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Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions

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  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    control light

    High-performance LED

    lighting solutions are

    rewriting the history of

    functional and decorative


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    LED lighting quality

    Precisely directed lightSaturated colours and colour-changing lightingIR- and UV-free lightUnaffected by vibration and impactCompact design

    Lighting solutions forthe balance betweenenvironment, energyand the individual.



    The day dawns: staff prepare for the day

    ahead in a pleasant room ambience.

    A friendly welcome: bright lighting is

    inviting for people seeking advice.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    LED energy efficiency

    Efficient technologyLong service life of 50,000 hours or more

    Longer maintenance intervalsOptimal operation at low temperatures

    Efficient integration into lighting concepts

    Lighting quality

    assessed on the

    basis of five criteria:

    A Visual


    B Vista

    C Visual comfortD Vitality

    E Empowerment

    Energy consumption

    in kWh per annum

    per square metre,

    based on EN 15193

    See page 66 for

    calculation details


    Lighting EnergyNumeric Indicator


    Ergonomic LightingIndicator

    13:00 17:00

    Just like daylight: LED cove lighting

    delivers concentrated light in the

    vicinity of ATMs quickly and simply.

    Safety: ambient brightness ensures cus-

    tomers feel safe when taking out cash,

    even outside normal opening hours.

    Coloured circular LED lighting provides a

    pleasant evening lighting scene.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions




    30 40


    Luminaire index

    LED luminaires for illumination

    2LIGHT MINI LED downligh t 27

    PANOS BioMotion downlight 44

    MICROS LED downlight 45

    PANOS PureWhite downligh t 55

    SUPERSYSTEM lighting system 38

    ORILED orientation luminaire 16

    SCONFINE SFERA pendant luminaire 46

    VIVO LED spotlight 26TEMPURA spotlight 36

    LED luminaires for decoration

    PASO II LED recessed floor lumina ire 17

    LEDOS recessed luminaire 18

    PHAOS LINE light line 19

    SYSTEMLED light line 28

    SLOTLIGHT II LED light line 57

    CIELOS Move media lumina ire 48

    SCONFINE CUBO wall-mounted luminaire 47

    KAVA LED recessed wall luminaire 49

    Hybrid luminaires

    AERO II Hybrid waveguide luminaire 56SOLINA hybrid luminaire with accent lighting 29

    Emergency lighting

    RESCLITE emergency luminaire 62

    ARTSIGN escape sign luminaire 65

    PURESIGN escape sign luminaire 64

    COMSIGN II escape sign luminaire 65

    FREESIGN 300 escape sign luminaire 65

    PROOFSIGN escape sign luminaire 65

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    5C O N T E N T S

    Introduction The light source of the future 6

    LED conquers new application areas 8

    Reference projects worldwide 10

    Application areas Outdoor areas LED on and around buildings 12

    Presentation and Retail LEDs for centre-stage settings and emotion 20

    Art and Culture LEDs for conservationa l lighting 30

    Hospitality and Wellness LEDs for a sense of well-being and enjoyment 40

    Offices and Communication LEDs working and showcasing 50

    Orientation and Safety LED for emergency lighting 58

    Lighting solutions LED and Humanergy Balance 66

    LED lighting solutions an overview 70

    LED encyclopaedia 72

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    The light source of the future

    Everyone is talking about lighting solutions that use LEDs. What, inyour opinion, are the advantages of this latest-generation light source?

    These light sources have a very long service life and are efficient.Because they give off relatively little heat, they can be placed close toan object or even in an object.

    What are the main application areas where you use LED luminaires?To set facades centre stage in outdoor areas. For illuminated surfacesand decorative light lines in indoor locations and, nowadays, more andmore for indirect illumination in lighting coves, e.g. in shopping malls.

    Do LEDs also have weaknesses, and what do you think they are?LEDs had unsatisfactory colour rendition c haracteristics until relativelyrecently. There are also huge differences in LED quality, and you getwhat you pay for. If an installati on is expected to operate profi tably overa relatively long period, uniform LED grades or binnings must beselected. Maintenance and replacement of faulty c omponents must beaddressed and clarified. High standards, in terms of delivery reliabilityand vertical range of manufacture, must be applied in order to vetpotential suppliers.

    And how will the application areas for LEDs change in the future?Where do you see the biggest growth potential? LEDs will first replacetodays established light sources in accent lighting, then they willgradually find their way into wide-area lighting, starting with luminousceilings. Colourful lighting using light emitting diodes will become lessimportant. I dont think LEDs will replace all current light sources, afterall, the incandescent bulb didnt do away with the candle. The firstthing they will do is to create new ways of using light. The full potential

    of LEDs will be exploited effectively by tapping into the creative,artistic possibilities offered by LEDs during the luminaire developmentprocess. Like the car industry, which, in the early 20 th century, was stillfitting engines in carriages, we stand at the start of a development pathwhich will be long and no doubt exciting.

    In your opinion, which application areas will benefit most fromLED development? I think retail area lighting and outdoor lightingapplications are bound to benefit most from LEDs but museum lightingwill also reap the benefits of gentle LED light. LED luminaires canreplace conventional low-voltage halogen luminaires for retail arealighting in an energy-efficient manner without any loss of quality.

    There is already appreciable demand for LED-based wide-areabacklighting and cove lighting. It is possible to envisage LEDs replacingcertain HIT lamps in the near future. Where LEDs replace conventionallamps, the cold light produced by LEDs also makes it possible toreduce heat input.

    Because of the compact design of LEDs, in outdoor lighting there willbe a tendency to dispense with illumination and position light on theactual building. This has positive side effects: less energy is consumed

    and there is less risk of light pollution and light nuisance.

    How do you see the future development of LED lighting? LED downlightscan definitely replace downlights that use compact fluorescent lamps.Even lighting using LED spotlights is an important trend in LED lighting.Some products offer the ability to adjust colour temperature individuallyto suit the relevant requirements, thereby influencing the ambience in atargeted manner this is a major advantage.

    InterviewLighting designer

    Torsten Braun talks about thefuture of LED lighting

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Lighting and centre-stage settings

    LED conquers new application areas

    Hospitality and Wellness PANOS BioMotion downlight MICROS LED downlight SLOTLIGHT II LED light line CIELOS Move media luminaire SCONFINE SFERA pendant luminaire SCONFINE CUBO wall-mounted luminaire KAVA LED wall-mounted luminaire

    Art and Culture SUPERSYSTEM lighting system CIELOS Move media luminaire TEMPURA spotlight

    Orientation and Safety ORILED orientation luminaire RESCLITE emergency luminaire ONLITE PURESIGN

    escape sign luminaire

    Outdoor areas PASO II LED recessed floor luminaire LEDOS recessed luminaire PHAOS LINE light line SYSTEMLED Deco and Flood IP 65 light line ORILED orientation luminaire

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    9L E D A P P L I C A T I O N A R E A S

    Offices and Communication 2LIGHT MINI LED downlight PANOS BioMotion downlight PANOS PureWhite downlight SLOTLIGHT II LED light line

    AERO II Hybrid pendant luminaire

    Presentation and Retail 2LIGHT MINI LED downlight PANOS BioMotion downlight PANOS PureWhite downlight SYSTEMLED Deco and Flood light line SUPERSYSTEM lighting system CIELOS Move media luminaire TEMPURA spotlight VIVO LED spotlight SOLINA hybrid luminaire with

    accent lighting

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions
























  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    NORDWESTHAUS, FUSSACH (A) | Architects: Baumschlager Eberle, Lochau (A) | Li ghting solution: LED spotlights showcasecurved concrete walls and model multi-faceted atmospheric images in RGB, indoors and outdoors alike.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Facade lighting LEDs open up

    new architectural design possi-bilities. Thanks to their compactsize and RGB colour dynamism,LEDs can be used to stagestriking lighting effects. Tightlyfocused LED light is ideal foraccentuating detailing or settingbuilding axes and surfaces ofmaterials centre stage.Sweeping LED light lines empha-sise straight architectural lineswith great precision. LED uplightsthrow precise cones of light ontofacades, columns or buildingaxes.

