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Tales of the Classy, make Barbary Lane your must-go retail destination for special occasions.
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TALES OF THE CLASSY Make Barbary Lane your mustgo retail desnaon for special occasions page 7 WAVE Psychic readings, hypnotherapy for the hols and living well WHAT A PICTURE! Arsts’ Open Houses highlights ST ANN’S SPRING FESTIVAL Great music, good food and much more FREE | 10 – 16 May 2016 | thelatest.co.uk
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Make Barbary Lane your must­goretail destination for specialoccasionspage 7

WAVEPsychic readings,

hypnotherapy for thehols and living well

WHAT A PICTURE!Artists’ Open Houses



Great music, good foodand much more

FREE | 10 – 16 May 2016 | thelatest.co.uk

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IOS App Designer needed – to create a simple app for a TV Documentary

Designer needed – for a range of projects at an events company

Developer needed – to create dust trails on a motion activated screen for a kids event

Degree Apprenticeship Briefing Event – 17th May 2016 9-11am @ The Fusebox

SheSays Brighton: Climb Every Mountain! – 25th May 6.30-8.30pm @ The Brighton Metropole

Wired Sussex Breakfast Session: Funding your business idea – 26th May 9-11am @ The Fusebox

Software Developer - C#, .NET, Web Services – Quill Pinpoint (Brighton & Hove)

PR and Communications Executive – British Airways i360 (Brighton & Hove)

Innovation Lead – Wired Sussex (Brighton & Hove)

Publications Editor – Into University Partnerships (Brighton & Hove)

Senior Designer – Neptik (Brighton & Hove)

Financial Controller – Cloud9 Insight (Brighton & Hove)

Interim Marketing Director (maternity cover) – i-Crossing (Brighton & Hove)

Office Manager – Space Doctors (Brighton & Hove)

Technical Lead – Graphite Digital (Brighton & Hove)

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6THE WARRENSome more of the best shows at the Brighton Fringeto be found at the iconic pop­up venue

6HYSTERICALThe comic play that’ll make you think abouthow you think

7BARBARY LANEThe new independent retail destination for all of your‘pizzazz’ pieces



www.donatello.co.uktel 01273 775477

1-3 Brighton PlaceBrightonBN1 1HJ

www.pinocchio.co.uktel 01273 677676

22 New RoadBrightonBN1 1UF


Special OfferItalian house red or white wine

(75cl bottle usually £12.95)

£7.95with this voucher

Valid at Donatello & Pinocchio10% service will be addedValid to end of May 2016

(excluding Saturdays and Bank Holidays)One voucher per table.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

5LOVED UP/ONLY IN BRIGHTON/ NANGLE NATTERSTop 10 things about St James Street we love, a veryspecial tree, and Nangle ponders cold calls


817ENTERTAINMENT NEWSWhat’s on for stage, comedy, art & music –plus the chart

15LATEST TV/CELEBCITYWorthing’s on the up, & Charmaine Davies spends a day at the races with Colin Brown

LATEST GROUPManaging Director Bill SmithBusiness Director Angi MarianiCreative Director Andrew KayFinance Manager Sharon CapleCommercial Manager Patrick Kneath

LATEST 7/HOMESEntertainment Editor Victoria NangleAdvertising Patrick KneathEditorial Joe Fuller, Samantha HarmanDesign Kyle MoonProduction Ryan Chambers

LATEST TVCEO Bill SmithHead of News Tim RidgwayTV Scheduling Jason WeaverChannel Manager Erik Selby

LATEST MUSICBARRuth RatnerStella PittAli Cluney­Hickford

LATEST HOMES, 14-17 MANCHESTER STREET, BRIGHTON BN2 1TF Editorial: [email protected] Advertising: [email protected]

L7 To advertise call

01273 818150

16ANDREW KAY DINES OUTAndrew Kay rediscovers the attractions of Pizza Express

14ABOUT A GIRL/YAK YAK YAKCaitlin turns her attention to Tinder, and Andrew experiments with just desserts

11WAVEPsychic readings at Cocoon, hypnotherapy for summer flights and more for living well

8ARTISTS OPEN HOUSESSome more of the treats in store at this year’s Artists Open Houses.

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LOVED UP1. It is the gateway to KempTown and spiritual home ofPride. Famous for hosting themother of all street partiesevery year to mark theoccasion.2. Amazing originalindependent coffee housesRed Roaster and Wheat &Beans serve THE best coffeeand cake – fact! (Probably)3. Poison Ivy, drag queenkaraoke. A bustling gay partybar in the heart of St JamesSt, known for raucous karaokeshindigs and regular rallyingof drag queens and charactersalike. Super fun and friendly.

4. Someone will always bedrunk and possibly singing, nomatter what time of day it is. 5. Impromptu live musicperformances from the city’svast array of colourfulbuskers. 6. Home to The Bulldog, oneof the oldest (and mostinfamous) gay bars, since1979.7. Bona Foodie’s excellenthome made food, rangingfrom sausage rolls to lasagne.8. And while we’re on thesubject of food, FileezeSandwich Bar having recentlybeen taken over, now makes

bacon sarnies to die for.9. The interesting displays inthe sex shop windows thatyou sometimes have to avertthe eyes of small people from!

10. The 11ft bronze AIDsmemorial statue, unveiled byElton John’s husband DavidFurnish.

> 10 things Latest 7 loves about St James Street

This week Sharon Caplevisited Stanmer Park for

the May Day Festival. As thephotograph illustrates, it wasa beautiful sunny day, theperfect time to get dressedup as a tree!

