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LCMC: Email address acquisition

Date post:17-May-2015
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  • 1. Email Address Acquisition Landscape Moderator: Kara Trivunovic Mohammed Ahmed, Senior Manager of Deliverability Services, BlueHornet Rachael Parrott, VP of Sales, FiveData Jay Jhun, VP of Strategy, BrightWave Marketing

2. Introduction Mohammed AhmedRachael ParrotJay JhunSenior Manager, Deliverability Services BlueHornetVice President of Sales Five DataVP of Strategic Services BrightWave Marketing 3. Email Acquisition What is email acquisition? What are the best practices of collecting data? 4. Email Acquisition Here are some of the different ways to collect data: Paper and Pen aka POS Web forms FTAF/viral campaigns Content marketing Co-reg List rental/purchase Social sites SMS/text Mobile apps Search Web pop ups 5. Key Concepts to Building your Email Database Be a 4th Quarter Superhero! 6. The Basics Acquisition email marketing provides the greatest ROI of any acquisition effort currently available. Know your ideal target audience based on your current data. Know what your average annual volume of a subscriber is; everyones (product lines, etc.) is different. 7. Targeting Use your current data to target appropriately Gone are the days of spray and pray Over targeting IS possible 8. Brick Vs. Brick$1,000$1,000 Unique and compelling offers are critical to campaign success 9. Your Offer Create an offer that is optimized for online and mobile viewing It is the list providers job to get your message inboxed It is the advertisers job to inspire action 10. 5 WAYS TO WIN WITHHORMONE-FREE ACQUISITION Jay Jhun, VP of Strategic Services @emailrocks 11. Home page form front & center#1 12. #2 13. #3 14. #4 15. #4 16. Active vs. Inactive Subscribers#5132% 60%48%50%244%40% 30%Broadcast 20%Segmented10% 0%Open Rate Unique Click-Thru RateAction Rate 17. Acquisition Takeaways ORGANIC Valuate your email program & invest accordingly Honor permission and preferences Take full advantage of your owned mediaLIST RENTAL Utilize a third party list Have a compelling offer

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