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Lavandaria Profissional Electrolux
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Professional Laundry G4000 Range Overview
  • Professional LaundryG4000 Range Overview

  • Smart solutions just for youEvery laundry is different. That is why we have created an extensive range of products to ensure that you can choose the machine that meets your needs.

    HospitalityImmaculate linen and the highest standard of hygiene make all the difference to your customers satisfaction.

    HealthcareThe most demanding hygiene standards in hospitals, nursing homes and childrens day nurseries are met with Electrolux equipment.

    LaunderettesPerfect results wash after wash with energy-efficient, low-maintenance machines.

    Apartment House LaundriesUltra-low noise emissions and easy-to-use machines with excellent performance make the Electrolux product range the ideal choice for residential buildings.

    Dry CleanersThe Electrolux LagoonTM system is the only wet-cleaning process for delicate garments approved by The Woolmark Company in the world.

    Commercial LaundriesCommercial laundries need to be competitive. That is why our large industrial machines are designed todeliver excellent results with high energy and cost efficiency.

    Pharmaceutical andfood pocessing industriesFood processing and pharmaceutical industries must maintain a critically high standard of hygiene, whilst delivering efficient productivity levels. The barrier machines are available with cleanroom options, where strict controls to avoid particle contamination are required. Barrier washers satisfy these criteria, delivering hygienically clean linen and letting you get on with business.

    2 electrolux range overview

  • 3electrolux washer extractors

    Clarus Control Our Clarus Control micro-processor perfectly combines timing, optimal water levels and temperature to ensure superior performance with minimum consumption. You can use the memory card to download new programs which have been created on your PC or transfer programs quickly and easily from one machine to another. With our Wash Program Managersoftware package you can easily generate wash programs for

    Clarus and Compass controls on your PC. Also available with touch screen for Pullman Barrier washers to meet data tracking of RABC standards.

    Compass ControlCompass Control gives you enormous flexibility. It is the perfect solution for general needs in In-house laundries with our Wash Triangle technology. Compass Control also offers specific tailor-made wash programs for differing applications, i.e. healthcare, launderettes, indoor cleaning, quick service restaurants, etc.

    Compass ControlComplete control over the drying process is possible thanks to our advanced micro-processor technology. With our Compass Control it is simple to choose alternative settings for maximum drying flexibility.

    Selecta ControlAdvanced micro-processor controls that are easy to programme and easy to use. The Selecta Control is available with 3 different panels to suit the specific requirements of self-service laundry, such

    as on-premise laundries and coin-operation laundries.

    Washer Extractor Control

    Tumble Dryer Control

    Electronic controlThe electronic controls with their large display panel, intuitively guide the operator step by step, displaying all necessary information for the machines adjustments and use. Whats more, an indicator light informs the operator if retained humidity in the linen after ironing exceeds 8%. This ensures optimum dryness and hygiene, in compliance with Risk Analysis and Bio-Contamination Control quality controls. The control panels can also be networked via Certus Management Information System - to track/record every step in the drying and ironing process.

    Electro-mechanical control The electro-mechanical control is easy to read and simple to set. Both the ironing temperature and speed can be adjusted at any point. Now with our frequency controlled technology, the ironing speed can be adjusted indefinitely

    Ironer Control

    3electrolux range overview 3electrolux range overview

  • Washer ExtractorsChoose the machine that suits you best! Easy to use controls - reduced water, detergent and energy consumption - excellent washing results - eco friendly


    MOP Washers SLUICE Washers WET Cleaning

    Washer Extractors - N Normal Spin Range W475N W485N W4105N W4130N W4180N W4250N W4330N

    Drum volume l 75 85 105 130 180 250 330

    Dry weight capacity kg / lb 8 / 18 9 / 20 11 / 25 14 / 30 20 / 45 28 / 62 35 / 77

    Extraction, rpm 587 587 548 548 525 497 474

    G-factor 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

    Electric / Steam / Non-heated x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x

    Compass Control

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Washer Extractors - S Super Spin Range W475S W485S W4105S W4130S W4180S W4250S W4330S

    Drum volume l 75 85 105 130 180 250 330

    Dry weight capacity kg / lb 8 / 18 9 / 20 11 / 25 14 / 30 20 / 45 28 / 62 35 / 77

    Extraction rpm 830 830 775 775 740 700 670

    G-factor 200 200 200 200 200 200 200

    Electric / Steam / Non-heated x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x

    Compass Control Clarus Control o o o o o o o

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Washer Extractors - X Extra Spin Range W4280X W4350X W4600X

