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Ldpc Ieee Paper

Date post: 05-Oct-2015
Author: pravin-salunkhe
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LDPC IEEE papers
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LDPC IEEE paper-Pravin SalunkheM.Tech(EXTC)RN:142150001

OutlineIntroductionDual Diagonal form of Parity Check MatrixInterleave-modified array Improved Progressive Edge algorithmLDPC for Digital subscriber Line(DSL)LDPC for Multiple Antenna SystemLDPC codes in Wireless Sensor NetworkLDPC for wireless image transmission

IntroductionLDPC codes were invented by Gallanger in early sixties.Can give performance close to the capacity of different channels.

Error Floor

Dual Diagonal form of Parity Check MatrixDual Diagonal form:

Then apply degree distribution and shifting coefficient


Reference:A Class of Irregular LDPC Codes with Low Error Floor and Low Encoding Complexity, Zhiyong He, Paul Fortier, Senior Member, IEEE, and Sebastien Roy, Member, IEEE

Interleave-modified array Form

ContinuedSimulation result:

Reference: A Design of Parity Check Matrix for Irregular LDPC Codes, Chutima Prasartkaew and Somsak Choomchuay.

Improved Progressive Edge growth algorithmProgressive-edge-growth (PEG) algorithm is known to construct LDPC codes. The modification is based on creating a higher degree of connectivity in the Tanner graph Adds little complexity: These numbers for the (1008, 504) codes are 1.43s and 1.55 s, for PEG and Modified PEG respectively.


Reference:Improved Progressive-Edge-Growth (PEG)Construction of Irregular LDPC Codes,Hua Xiao and Amir H. Banihashemi, Member, IEEE

LDPC for Digital subscriber Line(DSL)In current DSL specifications,coding is achieved by a concatenated scheme that includes an outer ReedSolomon (RS) code and an inner trellis code.we investigate replacing the inner trellis code by an LDPC coding scheme


Reference:Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Digital Subscriber Lines, E. Eleftheriou and S. lerIBM Research, Zurich Research Laboratory 8803 Rschlikon, Switzerland.

LDPC for Multiple Antenna SystemUse of Non Binary LDPC code.Are defined over the finite field GF(q = 2^P)Simulation results show that non-binary LDPC codes outperform binary LDPC codes .


Reference:Non-Binary and Concatenated LDPC Codes forMultiple-Antenna Systems, Geoffrey J. Byers and Fambirai Takawira.

LDPC codes in Wireless Sensor NetworkThere are two ways to reduce power transmissionData compressionForward error correction (FEC)

Author uses LDPC codes for FEC and Quantized LDPC decoder

ContinuedSimulation shows that LDPC codes are 42% more energy efficient than those that use BCH codes

Reference:Source and Channel Coding in Wireless SensorNetworks using LDPC Codes, Mina Sartipi, Faramarz Fekri

LDPC for wireless image transmissionBlock diagram


Reference:LDPC codes for robust transmission of images over wireless transmission,C.Zhong and J.P Havlicek.

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