    LEDs use projected light to lay

    the foundation for energy-efficientlighting solutions. The tightlyfocused light they deliver can beoptimally aligned by using appli-cation-specific lenses. Besideslow power consumption, LEDsolutions achieve very high overallefficiency levels which are hardto achieve using conventionallight sources. Relamping is a sig-nificant cost factor in the case ofconventional light sources. LEDs,on the other hand, have longermaintenance intervals because oftheir good durability.

    Light for outdoor areas

    Big effectusing compact, powerfulLED packages

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    SPAR FUSSACH (A) |Architect: Dipl. Ing. Anton Fink, Dornbirn (A) | Lighting solution: indirect LED lighting of facade made of linear aluminium panels

    13L E D I N O U T D O O R A R E A S

    Vibrant beams of light create

    architectural accents andattract attention | Lighting

    solution: PASO II recessed

    floor luminaires

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    WIESMANN MANUFACTORY FOR SPORTS CARS, DLMEN (D) | LED lighting solution: ORILED bollar d luminaires point the way into the showroom

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    15L E D I N O U T D O O R A R E A S

    CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,SEOUL (ROK) | Lightingsolution: LEDOS recessed floor

    luminaires provide guidance

    and act as lighting points that

    produce decorative accent


    Orientation lighting Wall-mounted and bollard luminairesmark out the way along stepsand stairs in a very subtle butnevertheless effective manner.

    Their light is directed downwardsdirectly onto the ground in orderto avoid distracting stray light.LEDs also work as an architectur-

    al design element. LED luminairesarranged in a line and linear LEDluminaires brilliantly light the way.

    They channel visitor flows, de-lineate different areas and catchpeoples eyes. And the biggesteconomic plus of LED orientationluminaires: thanks to high opera-tional reliability and the minimal

    maintenance effort they require,they put the concept of Install &Forget into practice perfectly.

    Accent lighting Varied lightbrings a lighting solution alive.LEDs offer a wealth of ways toachieve this: small LED luminairescan be positioned as required

    on the floor, walls and ceilings,and geometrical patterns can becreated easily. Coloured light hasa special emotional impact. Awide range of light colours, andprecise colour definition in thecase of RGB models, turn theLED into a popular tool for brand-ing using CI colours.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    ORILED Ground-level orientation luminaire

    Special advantages

    The secret of the luminaires highilluminance: two 1 W LEDs teamed with

    a unique lens/reflector combination.

    Used as a ground-level orientation lu-minaire, ORILED can replace conven-tional lamps with comparatively higherwattages and luminous flux levels(diagram on left).

    Precise direction of light protectsagainst distracting stray light.

    Recessed bollards with ORILEDluminaires illuminate circulation areasregardless of interior or exterior walls.

    People need to be able to find their way intuitively at any time of day. This is especially true when it comes to finding ones way aroundpublic buildings. Light makes an important contribution to this andalso improves safety. ORILED is the perfect alternative to conventionalfluorescent lamps. A unique lens/refle ctor combination directs LED lightonto the ground over a wide area. The luminaires extremely uniformlight distribution is ideal for specifically illuminating steps, corridors,passageways and circulation areas. This means that LEDs are an ef-ficient replacement for lamps with relatively higher wattages and lumi-nous flux levels in such locations. With colour temperatures of 3,000 Kand 5,400 K, as well as a blue-light ve rsion, ORILED can handle bothfunctional and decorative lighting tasks. Its optionally flush-mountedor overlapping special steel frame is fixed by virtually invisible camlockfasteners. These recessed luminaires and bollard luminaires are avail-able with IP 65 protection and are perfect for both indoor and outdooruse. Alternatively, ORILED is also available with separate battery packsfor 1 or 3 hours of operation for use in emergency lighting systems.


    ORILED 2/1 W LED

    ORILED bollard

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    17L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    PASO II LEDRecessed floor luminaire for universal application

    As well as a wide variety of conventional light sources, the PASO II luminairerange also includes several LED models. When used as a recessed floorluminaire, the PASO II LED luminaire produces monochrome or colour-changing RGB columns of li ght. The mature technology built into the PASO IIrecessed floor luminaire with IP 67 protection makes it a highly desirablerecessed luminaire. It ensures longevity and functional safety, particularlyin locations where air humidity is high or there is significant exposure todust or insects. PASO II LED luminaires are ideal for use in hospitals orwellness facilities because of their low maximum surface temperature,which does not exceed 40 C. PASO II LED offers design var iety with roundand square models as well as a flush-mounted or overlapping special steelframe. The 120 mm diameter PASO II PowerLED is an elegant, frameless,glass-only model and provides even more creative design scope.

    Special advantages

    The narrow-beam PASO II producesvibrant beams of LED light whichcreate architectural accents(photo, far left).

    Important safety aspect build-ing without barriers: f lush-mountedPASO II recessed luminaires makestumble hazards a thing of the past

    (photo, top left). Low surface temperature allows use

    in critical areas (photo, bottom left). Long service life translates into

    longer maintenance intervals.

    PASO II Q120 LED

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    LEDOS An extensive range of recessed LED luminaires

    LEDOS is Zumtobels most comprehensive decorative LED product line.Protection types up to IP 68, various designs and diffe rent sizes all openup a wealth of indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The luminairesare powered by 24 V SELV to meet exacting safety requi rements. On theother hand, models suitable for a 230 V supply can be installed withoutcontrol gear. Many luminaires are available with monochromatic or RGB

    light colours.

    LEDOS II wall-mounted luminaire The diffuser stands 12 mm proudof the frame to make the light visible on the wall. The frosted, illuminatedpanel seems to float in front of the wall. This sophisticated design isshown off to unique effect in both the round and the square model.

    The luminaire is available with either a highly specular chrome frameor enclosed in a rugged special steel frame. A frameless model is alsoavailable for the 120 mm version.

    LEDOS O recessed wall and floor luminaire With a mounting depthof just 8 mm, this extremely low-profile luminaire is ideal for installation inwooden floors as well as wooden and plaster walls. This interior luminairealso demonstrates its abilities when fitted in fixtures.

    LEDOS FLOOR recessed floor luminaire This luminaire, which canbear loads of up to 1,000 kg and can be walked over, is excellent forwalked areas in indoor and outdoor applications. Besides several modelswith diffuse light distribution, superspot and flood versions with 1 Wpower LEDs are available for accent lighting.

    LEDOS Mrecessed wall and floor luminaire The smallest luminaire inthe LEDOS product line is used as a recessed wall or floor luminaire. TheLED unit is housed in an ultrasonically welded polycarbonate case, whichcan be fitted in various powder-coated die-cast aluminium housings. TheLEDOS M model with IP 68 protection can even be used for underwaterlighting.

    LEDOS II D120 special steel

    LEDOS II Q120 chrome

    LEDOS M, cover ring withsemicircular window

    LEDOS M, cover ring witheight windows

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    PHAOS LINE Impressive LED light line

    The means is the end one could describe theuse of PHAOS LINE to produce dramatic light-ing scenes in circulation areas and corridors inthese terms. This LED light line uses dynamiclight to set architecture centre stage indoorsand outdoors alike. Controllable RGB coloursequences in floors and walls attract plentyof attention. White, blue and colour-changingRGB luminaires with uniformly illuminated sur-faces make a strong impression in prestigiouscirculation areas as well as in counters andshopping interiors. Built-in power supply andcontrol units for 230 V supply voltage ensure

    that luminaires are simple to install.

    L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    Special advantages

    Light lines in the f loor improve safety, make orientation easierand also produce exciting effects.

    IP 67 protection and a wide range of accessories providecomplete design and installation freedom (photo above).

    Special advantages

    Recessed LED luminaires guide,direct and shape all in the tightestof spaces.

    Because of their compact size, theluminaires have an unobtrusiveappearance and provide lightingaccents which are all the moreeffective.

    LEDOS II: the frosted, illuminatedpanel seems to float in front of the wall(photo above).

    LEDOS M: powder-coated housingcombines toughness with technicallighting versatility (photos, bottom left).

    LEDOS O: scratchproof polycarbonateinner part makes it possible to inserttransparent foil printed on onesown PC.