    Drum volume l 280 350 600

    Dry weight capacity kg / lb 28 / 62 35 / 77 60 / 135

    Extraction rpm 805 650 630

    G-factor 300 220 220

    Electric / Steam / Non-heated - / x / x x / x / x x / x / x

    Compass Control * -Clarus Control o o

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Wash&Dry WD4130 WD4240

    Drum volume l 130 240

    Dry weight capacity kg / lb 14 / 30 27 / 55

    Extraction, rpm 980 980

    G-factor 350 350

    Electric / Electric Electric / gas o o

    Non heated / gas or electric o o

    Compass Control

    standardo optionx available- not available

    4 electrolux range overview

  • FOM 71 CLS is compliant with international standards IEC 456, BS 4923, ISO 6330 and Marks & Spencer.It is a washing machine created for tests: it defines and formulates the washing standards for any fabric and controls the effects of chemical agents and detergents.Thanks to Clarus Control it carries out comparative trials and quality tests, and is used by detergent manufacturers and testing institutes.

    PW9 & PD9 : The best solution for semi-professional use (hairdressers, fitness centres, beauty salons, etc.).

    Side load Barrier Washers WB4130H WB4180HWSB4250H WS4250H

    WSB4350H WS4350H

    WSB4500H WS4500H

    WSB4650H WS4650H

    WPB4700H WP4700H

    WPB4900H WP4900H

    WPB41100H WP41100H

    Side load Washers Extractors WS4250H WS4350H WS4500H WS4650H WP4700H WP4900H WP41100H

    Drum volume, l 130 180 250 350 500 650 700 900 1100

    Dry weight capacity, kg / lb 13 / 29 18 / 40 25 / 55 35 / 77 50 / 110 65 / 143 70 / 154 90 / 198 110 / 242

    Extraction, rpm 910 910 910 910 910 910 720 720 720

    G-factor 300 300 350 350 350 350 300 300 300

    Electric/Steam /Gas/Thermal Oil x / x / - / - x / x / - / - x / x / x / x x / x / x / x x / x / x / x x / x / x / x x / x / - / x x / x / - / x x / x / - / x

    Compass Control - - - - - - -Clarus Control o o

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Washer Extractors - H High Spin Range W4240H W4300H W4400H W4600H W4850H W41100H

    Drum volume, l 240 300 400 600 850 1100

    Dry weight capacity, kg / lb 27 / 60 33 / 75 45 / 100 65 / 145 90 / 200 120 / 265

    Extraction, rpm 890 820 825 800 720 663

    G-factor 350 300 350 350 350 300

    Electric / Steam / Non-heated x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x - / x / x - / x / x

    Compass Control - - - -Clarus Control o o Lagoon (wet cleaning) x x x - - -

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Washer Extractors - H High Spin Range W455H W465H W475H W4105H W4130H W4180H

    Drum volume, l 53 65 75 105 130 180

    Dry weight capacity, kg / lb 6 / 13 7 / 15 8 / 18 11 / 25 14 / 30 20 / 45

    Extraction, rpm 1300 1100 1100 1025 980 930

    G-factor 425 350 350 350 350 350

    Electric / Steam / Non-heated x / - / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x

    Compass Control Clarus Control - o o o o o

    Lagoon (wet cleaning) - - - x x x

    standardo optionx available- not available

    5electrolux range overview 5electrolux range overview

  • FSF shirt finisher FPA6-WC collar and cuff press

    FTT1 trouser topper FPA3-D leg shape press

    FFT-D form finisher FIT6A ironing table FIT1 ironing table FSU1 spotting table

    C240-C260 soft mount Hydro extractor

    C240R-C260R-C290R rigid mount Hydro extractor

    A wide range of options and accessories (trolleys, bases, condensing units, etc) is also available, ask our local offices!

    Tumble Dryers

    Other Equipments

    6 electrolux range overview

    Tumble Dryers T4130 T4190 T4250 T4290 T4300S T4300LE T4350 T4530 T4650 T4900 T41200

    Drum volum l 130 190 250 286 2x300 300 349 528 650 900 1200

    Dry weight capacity kg / lb

    6 / 13 10,5 / 23 12,5 / 28 13,5 / 302x13,6 /

    2x3013,6 / 30 17,5 / 40 27 / 60 35 / 77 45 / 100 65 / 135

    Electric / Gas / Steam / - / - o / o / - o / o / o o / o / o o / o / - / - / - o / o / o o / o / o o / o / o o / o / o o / o / o