The festival is a celebrationof Summer and theforthcoming warmer days,when nature bursts back intolife. The Green Man (fromfolklore) is followed in acustomary May Dayprocession through thewoods as he wakes up theplants for summer, with thehelp of musicians carrying drums and tambourines. The eventculminated with May Pole dancing.


Getting on to marketing lists is one of those things in lifethat are annoying but we tend to just accept. Every

algorithm comes together from Facebook to Nectar points towork out what we might be susceptible to. Say ‘maybe’ onceto a PPI cold call and spend the next 12 months saying ‘no’ toevery competitor that didn’t invest in that lilting Liverpudliantone that stopped me hanging up the first time. I may learnthe hard way, but at least I learn.

The thing that confuses me is when they take a massive leapof a punt on you and it ends up with me questioning what kindof marketing vibe I’m giving off to receive such a pitch. It’s likebeing back in my early twenties and lamenting why what’s­his­name didn’t call. Could I have acted any differently to getanother outcome? Is it all my fault?

Well no of course not. Like suitors, some marketers are justsmarter than others. And some are just more fatalistic. Whichis the only reason I can think of that I suddenly got cold calledabout arranging my funeral last week. My only decision so faris that they play ‘Baggy Trousers’ somewhere along the way.

> Death list


> Man dressed as tree in Stanmer Park!

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How is your Brighton Fringe shapingup? It’s been a packed opening

weekend, with venues opening all overthe city from Fringe stalwarts TheSpiegeltent, Marlborough Theatre andThe Old Market, to new openingsincludingRepublicon theseafront;Distriktat TheSpire inKempTown andSweetVenues’at theWaterfront Hotel on Kings Road.

Leading the pop­up pack is The

Warren, Otherplace Brighton’s ‘festival­within­a­festival’ at St Peter’s ChurchNorth which is presenting a staggering162 shows in the Fringe.

Our top tips? On May 11 & 12, set sailon a swashbuckling adventure as CaptainMorgan and the Sands of Time quest forthe secrets of time­travel in a comedy torival any Hollywood blockbuster. Thosewith a darker sense of humour shouldcheck out James Cairns, described by theSunday Times as “one of the funniestactors in the country”, who brings hisone­man play ‘Dirt’, a tale of estrangedfriends reuniting for a funeral, to TheWarren May 10 – 14. ‘Worst CaseScenario’ comes to Brighton after anaward­winning stint at Israel’s AccoFringe Festival with 23 thoughts aboutconflict in a cabaret show that offers

seriousentertainment(May 11 – 15).And if you’recelebratingEurovision,don’t missunsung popheroXNTHONY,who, along withbacking singers The Penny Slots, was onthe cusp of representing Ireland. Excepthe wasn’t. He’s making a comebackin ‘Douze’, a hilarious hour of songs you’llnever forget – even if you try really hard. (May 9 – 12).Book tickets for The Warren onlinewww.otherplacebrighton.co.ukBox office: 01273 987516

> Brighton Fringe highlights from the pop­up king

“ Those with adarker sense ofhumour shouldcheck out JamesCairns ”


Hysterical, a groundbreaking darkcomedy at the Brighton Fringe

explores the boundaries of mental healthand sanity in the 21st century.

June’s just landed her dream job at ahigh­octane advertising agency. Butwhen her first task is to rebrand water,she gets the feeling she might be in overher head.

Desperate to please, she puts aside herduties of caring for her brother toprepare a pitch that will blow her newboss away.

As the pressures mount in her newworkplace and the disconnection fromher brother grows, June’s mental healthis sent into a downward spiral, leavingher questioning her sanity.

After her catastrophic collapse, Junereturns to seek solace in her brother.Finding the courage to speak he tells her

a tale to reconcile their relationship.Grappling with the sanctity of sanity,

this darkly comedic play blends bold newwriting with physical theatre, clowningand puppetry.

Drawn from her own personalexperiences with mental health andinstitutionalisation ‘Hysterical’ writerKaris Halsall has created a piece thatexplores the question of whether it’sactually possible to be ‘well’ in oursociety, surrounded by never endingpressures and the need to achieve andplease.

“Everybody has ‘mental health’, just likeeverybody has physical health,” saidKaris. “It’s not a case of one person being‘mad’ and another person being ‘sane’. Orone person being ‘sick’ and anotherbeing ‘well’. It’s far more nuanced thanthat. Life pressures can cause anyone tostruggle and feel off balance.”Hysterical runs on Saturday May 14th &Sunday May 15th, 2016 @ 4pm, at TheWarren, £11/£9.50,www.otherplacebrighton.co.uk

> The comic play that’ll make you think about how you think

“ Whether it’s actuallypossible to be ‘well’ inour society ”

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The newest independent retailerbringing even more colour to Kemp

Town Village is Barbary Lane, with eventaccessories for every occasion.

Sometimes you just want somethingfabulous so you can stand out from thecrowd. A big event is coming up – yourGran’s 90th, your son’s graduation, afestival, your 40th, a wedding, or even adivorce?! You deserve to treat yourself tosomething just that bit special anddifferent. Well, here they are. Fabulousaccessories for special events, BarbaryLane.

Brighton has been the party capital ofthe UK for hundreds of years, ever sincethe Prince Regent found somewhere justto be himself, and indulge in a spot ofdressing up, several bottles and the oddroast peacock.

