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Latinports Newsletter April-June 2013

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  • 1. April-June 2013 Year 5, No. 2 4th Annual Event of Latinports in Cancun Controversial Presidential Sanction of the Reform to the Law of Ports in Brazil Principal Containers Ports in Latin America More... More... More... RICHARD KLIEN: LATINPORTS CHAIRMAN 2009-2013

2. CONTENTSC April June 2013 Editorial Cover Richard Klien: Outgoing Chairman 2009-2013 and Principal Promoter of Latinports Design Julian Pineda www.miroamarillo.com [email protected] - Controversial Presidential Sanction of the Reform to the Law of Ports in Brazil ANALYSIS - The Principal Containers Ports in LatinAmerica in 2012 - LatinAmerica must have a Long-term Vision to Position Itself as the Region of the Future - Chile and Panama Consolidate as LatinAmerican Leaders in Competitiveness LOGISTICS, COMPETITIVENESSAND PORTS IN LATINAMERICA 4THANNUAL EVENT OF LATINPORTS - Infrastructure and Development CHAIRMANAND EXECUTIVE DIRECTION OF LATINPORTS - Outgoing Chairman and Executive Director Meet in Rio de Janeiro - Executive Director Meets with General Director of Antaq in Brasilia - Executive Director Visits Liebherr and e-Tech Simulation Plants in Miami - LatinAmerica is in a Unique Moment: Joe Biden, Vice-president of the United States - LatinAmerica enters a GoldenAge: Xi Jinping, President of China - China Would Replace the EU in 2015 as Second Investor in LatinAmerica LATINAMERICAAND THE WORLD: MACROECONOMIC SITUATION OF THE REGION 3. April - June 2013 CONTENTS LATINAMERICAN PORT NEWS Mail WATERWAYS IN LATINAMERICA - The Government of Brazil Studies Strengthening the Mode of Waterways by Freeing It - In its Final Stage Tender to Deepen Upstream Waters of the Magdalena River in Colombia - Compaa SurAmericana de Vapores Foresees a Complex Scenario for the Shipping Industry - Hapag-Lloyd and Hamburg Sd Stop Merger Conversations - MSC Negotiates 35% of its Terminal Division for US$2 Billions MARITIME TRANSPORTATIONAND PORTS - Brazilian RobertoAzevedo: Next Director of the World Trade Organization - Mexico and United States Committed to Create the Most Competitive Region of the World - BRICS Committed to Implement the Bank of Development - The PacificAlliance Constituted as the Main Commercial Block of the Region - OECD Invites Colombia to Negotiate itsAccession to the Group LATINAMERICAAND INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS UPCOMING EVENTS - TOC CSCAmricas 2013 4. April - June 2013 Editorial In a demonstration of Latin American integration we developed with the greatest success our fourth annual event in Cancun, Mexico, jointly with the Association of Terminals and Port Operators of Mexico and the Mexican Association of Port Engineering, to which from this space we send our warmest appreciation. The message of the President of the Republic, Enrique Pea Nieto, transmitted by the General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, stating it is the interest of the Mexican government to work very closely, both internally as externally, with the associations organizing the event. This event, with the motto of Infrastructure and Development, served to demonstrate that although a lot has been done in the first 20 years of the port reforms in Latin America, there is still much to be done. Under this focus important conclusions were reached reflected in the Declaration of Cancun. Full text of the declaration appears on inside pages. The event of Cancun concurred with the fulfillment of a crucial cycle in Latinports, under the leadership of its outgoing Chairman, Richard Klien from Brazil, during which time the association has consolidated as the spokesman of the Latin American port sector, and with this commitment has promoted the benefits of the winning model: public ports and private operation, as was so rightly defined by him. A new cycle is now starting, that of the modification of laws to adapt them to the current situation of the industry and the public-private associations, as described by the incoming Chairman, Arturo Lpez, who as one of the most important Latin American port entrepreneurs, is a guarantee of continuity and projection. In good time the outgoing and incoming chairman have committed to work very closely to strengthen the association. In this issue we make special emphasis on the excellent time now lived in Latin America, which we must exploit. It is with great pride we listen from the representatives of the two main economies of the world phrases such as Latin America is in a Unique Moment (Joe Biden, Vice-president of the United States) and Latin America enters a Golden Age (Xi Jinping, president of China). And even more, a representative of the region, the Brazilian Roberto Azevedo, was appointed as president of the World Trade Organization. We must then rapidly prepare to be in agreement with the circumstances and profit the most of this, as urged by the International Monetary Fund, Latin America must profit of the bonanza as it will not last