    Selecta Control - - Compass Control - - - - - - - - -RMC o o o o o o o o o

    Reversing drum o o o o o o o Lagoon (wet cleaning) - - o - - - o o o o o

    standardo optionx available- not available

    *estimated production power

    Drying Cabinets FC48 TS4121

    Garments/hours* 70

    Loading Capacity kg / lb 6-8 / 12-18

    Electric / Gas / Steam x / x / x / - / -Microprocessor semi-programmable pre-fixed programmes

    standardo optionx available- not available

  • Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System (DIAMMS)Electrolux brings the first true moisture management system to the market. With this unique feature, you can enjoy the automatic control of your ironers speed. Your ironer is never too slow or too fast - guaranteeing you the optimum productivity. Whats more, your linen is always dried to perfection.

    DubixiumWith the unique Dubixium cylinder, you will never again experience loss of production due to the sides of your ironer overheating. By means of a patented thermal oil flow inside the cylinder, heat is always evenly distributed through the length of your ironer. With the Electrolux Dubixium, you will experience the comfort of steam, without steam, guaranteeing your business maximum profitability.


    Ironers C-Flex 900 C-Flex 1200

    Roll diameter mm / inch 900 / 35 1200 / 47

    Ironing width mm / inch2700 to 4200 /

    118 to 1652700 to 4200 /

    118 to 165

    Steam / Thermal Oil x / x x / x

    Evaporation capacity l/h 189 to 731 230 to 1260

    Number of rolls 1 to 3 1 to 3

    Speed m/minute 5 to 42 5 to 42

    7electrolux range overview 7

    Ironers IB42310 IB42314 IB42316

    Roll diameter mm / inch 230 / 9 230 / 9 230 / 9

    Ironing width mm / inch 1000/39 1400/55 1650/64

    Electric Heating x x x

    Evaporation capacity l/h 5 6.5 8.1

    Speed m/minute 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4

    standardo optionx available- not available

    Ironers IC43316 IC43320 IC44819 IC44821 IC44825 IC44828 IC44832 IC44819 FFS IC44825 FFS IC44832 FFS

    Roll diameter mm / inch 325 / 13 325 / 13 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19 479 / 19

    Ironing width mm / inch 1650 / 65 2065 / 81 1910 / 75 2120 / 83 2540 /100 2750 / 108 3170 / 125 1910 / 75 2540/ 100 3170 / 125

    Electric / Steam / Gas x / - / x x / - / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x x / x / x

    Evaporation capacity l/h 19.5 24.5 38/57/35 40/63/37 48/75/46 51/81/51 59/93/59 38/57/35 48/75/46 59/93/59

    Speed m/minute 0.5 to 5.5 0.5 to 5.5 1.5 to 9 1.5 to 9 1.5 to 9 1.5 to 9 1.5 to 9 1.5 to 11 1.5 to 11 1.5 to 11

    DIAMMS o o Dubixium ( * ) - - o o o o o Automatic feeding - - o o o o o Automatic folding - - o o o o o

    ( * ) For electric and gas heated versions.

  • 9JL



    EnvironmentBeing environmentallyfriendly is more than justa concern to us.It means being truly conscious and totally committed toenvironmental issues at every stage of the industrial cycle, from design to manufacturing.The ISO 14001 certificationguarantees our long-termcommitment. Th

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    es t

    he r












    Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com


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  • On the bottom line we deliver

    more than clean laundry

  • 2Hotel laundry is too often seen as a

    package, which can either be underta-

    ken only in-house or only outsourced.

    Many companies are starting to consi-

    der laundry from both a quality and an

    economic point of view. It does not

    have to be a case of either/or.

    More and more hotels are choosing to

    wash their terry laundry themselves.

    Mainly to reduce costs but also becau-

    se terry is extremely easy to handle

    internally. Just fill the washer extractor,

    transfer to the tumble dryer, fold and

    store ready for use. No extra personnel

    are needed. Terry is so easy to wash

    that it takes just a few minutes for the

    existing housekeeping staff to load and

    unload the machines. Plus the fact that

    these days professional laundry equip-

    ment with ergonomic and reliable func-

    tion takes up very little space.

    Electrolux professional laundry equip-

    ment is designed to handle large

    amounts of laundry in a short space of

    time. Having your own small textile care

    room gives you control of both your

    laundry and your costs. You may not

    want to do all your laundry at the hotel,

    but just washing the terry enables you

    to reduce your costs.

    You know what you pay, BUTdo you know how much couldbe saved? Save up to 25-30%compared to linen rental cost.