This shop is definitely not for shrinkingviolets – Strictly No Beige. But they canprovide a cavalcade of colourfulcharacterful accessories if you want topractice rocking purple, or turquoise,yellow, green, orange or fuchsia… eventhe odd bit of black for those with darkerhearts.

They can make you smile. They candrape you in top­to­toe fabulousness,but don’t worry, they can do subtle(ish)too. Classy silk handkerchiefs, mother­of­pearl topped walking sticks, designerscarves with just enough pizzazz to bringlife to a classic suit. Then there are thewaistcoats, oh, and oh boy, the craziestfascinators, dashing hats, statement anddesigner jewellery for all genders. Andthe wearable art, kimonos and peacockangel wings. Have I mentioned thefeather boas? Or the party decorations?Oh… AND the 11 litre cocktail fountainfor hire.

Most of their stuffis made by individualdesigners and artisansfrom all over the UKand further afield. Alot is one­off, limitededition or bespoke.Barbary Lane arereally proud of themakers, and can tellyou all aboutthem.

BarbaryLane alsohave excitingplans for thefuture. Theyhope to startsmallworkshops forcustomisingfascinatorsand hats, fansand masks.And glammake­over lessons. Butthey want to hear fromyou about what youwant, and what Brightonneeds. So come andcelebrate and create.Can’t wait!

This is a new venture forLynne Gillett, a returner toBrighton after 26 yearsaway, based at95 St George’sRoad, KempTown Village,Brighton BN21EE

Barbary Lane isopen 11.30am­6pm Thursdaysto Saturdays and11am­4pmSundays andBank Holidays

> The new independent retailer for that special pizzazz

“ This shop is definitelynot for shrinking violets– Strictly No Beige ”

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The sun is out and the Artists Open Houses festival isnow in full swing! What better way to spend the day

than taking in the multifarious forms of art on view inartists’ homes and studios?

At Ravenswood, in the Beyond The Level trail, you canview work by printmakers Jo Riddell, Bernard Lodge andHeike Roesel, see beautiful drawings by Children’s Laureateand Observer political cartoonist, Chris Riddell, and eatdelicious homemade tea and cakes in a wonderful art­filledgarden. Ravenswood, 28 Florence Road, Brighton

Or take a trip out to the countryside and have scones in awild spring garden at The Old Forge, while admiring gardensculptures by Christian Funnell and a range of otherinspirational artists and makers. The Old Forge, HeightonRoad, South Heighton

While out and about, tour round the Ditchling villagetrail, with its feast of artists in beautiful countrysidesettings, including The Handmade House. At this uniquehouse, inspired by Charleston Farmhouse and Ditchling’sown arts and crafts movement, explore the wild garden andhave tea in the pop­up café, whilst admiring works by arange of artists including painter Garry Goodman ­ andJudy Dwyer’s amazing Dangerous Dogs! The HandmadeHouse, Beards Place farm, 98 Lewes Road, Ditchling

If dogs are your thing, back in Brighton pay a visit to TheDog Show in Brunswick Town, exhibiting over 200 piecesof dog­related art in every medium imaginable, includingfelt, wire, ceramics and dog lights. Take your dog along foron­the­spot dog portraits on 14th May and, on 21st May,

have your dog photographed in the pop­up dog photo­booth! The Dog Show, 33 Sillwood Road, Brighton

Or if you prefer cats, call in tothe Painting Pottery Café whereits Exit Through The Cat­flapexhibition offers a frivolous felinejourney through the world of catsas you have never seen thembefore. Painting Pottery Café, 31North Road, Brighton

Then end your day with a visitto The Dead Romantics – an exhibition of work set in theformer lodgings of English artist John Constable. This groupof artists are showing work that reflects their extraordinaryfairground and theatrical back grounds: Gregory Smart isthe great grandson of legendary fairground and circusshowmen Billy Smart, and was brought up in the circuswhere his mother was a trapeze artist and his father a highwire walker. Co­artist Amy Alderson was nearly born onstage, twelve hours after her mother’s punk cabaret gig atRonnie Scott's in Soho – her dad, a half Indian, half Irishgangster, was in prison for armed robbery at the time.Don’t miss this venue! Constable’s Studio, 11 SillwoodRoad, BrightonLook out for Artists Open Houses brochures around the city –or visit the Four Festivals’ info desk at Brighton Station everyweekend from now until the end of the festival. Or pick up abrochure from any Open House venue from the start of thefestival. For more information visit: www.aoh.org.uk

> Dogs, cats and theatrical backgrounds



“ Co­artist AmyAlderson wasnearly born onstage ”

Judy Dwyer – Dangerous Dog – Handmade House

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Painting Pottery cafe – Queen Elizabeth 1 cat

Gregory Smart – Man Pursued by Fire – Constable's StudioRobin Parker – Nell – The Dog Show


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the placefor parties!

AtmosphericAffordableAvailable any night

You book itWe make it happen

BirthdaysWeddingsCivil PartnershipsOffice partiesBusiness eventsHen & Stag nights

Tell us what you wantWe provide it all

Call Ruth or Stella on

01273 687171or [email protected]

this week>Wed 11BIMM Presents Lamplight

Brighton’s Premier Night for Songwriters

7.30, It FREE entry but donations are welcome

Thurs 12Exposure

The Grand Nowhere

Ivy King

Luke Hammond

7.30, £5 adv/£7 doors

Fri 13Cafe Bar

An Immersive Theatre Play By Elizabeth Mienert

Starring: Victoria Coker

7.30, £8

Mon 16Leaving Home Party

Catherine didn’t have a party the night beforeshe left home.

