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Larsen & toubro constructions

Date post: 18-Jan-2015
Author: engineeringwatch
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  • 1. PRECAST TECHNOLOGY DEFINITION: Precast Technology is Technological innovation suitable for manufacturing processStructural elements are standardized and cast in factorySTANDARDIZATION OF ELEMENTSTransported to site on trailersErected on site by CranesELEMENTS ASSEMBLED TOGETHER WITH APPROPRIATE JOINTS

2. PROJECT DESCRIPTION G+23 Storey fully Precast Residential Building Total BUA = 1.2 M. Sq.ft. Divided in to 2 phases viz., Phase 1 Tower A, B, C (Completed) Phase 2 Tower D, E, F (Ongoing) Challenge of Building 24 storied residential towers using Precast in seismic zone 3 in Mumbai.PROJECT BRIEF: Total BUA1.2 M Sq.ft.Unit Configuration14-16 Units/ FloorSub StructurePile foundationGround & Terrace FloorConventional Construction1st to 23rd FloorPrecast Large Wall Panel System 3. SITE LAYOUTPhase - 1 Phase - 2 4. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS1. DESIGN 2. PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT3. SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION 4. STANDARDIZATION 5. QUALITY CONTROL 6. SAFETY 7. SUSTAINABILITY 8. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS 5. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERSBEST DESIGN PRACTICES IN ASIABEST DESIGN PRACTICES IN EUROPEDUCTILITY REQUIREMENTS IN SEISMIC ZONEINDIAN CODAL PROVISIONSDESIGN OF PRAGATI TOWERSIN CONFORMANCE WITHDESIGNPUT TOGETHER TO COMPLETE1. 6. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 2.PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENTCONSTRUCTION INDUSTRYFACING SHORTAGE OF SKILLED MANPOWERADOPTING MECHANIZATION IN CONSTRUCTIONL&T ENVISAGED THE SOLUTION IS TO BE MORE DEPENDENT ON MACHINESLEAD TO INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY IN PRAGATI TOWERSMANPOWER REQUIREMENT REDUCED BY AROUND 30% AT PRAGATI TOWERS 7. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 3. Formwork Stage 1SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION Reinforcement Stage 2Concreting Stage 3Blockwork Stage 4Plastering Stage 5POP works Stage 6Painting Stage 7Conventional Construction Activities on site Reduction in the number of activitiesPrecast Construction Casting at yard Stage 1Transportation Stage 2Erection Stage 3Jointing Stage 4Painting Stage 5Reduction in the number of activities & materials along with reliability on mechanized production lead to increase in speed of construction at Pragati Towers.Reducing the dependency on labour.Savings in Precious Project Time & thereby costs. 8. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 4.STANDARDIZATIONWALL PANELSSLABSPRAGATI TOWERS PODSWALL PANELSSOLID SLAB PANELSPOD ELEMENTSBEAMSENTIRE TOWER WAS BROKEN UP INTO STANDARDIZED ELEMENTS TO GAIN MAXIMUM REPETITION OF MOULDSSPANDREL PARAPET BEAMSCOLUMNSCOLUMNSSTAIRCASESPANDRELSTAIRCASEALL ELEMENTS WERE STANDARDIZED FOR ECONOMISING CONSTRUCTION AT PRAGATI TOWERS 9. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 5. QUALITY CONTROL Precast Elements of Pragati Towers were cast in strictly controlled factory conditions Rigorous inspection at all stages ensures smooth and high quality finish. 10. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS HIGH QUALITY INTERIORS 11. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 6. SAFETY All Casting activities of Pragati Towers were carried out at ground level 12. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 7.SUSTAINABILITY Pragati Towers demonstrated Elimination of activities like brickwork, block work, plastering etc at site. Savings in Sand, labour, formwork material, scaffolding material such as wood, timber, plywood etc. Reduction in wastage of materials as casting processes are carried out in stringent quality controlled factory environment. Savings of construction material will not only result in savings of our construction materials but also natural resources from which these materials are derived. 13. ELIGIBILITY FOR ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE PRAGATI TOWERS 8.ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Frequent Transportation of construction materials in conventional construction creates congestion in the city and nuisance to the public.ADVANTAGES: Transportation of all precast elements at Pragati site was done during night / off peak hours. Relief to public as traffic congestion was reduced in jam-packed area of South Mumbai (Parel). Reduction in nuisances to nearby population like dust, noise, air pollution. Relief to Motorist. 14. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 1.TECHNOLOGY Potential offered by precast technology was limited to infrastructure projects such as airports, stadiums, bridges, dome roofs, metro projects etc. Pragati towers demonstrated technical feasibility of using Precast Technology for 24 storeyed towers & paved the way of using Precast Technology in Indian Residential Building Construction.First time in India, 24 storied residential building structures are constructed by using Precast TechnologyKANTEERAVA STADIUMCHENNAI METRO RAILINFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTSPUTTAPARTHY 15. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 2.DESIGN G+23 Storey Total Precast System in Seismic Zone-3, Mumbai. Designed in conformance to all I.S. codal requirements. Structural connections designed to comply with design codes. Innovative combination of Modular units and Large Panel system to suit the construction needs of the project. Designed & Detailed in conformance to I.S. Codal requirements to prevent progressive collapse in Precast system. 16. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 3.PRECAST PANEL FABRICATION INDIGENEOUSLY DEVELOPED MODULAR UNITSMOULD - MODULAR BLOCKSMODULAR BLOCKS ( 3D POD)EXPLODED VIEWREAR VIEWINTERIOR CORETRANSPORTATION 17. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 3.PRECAST PANEL FABRICATION INDIGENEOUSLY BATTERY MOULDSMOULD BATTERY MOULDTOP VIEW DESIGNED FOR CASTING WALL PANEL ELEMENTS. 18. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 4.WATER PROOFINGJoint detail should ensure water tightnessMonolithic casting of WC & Bathrooms in Pragati Towers ensures water tightness 19. ELIGIBILITY FOR INNOVATIVENESS IN CONSTRUCTION PRAGATI TOWERS 5.SPEED & SAFETY Reduction in number of construction activities & Labour requirement helped in achieving higher speed of construction. Precast Staircases and Slabs offered rapid installation and early safe access to subsequent floors. Zero accidents at Pragati Towers demonstrates the safety standards. 20. ELIGIBILITY FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE OF PROJECT PRAGATI TOWERS 1.RECORD ERECTION TIME Superstructure (1st Floor to 23rd Floor) of Tower A,B & C completed in a record time of 12 months. Planned erection = 3 Dwelling Units/day Peak erection achieved at Pragati Towers = 10 Dwelling Units/day Precast Technology @ Pragati Towers has addressed the DEMAND & SUPPLY issue faced by our construction industry. Speedy completion reduced time for construction and thereby reducing costs associated with the lifecycle of the project.EXECUTION OF LOGISTIC PLANNING IN CONGESTED AREASNOISE FREE ERECTION EVEN DURING NIGHT 21. ELIGIBILITY FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE OF PROJECT PRAGATI TOWERS 2.REDUCTION IN NUMBER OF ACTIVITIES AT SITE Elimination of activities like block work, plastering & brickwork reduced the turn around time of the project.3.LESS LABOUR INTENSIVE Labour requirement at Pragati site was found to be 30% lesser when compared to a similar conventional construction project (similar magnitude).4.MOULDS Battery Moulds Specialized for high speed ofproduction of Precast Wall Panels without offsets Flat Bed Moulds Specialized moulds for Precast Wall Panels with offsets. Maximum Utilization of Moulds was planned for achieving savings in cost of moulds.INSIDE A BATTERY MOULD FLAT BED MOULD 22. ELIGIBILITY FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE OF PROJECT PRAGATI TOWERS 5.RELIEVING TRAFFIC CONGESTION Reduction in number of repeated trips of materials ( debris, workers, equipment, materials) during day time. Finished product was transported to site during night/off-peak hours for erection. Relief to Motorist and nearby population. 23. ELIGIBILITY FOR ADDING SELF RELIANCE OF INDIA IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR PRAGATI TOWERS 1.CONVICTION IN CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Proved that Precast Technology is feasible for Indian Residential Construction Industry.2.SERVICEABILITY OF STRUCTURE Longer Life Span of Structure free from plaster spalls & Wall Cracks3.INHOUSE DEVELOPMENT FOR PRODUCTION YARD, MOULD FABRICATION Methods of Mould Fabrication & Yard set up was suitably modified to cater to Indian Construction Industry. These methods can be used in future to lend cost competitiveness to the future precast projects. 24. ELIGIBILITY FOR ADDING SELF RELIANCE OF INDIA IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR PRAGATI TOWERS 4.PROGRESSION IN DESIGN & JOINT DETAILING Entire DESIGN & JOINT DETAILING in accordance to codal provision was developed.5.WASTE REDUCTION & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Stringent controls in factory based production helped in reducing wastage of materials. 25. ELIGIBILITY FOR KEY IMPACTS THIS PROJECT HAS MADE PRAGATI TOWERS 1.Proved PRECAST TECHNOLOGY is feasible for high rise in seismic conditions.2.Successfully Addressed The DEMAND & SUPPLY gap faced by Construction Industry.3.Immaculate finishes without compromising cost competitiveness of the Project.4.AMAZEMENT OF PEOPLE to view massive structures erected with great ease.5.Timely Project Completion 26. ELIGIBILITY FOR FUTURE READINESS OF THE PROJECT PRAGATI TOWERS 1.FEASIBILITY & ACCEPTABILITY of Technology.2.BRISK PACE of Erection of 24 storey towers in a period of 12 months in congested area.3. CUSTOMIZATION OF ARCHITECTURAL FINISHES as per the requirement of client.4.INDIGENEOUS DEVELOPMENT IN MOULD DESIGN to increase cost effectiveness.5.REDUCING THE DEPENDENCY OF LABOUR BY INVOLVING TECHNOLOGY OR MECHANIZED CONSTRUCTION.6.MULTIFOLD INCREASE in Quality, Durability, cost effectiveness, speed with high quality end products. 27. CURRENT STATUS - PRAGATI TOWERS 28. THANK YOU