    Or save by replacing your old laundry

    equipment. Our technological develop-

    ment provides you with much higher

    water and energy savings.

    Let us support your hotel operation. We

    provide a free, non-binding analysis

    which will enable you to look at the

    overall picture and evaluate the opportu-

    nities available for improving the percei-

    ved quality of your hotel operation whilst

    simultaneously turning down your ope-

    rating costs. In-house laundry it pays!

    Washing terry laundry in-house can

    immediately reduce your costs!

    For a Free Laundry Analysis just e-mail

    to [email protected] or take a look at


  • 3Your guests will feel and smell the difference

    Doing your own laundry enables you

    to choose a much more fabric- and

    skin-friendly detergent. Your guests

    will immediately notice the softness

    and freshness of your bathroom

    laundry, turning your in-house laundry

    into a very powerful word-of-mouth


    You can wash what youwant, when you want

    Hotels that have a textile care room

    for their terry laundry are able to wash

    at any time of day or night. The laun-

    dry equipment is so easy to use that

    all the personnel can help with the

    washing. Moreover, you never risk

    running low on clean towels. You

    don't need to keep an extra large

    stock just to be on the safe side.

    Doing the laundry where the laundry

    actually is, frees you from dependen-

    ce on collection and delivery times. It

    keeps you in full control.

    You take care of your guests,we take care of you

    Professional laundry equipment by

    Electrolux lasts to serve your profes-

    sional needs.

    With regular professional service and

    maintenance, a laundry operation wit-

    hout unnecessary stops is ensured. As

    a global company, Electrolux Laundry

    Systems always has a local service

    office nearby to quickly assist you.


  • What you need for a cost-efficient

    terry laundry

    A small room with electricity, water, drainage and the right ventilation. That's all. We are

    happy to check your premises and help you with the planning. You can either choose one

    of our three complete packages or let us 'customise' a machine combination for you. Take

    a look and compare!

    Hotels up to 30 beds:The equipment: one washer extractor W365H + one tumble dryer T4190.

    This durable equipment can wash and dry around 6,5 kg of terry laundry in approx. 90 min.

    The cost (price per kg clean linen): 0,40 to 0,60 Euros,


    investment in one W365H + one T4190 at 90% average occupancy during peak season no extra staff needed 5 years depreciation 6 days per week / 8 loads a day average one-time installation cost

    Hotels up to 60 beds:The equipment: one washer extractor W3130H + one tumble dryer T4350.

    These machines can wash and dry around 13 kg of terry laundry in approx. 75 min.

    The cost (price per kg clean linen): 0,30 to 0,50 Euros,


    investment in one W3130H + one T4350 at 90% average occupancy during peak season no extra staff needed 5 years depreciation 6 days per week / 8 loads a day average one-time installation cost


  • 5Hotels up to 90 beds: The equipment: one washer extractor W3180H + one tumble dryer T3530.

    These machines can wash and dry around 18 kg of terry laundry in approx. 75 min. and

    are even suitable for large, coarse textiles.

    The cost (price per kg clean linen): 0,70 to 0,90 Euros,


    investment in one W3180H + one T3530 at 90% average occupancy during peak season one part-time employee (4h/day) 5 years depreciation 6 days per week / 8 loads a day average one-time installation cost

    Your own "textile care room" without major investment

    More and more businesses use lease finan-

    cing to acquire the equipment required for

    growth. With our tailored lease agreements,

    you can have your own laundry room with-

    out increasing your costs. With an operatio-

    nal lease, there is no need to tie up capital.

    Use the money you save from doing your

    terry laundry in-house towards the monthly

    payments. This allows you to spread your

    laundry costs whilst enjoying tax benefits on

    the machines. The benefits of investing in a

    Electrolux Laundry machine include:

    Affordable payments

    Potential tax benefits

    Preservation of bank lines of credit

    Easy add-ons and upgrades

    Improved cash flow

  • 6If you start by washing your terry laundry

    in-house, you will soon notice that there

    are other types of laundry you can take

    care of as well, reducing your costs even


    By analysing the complete laundry pro-

    cess according to your particular needs,

    Electrolux is able to provide detailed cost

    and savings estimates enabling you to

    improve your laundry solution with confi-


    Electrolux is one of the largest manufac-

    turers and suppliers of industrial laundry

    equipment in the world. This guarantees

    an A-Z professional support, ranging from

    our need-and-cost analyses to planning,

    financing, installation and service.