6.30, £10 adv/£12 door


usicbar www.latestmusicbar.co.uk

14 –17 manchester streetAdvance tickets fromwww.wegottickets.com

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Page 11: Latest 7: No. 778

> Mindfulness and meditation

Can we really make simple changes in our lives and expectdramatic results? In my experience the answer is a 100%

YES! When I was working as a Registered Nurse, I wasrenowned for helping people find solutions tochallenges/problems, yet spent my time eating on the run,going to bed late, doing too many tasks at once, not listeningto my body when it clearly was being put under too muchpressure, and constantly feeling guilty for not ‘doing enough’!

My life seemed to be acycle of the same patternseach day and not enoughtime in the day to changethings.

As most people will find,our bodies start to sufferwith anxiety, stressoverload exhaustion, untilwe really make time to stop and look at what we must do tohelp ourselves. It was about 14 years ago when I had reacheda sort of ‘rock bottom’ and no longer wanted to be on thattreadmill that I discovered mindfulness and meditation.

Basically it's a practice of slowing down and connecting withnow as opposed to the regrets of the past or the worries andburden of the tomorrows. It has been one of the mostprofound things I have incorporated into my daily life and iscompletely free. It's so simple and just takes self­discipline

I am now a Health Coach and am blessed to have amazinghealth and enjoy the control and peace mindfulness /meditation had brought into my life. The knock on effects toothers are also a great biproduct, I am a better coach, wife,mother and friend as a result of this amazing practice. If youwould really love to make it a part of your own life and enjoythe benefits but lack the self control I would love to work withyou to help you experience something truly life changing andprofound.www.innavision.co.uk

WAVESandra Crathern

Jess is a woman who knows a thing or two about make up,having spent many years flying around on Concorde styling

the rich and famous. She is more grounded these days,preferring to use her talents to enrich the lives of women whomay have lost their confidence. This could be for a variety ofreasons, ranging from the birth of a child, to just getting older.Jess believes that make up is a powerful tool that can be usedto empower and reinvigorate.

I stalked her on Facebook (in a really non­creepy way) inorder to get an interview and as it turns out a makeover too.Jess literally oozes creativity, the walls of her home areadorned with amazing one off pieces of art and photographsthat are her own creation.It’s very easy to see how hercreative gift translates wellonto faces, she likes makingthings look pretty.

The first ever makeoverJess did was on her mum,she revealed: “Mum was reanimated and transformedafterwards. She wrote me a letter thanking me, it really raisedher self esteem. So I thought, if I can do this for my mum, I cando this for others too.

“`We live in a society that is so critical towards women,there is this assumption that make up is for young girls andshops such as Mac reinforce this, as all of their make up artistsare so young too. It’s easy to see how some older womenmight be intimidated walking into somewhere like that. I wantto show them that they can be beautiful and look amazing, nomatter how old they are.”

I asked Jess to create a dramatic look as I was going out thatevening, and was blown away by the results. Am also happy toreport that my face looked exactly the same when I returnedhome later that evening after much raucous dancing! Find Jessica Courtney Makeup Therapy and Cosmetic Tattooing onwww.facebook.com/jessicacourtneyMUA

WAVEMake Up Therapy

> Samantha Harman meets Jessica Courtney


“ I stalked her onFacebook ”

“ Constantly feelingguilty for not doingenough ”

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Page 12: Latest 7: No. 778


Fear of flying symptoms include: feeling nervous,distressed, scared or panicky at the thought of flying,

worrying about being shut in the plane or feelingclaustrophobic, or spending the entire flight feeling anxious ordistressed. It might also be constantly thinking that somethingterrible might happen during the flight, feeling a of lack ofcontrol because you’re not the one in charge of the flight,worrying about noises the airplane makes or dreadingturbulence for example. Hypnotherapy might be the solution!Hypnotherapist Jonathan Conway can help you, for moreinformation: www.theconwaypractice.co.uk, 01273 540425


> Hypnotherapy can help with the fear of flying

Brighton, Hove, East Sussex & London Practices

01273 540425 • 07956 855027www.theconwaypractice.co.uk



Specialist in Smoking Cessation and Weight Control

• Self Esteem

• Anxiety

• Phobias

• Public Speaking

• Relationship Difficulties

• Learn Self Hypnosis

Help withEmotional problemsand Wellbeing

Jonathan ConwayBsc Dip EHPNLP MNCH (acc) NLP Master Practitioner & Coach



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Page 13: Latest 7: No. 778


This month I was fortunate enough to be invited back toCocoon, this time to experience card readings from three

different psychics, over three consecutive days. Psychicreadings are an excellent way ofgaining a fresh perspective onyour life, or a specific situation.In the past, card readings havehelped cast new light on myproblems, negative aspects ofcertain relationships orhighlighted parts of my life thatI had been neglecting. Needlessto say I was looking forward togetting some insight into acurrent tricky situation, from three different perspectives.

Day One – Sonia Sarkali.Sonia has a loving, warm,persona and immediatelyidentified how stressed I was.I'd arrived slightly late and wastalking at 100 miles an hour.Perhaps this led her to herassumption? However, shecorrectly identified that itwould be impossible to workwith me until she'd broughtme down from the ceiling.After sitting down, she heldboth of my hands, the transference of her calm energy had the

desired effect. We followed this with some deep cleansingbreaths. She kept hold of my hands for quite some time, whichyou would assume might be awkward, but it wasn’t. Whiledoing so she revealed some information regarding the problemI had come to get answers to. This was followed up with atarot card reading, where she went into more detail about saidproblem. Everything Sonia revealed was very accurate and Iam especially interested to see if a four month prediction willcome true.