    LEDOS O: problem solver for allapplication areas which demandshallow mounting depths (photo,far left).

    LEDOS II Q120


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    21L E D S F O R P R E S E N T A T I O N A N D R E T A I L

    STADION CENTER, VIENNA (A) |Architects: Loistl & Loistl, Vienna (A); Freimller-Sllinge r,

    Vienna (A) | Lighting design: Jrgen Has sler, Hamburg (D); Dr. Christian Mikunda, Vienna (A) |

    LED lighting solutions: media luminaire, lighting coves and tile luminaires

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    Eye-catching design

    Movement and dynamism areall the rage and that goes forlighting too. The boldest trendinvolves using video-compatiblemedia luminaires to get mes-sages across and dissolve spatialboundaries. LEDs are excellentlight sources for lighting covesbecause of their intense coloursand the way they direct light soprecisely. Despite consumingvery little energy, they brightenup walls and ceilings perfectly.Besides coloured lighting coves,LED luminaires with a colouredcorona are also an ideal lightingtool for zoning purposes.

    LEDs for Presentation

    and Retail

    Light that sets the sceneand evokes emotions

    STADION CENTER, VIENNA (A) |Architects: Loistl & Loistl, Vienna (A);

    Freimller-Sllinger, Vienna (A) |

    Lighting design: Jrgen Hassler,

    Hamburg (D); Dr. Christian Mikunda,Vienna (A) | LED lighting solutions:

    special solution which places emphasis

    on emotionality and image. Ambient

    lighting using plenty of natural light is

    supplemented by efficient downlights.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Variety as an overall concept

    With their variable colour tem-peratures, LEDs have a great tal-ent for selling by providing warmto cool white light at exactly theright moment. Light with the rightcolour temperature creates anagreeable atmosphere that invitesshoppers to linger. The addedvalue provided by LEDs comparedto conventional light sources liesin the combination of functionalwhite light and coloured spe-cial lighting effects they deliver.Dramatically staged effects inshops and shop windows arousepeoples curiosity and grab theirattention.

    Patented solution for hard-to-

    access locations The long lifeexpectancy of Zumtobel LEDluminaires minimises expensivemaintenance work especiallyin situations where relampingrequires considerable effort. Anatrium with a high ceiling andescalators are just two exampleswhere a long-lasting LEDluminaire renders value services.

    SPARKASSE HOHENHAUSEN (D) |LED lighting solution: TEMPURA spot-

    lights and downlights, PANOS downlights,

    LEDOS recessed floor luminaires,

    2LIGHT MINI and LED light lines

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    T-MOBILE CENTER VIENNA (A) |Architects: CD-Plan, Goldenstedt (D) |

    Lighting design: Vedder Licht-

    management, Grbming (A) |

    Lighting solution: a look which does the

    brand justice. A mixture of ambient lighting,

    downlights and atmospheric colouraccents inspire a feel-good mood.

    Gentle lighting LEDs are theonly light sources that produceIR- and UV-free light without ad-ditional filters and protection.Colours dont fade and delicatematerials remain pristine, even ifthe LED luminaire is positionedvery close to the product or very

    high illuminance levels are need-ed. Lower thermal loads also havethe advantage of cutting operat-ing costs; because LEDs produceless heat, air conditioning sys-tems dont have to work as hard.

    Branding Strong brands ad-dress all the customers senses inorder to build a lasting customerrelationship. This is why businesspremises and retail areas arebeing used more and more forbranding purposes. Chain storeswith standardised shop conceptsconfirm this trend and innova-tive LED luminaires are just theright tool to achieve this. Wherethe lighting solution picks upthe colour concept of a specificbrand, this creates a strong linkbetween space and brand farmore so than could be achievedby shop fixtures and fittings.Corporate lighting also underlinesthe character of a brand afteropening hours, thereby making

    a long-term contribution towardsbranding.

    DOUGLAS HILDESHEIM (D) | LED lighting solution:

    shelf lighting using downlights protects merchandise against

    IR and UV radiation and prevents uncontrolled rises in room



  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D S F O R P R E S E N T A T I O N A N D R E T A I L 25

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    VIVO LED Spotlight with 360 precision

    Like the entire VIVO spotlight range, the LED version can also be rotatedand pivoted any way you like. The luminaires integral clip makes itpossible to aim light at products and objects quickly and conveniently.

    The smaller version of the LED spotlight projects a remarkable450 lumens of light with a narrow 15 radiation angle, despite its lowpower consumption (12 W). The 30 W LED spotlight projects a generous

    1,000 lumens with a radiation angle of 25. At 3,000 K, the luminairescolour rendition Ra is in excess of 90 and at 4,200 K Ra it is still above80. Both types are optionally switchable or DALI dimmable and, thanksto active cooling, have a servi ce life of up to 50,000 hours. They projectenough light to replace 50 W or 90 W halogen lamps and 20 W HITlamps. Unlike the latter, VIVO LED is dimmable and produces IR- andUV-free light. This LED spotlight can therefore be used in any situationwhere halogen lamps have previously been used: in retail areas andexhibitions, in galleries and shops.


    Special advantages

    Active cooling of LED module (photoon left) gives spotlights a servicelife equivalent to that of 25 pieceslow-voltage halogen lamps.Energy consumption is as muchas 3,000 kW/h lower.

    Available in two ratings as a spotor flood model, VIVO LED meets

    a whole variety of lighting require-ments.

    Appropriate colour temperaturesand high Ra levels make this LEDspotlight an efficient replacementfor low-voltage halogen lamps.

    DALI dimmable, no colour shift.

    3,000 K 4,200 K


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    27L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    Direct and diffuse: a combination of two lighting characteristics inone luminaire ensures soft light with vibrant radiance. Zumtobel usesinnovative LED lighting technology as an alternative to conventional lightsources in order to meet exacting visual requirements and to addresspeoples emotions. The RGB version provides warm white functiona l light,and circuit boards with coloured LEDs produce decorative accents. Thepure white version optionally provides warm white or intermediate whitelight. The luminaire has a luminous flux of 1,000 lumens and is as efficientas an 18 W fluorescent lamp. These features make 2LIGHT MINI LEDsideal for zoning in shops and for functional and decorative lighting scenesin bar and reception areas. Various gear boxes for the RGB version enablethe installer to connect up to 10 luminaires to DALI and 1 10 V operatingsystems per gear box. Stand-alone operation of luminaires using a se-quencer is also possible.


    2LIGHT MINI LED Unique Mellow-downlight effect

    Special advantages

    Besides being used as a decorativecoloured light, a cone of warm whitelight can also be used for accent lighting(diagram on right).

    Warm white and intermediate white lightcater for specific lighting requirements.

    RGB downlight with diverse raft ofcapabilities: just one luminaire can be

    used to produce projected warmwhite light as well as colour-changingatmospheric accent lighting.

    LED light produces no UV radiation orheat which might cause damage or makematerials fade.

    3,000 K 4,200 K



    1 m

    1.20 m0.66 m621 lx 155 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    SYSTEMLED Modular light lines

    Light is becoming an increasingly more important architectural designelement. Emphasis is often placed on the unobtrusive design andcompact dimensions of the luminaire. Linear light sources are especiallyappreciated. They are used to illuminate coves, backlight surfaces or toilluminate surfaces uniformly. This is where the SYSTEMLED productline brings flexibili ty on an entirely new scale. This modular LED light linesolves a variety of different tasks: SYSTEMLED Flood illuminates wideareas extremely uniformly, whereas SYSTEMLED Deco handles covelighting efficiently. Fitted with a diffuser, it creates uniform light lines.

    The intermediate white version of SYSTEMLED Deco Basic delivers upto 580 lumens per metre. This high luminous flux makes it perfect forlighting shelves and showcases, as well as for cove lighting. Thanksto their modular construction, it is straightforward to adapt the lightlines to cater for the required length on a project. Various versions withindividual, slot or channel mounting options and protection rangingfrom IP 20 to IP 65 make a vast range of indoor and outdoor lightingapplications accessible.

    Special advantages Through-wiring and connector system ensure fast,

    virtually no-tool installation of SYSTEMLEDDeco Basic. This also minimises causes of errors(top photo).