  • Laundry equipment that

    develops in line with your



  • Printed on environmentally friendly paper. Art no. 432 9000 14/02 0542

  • Wet-cleaningExcellenceby Electrolux Professional

  • electrolux professional wet-cleaning 2

  • Electrolux Professional Cleaning Sector 5electrolux professional wet-cleaning 3


    Wet-cleaning is incredibly effective for professionally cleaning all kinds of fabrics and textiles. With Electrolux Professional eco-friendly solutions, you will be less dependant on the need for harsh chemicals while delivering superior cleaning results.

    The first

    Your Electrolux valuein comparison to dry-cleaning

    Easy to install - no regulations Globally well-established solution Superior technology for both cleaning and washing Healthier for the operators Strong brand

    Your customers Electrolux valuein comparison to dry-cleaning

    Better for the environment Better for the clothes Fresher smelling Fabrics are softer to the touch Colours appear brighter Whites are more brilliant

    Discover how and why the Electrolux Professional wet-cleaning solution suits your business.

    Learn about how the latest range of innovations from Electrolux Professional enables you to productively expand your cleaning services.

  • electrolux professional wet-cleaning 4

    ideally suited for youNowadays more and more consumers ask for an eco-friendly solution. At the same time a wider range of fabrics are suitable for wet-cleaning, which is an invaluable opportunity to introduce a safer cleaning method and a greener alternative.

    Why wet-cleaning is

    1) An ideal complement to dry-cleaning:

    Wet-cleaning can complement your existing dry-cleaning operation or work parallel with equipment you have already installed. This assures you:

    A superior method for removing sweat and protein stains. Better results on PVC-lined garments and finer fabrics with sequins. Minimal damage to buttons and plastic zips. Possibility to clean most garments in-house and also handle water- proofing. The opportunity of wet-cleaning the leather and suede with specific detergents.

    2) An ideal complement to standard laundry:

    Wet-cleaning provides an in-house solution for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and health care institutions, eliminating the need for off-site subcontracting. This assures you:

    Full control over ALL laundry. Premium cleaning results. Perfect solution for workwear /uniforms. Efficient cleaning of textiles such as wool blankets, thick bed quilts and pillows.

  • Electrolux Professional Cleaning Sector 5electrolux professional wet-cleaning 5

    Water is the first key component to under- stand what gives wet-cleaning the capability to keep fabrics looking better and smelling fresher.

    The second very important key is the use of specific detergents. When adapted to natural fibres they will protect them from deformation.

    Then it is just a matter of adding the correct amount of biodegradable detergent, along

    with a gentle mechanical action over the optimal period of time.

    As a result water is able to naturally remove stains and transport dirt to the waste pipe.

    Whats left behind is a fresh smell of cleanliness, a soft touch to the fabric, brilliant whites and bright colours. With this in mind, its easy to see why the demand for wet- cleaning effectively treating stains in fabrics is growing.

    The secret to why wet-cleaning works so effectively. It all begins with water.

    Discover a highly efficient laundry solution on top of the wet-cleaning system

    No further need to rely on outsourcing for big duvets and curtains. You will be able to adapt your machine with a full range of laundry programs. You can achieve more businessto business with increased services to specific market segments such as:- Sport clubs- Food shop businesses- Restaurants - Floor care- Corner food shops

    Main advantages to complement dry-cleaning

  • electrolux professional wet-cleaning 6

    its allin the details

    Today, as the list of manufacturers that offer professional wet-cleaning solutions continues to grow, the differences that Electrolux Professional provides become more obvious with every load of laundry you clean.

    An exceptionally well-balanced approach

  • Electrolux Professional Cleaning Sector 5electrolux professional wet-cleaning 7

    Excellent control systems Clarus and Compass Pro

    Fully programmable to the needs of wet- cleaning (temperature, time, speed etc.) WPM (Wash Program Manager) allows you to create new wash programs directly on your PC.

    Frequency Motor Control (FMC)

    By controlling step-by-step acceleration, drum speed and level of G-force the cleaning process gives: Less mechanical stress on the fibres. Optimized drying time for delicate garments. Better cleaning result.

    Dedicated range of external dispensersThe flexibility of our machines permits up to 13 different detergent dispensers to be connected. For each cleaning process your business offers wet-cleaning, leather and waterproofing or your standard laundry - the correct amount of selected detergent is dispensed. Simplifies the operators task. Guarantees reliability and optimum result. Increased flexibility of installation.