Day Two – Roger Bennet (AKA The Green Man)I immediately liked Roger, there is something magnetic abouthis presence that drew me inand put me at ease. I will admitto being a bit emotional and wasfeeling self conscious about anyimminent chin wobble momentsin front of a complete stranger.

I needn’t have worriedthough. I felt comfortableopening up to him, it was liketalking to an old friend – whichmade for an excellent reading.He knew things about me andthe people around me that hehad no way of guessing and as a result, his reading has helpedme gain an better understanding about my current situation.

Day Three – Sascha CooperSascha was a breath of fresh air. She has an immense energy,which is infectious. Prior to the reading, she asked me how shecould help. I decided on a general reading and was given thechoice of six different card decks to choose from. We dealtwith the present, three monthsand in six months’ time. Thepresent card was extremelyaccurate and again has helpedme deal with my currentquandary.

There is a commonmisconception that when youreceive a reading, all that isrequired is to sit in silence, andif the psychic is ‘any good’, theywill reveal information aboutyou that they magically pluckout of thin air! This is not the case, Sascha explained that areading is a psychic counselling session, where the seekerneeds to participate in order to get some answers.

In conclusion I would say that this week has certainly beenan eye opener, the advice given to me by all three psychics hasbeen both accurate and helpful. I would make an appointmentto see any of them again without hesitation. The Psychic Garden has moved from Bell, Book and Candle to Cocoon Healing Arts, 20/22 Gloucester Place, BN1 4AAwww.cocoonfloatationtherapy.co.uk, 01273 697555


> My Psychic Week – Samantha Harman

“ Thetransference ofher calm energyhad the desiredeffect ”

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Page 14: Latest 7: No. 778


He can’t be doing that, surely not with me lying next tohim in his bed. I mean, if he paid me any attention he

wouldn’t need to. From the corner of my eye I can see himswiping left and right on his phone, you know that could onlymean one thing. He’s on Tinder with a girl in his bed.

I don’t understand the app. If this is what modern romancehas become ­ count me out.

Men and women all over the world are hooking up solelybased on looks withouteven leaving their room.Just through moving theirfinger back and forth theyare starting potentialrelationships.

Where have days ofmeeting someone andasking them out on a datein person, or on a night outgone? Don’t get me wrong ­I’ve used the app out ofcuriosity to see how itworks and I’ve even metpeople on it but I’m reallynot sold on it.

Just as an experiment I’ve given my phone away to my malefriends to find out how on earth they use it and how theywould reply if they were pretending to be a girl on the otherend of the conversation.

While women go on the app to see what’s out there, menuse it to see what they feel they are missing out on. I’ve seenmen use hacks to select hundreds of women in one sittingrather than take time to read what the person is actually like.

And now I’m in bed with this guy who is essentially what theapp is for and he’s too busy swiping. We’re not exclusive andwe are not in a relationship but he might get lucky if only hejust turned off his phone.

So having branded myself something of a food obsessiveand, dare I say it, food snob last week it seemed like time

to redress the balance. I was down in Somerset visiting myremarkable mother. She may be 83 but she is refusing to givein to the concept of being an old lady, far from it, she's asfeisty as ever. The walking frame is a necessity now, but sheuses it like a fashion accessory rather than a sign of infirmity.

On the Sunday she had invitedtwo friends for lunch and I was tocook. Roast gammon, cauliflowercheese, Jersey royals, spinach andpeas. Quite the feast and nice andtraditional, not a moment of foodsnobbery in sight. Once everythingwas under control I suggested thatI make a pudding. She thought thiswas a good idea so I went online and took a look for a simplejam sponge recipe.

There were many but I was drawn to one that took 15minutes to make – in the MICROWAVE!!! Now most of myfood loving friends will baulk at the idea of using such a deviceto cook but I thought I would give it a go. It was easy too,simple ingredients weighed and beaten together in less thanfive minutes and then layered on some good damson jam andpopped into the microwave for six minutes. The recipe saidthree but I had doubled it so I guessed that it would take alittle longer, which it did as I checked it on three.

We were amazed, it was as light as a feather, buttery andeggy and fresh and perfectly cooked, really it would have beenhard to tell it apart from one that had been steamed for hours.In fact the only difference was that I was not exhausted andthe kitchen was not dripping condensation.

If I chose to I would say I was experimenting with moleculargastronomy, but the truth was I was toying with ease andconvenience – and I liked it, liked it so much that I made theBird’s Custard in the microwave too!

> What a pud


> To the left, to the left...


“ I was toyingwith ease andconvenience –and I liked it ”

“ Just as anexperiment I’vegiven my phoneaway to my malefriends to find outhow on earth theyuse it ”

CAITLINAbout a girl


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Page 15: Latest 7: No. 778


By the time you read this then the aforementioned party inthe title of the article may have escalated as Brighton &

Hove Albion may have done what many deemed unthinkableand achieved promotion to the Premier League.

For today, however, I want to talk about the side whostarted the promotion party in our area. That side is WorthingFootball Club, who on 30th April beat Faversham Town 3­0 inthe Ryman South Play­Off Final.