    Special steel springs included in the scope ofsupply make slot and channel mounting simple(detailed images top left and centre).

    The perfect light line: SYSTEMLED Deco withdiffuser (IP 40 or IP 65) gives an absolutelyhomogeneous appearance (detailed image topright).

    Tightly focused light from the SYSTEMLED DecoBasic LED light line is suitable for shelves and show-cases as well as for cove lighting (diagram on left).

    SYSTEMLED Deco with diffuser

    30 lens3,000 K: 1,750 lx4,200 K: 1,900 lx

    60 lens3,000 K: 1,000 lx4,200 K: 1,075 lx

    90 lens3,000 K: 500 lx4,200 K: 600 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    29L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    SOLINA is a high-bay reflector luminaire which, thanks to its design anda wide range of different (conventional) light sources, has numerousapplications in shop lighting in particular. Because interior design andthe power of attraction which interior design exerts on customers aremajor factors in this application, SOLINA has been supplementedwith RGB LEDs for accent lighting on the ceiling. Compared withconventional colour filters for indirect accent lighting, with LEDs, lightcolour can be changed at the press of a button or even be changeddynamically in order to attract more attention.

    Special advantages

    Indirect light is an established feel-good lighting factor, coloured light sets

    striking accents. LEDs are highly rated because of their ver y intense colours and colour

    changes at the press of a button.

    SOLINA Hybrid luminaire with accent lighting

    SYSTEMLED Flood lens optics provide precise lightdistribution for wallwashing in a way that is almostimpossible to achieve using conventional fluorescentlamps with a reflector.

    The high-quality extruded aluminium sectionsupports LEDs and is also used as a cooling surfacein order to dissipate heat, thereby extending theluminaires service life.

    Thanks to the compact size of LED light lines, RGBlighting solutions in particular can be implemented ina much more space-saving manner than is possiblewhen using, for example, fluorescent lamps. LEDsare also not sensitive to rapid changes in colour.


    SOLINA direct/indirect LED RGB

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    31L E D S F O R A R T A N D C U L T U R E

    Projected light The featuresoffered by the latest generationof LED luminaires are virtually

    limitless. Besides the full paletteof RGB colours, a wide spectrumof colour temperatures is alsoavailable at the press of abutton, without having to replacelight sources or filters. Thesestraightforward, quick changes incolour temperature set the sceneperfectly for sensitive lightingsolutions which can be adaptedperfectly to suit any era of artor exhibition features. The pre-viously set colour temperature isaccurately maintained even whenthe LED luminaire is dimmed.

    Another design plus: becauseLEDs are compact, they canbe used to implement lightingconcepts where the luminairestays unobtrusively in the back-ground and does not divertattention from exhibits.

    LIEBIEGHAUS, FRANKFURT AM MAIN (D) |Architects: Khn Malvezzi, Berlin (D) |

    Lighting solution: backlit luminous ceiling and

    TREN track system with more than 2,000

    2.5 W LED superspots. Small spo tlights illu-

    minate sculptures perfectly from a height of

    5 to 6 m. Spotlights focus attention on detailswhile remaining discreetly in the background.


    LEDs for art and cultureLight for authentic exhibition concepts

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Conservational lighting

    Prestigious premises can bemade even more imposing by ap-propriately exploiting the dramaof light. Nevertheless, objects thathave a history dating back hun-dreds of years or which are madeof delicate materials must not bedamaged by lighting. InnovativeLED technology is the long-termanswer to such needs.

    The latest LED luminaires meet

    the exacting requirements ofconservators and museum man-agement staff in every respect.Despite high illuminance levels,they guarantee UV- and IR-freelight, thus protecting historical,precious exhibits against fadingand deterioration.

    MANNHEIM ZEUGHAUS (D) |Architects: PEP Architects and City Planners, Berlin (D) | Lighting solution: TEMPURA spotlights, SLOTLIGHT recessed luminaires

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF ZURICH UNIVERSITY (CH) | Lighting solution:TEMPURA spotlights, indirect lighting using TREN track system

    ARCHAEOLOGICALINSTITUTE OF ZURICHUNIVERSITY (CH) | Lightingsolution: besides insisting that

    exhibits were protected from

    harmful IR and UV radiation,

    renovators also demanded

    maximum flexibility and

    efficiency. The variable colour

    temperatures and energy-

    saving LED technology of

    TEMPURA spotlights proved

    to be a persuasive solution.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    BMW MUSEUM, MUNICH (D) | LED lighting solution: although the exhibition spaces areunderground, they are as bright as day. Even the large shining presentation cubes with outer

    walls made of glass are internally lit. T his is made possible by innovative LED technology,

    which allows very shallow mounting depths.

    with glass and porcelain; theirtransparency and lightness arevisualised more expressively bybacklighting and by lightingfrom below.Diffuse light from an LED lumi-nous ceiling, combined withbrilliant point lighting of the kind

    provided by LED spotlights,produces especially appealinglighting scenarios.

    Wide-area backlighting Wide-area, diffuse light has an espe-cially authoritative presence. Itsparks a sense of freedom bydissolving boundaries in enclosedspaces and allowing contours toflow smoothly and merge. Thisis why wide-area backlighting

    is much in demand in modernmuseums in particular. Such light-ing is often seen in combination

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    G A T T U N G

    BMW MUSEUM, MUNICH (D) |Architects: Atelier Brckner, Stuttgart (D) |LED lighting solution: backlit glass panels with DMX multi-channel dimming control

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    TEMPURA An LED spotlight as flexible and versatileas a complete luminaire system

    TEMPURA combines several light source s in one spotlight, thus makingit possible to adjust the colour temperature to suit various materials.One of six preset colour temperatures can be selected by pressinga control button, be dimmed from 100 % to 10 % or be controlledappropriately via an EMOTION touch panel using DALI signals. Anextremely wide variety of RGB colour scenarios can be generated viathe EMOTION touch panel or by DMX signals. TEMPURAs IR- andUV-free light makes it the perfect tool for lighting delicate exhibits. Inaddition, diffuser lenses can be used to adjust the light distributionto suit various lighting situations. A built-in sensor ensures constantluminous flux and constant lighting quality throughout the luminairesservice life.


    2,700 K 6,500 K


    3 mTEMPURA

    2 m

    1 m

    0.88 m0.58 m0.29 m7,203 lx 1,801 lx 800 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    37L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    Special advantages

    Colour temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500 K and any requiredcolour within the colour triangle: TEMPURA copes effor tlesslybut very sensitively with an entire raft of functional lighting tasks.

    IR/UV-free light protects fragile exhibits. When not fitted with an at tachment lens, the spotlight has

    uniform, tightly focused light distribution 16 (diagram onleft-hand page).

    Scattering discs which replace the clear protective glass panel in

    front of the honeycomb-shaped lenses widen the spotlights lightdistribution very evenly.

    Control via EMOTION touch panel: the dynamic interplay ofcolour and colour temperature is virtually limitless.

    Six honeycomb-shaped lenses focus and homogenise light fromthe LEDs. A sensor in the middle of the LED board continuouslymeasures the luminous flux, colour temperature and light colour.

    As the LEDs illumination output decreases, luminous flux isautomatically readjusted and the lumen package of the spotlightis stabilised for more than 50,000 hours of operation(large photo above).

    Stand-alone: soft keys for setting the colour temperatureand brightness (10 100 %) are located on the underside of the

    TEMPURA gear box (small photo above).

    A lighting solution with adjustable colour temperature enables exhibi-tion designers to accentuate the personality of an art object emotionallyand make people aware of contents and materials. Shop operators whouse appropriate light colours to bring various lighting scenes associatedwith different times of day and different seasons into retail spaces havequite similar objectives. Eventful, lively lighting solutions also exploit thelimitless RGB colour palette in order to use light colours to accentuateindividual areas.