    Exceptional Residual Moisture Control (RMC)Electrolux machines protect garments from over drying with remarkable accuracy in measuring the moisture content of garments. Specially insulated lifters in contact with the garment The exact residual moisture is measured over 400 times per second

    Integrated cool-down functionElectrolux have integrated an adjustable cooling down function with the program to avoid creasing fabrics. This also improves the smooth finish of garments and the gentle handling of silk, wool and other finer fabrics.

    Finishing equipment A complete range of selected finishing equipment to emphasize the quality.

    With Electrolux Professional you have control. We know what you need to achieve excellent cleaning results for your customers. To make this happen we have developed equipment with state-of-the-art features leaving nothing more to be desired.

  • electrolux professional wet-cleaning 8

    Whats your size?

    Whether your business is large, small or medium, you

    can find the absolute best solution for your operation

    from Electrolux Professional Wet-cleaning Excellence.

    Electrolux Professional will help you determine the correct

    solution to fit your laundry.

  • Electrolux Professional Cleaning Sector 5electrolux professional wet-cleaning 9

    Access Advanced SuperiorWashers wet-cleaning High spin, Super spin Washer

    Compass Control

    Electrolux mechanical action for wet-cleaning Program library for wet-cleaning 10 programs

    High spin Washer Clarus Control

    Electrolux mechanical action for wet-cleaning Program library for wet-cleaning 192 free programs *Option to upgrade to Lagoon

    Lagoon Washer Clarus Control

    Woolmark smart card programs (full load and half load) Create 192 free programs Lagoon mechanical action to be in line with Woolmark Woolmark and Lagoon tag on the machine

    Dryers wet-cleaning Selecta Control, Compass Pro

    Residual Moisture Control Reversing drum Stainless steel drum

    Selecta Control, Compass Pro

    Residual Moisture Control Reversing drum Stainless steel drum *Option to upgrade to Lagoon

    Selecta Control, Compass Pro

    Residual Moisture Control Reversing drum Stainless steel panel and drum Woolmark and Lagoon tag on the dryer

    Detergent Lagoon/Woolmark Recommended, tested chemicals ( * )

    Range of 2 or 4 products specially developed for the Woolmark programs - this helps guarantee the final result

    Pump Kit Option Option Kit of 6 pumps, 900 ml/mns, linked to the Clarus System

    Finishing Option Option Dedicated specifically developed ironing board Dedicated specially designed multiform finisher Dedicated specially designed trouser topper Boiler

    Training Access training Access training Advanced training - Finishing

    Access training Advanced training - Finishing

    Brand Value in Communication

    Electrolux Electrolux Electrolux, Woolmark

    Communication Kit ( * ) Dedicated specially developed Lagoon Communication Kit Access to the Lagoon marketing tool bank (posters, advertising) for promotional activities Access to Woolmark images


    (*Advanced System can be upgraded to Lagoon if you decide to change business strategy. You are then able to adopt all the unique Lagoon benefits and communicate the Woolmark approved logo when marketing the Lagoon System.)

  • electrolux professional wet-cleaning 10

    to fit youpersonally

    Whether you need assistance with equipment layout, space optimization or workstation organization or are seeking advice on how to streamline every aspect of your business operation Electrolux Professional has the answers you are looking for.

  • Electrolux Professional Cleaning Sector 5electrolux professional wet-cleaning 11

    Even before you have cleaned and dried your first load of garments by wet-cleaning, you will find that Electrolux Professional has

    an entire support system in place to help ensure your success as a professional cleaner.

    to fit youpersonally


    The Electrolux team will assist you with all technical aspects Installation layout Plumbing, electrical advice etc. prior to installation Installation and start up Best practices advice After-sales and service

    Exclusive finishing and accessories will make it easy to expand the services you offer customers

    In addition to the extensive range of wet- cleaning machines, Electrolux can complement your operation with specially designed form finishers, trouser toppers, spotting tables, vacuum/blowing cold ironing tables and more. Discover the full range by visiting www.electrolux.com/ laundrysystems for complete details.

    Increase productivity, increase profitability

    With over 100 years of experience in the Professional laundry business and some 20 years of expertise within delicate garment treatment, you can rely on Electrolux to support you with an optimal solution for your business. Our vision and strategy is always to strive for results with your needs in focus. By identifying the most suitable solution for your needs you will increase your productivity and enhan-ce profitability. At the same time you will contribute to a sustainable future.

    To identify the right size of machine, all parameters need to be integrated

    Volume of the largest items treated in the machine (e.g. duvet) Business ratio between wet-cleaning and laundry process Possible intention to expand Placement of equipment in the space allocated Accessibility in the room

    Electrolux Professional will always support you in optimizing your choice.

  • Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com/laundrysystems







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  • Finishing Equipment

  • Discover the benefits ofElectrolux finishingequipment makeyour customers happy

    2 Finishing Equipment

  • Finishing Equipment 3

    Finishing made simpleYour laundry operation is unique. It has special demands in terms of quality,output and types of garments and textiles to be processed. If not done efficiently, finishing can be expensive and time-consuming. A customised finishing solution that meets the specific requirements of your laundry operationis the answer.

    Know-how that makes the differenceTo support your operation, we also offer finishingknow-how and total laundry solutions. We can helpwith everything from dimensioning and installation totraining and preventive maintenance. All of this, tooptimise your laundry operation.

  • 4 Finishing Equipment

    Consistent and efficient finishing for shirtsLet us help you increase output and ensure quality by finding the perfect fin-ishing solution according to your specific needs.

    The perfect shirt finishing solutionOur solution might include some of the followingElectrolux Professional equipment: ironing tables,blown finishers, collar and cuff presses, cabinetsleevers or cabinet shirt presses.

    Our fully automatic shirt finishing systems, such asthe F4VA1 shirt finisher and F3AB2 collar and cuffspress, provide fast and efficient finishing.

    On the F4VA1 shirt finisher powerful hot air blowingis used to inflate the shirt to its natural shape and

    rapidly dries the fabric. This feature, combined withsteam injection and mechanical tensioning, ensuresa high-quality, consistent finish. Whats more, a programmable microprocessor control regulates theprocess according to moisture retention and fabrictype.

    The machines are easy to use, even for unskilledoperators, ensuring high output and consistency. Infact, one operator can process up to 40 shirts everyhour*.

    F3AB2 collar and cuff press

    collar and cuff press for top finish of any type of shirt fast and efficient setting of the shirt due to vacuum

    operation, which also gives a quick drying optimal pressing of different types of fabric because of

    variable pressing control head release timer improves productivity and ensures a

    consistent finishing quality

    F4VA1 shirt finisher

    tensioning shirt finisher for high quality finish can process shirts of any fabric and size

    easy shirt positioning thanks to the vacuum body on the front side

    reduced need for touch-up due to heated front hem clamp user-friendly control board with possibility to store 9

    different programs

    *All production numbers used in this brochure are based on an average.

  • Finishing Equipment 5

    The shirt challengeFinishing shirts can be overwhelming.

    The process typically begins with a pile of clean shirts in a basket(or in your arms). It is slow and labour intensive and often thebacklog in the laundry process. Consistency is difficult.

  • The trouserchallenge;creases andpleatsWhen it comes to finishing trousers, there is noroom for mistakes. Quite simply, the crease must be straight and meet the pleat perfectly.

    6 Finishing Equipment

  • Finishing Equipment 7

    Finishing an important laststep in the laundry processWe want the laundry output to be perfect. This is why we offer a completerange of professional finishing equipment also for processing trousers,including presses, professional finishing tables and trouser conditioners.

    Top quality finishAn ideal solution is to install the F4CD trouser conditioner and an F3TK1 finishing table. The steaminjection of the F4CD moistens the fabric to removecreases and the powerful hot air blowing quicklydries and finishes the fabric. The F4CD trouser conditioner is very user-friendly and can be used fortrousers of different types, shapes and lengths. Theversatile design of the finishing table means that itcan meet a wide variety of finishing needs.

    For cleaning operations with high demands on out-put, the F4CD trouser conditioner and F3AA3 legshape press is the answer. The controlled high pressure of the leg press ensures a sharp crease in the trouser leg and a consistent finish.

    Safe, user-friendly systems for high outputElectrolux Professionals systems for finishingtrousers are designed for maximum operator safety.The equipment is also easy to use, which allows theoperator to process a large number of finished garments.

    F3AA3 leg shape press

    air-operated leg shape press for high production output high quality finish due to steam operation from both

    head and buck efficient pressing of different kinds of fabric because of

    variable pressing control optimal operator comfort due to adjustable pedals

    F4CD trouser conditioner

    trouser conditioner for superior finish of any type of trousers very simple to use with two pedal operation even drying due to side-to-side waist tensioning independently adjustable parameters, e.g. blowing power anti-stretch feature prevents delicate fabric from being

    overstretched easy-to-use control panel can store 9 different programs optimal shaping of the trousers due to large waist expanders eliminated need of touch-up thanks to large fly clamp

  • 8 Electrolux Finishing Equipment

    The challenge to look andfeel the best...We all see and appreciate when our garments are succesfully finished.