Just a year and a half on from being close to financial ruinand the threat of relegation, Worthing were now faced with achance to give George Dowell's five­year plan to get Worthingto the Conference South a major kickstart. 1,889 fans were atWoodside Road for the Play­Off Final and just like againstHythe, Worthing got off tothe perfect start – althoughit wasn't without itscontroversy.

Worthing's first goalcame courtesy of BrannonO'Neill, his in­swingingcorner was cleared by thedefence but the lineman judged that the ball had crossed theline. Whilst the Faversham players appealed, Worthing weresent into rapturous celebrations.

Moment of controversy number two came when Favershamwere reduced to ten men after Luke Harvey was adjudged tohave acted aggressively towards Will Hendon. And with theman advantage Worthing doubled their lead, Omar Bugiel'sheader from Josh Maguire­Drew's free­kick was saved by theFaversham goalkeeper but Gary Elphick was on hand to tap inthe rebound.

So congratulations to Worthing, to George Dowell, JonMeeney, everyone involved with the club and most of all thefans. To see the full highlights of Worthing's triumphant Play­Off Final victory head to our Latest TV YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/user/LatestTV

Isn't it strange that when something is on your doorstep younever go! Most of my life I've lived near racecourses yet I've

never been, until this week when my friend Colin Brown saidhe would be at Brighton Racecourse, and was I free to popalong to watch the racing?

Colin Brown is a former National Hunt jockey, best knownfor his association with the famous steeplechaser DesertOrchid. During his 16­year career, he rode more than 400winners.

Did you always want to be aJockey?Yes, since the day my UncleRon took me to Goodwoodaged 12. I had never sat on ahorse but I got my parents tobuy a pony and off I went.

I left school at 14, androde my first winner aged 17,at Newton Abbot, calledSoixante Neuf 69, and thatwas that. 100 hundred ridesand lots of falls before I rode my next! Tough old game!

What are you favourite racing events of the year?Five days at Royal Ascot and The Brighton August Three DayFestival.

If people use Colin Brown Hospitality Services at the races,what should they expect?To be entertained by me, I will explain how to bet, what tolook for in a winning race horse. Also to get to know the track,I’ll tell fun stories and make them feel very comfortable andwelcome. Hopefully this will get them hooked on our sport ofkings and queens!www.colin­brown.co.uk/Colin­Brown­Hospitality­Services.pdf

> A day at the races with Colin Brown

CELEBCITYWith Charmaine Davies

> Worthing start the Sussex promotion party

“ Congratulationsto Worthing ”

“ I left school at14 and rode myfirst winner aged17 ”



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You might be amazed to hear that I was 18when I first tasted pizza. It simply wasn't

on the scene when I was a kid in Lancashire.My first was in Soho in 1974 at a place calledPizza Express and it was good.

Pizza Express became aregular haunt and particularlyon jazz nights when I saw someof the top musicians on the jazzscene over an American Hotand few bottles of chianti.

Now all these years later PizzaExpress has become a reliableoption for three reasons. WhenI am out of town and do notknow the local restaurant sceneI can guarantee that it will offerboth value and satisfaction with no risk. WhenI have come out of the theatre late it will stillbe serving, unlike so many places that areclosed to orders by 10pm, and finally it is anefficient dining experience, the service goodand fast, ideal when you are in a hurry.

These of course are the practical reasons butlast night I realised that I actually like the food.I was joined by M for a pre­theatre dinner,Shakespeare, so sustenance was required. Westarted by sharing antipasto, a decentselection of cooked meats, vegetables, cheeseand olives served with delicious crisp andpeppery bread and a very good red pesto.

I could not resist an American hot and asever requested an extra topping of capers, myown twist. I ordered the Leggera, smaller andserved topped with salad and that distinctive

creamy dressing. It was great and absolutelythe right size given my later indulgence. Mchose the large American hotter, a fiery beastof a pizza the size of a lorry hubcap and loaded

with topping, I do hatea spartan topping on apizza. I would havebeen daunted by thescale of the thing buthe made light work ofit. We both made lightwork of a bottle ofrather good soave too!

I should havestopped there, really Ishould, but the menuoffered tiramisu and it

called to me. M was less keen but a littlegentle persuasion worked and he ordered thecheesecake. Both were good and both verygenerous.

The menu at Pizza Express has over theyears been expanded and now offers a muchwider range of dishes than ever before and thepizzas, especially the crisp, thin crusted onesare delicious. The Jubilee Square branch hasbeen given a stylish new make­over too and islooking great with British pop art murals thatmake more than a passing nod to one of myfavourite artists Peter Blake.

It's good to get reacquainted with an oldfriend and that is what Pizza Express is, acomfortable old friend.A3 Block, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE01273 697691, www.pizzaexpress.com



IndianChaula’s BrightonA second venue for this brilliant Indianrestaurant is now open here inBrighton. Chaula and her team breathefresh air into the idea of Indian foodwith authentic recipes served in brightand stylish surroundings. The cookinghas an altogether healthier approach –but not at the cost of flavour. Thali Deals available 12pm­3pm; MealDeal for £9.99. Chaula’s, 2–3 Little EastStreet, Brighton, BN1 1HT, 01273 771661, www.chaulas.co.uk