    Intermediate and cool light temperatures have a stimulating effect. Peopleon the arts scene prefer to use this kind of light to illuminate contemporaryworks of art and installations. Works of art created by candlelight, on theother hand, look much more authentic in warm white light. This kind of lightstrikes a comforting note.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    SUPERSYSTEM Compact LED spotlight

    SUPERSYSTEM is a multifunctional lighting system made of aluminiumin a natural anodised finish which makes it possible to implement com-plex lighting solutions in a minimalist architectural design setting. Thisextremely small, energy-efficient LED spotlight is suitable for accentlighting over relatively long distances. It can be used, for instance, toset sculptures, objects and fragile materials in museums and shops

    centre stage without damaging them. Colour temperatures of 3,200 K,4,200 K and 5,500 K plus replaceable optics make it possible to adjustthe colour temperature to suit the lighting task in hand. SUPERSYSTEMuses light from a T16 fluorescent lamp for ambient and wall lighting.Spotlights with conventional light sources can be installed in the systemby using 3-phase track sections. SYSTEMLED Deco Basic modulescan be dropped into an H-section in order to indirectly brighten up theceiling using LEDs.

    Special advantages

    Minimalist lighting heads do not distractfrom the essential: the architecturaldesign or illuminated exhibits remain inthe foreground.

    Precise accent lighting with a power

    consumption of just 2.5 W: oval outlinelens and replaceable flood optic open upextra possibilities (top diagram).

    IR- and UV-free light illuminates fragileexhibits gently.

    3,200 K 4,200 K 5,500 K

    SUPERSYSTEM LED spotlight

    SUPERSYSTEM3,200 K 5,500 K 2 m

    1 m

    0.44 m0.22 m1,380 lx 345 lx

    0.44 m0.22 m1,711 lx 428 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S 39

    T-MOBILE CENTER, VIENNA (A) |Architects: CD-Plan, Goldenstedt (D) |Lighting design: Vedder Lichtmanagement, Grbming (A) |

    LED lighting solution: SUPERSYSTEM fitted with small spotlights provi des effective accents

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    H2O, HERFORD (D) |Architects: Wrmann architects studio, Herford (D) |LED lighting solution: LED light lines were used to create an individually

    shaped uniform luminous ceiling.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    41L E D S F O R H O S P I T A L I T Y A N D W E L L N E S S

    Coloured light Light and light-ing scenarios play a crucial rolewhen it comes to indulgence and

    relaxation. Owners of wellnessoases, hotels and restaurants arewell aware of this thanks to manyyears of experience, and scientificstudies also confirm the out-standing properties of colour anddynamism. Modern LED lightingsolutions combine this variabilitywith a new level of performance

    LEDs for Hospitality and WellnessPamper treatment for guests and visitors

    H2O, HERFORD (D) | Lighting solution: the appearance of the facility and g uests sense of well-being both benefit from a LEDlighting solution with dynamic colour control. In wellness areas, guests are invigorated by LED luminaires in colours matched

    to suit various massage treatments.

    which weds extremely high qualitywith economic energy efficiency.

    The capabilities of LEDs are di-

    verse enough to reflect the entiregamut of human emotions. Withtheir wide spectrum of coloursand colour temperatures, lightemitting diodes are suitable forcreating a feel-good atmospherewhich encourages relaxation andinvites guests to linger.


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions



    Architekten, Freising (D) |

    Lighting design: interiorarchitects Eder Designer &

    Planer, Brunn am Gebirge

    (A) | LED lighting solution:

    CIELOS media luminaire,

    SYSTEMLED Deco light

    line, TEMPURA spotlight

    SCHRAMMS RESTAURANT AU IN DER HALLERTAU (D) | Lighting solution: this event restaurantwelcomes guests with a new gastronomic concept in which innovative LED technology demonstrates its

    huge creative talent.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D S F O R H O S P I T A L I T Y A N D W E L L N E S S

    Setting accents Coloured

    light, dynamic light and smalllighting points are ideal tools forattracting guests and passer-bysattention. LED lighting solutionsstand out from other solutions:this innovative technology hitsall the right notes and changesits features as required. Thetechnology has a similarlydiverse range of applications.

    LEDs are able, for example, to

    use light to full dramatic effector subtly underscore a homelyatmosphere. LEDs also have aneconomical plus point: efficiencyand durability save operatingcosts and eliminate excessivemaintenance work. They also giveoff less heat, thereby reducingexpenditure on air conditioning.


    FRANKFURT TRADE FAIR PRESS CENTRE (D) | Architect: Matteo Thun, studio thun, Milan (I) |LED lighting solution: SCONFINE CUBO in three different white light colours

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    PANOS BioMotion Downlight with a delicate touch

    The name PANOS stands for a professional, modu-lar downlight product range that teams aspirationaldesign with high levels of functionality. This widevariety of designs and lighting technologies providesan excellent design platform for innovative LEDmodels. PANOS BioMotion is a living expression ofthe biological component of the Humanergy Balancephilosophy. Mimicking the excellent model providedby mother nature, the downlight nurtures the humanbody clock by delivering 1,100 lumens of projectedlight as well as variable colour temperatures, lightcolours and lighting intensity levels. The downlightuses RGB technology supplemented by white LEDsto achieve a colour temperature of 2,700 K to 6,500 Kwith a colour rendition index Ra of 80. This makes it

    possible to use DALI signals from an EMOTION touch

    panel to generate colour-changing lighting scenariosor a colour temperature spectrum which empathiseswith natural variations in daylight over the courseof a day. PANOS BioMotion can therefore be usedto produce refreshing lighting scenes in enclosedspaces such as bars and wellness areas or in com-munication and conference rooms. LED luminaireswith a high luminous flux make heavy demands onappropriate thermal management. Zumtobel usesSynJet active cooling technology to meet theserequirements.

    Page 55: Information on PANOS PureWhite


    PANOS BioMotion

    2,700 K 6,500 K

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    45L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    Special advantages

    Durable thanks to SynJetTM technology: a vibrating

    membrane or diaphragm creates air turbulence and ex-

    pels warm air from the LED housing through cooling fins.

    This cools the circuit board reliably (photo, bottom left).

    PANOS BioMotion is an impressive luminaire in terms of

    quality and quantity of light alike: its mutability meets t he

    human need for change to a large extent an d in a LED-

    specific, efficient manner (photos above).

    PANOS BioMotions glare limitation (UGR < 19) means that

    it is also suitable for DSE workstations.

    Flexible colour temperatures allow easy accurate adjust-

    ment to suit the lighting task in hand.

    The comprehensive colour and colour-temperature

    dynamism of the PANOS BioMotion downlight provides

    an excellent platform for generating dynamic lighting

    scenarios using an EMOTION touch panel.

    MICROS LED Downlight for any situation

    Small, practical and versatile: the very latestMICROS downlight range includes LED modelsas well as low-voltage halogen luminaires. Usersreap all the benefits of the long service life ofcompact LED modules in decorative accentlighting applications in particular. Another plus:luminaires with a colour temperature of 3,000 Kand 4,700 K offer the opportunity to makeexactly the right choice for various surfaces andmaterials.

    Special advantages

    A service life of 25,000 hours ormore lengthens maintenance in-tervals, thus cutting maintenancecosts.

    Ideal for setting shining accentsin corridors or circulation areas.

    No-tool installation using twomounting brackets.

    3,000 K 4,700 K


    MICROS LED3,000 K 4,700 K 2 m

    1 m

    1.25 m0.63 m285 lx 71 lx

    1.25 m0.63 m399 lx 100 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    SCONFINE SFERA Floating elegance

    Besides conventional light sources, advanced LED modules are alsoavailable for the SCONFINE SFERA luminaire product line. In the pen-dant luminaires, LEDs are impressive because of, in particular, their pro-

    jected light and durability. The largest size mode l is 500 mm in diameterand includes extra features: its colour temperature can be selected bysoft keys in six preset inc rements from 2,700 K to 6,500 K. Its 16 light-ing cone can be widened to 25 or 40 by fitting diffuser lenses. Theluminaire is also continuousl y adjustable over a range of 10 100 %. Inthe smaller models, LED modules provide pleasant LED lighting abovecounters and reception areas and in bars. Besides fulfilling its functionaltask, this floating sphere of light also underlines the ambie nce in a bar orlounge or exerts its impact as an interior design element as a luminairecluster. Any point in the colour spectrum can be selec ted by using DALIcontrol this is available on request.



