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  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Lifeof Hai Ebn Yokdhan / Tufail, Ibn

    Author: Tufail, Ibn

    Title: The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Lifeof Hai Ebn YokdhanPublisher: Project GutenbergTag(s): sec; ebn yokdhan; hai ebn; yokdhan; ebn; essence; vizContributor(s): Easton, W.G. [Illustrator]Versions: original; local mirror; HTML (this file); printableServices: find in a library; evaluate using concordance

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    Title: The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn YokdhanAuthor: Ibn Tufail

    Release Date: October 8, 2005 [EBook #16831]Language: English

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  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


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    Produced by Marc D'Hooghe


    Exhibited in the Life

    of Hai Ebn Yokdhan


    Ibn Tufail (Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Tufail al-Qasi)

    Newly Translated from the Original Arabick by Simon Ockley


    * * * * *

    The Improvement of

    HUMAN REASON, Exhibited in the LIFE of _Hai Ebn Yokdhan_: Written in _Arabick_ above 500 Years _ago, by _Abu Jaafar Ebn Tophail_. In which is demonstrated,

  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    By what Methods one may, by the meer LIGHT OF NATURE, attain the Knowledg of things NATURAL and SUPERNATURAL;

    more particularly the Knowledg of God, and the Affairs of another Life. Illustrated with proper FIGURES, Newly Translated from the Original _Arabick_ by _SIMON OCKLEY_, A.M. Vicar of _Swanesey_ in _Cambridgshire_.

    With an APPENDIX, In Which the Possibility of Man's attaining the True Knowledg of GOD, and Things necessary to Salvation, without INSTRUCTION, is briefly consider'd.

    * * * * *

    To the Reverend

    _Mr_. Edward Pococke,

    Rector of

    _MINAL_, in _Wiltshire_.

    Reverend SIR,

    Hai Ebn Yokdhan _returns to you again, in a Dress different fromthatwhich you sent him out in. Wherever he comes, he acknowledgesyou for

    his first and best Master; and confesses, that his being put in a

  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    Capacity to travel thro'_ Europe, _is owing to your Hand. I couldnot inEquity send him to any other Person, you being the soleProprietor. And

    as your Learning enables you to do him Justice, so your Candorwillincline you to pardon what is by me done amiss. Both whichQualifications you enjoy, as a Paternal Inheritance, descendingfrom theReverend and Learned _Dr. Pococke,_ the Glory and Ornament ofour Age

    and Nation. Whose Memory I much reverence, and how much Iacknowledge myself indebted to him for his Learned Works, I thought I could nowayexpress better, than by taking some Opportunity to pay myRespects toyou, Sir, the worthy Son of so great a Father. And no fitter Bearer

    than_ Hai Ebn Yokdhan, _with whose Character and Languageyou are sowell acquainted, and to whom you have long ago shown so great aRespect,that I have no reason to fear but he will be welcome_.

    _I am_,

    _SIR,_ _Your most humble Servant_, Simon Ockley,

    * * * * *


  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    When Mr. _Pococke_ first publish'd this _Arabick_ Author withhisaccurate _Latin_ Version, _Anno_ 1671. Dr. _Pococke_ hisFather, that

    late eminent Professor of the Oriental Languages in the Universityof_Oxford_, prefix'd a Preface to it; in which he tells us, that he hasgood Reason to think, that this Author was contemporary with_Averroes_,who died very ancient in the Year of the _Hegira_ 595, which isco-incident with the 1198th Year of our Lord; according to which

    Account,the Author liv'd something above five hundred Years ago.

    He liv'd in _Spain_, as appears from one or two Passages in thisBook.He wrote some other Pieces, which are not come to our Hands.This hasbeen very well receiv'd in the East; one Argument of which is, that

    ithas been translated by _R. Moses_ _Narbonensis_ into _Hebrew_,andillustrated with a large Commentary. The Design of the Author istoshew, how Human Capacity, unassisted by any External Help,may, by due

    Application, attain to the Knowledge of Natural Things, and so byDegrees find out its Dependance upon a Superior Being, theImmortalityof the Soul, and all things necessary to Salvation.

    How well he has succeeded in this Attempt, I leave to the Readertojudge. 'Tis certain, that he was a Man of Parts and very goodLearning,

  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    considering the Age he liv'd in, and the way of studying in thoseTimes.There are a great many lively Stroaks in it; and I doubt not but ajudicious Reader will find his Account in the Perusal of it.

    I was not willing ('though importun'd) to undertake the translatingitinto _English_, because I was inform'd that it had been done twicealready; once by Dr. _Ashwell_, another time by the _Quakers_,whoimagin'd that there was something in, it that favoured theirEnthusiastick Notions. However, taking it for granted, that boththeseTranslations we're not made out of the Original _Arabick_, but outofthe _Latin_; I did not question but they had mistaken the Sense oftheAuthor in many places. Besides, observing that a great many ofmy

    friends whom I had a desire to oblige, and other Persons whom Iwouldwillingly incline to a more favourable Opinion of _Arabick_Learning,had not seen this Book; and withal, hoping that I might addsomething byway of Annotation or _Appendix_, which would not be altogether

    useless;I at last ventur'd to translate it a-new.

    I have here and there added a Note, in which there is an accountgivenof some, great Man, some Custom of the Mahometans explain'd,orsomething of that Nature, which I hope will not be unacceptable.And

  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    lest any Person should, through mistake, make any ill use of it, Ihavesubjoin'd an _Appendix_, the Design of which the Reader may seein its

    proper place.


    * * * * *


    _When I first undertook the Publication of this EnglishTranslation, Ithought it would not be amiss to present the World with aSpecimen of itfirst. But since the Introduction is such, that the Reader can nomoreby it give a Guess at what is contain'd in the Book itself, than a

    Mancan judge of his Entertainment by seeing the Cloath laid; I havethoughtit necessary to give him a Bill of Fare_.

    _The Design of the Author (who was a Mahometan Philosopher)is to shewhow Humane Reason may, by Observation and Experience, arriveat theKnowledge of Natural Things, and from thence to Supernatural;particularly the Knowledge of God and a Future State. And inorder tothis, he supposes a Person brought up by himself where he wasaltogether destitute of any Instruction, but what he could get fromhis

    own Observation_.

  • 8/7/2019 la vita di Hai Ebn Yokhdan


    _He lays the Scene in some_ Fortunate _Island situate under theEquinoctial; where he supposes this Philosopher, either to havebeenbred (accordi

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