forever. This is a huge challenge. Until the next! Julian Palacio, Executive Director of Latinports 5. April - June 2013 4TH ANNUAL EVENT OF LATINPORTS IN CANCUN INFRAESTRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of Mexico Opened by the General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of Mexico, Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, the event jointly held by the Association of Terminals and Port Operators and the Mexican Association of Port Engineering was attended by more than 200 persons of Mexico and different countries of the region. The General Coordinator highlighted the message of the President of the Republic, Enrique Pea Nieto, showing the interest of the Mexican government of working very closely with Latinports. The event revolved under the premise that during the 20 years of port reforms in Latin America much has been done but also there is much yet to be done, as rightly stated by Francisco Kassian, president for Mexico of the multinational port operation SAAM. On the other hand, the Executive Director of Latinports, Julin Palacio, during the opening session, stated: It is not only a formal issue the participation in this table of the General Coordinator of Ports, the presidents of two of the most important port associations of Mexico, and the Latin American Association of Ports and Terminals I represent. It is the demonstration that joint work of the public and private sectors, and the integration of the Latin American sector that although pursuing the same objectives of the ports of the world, have very particular characteristics. Some years ago in Cartagena, the minister of development of the former Spanish government said that a port is of little use without a good internal transportation infrastructure. Nothing could be truer. Consequences of a deficient internal 6. April - June 2013 DECLARATION OF CANCUN May 17, 2013 Conclusions of this meeting may be summarized in the sentence much has been done in the region during the first 20 years of port reforms, but there is also much yet to be done. Regarding specific activities, worth mentioning are the following: World Market and Port Development: The Pacific doubles the Atlantic in growth, and for this reason, and without neglecting the ports located on this ocean, works must be considerably done for the adequacy of the Pacific ports. Multimodalism and Logistics: Ports alone are not the only solution for foreign trade competitiveness; this is the line in which Latin American countries are well behind. For this reason Multimodalism and Logistics should work thoroughly and this must be the set point in the short-term, having in mind that logistic development brings forth economic development. Transportation Infrastructure: Although significant progress is noted, greater emphasis must be given to the different road transportation modes in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, basically regarding homogeneous cargo volumes and long distances. transportation infrastructure, an endemic problem of our countries, brings us to what I call the frustration of the port manager, as an excellent company with an excellent manager may make a port or terminal the best of the world, but internal transportation deficiency does not make of this the benefit the countries need for its foreign trade competitiveness. Our competitiveness worldwide is way far from what our potential requires. Thus, I agree with the new General Coordinator of Ports, Mr. Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, with whom I had the honor to speak a few days after he entered office, on the matter that his management would be based on port productivity and connectivity. Also, Latinports bases its existence in what its slogan states: Government and Private Sector Working Together for Port Logistics Development within the Region. I want to hereby refer to the great moment now being lived by Latin American economies, and particularly by that of Mexico. Increasingly more the eyes of the world are focused on our region for as stated by the Minister of Transportation of Chile at our event last year in Via del Mar: I am very proud that while the world is undergoing a very serious crisis, Latin America is not only supporting it but continues to grow. Therefore we must be prepared for what comes next. This is the best time of Latin America and we must benefit of it. Multimodality and Logistics must be the motto. Conferences of the Latinports module you can refer to them in the link events from our website www.latinports.org 7. April - June 2013 Arturo Lpez Takes Office as Chairman of Latinports Areas of Logistics Activities: To improve competitiveness of the countries, the areas of interior logistics activities or dry ports, these should be an important complement of ports and connectivity. Public-Private Relationships: Public and private sectors understand ever more the importance of working together towards a common purpose, and worth noting are the expressions of President En

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