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leigh on sea

Date post: 14-Mar-2016
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photos and illustrations for a booklet
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  • Stephen Robson Stephen Robson joined Greenwich Printmakers in 2010. He went to Goldsmith's College and has a background in teaching and working in photography. He is strongly drawn to the work of artists such as Samuel Palmer, Edward Hopper and Paul Nash. The Thames estuary and the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk have been favourite subjects. Landscape is the favourite subject for Stephen, often the result of trips to draw and photograph the Thames in London, and exploring the estuary as it opens out to the marshes of North Kent and Essex. He also works in Norfolk, looking at the coastline and saltmarsh. Stephen started printmaking about a couple of years ago having worked as a professional photographer for over thirty years. He started printmaking by taking some short courses and was immediately attracted to the quality of the marks made by dry point and etching. He joined Greenwich Printmakers in 2009 and works in London, printing at Artichoke Printmakers studio.

  • The reason that I chosen these photos from Stephen Robsons gallery was because I thought that the print was very eye catching because of the blended tones from the black and white and also from the photo at the bottom, he has added some colour paint to it, which also made me think differently about it. from the prints that I have experienced, I have made my prints the same but without all the details set on the prints, because I found it hard to do.

  • From the print above, you can see that I have used to much ink because it shows how much I have used by looking at the background

    From this print , you can see that I have rubbed some of the ink o before prin

  • Diana Croft Diana was Born in Whitstable, Kent in 1959 and spent my childhood and teenage years there. After going to Art College in Brighton she moved to South London with a year out spent in Brunei in Borneo and a further six months spent travelling round southeast Asia.

    she now lives in Dorking in Surrey where she has her own printmaking studio. Diana Croft is a painter and printmaker who specializes in making hand-produced collographs in small editions. The prints are richly coloured and textured, often using layers of hand-made papers and gold and silver-leaf. Although given edition numbers, the prints all vary resulting in each one being a unique piece.

  • Diana crofts work in my opinion is very unique and her work that she produces doest look like it has been printed on, I sort of looks like she uses water paint. The reason why I chose these prints from Diana Croft gallery is because I also thought that her prints were eye catching and the colours that are involved in these prints are bright and the blend together very well.

  • The prints that I have experience are similar to Diana, we both used coloured
  • Structural Diana work is mostly concentrated on collographs which she produces

    using layers of handmade paper, and strong colours resulting in richly textured decorative prints and strong colours resulting in richly textured decorative prints.

    Her inspiration comes mainly from her travels, particularly the arid landscapes of Morocco and southern Spain. The seaside town of Whitstable, where she grew up, has also been a strong influence inspiring a series of prints depicting beach huts and the coastal landscape.

    In her prints she uses different colours to make her prints unique but at the same time she makes them blend together to make you focus on one main part of the print.

  • Cultural

    There are different types of printmaker artist other than Diana croft . for example,

    s u s a n n e c l a r k Susanne Clark uses the same techniques of collergraphing but she uses more colour with her work and adds less detail than diana crofts work.

    Susanne's and Diana's work link together because they both use the same layout of producing an image in the print.

    I see in these designs that pictures were influenced by todays world are very similar. Most prints are landscape and portraits.