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1. LifeSize UVC Video CenterBe Everywhere.Live or On Demand.The worlds most powerful one-button HDstreaming, recording and auto-publishing solutionShare knowledge and communicate business-critical information via video.This single solution ensures that live and on-demand videos are easily accessiblefrom any location.Superior Recording & Broadcast CapabilitiesLifeSize UVC Video Center, now available on the LifeSize UVC Platform, LifeSize UVC Video Centersupports an unrivaled number of concurrent recordings, on-demand streamsand simultaneous live streams, all in 720p30 HD video. With the simple push Key Featuresof a button,* you can record and broadcast executive updates, businesspresentations, sales meetings and training sessions as well as share data, Simplifies Add scale and conserveStreaming Acrosscharts and images. You can also upload up to 1080p30 video files for playbackbandwidth by federatingUVC Videoon demand. multiple UVC Video Centers CentersAutomatic adaptive streaming optimizes live and on-demand videos for every Live chat allows viewers toviewerdesktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The viewing device automatically Interactive communicate and shareselects the best playback rate based on bandwidth conditions, thus ensuring Communications information via texta quality viewing experience with minimal delays or buffering.Enterprise Solutions Without HeadachesStreams to View from any computer (MacLifeSize UVC Video Center makes life easier for IT administrators, who can addMore Devices or PC), iPhone, iPad or iPodusers and create recording keys so that authors can auto-publish video content.Multicasting improves bandwidth utilization for live streaming to largeaudiences, and federation links multiple UVC Video Centers across geographic Utilize multicasting to expandlocations so you can access and share video content without putting strain onHighly Scalable streaming capacity and savenetwork bandwidth. bandwidth costsIntegration with active directory simplifies user and group management, and abuilt-in reporting feature gives insight into user viewing patterns. In addition,Optimized Automatic adaptive streamingUVC Video Center scales to enterprise needs through support for networkPlayback Qualityfor every devicestorage and centralized video asset management. UVC Video Center also offersAPI support for integration with third-party applications, including LearningManagement Systems. And you can embed live and recorded videos in websitesUser-ControlledEasily switch between layoutsand social media tools. Layout during playbackUltimate Control and FlexibilityUVC Video Center offers flexible licensing so you can buy the capacity you needtoday and scale as you growthus ensuring improved utilization of IT resources Add branding elements to user Customizable UIand dollars. LifeSize UVC Video Center also offers two levels of feature options,interfacea Standard Edition and an enhanced, feature-rich Enterprise Edition.LifeSize UVC PlatformAdministrator Active directory, reportingLifeSize UVC Video Center is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform, whichControlsfeatures, NAS, REST APIconsolidates the capabilities of multiple single-purpose video infrastructureproducts and makes them instantly accessible from one common interface.Available as virtual machine software or hardware, the UVC Platform enables Accelerated Deploy within minutes onimmediate deployment of UVC Video Center with an easy 60-day try-before- DeploymentLifeSize UVC Platformyou-buy option.Now, any company can record and stream HD-quality video to thousands of*Applicable for LifeSize 220 series systems, LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, LifeSize Passport and LifeSize Passport Connect.viewers anywhere in the world.Note: LifeSize UVC Video Center has been optimized to run on VMware virtualization technology. 2. Product SpecificationsLifeSize UVC Video CenterSystem ComponentsAPI (Application Programming Interface) Federation (ENT)Available as Seamlessly integrate LifeSize UVC Video Center with Minimizes bandwidth utilization between sites- LifeSize UVC Platform virtual machine software external systems using REST APIsfor live videos- Rack-mountable LifeSize UVC 1100 hardwareAuthentication support and highly scalableEasily share content across multiple distributedDelivered via LifeSize UVC PlatformLifeSize UVC Video CentersBased on security-hardened Linux OSReporting Enables predictable bandwidth planning and Access reports to track viewing patternsscalable WAN streamingCompatibilityDownload raw CSV data per video to build custom reports Seamless to remote viewersRecord video and data from any LifeSize 220 seriesendpoint with 4.6 or newer softwareStorage Multicasting (ENT)Record video and data from LifeSize Passport, Passport Large internal storage for HD videos (1 TB in UVC 1100Supports large-scale live streaming,Connect and LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, appliance) MD RAID 10 one-time configurationout of call only, with 4.8 or newer software Further