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Larry Frazin

Date post: 12-Mar-2016
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Larry Frazin is an award-winning artist’s manager in the music business, having managed the early success of Paula Abdul. Larry Frazin has also been president of 143/Atlantic Records home of multi-platinum artist Josh Groban, and the Irish singing group The Corrs. Larry Frazin is the owner of LIV GRN, an environmental sustainability project, and currently heads up his own indie label, Across The Universe Records.
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Larry Frazin Respected Veteran of the Music Industry
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Larry FrazinRespected Veteran of the Music Industry

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Respected Veteran Larry Frazin is a widely respect veteran of the music industry. After eight years with a top record marketing and promotion firm, Larry Frazin established Platinum Music, which became one of the most successful promotion and marketing firms in the business. He added Platinum Management, and guided the success of singer Paula Abdul and rockers, No Doubt. Larry Frazin later was president of David Foster’s 143/Atlantic Records. More recently he co-founded the sustainability organization LIV GRN. Larry Frazin is co-founder of his own indie label, Across The Universe Records.

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An Acclaimed Career

Larry Frazin has spent most of his professional life in the music business. An acclaimed artist’s manager, Larry Frazin guided the career of Paula Abdul to dizzying heights in the late 1980s and early 90s. He was hand-picked by David Foster to be president of 143/Atlantic Records, and today heads his own indie label, Across The Universe Records. Larry Frazin is co-founder of the environmental sustainability project LIV GRN.

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Music And The Environment

Larry Frazin has been involved with some of the biggest names in the music business during his 25-year career. After founding Platinum Music he guided the early success to Paula Abdul. Larry Frazin added to his profile building success at his record label, 143 Records, with multiplatinum Irish singing group The Corrs, and multi-platinum selling artist Josh Groban. Today Larry Frazin is focused on environmental matters with his sustainability project, LIV GRN, and founder of Across The Universe Records, an indie alternative music label distributed by Downtown Records

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