IndianChaula’s Lewes Chaula’s is renowned for its signaturedishes, distinctive décor and friendly staff.All meals are made fresh to order andevery curry has its own distinctivelyflavoured sauce. There is also a widevariety of vegetarian and vegan, as well asgluten and wheat­free dishes. Buffet available 12pm–3pm Monday to Saturday. Chaula’s, Eastgate House, 6 Eastgate Street,Lewes, BN7 2LP, 01273 476707,www.chaulas.co.uk

CafeKiki & Flowers Kiki’s Kitchen offers simple, healthyfresh lunches such as slow cookedVietnamese beef with rice or grilledhaloumi salad, all at really reasonableprices. Opening hours Monday to Saturday 8am­6pm Sunday 10am­3pm63 Holland Road, Hovewww.kikisflowershop.co.uk

Indian The Chilli PickleThe Chilli Pickle is a local favourite withnational recognition which combinestraditional Indian methods with localproduce and an individual style. Their ampleThalis spice up a midday meeting whilst theevening menu offers inventive street food,decadent Tandoori dishes and tasty regionalcurries, served in a vibrant and bustlingsetting. Featured in the National RestaurantAwards’ UK top 100 in 2011–14.The Chilli Pickle, 17 Jubilee Square, Brighton, 01273 900383,www.thechillipickle.com

@latestandrew> An old favourite still measures up

Indian The Chilli Pickle CanteenThe definitive delivery service from TheChilli Pickle launched this year. Bold,Indian­inspired design, speciallycommissioned artwork and smart deliverystake out new ground in home dining.Meanwhile, the menu showcases some ofthe restaurant’s familiar touches, withregional curries and homemade picklesand chutneys, plus superb ice creams.The Chilli Pickle Canteen, order online atthechillipicklecanteen.com, 01273 900384

16 | LATEST 7


“M chose the largeAmerican hotter, afiery beast of a pizzathe size of a lorryhubcap ”

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Page 17: Latest 7: No. 778

Brighton Festival also heralds the secondseason for Brighton Open Air Theatre, the

brainchild and final wish of the talented andmuch missed Adrian Bunting. With one seasonunder its belt and a confident managementteam now at the helm this second seasonpromises to see this newest of venuesreaching its real potential.

The venue itself is spectacular in both itsstructure and location, the horseshoe seatingand long thrust stage offer almost limitlessopportunities for all manner of performancesfrom theatre to live music and the season'sprogramme reflects just that.

Here are just a few of the highlights. On10th May you might be accompanying yourfamily pet to experience Laurie Anderson'sMusic For Dogs. This 20­minute piece hasbeen specifically designed for the canine ear,including frequencies audible only to dogs, aswell as other sounds for humans to enjoy.

On 20th May and for three nights TheAmateurs present A Little Prince, acontemporary new musical adaptation ofSaint­Exupéry's The Little Prince that willdazzle the youngest audiences, while seducingand capturing the adult ones.

And from 25th May the Globe TheatreCompany on Tour present The Two Gentlemenof Verona. This riotous new production is ledby a joyful ensemble of players who willdelight with songs, romance and chaos, andhurl Shakespeare's anarchic comedy into the21st century. Surely unmissable!

In June,HeritageOperapresentDonGiovanni,the compelling tale of one man's rampagethrough the hearts and minds of every womanhe meets. Later that month OtherplaceProductions present The Marlowe Papers. Joinplaywright and secret agent Philip Marlowe onhis journey into exile as he recounts tales ofbeer­drinking, duels and spying that led to hislosing lovers, friends and his very identity.Later in the season there are more outings forShakespeare, The Importance of Being Earnestand a staging of Jane Austen's Sense andSensibility as well as Brighton Little Theatre'sFrankenstein. Look out too for StarboardFestival in July, 16 days of outdoorperformance for and by children.

These are merely the tip of an iceberg ofgreat events to entertain all ages, so pack apicnic and a traveling rug and get up to DykeRoad to enjoy Brighton's excellent new openair theatre.

“ He recounts talesof beer drinking,duels and spying ”

> Shipping news

STAGEOpen AirTheatre


King Lear

Michael Penningtonmakes an excellent

Lear, emotionally needy,petulant when not hearingwhat he wants to hear andconvincingly mad whenmadness strikes. In fact he isso good that the rest of thecast seem less accomplished.

That however could be inpart due to the break­neckspeed with which they havebeen directed to deliver theirlines. This production is fullspeed ahead at all times, andoften to the detriment ofboth poetry and sense. Icraved moments of contrastto the rapid fire action andthose we were given werefew and far between.

Visually though it was afeast, with an excellentlyrealised storm and beautifullighting.Theatre Royal Brighton, 3 May 2016Andrew Kay★★★★★


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> St. Ann's Spring Festival – Fabulous and free!

Located in the beautiful inner city park of St. Ann's WellGardens, this spring festival was founded to celebrate the

park's centenary, and is now in its ninth year.Named after its chalybeate (iron bearing) spring, and

apparently based on a myth of Annafrieda, a Saxon lady whoselover was murdered, her tears miraculously becoming thechalybeate spring, the gardens were developed by Sir IsaacLyon Goldsmid, and in the late 19th century film pioneerGeorge Albert Smith used the now demolished pump house toproduce short films.

Most importantly, the localauthorities in 1908 boughtthe gardens which wereunder serious threat fromdevelopment proposals. Thecost was £10,000. That's all ittook to save this fantastic park.

With thousands of visitors descending every year, the SpringFestival has become one of the biggest free events in the area.As well as market and food stalls, arts and crafts, a healingzone, workshops, a kid's zone, and tonnes of entertainmentacross the board, there is the music stage which runsthroughout the day, featuring a high quality and eclectic mix ofmainly local talent.