    SFERA 500 LED


    SFERA 250 LED


    SFERA 170 LED

    Special advantages

    Convenient operation on theactual luminaire itself: theupper soft key adjusts bright-ness from 10 % to 100 %, thelower soft key sets the colourtemperature in six increments(photo on left).

    SCONFINE SFERA 500 LED:a selection of 6 colour temper-atures allows easy adaptationto constantly changing lighting

    tasks. Long service life ensures long

    maintenance intervals and cutsmaintenance costs.

    SCONFINE SFERA with a LEDmodule uses projected light toset charming accents.SCONFINE SFERA 500 LED

    2,700 K 6,500 K

    3,000 K

    3,400 K 4,000 K

    4,900 K

    Soft keys for adjusting brightness and temperature

    SFERA 170/250 SFERA 5002 m

    1 m

    0.67 m0.66 m292 lx 294 lx

    0.67 m972 lx

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    47L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    SCONFINE CUBO Colour, dynamism and light

    Innovative LED technology really comes into its own in a translucent,cube-shaped reflector made of PMMA with a diffuser-pearl optic bothas an individual lumina ire with a 1.2 W LED or as a luminaire cluster.

    The module comprising 9 cubes displays a preset sequence of differentcoloured LED units wi th a dimming range from 5 to 100 %. The smoothcolour changes produced by SCONFINE CUBO create a pleasantimpression of room depth. The chrome-plated surface of the housingis a design element which is repeated throughout the SCONFINEluminaire range.


    Special advantages

    SCONFINEs basic chrome-platedhousing is a striking design feature.

    The shapes of the modules comprising9 cubes arranged seamlessly sideby side create a fascinating lightingobject.

    The cubes are each uniformlyilluminated with 1.2 W per module andconvey a feeling of depth.

    The dimming levels of the colouredLED cubes in the module whichcomprises 9 cubes run through pre-defined sequences from 5 to 100 %.


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    CIELOS Move The video artist among luminous ceilings

    CIELOS brings a piece of the sky into a building. Innovative LEDtechnology makes this modular luminaire a storyteller. It uses shapesand colours to provide inspiration and a sense of well-being. Itsdynamic, coloured looks catch the eye and attract attention. Dependingon the effects crea ted, CIELOS Move can evoke a wide range of feelingsand moods quickly and spectacularly or calmly and subtly. Its diffuserpanel, which is made of high-quality frosted white glass, does not distortcolours and keeps its good looks for ages. A special double diffuseroptic ensures uniform illumination which stops individual lighting pointsfrom standing out. Besides wide-area colour control, each lightingpoint can be controlled individually. A special video controller (video

    control unit) is used to transfer images, image sequences, shapes andcolour sequences to the CIELOS Move Video luminaire. Two sizes, 600or 900 mm square, provide plent y of scope for creative design. Thismodular wide-area luminaire cuts a fine figure, not only on a ceiling,but also on a wall and as an archi tectural object one square at a time.

    The luminaires built-in control gear means there is no need to factor inexpenditure on additional components. This also makes installation justas easy as usual: fix, connect and close the luminaire.

    CIELOS Move | Video art: Sigrun Appelt

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Special advantages

    Preconfigured video clusters make rapid use

    possible: packages consist of luminaires, video

    control unit (VCU) and pre-stored animations.

    The video control unit (VCU) individually controls

    every pixel of the CIELOS Move: 30 images p er

    second produce smooth flowing transitions.

    12 12 or 18 18 pixels with RGB LEDs determine

    resolution and design possibilities. 50 mm pixel

    pitch is preserved, even when more luminaires are


    The DALI version is wide-area controlled using

    DALI signals (3 DALI addresses). This makes it

    possible to add the intense colours of RGB LEDs toDALI-based lighting solutions.

    KAVA LED Asymmetrical recessed wall luminaire

    With its indirect light in various colours and hues of white,KAVA LED has an understated, restrained appearance. Thelight generated by the light emitting diodes is directed ontothe ground by the asymmetrical reflector while the luminaireitself blends into the background. KAVA LED is an attractivesolution for illuminating steps but can also be used forambient lighting in pedestrian areas and corridors. Versionswith IP 20 and IP 54 protection are also suitable for outdooras well as indoor applications.

    Special advantages

    The simplest way of achieving impressive accent lighting:corridor lighting using KAVA LED (photo above).

    Thin-wired cables can be connected quickly without any risk of

    polarity reversal thanks to insulation displacement connectors.

    L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S 49

    KAVA LED IP 20

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    DORNBIRN LIGHT FORUM (A)|Lighting solution: the AERO II Hybrid office

    luminaire offers the right mix of cool LED light and

    pleasantly warm T16 indirect lighting to suit any

    discussion setting.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Human biorhythms are pre-

    programmed to cope withchange. Just like daylight, anartificial lighting solution canhave a relaxing or stimulatingeffect at appropriate times. LEDdownlights, for example, withtheir wide spectrum of colourtemperatures, are a perfectstarting point for working inharmony with the human bodyclock.

    LEDs for Offices and Communication

    Working and showcasing at the very highest level

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D S F O R O F F I C E S A N D C O M M U N I C A T I O N 53

    Zumtobel has come up with a

    unique hybrid concept in orderto meet the very demanding re-quirements that are placed onlighting for workplaces. LEDs andconventional fluorescent lampsare harnessed to enhance per-formance and motivation in theform of the AERO II Hybrid lumi-naire. Zumtobels tried-and-testedprismatic optic is used to ensurea high level of visual comfortwith uniform, glare-free illumina-tion of desks and visual displayterminals. Discussions and con-versations are helped along by a

    pleasant atmosphere created by

    direct and indirect light. The col-ourfulness and dynamism of LEDscan be exploited in prestigiousareas. When not in use, glazedconference rooms can be an eye-catching feature. Coloured light-ing coves or lighting points seteffective accents. As well as theirqualitative advantages for officelighting, the efficiency of LEDs isalso an important factor in thisapplication area: LED downlightscan be used to light corridors, forinstance, very economically.


    DORNBIRN LIGHT FORUM (A) | Lightingsolution: variable lighting scenes are a must in

    seminar rooms. AERO II Hybrid makes variable

    lighting scenes available with adjustable indirect

    and direct components in any required colourtemperature; it does this extremely efficiently

    and provides excellent quality light for perfect

    visual comfort and optimal visual performance.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    55L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    This largest commercially availabl e downlight product range is constantlybeing updated in line with the state of the art. PANOS LED PureWhiteboasts high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. In keepingwith the Install & Forget concept, long maintenance interva ls slash thecost of regular relamping. PANOS PureWhite delivers 1,000 lumens andis a more energy-efficient replacement for 26 W fluorescent l amps. If

    illuminance i s the main priori ty, the 2,000 lumen version i s clearl y abetter alternative. With twice the luminous flux, it achieves the samelevels as 2/26 W or 1/32 W fluorescent lamps. A luminaire with such ahigh luminous flux places exacting requirements on thermal manage-ment. Zumtobel optimises the luminaires service life by using SynJettechnology an active cooling system that uses a moving diaphragm.Warm white and intermediate white versions of PANOS PureWhiteprovide an easy way of selecting a colour temperature to suit aparticular lighting situation. Versions with a DALI interface allow theluminaire to be dimmed by using a bus signal.

    Page 44: information on PANOS BioMotion


    PANOS PureWhite Pure, unadulterated LED innovation

    3,000 K 4,000 KSpecial advantages

    Durable thanks to SynJetTM technology:a vibrating membrane or diaphragm creates airturbulence and expels warm air from the LEDhousing through cooling fins. This cools the circuitboard reliably.

    PANOS PureWhites glare limitation (UGR < 19)means that it is suitable for DSE workstations.

    Light which is free of heat and UV radiationprevents damage to fragile materials.

    An energy-efficient problem solver, ideal for areasthat are difficult to access and where relampingwould involve high maintenance costs.

