the same way.

What is Key Person Insurance? It can include…

PLoss of profits suffered until areplacement is found, is in place andis fully effective.

PPayment for the (often substantial)costs of recruitment and training of areplacement.

PIf absence is due to critical illness,and if a return to work is likely,payment of income to the “absent”person, as well as funding the cost ofa temporary replacement.

Already have protection in place? Great,but when was this last reviewed..?

Both your business and the economicsituation have probably changedsignificantly in the past couple of years,meaning that the protection you put inplace may now not reflect your businessgoing forward.

Auto-enrolment – “To-Do” ListWho’s the life andsoul of yourbusiness?If you can name them, youprobably need Key PersonInsurance…

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Page 8: La Playa Newsletter Winter 2012 Playa Newsletter Winte… · 10 2 La Playa weddings years’ service celebrated by Julie Brooklyn Congratulations! La Playa’s 60-Second Wisdoms Sign

CAMBRIDGE:La Playa, The Stables, Manor Farm, Milton RoadImpington, Cambridge CB24 9NGT: +44 (0)1223 200650

Comedy Corner Recipe:Aromatic Porkwith Potatoes


1. Mix the pork with the lime or lemon juice, garlic, spices, salt and pepper. Cover andmarinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.

2. Heat the oil in a heavy flameproof casserole. Lift the pork from the marinade andbrown lightly in batches in the oil. Remove. Stir the onion into the casserole andcook until softened and lightly coloured.

3. Stir in the flour for 1 – 2 minutes. Over a low heat, stir in the stock, lime or lemonrind and marinade, and bring to the boil stirring. Return the pork to the casserole,cover and cook gently for 30 minutes. Add the potatoes and cook for about 40minutes until the meat and potatoes are tender. Stir the watercress and cream intothe cooking juices and heat through.

Preparation time: 25 minutes. Cooking time: 2½ hours


The following are genuine statements made on insurance claim forms...


• 900g (2lb) pork, cubed• 1 – 2 garlic cloves, crushed• 20ml (4 tsps) ground coriander• 20ml (4 tsps) ground cumin • Seeds from 14 cardamom pods, crushed• Grated rind and juice of 2 large limes or small lemons • 60ml (4tbsps) olive oil• 1 onion chopped• 25g (1oz) plain flour• 700ml (1¼ lbs) new or waxy potatoes, peeled and halve or quartered if large• Watercress leaves• 45ml (3tbsps) soured cream, or cream• Salt and pepper

"I had been driving for fortyyears when I fell

asleep at the wheeland had anaccident."

"I knew the dog was possessive about the

car but I would not have asked her to drive it

if I had thought there was any risk."

“I didn't think the speedlimit applied aftermidnight.”

"I was sure the old fellow would never make it to the

other side of the road when Istruck him."

"In an attempt to kill a

fly, I drove into a

telephone pole.”

"I was thrown fromthe car as it left the

road. I was laterfound in a ditch bysome stray cows."

“Windscreenbroken. Cause

unknown. ProbablyVoodoo.”

"I started to turn and it was at this

point I noticed a camel and an

elephant tethered at the verge. This

distraction caused me to lose

concentration and hit a bollard."

La Playa: Insurance with Intelligence®

Registered in England, no 3605982 Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within this newsletter, La Playa accepts no responsibility for any errorsor omissions. Printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable inks and alcohol free processes.


p l a y a

From Mike Cullen, Gardening expert and chefextraordinaire, Private Client Team

LONDON:60 Cannon StreetLondon EC4N 6NP T: +44 (0)20 7002 1007

NEW YORK:La Playa, 475 Park Ave South, 17th FloorNew York NY 10016T: +1 212 702 3352


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