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Date post: 26-Jul-2015
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Optimization through the Internet of Stormwater (IoS) Lessons Learned from Austin, Texas
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Optimization through the Internet of Stormwater (IoS)

Lessons Learned from Austin, Texas

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Focus of Presentation

-Internet of Things for Stormwater

-Challenges associated with the Internet of Stormwater

-Future opportunities for Civil Engineering

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Mission Statement

From the Plenary: Why are we here?

2008-2014Get my hands dirty, and change the world.

2015-Bring Civil Engineering into the 21st Century.

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What is State of the Art?




How about Revolutionary?

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World Smart Cities Expo

Energy, Transportation, Resiliency, Clean Water

Next to nothing on Stormwater

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The Face of Opportunity

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How it Works

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API: Application Programming Interface

-A modern way for different programs to exchange information

-It means we don’t have to develop the full stack

-Promotes leverage and collaboration with other software applications

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Something Useful!

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How Can We Engage in IoS?

-Don’t wait for Google X

-Get to know our local Universities

-Meet computer scientists and electrical engineers

-Hire brilliant interns to work on hard problems!

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Bridging the Gap

-If you’re in this room, you’re an expert at LID

-Computer Scientists will never be Civil Engineers…and vice versa

-Opportunity to leverage a different skill set

-Most students would rather work on real environmental problems

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What is your most exciting problem?

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Conferences: The Morning After

That sounds like a lot of work.-Few things worth while are easy

I’ll just do it the same way I always have.-Prone to risk aversion

It’s too fancy, too many moving parts.-Modern, elegant design approaches

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Endless Possibilities

-New ways of public engagement: Public displays showing the real-time impact of LID

-Organic analysis (metadata): Let the public provide input through citizen scientists

-Network-level effects: Real-time analysis of the watershed

-Continually driven by ubiquitous sensing

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Come Talk to Us

Scott Landers, EIT, [email protected]

Marcus Quigley, PE, CPESC, [email protected]