    PANOS PureWhite

    PANOS PureWhite

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    AERO II HYBRID The best of two worlds

    AERO II Hybrid marks a new chapter in the history of lighting technology.It is the first ever luminaire to interactively combine LEDs and fluorescentlamps. The interac tion of high-power LEDs and a T16 lamp creates oneof the most efficient indirect/direct luminaires ever. Highly efficient, coollight from the high-power LEDs is absolutely glare free and is directedonto the task area by the waveguide and MPO+. Indirect genera l lighting

    reaps the full benefit of the ergonomic qualities of the T16 fluorescentlamp: high luminance levels and warm light colours create a pleasantatmosphere. When teamed together, these two separately controllablelight sources are unbeatable both in terms of performance and energyefficiency.


    Special advantages Brilliant waveguide technology optic

    and precision ground micro-prismswere specially developed for use inmodern offices where f lexible work-station layouts and a large variety ofelectronic media make huge demandson lighting and glare control(photo on left).

    Cool colour temperatures are refresh-ing and warmer colour temperaturescreate a cosy, agreeable ambience:

    AERO II Hybrid

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions




    SLOTLIGHT is the light line for shaping and dividing up spaces andarchitecture. Thanks to its understated design, this luminaire is capableof shaping and lighting rooms using a conventional fluorescent lamp.SLOTLIGHT with RGB LEDs can now zone rooms with colour, evokeemotions and create an identity in the same form and format as itsparent luminaire does using T16 lamps. Built-in DALI controllers makeit possible to control both types of lamps via a single system. This isaccomplished without having to order extra equipment. Dynamic colourchanges can be generated or colours can be adjusted to suit particularuses or times of day by using a control system such as LUXMATEEmotion.


    Special advantages

    Dynamically coloured light

    in uniformly illuminated linessupplements the minimalist

    T16 light line. Extremely convenient opera-

    tion and control, e.g. using anEMOTION touch panel.

    L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S 57

    any required lighting scene can beproduced by cleverly combining LEDsand T16 lamps.

    Both colour temperature and light

    distribution are variable because theluminaire has its own control gear forLEDs and T16 lamps. Intelligent lightingmanagement systems can adjustthe light perfectly to suit particularactivities and the amount of incidentdaylight (see i llustration above).


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    The PURESIGN escape sign luminaire i s a straight-line cube with a

    thin 3 mm frame and is totally in tune with mod ern architecture

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D S F O R O R I E N T A T I O N A N D S A F E T Y 59

    LED technology is gaining wide-

    spread acceptance in the field ofemergency lighting in particularbecause durability plays sucha crucial role in safety. Manyescape sign and emergencyluminaires are in use round theclock, and conventional fluo-rescent lamps therefore have tobe replaced annually. By usingluminaires equipped with LEDsand efficient thermal manage-ment, Zumtobel has extended theservice life of luminaires beyond50,000 hours.

    A second crucial argument infavour of using LEDs for emergen-cy lighting is their compact size.

    The minimal space required bythe light source lays the founda-tion for pared-down, less bulkyluminaires which discreetly blendinto the architecture.

    Emergency lighting

    The ideal sphere of action fordurable LED power packages

    Tiny and very efficient: just a small number of inconspi cuous RESCLITE emergency luminaires

    are enough to provide orientation and ensure safety in the event of an emergency.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Escape sign luminaires The

    small form factor of LEDs pavesthe way for less bulky, visually un-obtrusive escape sign luminaires.In terms of energy use, LEDs areattractive given their low powerconsumption and high light outputratios. Zumtobel builds on thesecapabilities by bringing innovativelighting technology into play inorder to illuminate escape signsuniformly with luminance levelsin conformity with relevant stand-ards. Teamed with high-per-formance thermal management,long-lived LEDs guarantee totalfreedom from maintenance.

    Another Zumtobel highlight: a

    maintenance function in allONLITE LED luminaires auto-matically compensates fordecreases in the luminous fluxof LEDs as they age. This meansthat LEDs can initially be operatedat a 70 % dimming level. Thislevel is continuously increasedto 100 % over the burn life of theLED. This has a major advantage the luminance level of theescape sign luminaire remainsconstant throughout its entireservice life and, at the same time,the LED luminaires service life isextended.

    The ARTSIGN escape sign luminaires appearance and durability are enhanced by high-grade aluminium

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Emergency lighting Besides

    their durability and compact size,the above-average efficiency ofLEDs is another important factor.In the case of emergency light-ing, LEDs are not only capableof helping cut energy consump-tion, they also help to make surethat the entire system does notget bloated. LED luminaires withlower installed loads are happywith relatively small power sup-ply systems and smaller sizedcircuits. Scaled-down installationssuch as these operate in a moreenvironmentally friendly mannerand use resources more frugally.Zumtobels specially developed

    emergency lighting optics are yet

    another step on the road towardsabove-average efficiency in emer-gency lighting. This way, a smallernumber of luminaires can ensurethe required level of safety.

    Separately installed emergencysystems are also freed fromdependence on general lighting.

    This independence and compactsize also provide wider scope interms of design. LED emergencyluminaires stay discreetly in thebackground and the general light-ing concept can be developedwithout having to pay much atten-tion to emergency lighting.

    Transparent acrylic glass and

    versatile mounting options

    make the COMSIGN II escape

    sign luminaire a real all-

    rounder. A specially shapedcircuit board enables the LED

    luminaire to produce uniform

    luminance levels.

    L E D S F O R O R I E N T A T I O N A N D S A F E T Y 61

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    RESCLITE escape

    RESCLITE A new era in emergency lighting

    Using a power LED and three sophisticated optics, RESCLITE ushersin a new era of emergency lighting. Thanks to maximum efficiencyand perfect light distribution, a small number of luminaires is enoughto provide emergency lighting in conformity with relevant standards.

    And yet the powerful LED package requires a minimum of energy. The

    luminaires installed load is only 5 W, in non-maintained mode evenas low as 1.5 W. Correspondingly, only small-scale supply and cablesystems are necessary.


    RESCLITE spotRESCLITE antipanic

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S 63

    M axi mum lum inai re spaci ng: up to 23 m > 1 l x Ma xi mum roo m il lumi natio n: up to 170 m > 0.5 l x Ma xi mum eq uip me nt il lumi nati on: up to 3 m > 5 l x

    RESCLITE spotLighting of emergency equipment

    EN 1838 states that special attention must bepaid to first aid and fire fighting equipment, callstations not located on escape routes and anti-panic lighting. Such facilities must be lit with atleast 5 lux measured on the floor. RESCLITE

    spot meets these requirements with a high levelof safety and low energy consumption. This LEDspotlight is therefore used where higher emer-gency lighting levels are required. This includespotential danger points and safety equipment.

    RESCLITE antipanicSpatial orientation

    According to EN 1838, 0.5 lux is required inorder to prevent panic in emergency situations.RESCLITE anti-panics wide-angle, rotationallysymmetrical light beam illuminates very largesurface areas uniformly. In fact, a single luminaire

    is capable of lighting a 170 m area in conform-ity with relevant standards and making escaperoutes and obstacles visible.

    RESCLITE escapeEscape route lighting

    EN 1838 specifies a minimum illuminance of 1 luxfor escape routes. RESCLITE escape uses aspecial combination of lens and reflector to focusthis light onto a long, narrow strip. Its range and hence the maximum spacing between two

    luminaires is up to 23 m. High-grade lightingtechnology controls glare and ensures optimalvisual conditions, even during emergency opera-tion. These features make RESCLITE escape anescape-route lighting specialist for rooms whichhave ceilings that are 2.2 to 7 m high.

    Special advantages

    Fewer luminaires are needed because of theirexcellent performance.

    Intelligent thermal management with large-areacooling fins drops the temperature inside luminairehousing down to ambient temperature. Batteriesand LEDs like these ideal operating conditionsand return the favour by achieving an extremelylong service life (photo on lef t).

    Despite its compact design, every RESCLITEemergency luminaire boasts typical Zumtobelconvenient touches such as standard installationterminals for through-wiring and no-tool batteryreplacement.

    Installation and mounting require no tool what-soever neither for mains connection nor strainrelief. The LED spotlight is fixed in the ceiling bytwo mounting brackets.

    Every RESCLITE luminaire is available as aseparate-battery, group-battery or centrallypowered version.