    This is when we look and feel the best!

  • Electrolux Finishing Equipment 9Finishing Equipment 9

    ...requires an ElectroluxProfessional solution for your jacketCoats and jackets come in every shape, size and type of fabric imaginable.However, they must be perfectly finished to make you look and feel the best; we recommend an Electrolux Professional multi-finisher and finishing table.

    Versatile, high output multi-finisherThe F4WA multi-finisher is a highly versatile machinefor finishing jackets and coats. The combination oftensioning devices, steam injection and hot air blow-ing eliminates wrinkles and reforms the garmentback to its original shape.

    It is so efficient that one operator can process up to40 jackets every hour. Whats more, a user-friendlymicroprocessor stores up to 9 programmes andcontrols all functions.

    High quality and productivityThe overall finish of a jacket is made on the multi-finisher while the last touch-up is easily done on theF3TK1 table.

    The professional F3TK1 finishing table has manyfeatures such as a powerful vacuum and hot airblowing that help even unskilled operators achievehigh output and quality finishing results. For yourcleaning operation, this means higher productivityand improved economy.

    F3TK1 finishing table

    high production output due to vacuum and blowing features allows all-round finishing because of utility buck shape top quality table made of solid construction possibility to select among a wide range of options to find

    the ideal configuration for your specific finishing needs optimal operator comfort thanks to adjustable table height

    F4WA multi-finisher

    tensioning form-finisher for perfect finish of jackets and coats finishes any size and shape due to telescoping form and

    adjustable shoulders rotating form (180) for easy and ergonomical handling of

    garments easy-to-use control board, rich in features, can store 9 different

    programs anti-stretching device to prevent delicate fabric from being


  • 10 Electrolux Finishing Equipment10 Finishing Equipment

    F4TD ironing table

    solid portable table for easy touch-up of garments electric steam iron and boiler with capacity of 2 hours

    continuous ironing easy garment positioning on the table due to vacuum

    operation optimal operator comfort thanks to adjustable table height

    Professional ironing tablesElectrolux Professional offers high quality ironingtables of different sizes and shapes. Choosebetween vacuum tables, vacuum/blowing tables orironing tables with additional steam from the buck.For operator comfort, a number of ironing tables can be adjusted in height to ensure an ergonomicworking position. The tables are available either with built-in boiler or prepared for central steam connection.

    The portable F4TD ironing table is an example of a simple, low-cost alternative to the traditional ironing table. It is ideal for laundries with low outputdemands and limited floor space. Because this ironing table is electrically heated, installation is simple. All you need is a domestic electrical supply.Every F4TD ironing table comes with a durable, self-feed steam iron. The F4TD ironing table isequipped with a small boiler that gives you 2 hoursof continuous ironing. The table allows you to doeasy touch-up. It can be installed in your drop offstore or by the counter for excellent quick and easytouch-up.

    Heavy-duty pressesElectrolux Professionals finishing equipmentincludes a selection of heavy-duty presses. Themodels are arranged for dry work (padded head) orlaundered work (polished head). Whats more, ourheavy-duty presses come in a wide variety ofshapes for most pressing applications.

    One-stop shopping for all your finishing needsWith Electrolux Professionals finishing equipment you can choose from a complete range of easy-to-use, highly automated finishing presses to basic electrically-heated ironing tables for small scale operations or for big productionvolumes depending on your needs. In addition to boosting the productivity of your laundry operation, our finishing equipment ensures top quality finishing,garment after garment.

    F3AA1 Utility Dry Work Press F3AB1 Utility Laundry Press

  • Electrolux Finishing Equipment 11Finishing Equipment 11

    F3SA spotting table

    solid spotting table for perfect stain removal stainless steel board for corrosion resistance spotting arm for optimal reach of fine stains in

    difficult-to-reach areas 2 spotting guns with containers for stain removal liquids air gun for efficient drying of treated areas

    The stain challengeIn order to ensure the customers nice and clean garments, a reliable spotting table is of essence. TheF3SA spotting table is the complete spotting unit neededfor efficient stain removal. The table has all the necessaryfeatures for pre- and post spotting and comes with asolid stainless steel board and a sleeve spotting armwithin easy reach. The F3SA is equipped with two spotting guns, each with an independent fluid circuit,and additional tanks for liquid spotting agents. The separate air gun helps to accelerate the drying of thetreated stains.

    This is the end of stains for you and your customers!

    For more information on finishing equipment from Electrolux Professional please refer to our website: www.electrolux.com/laundrysystems

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