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An intensive, game changing two-day executive workshop to equip your leadership team to grow and thrive in the changing world.
  • 1. So how big a splash in business do you really want to make?ManagerLeaderFuture Leader!Are you and your leadership team relevant to the future? Do you really understand, and are you connected to the marketplace, the customer and employee of tomorrow? Are you a Future Leader?Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

2. FutureWorld International and Cindy Solomon & Associates presentRATED4.8 OUT OF 5BY OVER 5,000 EXECUTIVE LEADERSThe Leader of the Future Creating Quantum Leadership for a Ubiquitously Connected WorldAn intensive, game changing two-day executive workshop to equip your leadership team to grow and thrive in the changing world.As business becomes more complex, it becomes more and more difficult to transform existing managers into Leaders of the Future, and to cultivate young high-potential leaders. In our changing world, new skills are demanded to manage employee engagement, customer loyalty and thus, great financial performance. FutureWorld International and CSA, Inc. have joined forces to help organisations across all industries understand the forces shaping their future and to provide the toolset to manage these changes. This powerful two-day intervention is aimed at existing executive, senior and middle management, as well as high-potential young leaders across all business disciplines and industries.TRIPLE DIGIT IMPROVEMENTS We are seeing triple digit improvements in many of our metrics and I directly credit my focus on developing and enabling my team since attending the event for that success.DIRECT IMPACT ON NUMBERS This training has had a direct impact on my numbers. Ive never seen my team more focused on success before.THIS IS ABOUT A BETTER BOTTOM-LINE TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 3. The Leader of the Future Creating Quantum Leadership for a Ubiquitously Connected WorldUp toCLIENTS HAVE SEEN IMPROVEMENTS IN...+78%Up to+45%Up to+23% Customer Retention RatesEmployee Engagement RatesCustomer Referral RatesOur fully customised workshops equip your leaders with tools to measurably and positively impact customer service, employee engagement, leadership effectiveness and thus business results.Our Leader of the Future Executive Workshop Creates: Customised Leadership Action Plans designed forreal-time execution against performance metrics. A clear understanding of the behaviours required to build stronger loyalty with internal and external customers.A CLEAR PATH TO BOOST YOUR BOTTOM-LINE. GREATLeadershipSUPERBWINNINGEmployee EngagementResults A toolset to measurably improve customer satisfaction, business performance and employee engagement. A high-performance culture based on a shared model of leadership practices that values change, openness and performance improvement.GLOBAL CLIENTS INCLUDE: Google CitiBank Ritz-Carlton Deloitte HSBC Microsoft VW Credit Suisse Dunlop Oracle P&GBRILLIANTCustomer/Partner Experience Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.HP Mayo Clinic Kimberly-Clark London Business School Salesforce.com Royal Bank of Scotland Sony Ericsson Ernst & Young Visa Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson) 4. The Leader of the Future Creating Quantum Leadership for a Ubiquitously Connected WorldWhat do South African Executives Say About Our Leader of the Future Executive Intervention? On a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best, Executives from one of Africas major banking groups had this to say:4.9This was a good investment of my time as a leader.4.8I better understand the importance of leadership in creating customer loyalty and increasing employee engagement.4.8The workshop provided me with additional leadership tools to drive my teams performance, customer loyalty and increase employee engagement.4.7I understand how I can easily apply the skills learned to my everyday leadership activities.THIS INTERVENTION WORKS ACROSS EVERY INDUSTRY BRILLIANTI think this course is brilliant and every leader in our organisation needs it.QUALITYWhat I learned in this session will improve quality 100%.INTENSEI know the courageous conversations we had were simulated, but I cannot believe how real, intense and instructional they were.EXTRAORDINARYI would encourage all of our top management to participate in this extraordinary experience. This training needs to be offered across our organisation.WOW!Wow! The sessions thought-provoking insights and leadership ideas are sorely needed in today's world where so many organisations lack strong leaders able to inspire, enable and effectively reward their people.EFFECTIVEI would highly recommendthis course for any organisation looking to turn their management teams into effective leaders of tomorrow.Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 5. GLOBALLY SUCCESSFUL The Leader of the Future Creating Quantum Leadership for a Ubiquitously Connected WorldOne Financial Institutions Success StoryProgram Case Study: 2600+ Leaders USD $100B Retail Bank with 1000+ branches in 14 US statesTHE MOST SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM WE HAVE EVER UTILIZEDNEVER BEEN MORE INSPIRED "I've been able to turn my entire team around in the two months since the program. I've never been more inspired."This was the most successful leadership program we have ever utilized. Their content and delivery to 2600 of our leaders across our footprint enabled us to positively affect our employeeengagementand customer service numbers while having a profound and positive impact on our bottom-line results.THIS PROGRAM IS INVALUABLE! "I have been in management for 13 years now, with two major corporations, and was never exposed to this type of leadership training. The investment that was made in our leadership team through this program is invaluable!- CEO, Financial InstitutionPROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Service Measurement at 100%!Improved Engagement, Morale & AttitudeLow Performers Dealt WithDoubled our Investment Strategy Referrals!THE OUTCOMES100% Teller Referral Improvement!Increased Teller ReferralsSales Goals Achieved Doubled Customer Satisfaction Scores Increase customer satisfaction scores Increase customer retention metrics Increase employee engagement scores Increase leadership bench strength Improved bottom-line resultsEXECUTION: A two-day Leadership Intensive conducted for 2600 leaders over 10 months. 8 regional sessions including a cross section of senior leaders from all divisions within the organization including Sales, HR, Marketing, Branch, PR, Finance, Risk, Customer Service, Online, etc. 70 District Sessions Including all Branch Managers, District Leaders, HR and Customer Service ManagersCopyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 6. FutureWorld is proud to announce its partnership with internationally-acclaimed customer service and leadership expert, Cindy Solomon of Cindy Solomon & Associates.For more than two decades, Cindy Solomon has worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations to build bottom line results by creating profitable, long-term relationships with customers, leaders, and employees. Based out of San Francisco, California, USA, she travels around the world as a highly sought after leadership and customer loyalty strategist.For more than 20 years, FutureWorld International has helped shape and lead leaders thinking around the world. FWI is a global network of business practitioners, dedicated to helping organisations understand their future business context, choose their ideal future and fast-track its creation. FutureWorld delivers powerful multimedia keynote presentations on a variety of future-related themes to business audiences all around the globe, and facilitates deep strategic workshops to help executive teams understand our complex world and our challenging future.Cindy is fluent in the languages and cultures of many industries and is regarded as an exceptional speaker and trainer by top tier companies ranging from financial services to aviation, banking and healthcare to high-tech. Cindys diverse client partnerships have prepared her to offer you cutting-edge thinking and training on what it takes to lead successfully in todays global marketplace."In the last 20 years, I have been exposed tomanytraining programs and messages that have been instrumental in the development of my career; and I have to say that the content and the commitment tothe performance leadership intensivewillbe a real game changer forour business.Find Out More www.futureworld.org // Email: [email protected] Cindy Solomon & Associates & FutureWorld International Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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