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Leadership crisis in indian politics

Date post:13-Jan-2015
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2. FIRSTLY, WHAT IS MEANT BYEffective Leadership ??? 3. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIPis all about -- getting people to work together, to induce them to overcome their pettydifferences &to forget their past grievances against oneanother.Therefore it is about making things happen byinviting citizens to transcend their self-interests and instead to tap their collective energy andcreativity in the service of the larger good of the community, society and nation. 4. THUS, A GREAT LEADER ALWAYS SEES LIGHT IN DARKNESS AND WILL BRING SHINE & GLORY TOEVERYONE. 5. FORMAL LEADERSHIP-STRUCTURE IN INDIANPOLITICS At Central Level:Prime Minister Union Ministers forVarious Functional Aspects. At State Level: Chief Minister State Ministers for Various Functional Aspects. 6. CURRENT SCENARIO OFPOLITICAL LEADERSHIP 7. TODAY no doubt India is blessed with manypolitical parties, BUTstill it is waiting to have a leader.INDIA HAS MORE PEOPLE WAITING TO BE LED THAN ANY OTHER PLACE ON EARTH.There is a growing sense of disquiet and a crisis of confidence is growing,BUT IS ANYONE IN-CHARGE? 8. There is no one who is willing to articulate a view ofIndia and Indianness with clarity and force.so that the country can come together and make thesacrifices needed to build a new India that the framers of the Constitution imagined. 9. OUR RESPECTED P.M. ( Supposed To Be TheWorlds Renowned Economist-----A Leader of More Than 1.2 Billion Humans ) IS UNFORTUNATELY A SILENT ONE & EVEN PREFERS TO BE SO Dr. Singh has singularly failed to either manage the country well or to provide a vision for the nations future. 10. Sonia Gandhi has all the power, but no governmental responsibility; Manmohan Singh has responsibility, but no power. 11. RESULTS OF THE DESPERATEPOLITICAL SITUATION No Confidence in Leadership. Policy-Paralysis in Goernment.Dramatic fall in GDP Growth Rate. Growing Deficit.Ever-Rising Inflation.Ultimate Pressure of Weakening Economy on 12. ROOT-LEVEL PROBLEMS IN POLITICAL LEADERSHIPa) Large no. of Political Parties.b) Division of Janta into:castes,communities,religion,region,etcc) Lack of awareness about the Agenda of Political Parties. 13. d) Favouritism.e) Non-Effective Participation of Voters during Elections. [ JAAGO RE !!! ]f) Middle-Class Mentality to keep aloof from thePolitical Parties. g) The best from all fields have stopped from entering the field of politics. 14. h) Self-Centric Approach. i) Non-Confident Leadership.j) Least botheration about the Real Public- Concerns. k) Corruptionevasion of public-money.l) Non-Effective Opposition Party.[ For Instance, B.J.P. (as the Main Opposition Party) is equally bereft of Leadership. ] 15. Thus, an Inference can be made that " India is not facing a leadership crisis.Rather It is facing a crisis of reluctance,to change and to reform, to revolutionize and seek,a system that breeds the best of the leaders, that protect and uphold,the integration and dignity of ourconstitution." 16. So, Is It Impossible To Have EffectiveLeadership??? NO. In The Past, Various Examples of Mass-Awakening Movements & Leaders(in order to bring Reforms)have been observed. 17. FOR EXAMPLE:- Great Indian Freedom- Fighting Movements.Great Leaders Mahatma Gandhi,Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose,Bhagat Singh,etc LIST IS ENDLESS.Who sacrificed their entire lives to spread unity,peace, harmony and prosperity for the bettermentof countrymen, thus, put their best foot forward formaking India an independent & a sovereign country. 18. LEARNINGS FROM THEM(i) No Self-Interest.(Rather, Mass-Interest for social-upliftment.) (ii) Respect For AllRespect for Human-Lifeand Concerns. (iii) Equality To All. (iv) Dedication To Motive.(v) Single-Point Objective, i.e. , Betterment of Masses in Every Sphere . 19. OUTCOMEPeopleRely on , Confide upon ,Entrust &Follow such LeadersEVEN TODAY !!!THIS IS CALLED EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP 20. What India needs TODAY is---a visionary leader, a strong leader,a determined leader.a leader who can inspire the massesand reignite passion for this land of ours, a leader who will lead from the front, a leader who will act decisively, a leader who will place India above all else. 21. What we need is a democratic, free and united India in which all citizens are partners andreceive the benefits of good governance. We must work for such a movement with the sure knowledge that people want reform .And if we fail to translate their frustration and anger into a constructive reform movement,the nation will have to forsakepeace, freedom and unity . 22. The task is difficult, but vital. The struggle is hard, but necessary.The risks are high, but cannot be avoided. The effort will demand all our courage, resourcefulnessand endurance.ALWAYS BE ALERT, AWAKE AND AWARE. 23. THANK YOU FOR YOURSUPPORTIVE LISTENING.

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