On the bill this year are the soul­funk collective Ephemerals,the lively funk­rockers Hot Border Patrol (who feature TheNoisettes’ Dan Smith on guitar), Brighton's new wave legendsThe Piranhas, new indie kids on­the­block White Room, upand coming singer songwriter Hayley Ross, indie­folkersCommon Tongues, the extremely talented teenager MaisiePeters, atmospheric electronica from Sea Bed, soulful singerKitty Montague, Surrey­based pop punkers HomeBound, veryyoung hopefuls TRUX, Hope & Annie, and the Cascade Choir.

This event is run by The Friends of St Ann's Well Gardensand is a registered charity. St Ann’s Well Gardens, Saturday 14 May, 11am­7pm, free


I'd like to highlight a few more quiet gems in the Festival andFringe this week, starting with a UK premiere in Chiflón:

Silence of the Coal. Creators Silencio Blanco wanted to portrayan “anonymous and lonely” job, and chose to adapt a story byauthor Baldomero Lillo (consideredthe Chilean Emile Zola) aboutminers. After travelling to the townof Lota in Chile to meetunemployed ex­miners, SilencioBlanco decided to realise theminers' history in a unique way.

Marionettes constructed usingnewspaper andchopsticks form thevisual language of theplay, and puppetryintriguingly seems to beundergoing a surge inpopularity recently.Anomalisa was amoving, strange film,while Outpost (at theOld Market last September) was a beguiling delight.

The Fringe is presenting a different puppetry­based treat inThe Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon, which also utiliseslive music and poetry to explore our relationship with theskies. It's received rave reviews, having been described as a“must­see”, “inventive” and “magical” by various sources so itseems like a good bet to take an £8 punt on.

Puppetry is an exciting medium to convey artistry, lighting,story and more, so these two shows represent a great chanceto sample some carefully crafted pieces of theatre.Chiflón: The Silence of the Coal, Thu 12­Sat 14 May, Studio Theatre, Brighton Dome, brightonfestival.org/newsThe Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon, Thu 12­Sat 14 May,Komedia Studio, www.brightonfringe.org



“ Apparentlybased on a mythof Annafrieda ”

“ Marionettesform the visuallanguage ofthe play ”

> Puppetry & poetry at the Festival and Fringe


The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon

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Seeing is overrated. Dark isthe new light. Two shows

in this Brighton Fringe thatare seeing their tickets sellingfast certainly support thisunorthodox idea, as Republicplays host to entertainmentthat has the darkness centrestage.

Every Tuesday this monthoffers up the chance to goand see Comedy In The Darkat Republic on the seafront.Returning after a sell­out runacross the UK and Europe,and with previous sans­lightcomics on the bill including

Jon Richardson, SarahMillican, Reginald D Hunterand Kevin Bridges, this treatfor the four remaining sensesensures you pay attention.

As a one­off on Friday 13May, Republic again playshost but this time tointernational YouTubesensation turned fringe

favourite John Robertson’sThe Dark Room. Billed as alive interactive video game,mixing improv comedy withretro gaming into derangedrock’n’roll game show, theaudience will ‘wake up’ in adark room in a game showinvolving an Old TestamentGod who loves grammar andhates you. Everyone mustwork together to try and findtheir way out, but it’s not thedestination that’s important –it’s the five­star collectingjourney.

Seeing. It’s overrated.www.brightonfringe.org

> Now you see it...


There’s always somethingarty to delight passers­by

on the corner of FoundryStreet and Gloucester Road.And that’s largely due to thepresence of Gallery40. Thislight and welcoming artspaceholds a lively programme ofpop­up shows, none moreintriguing than the current‘Contemporary Retrospective’.

A joint exhibition byBrighton­based artists PatrickO'Donnell and Dawei Zhang,you’ll find recent worksupstairs and a veritableAladdin's cave by both,spanning the last decade,

downstairs.Dawai is knownfor his intense,emotionalapproach,featuring boldfigures paintedwith roughstrokes of colour,while Patrick’scurrent subjectmatter stretchesback 4.6 billionyears linking us tothe formation of our solarsystem – so it’s a fascinatingjuxtaposition. The exhibitionalso features a specially

created collaborative workinspired by both artists’ loveof table tennis! Until 15 May.www.artymagazines.com

> Out of this world


1 Cayden Cole Project The Games We Play

2 The Black Fields The Fighter

3 Hardcore TroubadourSouthern Kind Of Life

4 Tony Blair Witch ProjektLet’s Have SomeGoodTimes

5 Fun Bobby So DamnEnglish

6 Jim Guittard Wolrd’sAngriest Hippie

7 Inevitability A238 tenek Submission –

Radio Edit9 Freudstein Sister Sleaze

10 The Mystic WizardsArmageddon

11 The Speak Diggin a hole12 Cayden Cole Separate

Ways13 900 Spaces Shake It Up14 Moranimal Strung Out15 SPARKER DARK LANE16 Mike Black No visible

scars (for John Martyn)17 PROJECT B SONG 118 Second Time Lucky

Chuggin19 Mellor rumatix Jazz Club20 Jenny Hallam Time

To listen to tracks & to submit your music & videos go to:



Another week andanother great music chartfor you! Listen online toget your favourite to thetop and to submit yourown tracks.



The Dark Room

New Horizons(Rembrandt) by PatrickO’Donnell

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