extend storage available for videos using Network Admin-selected site wide multicast layout optionRecord video and data from LifeSize non-220 seriesAttached Storage (NAS)NFS and CIFS/SMB (ENT)endpoint or non-LifeSize endpoint using SIP dial-out User Access Controlfrom LifeSize UVC Video Center*Auto-Publishing Security-based profiles and permissionsPlayback on Windows-based, Linux-based and MacAutomatically attaches titles and tags recordings,Users only see videos they have privileges to accesscomputers, iOS devicesfiles them to the proper channel, assigns access Recording key prevents unauthorized recordingsMajor web browsers supportedprivileges and publishes videos to the web System ManagementFlexible Licensing** Streaming CapabilitiesIncremental FTP backupAbility to increase recording and streaming capacity Supports up to 1,000 live 720p30 HD viewers Firmware update toolSupports up to 20 HD recordings (using LifeSize 220 Series)Streams 1080p30 uploaded videos Allow admin to monitor or terminate ongoingSupports up to 1,000 HD live streams Supports up to 350 on-demand 720p30 HD viewersrecording and streaming sessionTrial Mode: Enterprise edition, up to 5 HD recordings, 250 Live streamingunicast and multicastSupports local and corporate LDAP directoryHD live streamsOn-demand streaming (unicast) users/groups Instantly available on-demand videosSupports offline transcodesSupported Uses Stream videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod devices (ENT)Full and partial restore facilityRecord/stream outside of a call, point-to-point or Fixed layouts while streaming video and data tomultipoint calls mobile devices (ENT)LifeSize UVC Virtual Machine SoftwareStream to mobile devices (ENT) Static streaming URLs Supported on VMware ESXi 4.0 and higherCapture call participants with primary and secondary video Dynamic user-controlled playback layout on PC and Mac:vCPU: 4, vRAM: 6 GB, Disk space: 100 GBSingle-button recordingside-by-side, picture-in-picture, video focus, data focus Network interfaces: 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapterOn-the-fly transcoding to lower bitrate for live streaming Automatic adaptive bitrate streaming for best Configurable by administratorArchive, import up to 1080p30 HD videosuser experienceEmbed videos into web pagesLifeSize UVC 1100 Hardware Configuration Video and Audio FormatRack mountable (1U)Recording Capabilities High Definition, 16:9 aspect ratioDimensions: 17.2W x 1.7H x 19.8DRecords audio, video (up to 720p30) and data H.264 video, AAC-LC audio Dual GigE Network Adapters, 2 X RJ-45Dynamically captures video and data, Redundant hard drives, MD RAID 10no preconfiguring required Content ManagementAC voltage: 100240V, 5060 Hz, 5A maxAuto down-speed recording bitrateMultilingual web user interface (10 languages)Capture near-end video, far-end video or bothSupports video metadata, comments and downloads LifeSize UVC 1100 Environmental Data(applies to LifeSize 220 series endpoints) Edit thumbnails and attach files to video pageOperating temperature: 10C (50F) to 35C (95F)Auto-publishing support with a recording key Advanced search Operating humidity: 20% to 95%, noncondensingRecording indicator overlay is visible only during the live call,Supports fixed URLs Storage temperature: -40C (-40F) to 70C (158F)not in the recorded video (available for LifeSize 220Storage humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensingseries endpoints)Chat (ENT)Weight: 17.2 kg (38 lbs)Recording key-based authorizationReal-time text chat Sustained load = 249 watts (850 BTU/hr)Up to 4 concurrent HD transcodes, including SIP dial-out,Scales up to 1,000 participants while watching a single video Idle = 135 watts (461 BTU/hr)mobile streams and adaptive streams Integration to VBrick LifeSize Video Center v1.2 later and LifeSize UVC VideoPerformance and Capacity (Using UVC 1100 Hardware Appliance)Center support integration with VBrick Enterprise Concurrent On-Demand Hours of StorageMedia System (VEMS) v5.4 or laterBitrate ResolutionRecordings Live ViewersViewers(on 1 TB disk) 768 Kbps720p3020 1,000 350 2,600 384 Kbps480p3040 2,000 400 5,200 270 Kbps360p30 50+ 2,500 450 7,800 ENT: LifeSize UVC Video Center Enterprise Edition feature Each of the above concurrent recordings/live viewers/on-demand viewers are independent numbers. Presentation stream was not part of the recorded stream. Based on LifeSize internal testing, using LifeSize 220 series endpoints. *Refer to the latest software release notes for a list of non-LifeSize devices supported. Data presented requires 20 licenses or more. **For capacity updates, see the UVC Platform Deployment Guide on the support page of the LifeSize website. AMERICAS:EMEA:APAC: 1601 S. MoPac ExpresswayPhone +1 512 347 9300LifeSize Regional Office LifeSize Regional Office Suite 100 Toll Free +1 877 543 374949 89 20 70 76 0 (Germany) +65 6303 8370 (Singapore) Austin, Texas 78746 USA www.lifesize.com Toll Free Europe 00 8000 999 09 799 2012 Logitech. All rights reserved. Information contained in this document is subject to

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