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Leveraging Open Source Automation: A Selenium WebDriver Example

Date post:15-Jan-2015
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As online activities create more revenue than ever, organizations are turning to Selenium both to test their web applications and to reduce costs. Since Selenium is open source, there is no licensing fee. However, as with purchased tools, the same automation challenges remain, and users do not have formal support and maintenance. Proper strategic planning and the use of advanced automation concepts are a must to ensure successful Selenium automation efforts. Sharing his experience designing and implementing advanced automation frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, David Dang describes the factors necessary to ensure open source automation is right for your project. David helps you understand the real effort required to implement WebDriver in a way that will scale and minimize script development. Additionally, he dives into must-haves in your Selenium framework design, the resource and timeline considerations necessary to implement WebDriver, and the long-term, continual improvement enhancements all automation engineers should consider in their Selenium automation implementations.
  • 1. W9 Test Automation 5/7/2014 1:45:00 PM Leveraging Open Source Automation: A Selenium WebDriver Example Presented by: David Dang Zenergy Technologies Brought to you by: 340 Corporate Way, Suite 300, Orange Park, FL 32073 888-268-8770 904-278-0524 [email protected] www.sqe.com

2. David Dang Zenergy Technologies David Dang is an industry recognized automation expert who has provided strategy, design, and implementation assistance to more than one hundred organizations. By designing advanced frameworks that reduce maintenance and increase scalability, David ensures clients get the return on investment they expect from automation efforts. As VP of automation solutions for the software QA and testing firm Zenergy Technologies, David is in high demand for his significant knowledge in HP UFT and ALM, SAP automation, Selenium open source frameworks, and mobile testing. 3. 4/26/2014 1 Slide 1 Software Peace of Mind in Action Presented By: David Dang Leveraging Open Source Test Automation: A Selenium WebDriver Case Study StarEast 2014 Slide 2 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Introduction Case Study Background Decision to select open source vs. packaged tool Assess and plan for test automation Design an automation framework for Selenium WebDriver Framework Implementation Outcome Conclusion 4. 4/26/2014 2 Slide 3 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Most companies grasp the importance of leveraging test automation to increase test coverage, reduce execution time, and provide more frequent testing. But test automation can be expensive. More than ever, companies are seeking open source tools like Selenium to reduce the cost. This case study demonstrates one companys experience using Selenium for test automation. Introduction Slide 4 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Software company that provides online instructional tools for teachers and students Agile software development methodologies used Continuous integration deployed Company open-minded toward open source toolsets Good collaboration between QA and development Automated unit testing paired with Continuous Integration tool Case Study Background 5. 4/26/2014 3 Slide 5 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Needed a robust automation suite to perform UI testing for integration/regression Needed a subset of the automation suite (smoke test) to run as part of Continuous Integration Needed method for product owner, developers, and QA to create automated tests Needed to ensure maintainability of automated suite Needed the automated suite to handle advanced and dynamic web content Case Study Background Slide 6 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Selenium - Positives FREE! Supports multiple browsers Scripts can be created with multiple programming languages (Java, Ruby, Python, etc) Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac Not confined to the features of the tool Integrates with other tools Selenium vs. HP UFT 6. 4/26/2014 4 Slide 7 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Selenium - Downsides Only supports web-based natively No formal support (the user community provides good feedback but questions are not always answered) Higher technical skillsets necessary to optimize the Selenium framework Reporting features are not as robust Harder to find resources with both QA/testing and Selenium experience Selenium vs. HP UFT Slide 8 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? UFT - Positives Established tool with wide usage Supports multiple technologies (Web, Java, .Net, SAP, Siebel CRM, PeopleSoft, Terminal Emulator, etc.) Has many built-in features (embedded data table, smart identification, object configuration, object repository, etc.) Ease of use Professional support, although room for improvement Selenium vs. HP UFT 7. 4/26/2014 5 Slide 9 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? UFT - Downsides Cost! Purchase cost and yearly maintenance fees Only supports IE and Firefox Cannot run multiple instances on one machine Selenium vs. HP UFT Slide 10 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Cost Alignment with the organization direction (most of the development toolsets are open source) Alignment with Agile methodologies Ability to test on Mac Ability to test on multiple browsers Perception by both development and QA that Selenium was easier to adapt Factors in choosing Selenium 8. 4/26/2014 6 Slide 11 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? QA roles and responsibilities Type of testing within a sprint (unit, functional, integration, etc.) Test environments Test data strategies Level of testing (UI, backend, database, etc.) Application technologies Defect tracking QA resource skillsets Assess QA Process Slide 12 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Develop a test automation framework/approach based on findings and recomendations from the assessment Plan and Design Test Automation 9. 4/26/2014 7 Slide 13 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Determine the number of resources necessary to build the framework 1 Lead and 3 automation developers Determine the timeline to completely build out the framework 5 months Identify Selenium components, development language, and IDE Selenium WebDriver, Ruby, Eclipse Plan and Design Test Automation Slide 14 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Identify execution environment (physical machines, VMs, or cloud services) Cloud service Identify long-term maintenance and execution resources The automation engine is handled by a dedicated automation specialist The automated tests are supported by QA or development Determine automation development methodologies Scrum with 3 weeks sprint Determine training and mentoring needs Plan and Design Test Automation 10. 4/26/2014 8 Slide 15 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Build the components: Data file Object map Engine components Logging file Reporting engine Test Automation Implementation Slide 16 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Data file: Store test case information Test Automation Implementation 11. 4/26/2014 9 Slide 17 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Object map: Store object information Test Automation Implementation Slide 18 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Engine components: Interpret test case information to dynamically create automation script during execution Test Automation Implementation 12. 4/26/2014 10 Slide 19 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Logging file: The logging file will capture all the events that take place in the Interpret Engine. This will help in debugging the Interpret Engine Reporting engine: The reporting will be created in html format. The reporting can be set in two modes; info and debug. In info mode, the html report will only report on Verify Action. In debug mode, the html report will contain all steps in the test case Test Automation Implementation Slide 20 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Automated 830 test cases Integration level test cases with average of 38 steps/test case 20 test cases are used for smoke testing by pairing with continuous integration tool Test cases are divided into three priorities (high, medium, low) Development and QA determine tests to run Project Outcome 13. 4/26/2014 11 Slide 21 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? Execution of full automation suite takes around 3 hours using Sauce Lab Manual testing would have taken 4 resources 40 hours to execute the same suite Maintenance of the suite, on average, is less than 8 hours per execution New enhancements for the automation framework Data file will be replaced by database tables A web UI will be created to make test case creation faster A test execution scheduler will be created to manage off- hour execution Outcome of the project Slide 22 Software Peace of Mind in Action ??? There are many benefits to leverage Selenium for test automation. However, it is important to create a detailed plan and roadmap to ensure success. Conclusion

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