    RESCLITE is revolutionising emergency lighting

    design. Spacings can be read off in a simple tableon the basis of room height, without any photo-metric calculations, directly on site. Zumtobelsupplies a practical design tool with a dial for thispurpose (photo on right).

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    PURESIGN Extra slim and durable


    A special 3 mm thick aluminium frame, a shallow mounting height anda recognition range of 30 m are among slim-line PURESIGNs externalfeatures. The interior of the escape sign luminaire packs the very latestLED and lighting technology. In the case of the luminaire for surfacemounting on walls, an additional LED spot directed towards the escape

    route increases the visibility of escape doors. Various mounting optionsare further evidence of its widely varied applications.

    Special advantages

    For the most uniform possible backlighting: laterally arrangedLEDs inject light into a circuit board which has been speciallylaser etched (photo on left).

    Proof of effective lighting technology: luminance measurementsreveal very high uniformity at an average luminance level of250 cd/m. The escape sign luminaire is therefore visible fromafar and rounds out the aesthetic appearance.

    Wall-mounted luminaire with LED spot: lighting the escape routeand pointing people in the right direction, the PURESIGN wall-mounted luminaire with a separate LED spot is the only escapesign luminaire that can do this. Illuminance of up to 7 lux rendersan additional emergency luminaire in the vicinit y of the door su-perfluous.

    Constant luminance The luminous flux of LEDs diminishes over theirservice life. This is why all Zumtobel ONLITE LED luminaires have amaintenance function. This means that LEDs are initially operated ata 70 % dimming level. This level is gradually increased to 100 %. Thisguarantees an average luminance level in excess of 200 cd/m over theLEDs entire service life.

    Simple installation Useful features simplify electrical installers day-to-day work: PURESIGN escape sign luminaires are installed withoutthe use of any tool and no accessories are needed in order to replacebatteries either. When working on the luminaire, the pictograph isattached to a practical suspension device. The five clearly markedstandard installation terminals for through-wiring (5 2.5 mm) havealso been thoroughly field-tested.

    Power supply options Every ONLITE luminaire is available as aself-contained, group-battery or centrally powered version. Zumtobelgeneral-purpose luminaires can also be used as emergency luminaires.

    They are factory fitted with an emergency lighting unit for this purpose.


  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    65L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S

    ARTSIGN A design sensation in its own right

    COMSIGN II Light, transparent and durable

    FREESIGN 300 High-performance LED lighting technology in large-scale format

    PROOFSIGN An escape sign luminaire for harsh environmental conditions

    A few items from Zumtobels LED escape sign luminaire range

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Human Aspects + Energy Efficiency = Humanergy Balance

    LED lighting solutions are already a good alternative to conventional light sources when it comes toimplementing lighting solutions that strike a balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency.

    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60










    Lighting quality assessed on the basis of five criteria:A Visual performance B Vista C Visual comfortD Vitality E Empowerment

    Energy consumption in kWhper annum and per square metre,based o n EN 15193.

    LENI Lighting Energy Numeric IndicatorELI Ergonomic Lighting Indicator

    Standard solution Hybrid solution LED solution

    LEDs for Presentation and Retail Light evokes emotions

    Analysis based on following parameters: boutique measuring 4 5 m, open 8 hours, 6 days a week

    Merchandise illuminated by low-voltage spotligh ts (4 100 W)

    T16 cove ligh ting (6 35 W) HIT downlights for cash point

    (2 70 W ) No lighting control

    Lighting quality

    Brilliant light for optimumidentification of merchandise

    Uniform ambient lighting for apleasant room atmosphere

    Energy efficiency High luminous efficiency

    in case of HIT technology

    Merchandise is highlighted by LEDs fittedinto fu rniture (20 2.5 W)

    Colour-changing RGB LED cove(6 18 W)

    2LIGHT LED for cash point(4 18 W)

    Dynamic lighting management usingLUXMATE Emotion

    Lighting quality

    More clearly structured range of goodscreates an uncluttered look

    Accent lighting shows details to full effect Light sources are concealed, shop design is

    made clearer Dynamic colour change enhances

    attractiveness and evokes emotions, aidsrecognition, identity and individuality

    Energy efficiency

    Closeness to merchandise reduces energyrequirements

    Separate, dynamic control of all lightingcomponents cuts energy consumption

    LEDs encourage interaction between customers and goods on offer. They are an efficient lightsource and accomplish this by making merchandise the centre of attention and picking out ap-pealing details. Changes in brightness allow sensory perception at different hierarchical levelsand help customers to find their way around. Dynamic lighting changes transform shopping intoan experience by evoking emotions and providing attractive eye-catching focal points of interest.LED light catches the eye and is capable of fostering a pleasant atmosphere so that customerslinger longer and buy more. Light which adapts itself to particular times of day or seasons can

    conjure up wonderfully relaxing moments.

    Standard solution

    Hybrid solution

    LED solution

    Energy efficiency LENI

    TEMPURA LED spotlights used toilluminate merchandise (4 44 W)

    LED cove lighting (6 14 W) HIT downlights for cash point

    (2 70 W ) Choice of lighting scenes using

    Circle control point via DIMLITE lightingcontrol

    Lighting quality

    For optimal visual performance:colour temperature can be adjusted tosuit various materials

    For optimum presentation ofmerchandise: spotlights can be alignedon products flexibly

    Energy efficiency

    Targeted, point lighting reduces theinstalled load

    Dynamic lighting control cuts energyconsumption

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    67H U M A N E R G Y B A L A N C E L I G H T I N G D E S I G N

    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60







    Energy efficiency LENI




    Standard solution

    Hybrid solution

    LED solution

    Conventional halogen spotlights(8 75 W )

    No lighting control

    Lighting quality

    Highly brilliant colours Purposefully directed light Combination of ambient and display

    lighting Good visual performance and high

    level of visual comfort

    Energy efficiency Meets requirements regarding

    efficient lighting

    Standard solution

    Relatively small number of TEMPURALED spotlights for display lighting(2 44 W)

    Ambient lighting with CIELOS luminousceiling (6 8 21 W T16 i n 3,000 and6,500 Kelvin light colours)

    Dynamic lighting management usingLUXMATE Emotion

    Lighting quality

    For greater empowerment: colourtemperature and light colour (RGB)adjusted to suit materials

    IR- and UV-free light from spotlights Improves visual performance: light

    distribution adjusted by diffuser lenses For greater vitality: light is purposefully

    modified in order to heighten level ofattention and convey information moreeffectively

    Energy efficiency

    Structuring of lighting results in target-ed use and reduces the installed load

    Dynamic lighting control cuts energyconsumption

    Hybrid solution LED solution

    Display lighting using SUPERSYSTEM spots(6 2.5 W accent) and TEMPURA LED-spotlights (2 44 W)

    Ambient lighting with indirect ceiling bright-

    ening using SYSTEMLED (92.8 W), fitted in

    SUPERSYSTEM H-section

    Dynamic lighting management usingLUXMATE Emotion

    Lighting quality

    Improves flexibility: multifunctional systemfor complex lighting tasks

    More structured exhibition space thanks toaccent lighting

    Inspiring look: interplay between pointlighting and directional lighting createsdifferent hierarchical levels of perception

    Gentle lighting Heightens vitality and empowerment, en-

    hances appearance: replaceable opticsand colour temperature are used to adjustlighting to suit exhibition

    Energy efficiency

    LED SUPERSPOTS consume little power Dynamic lighting control cuts energy


    LEDs for Art and Culture Focussing on details

    Analysis based on following parameters: exhibition space measuring 8 6 m, in use 8 hours a day, 250 days a year

    Targeted accent lighting emphasises details and helps get information across visually. Its lightstructures and shapes the space and architecture, emphasises proportions and helps peoplefind their way around. Various types of lighting, colour temperatures and variable light all maketheir contribution towards implementing specific exhibition concepts. Small, efficient lightsources use resources sparingly. Long maintenance intervals offer additional potential savings.UV- and IR-free light is gentle on fragile exhibits.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Energy efficiency LENI




    Standard solution

    Hybrid solution

    LED solution

    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60







    0 90

    30 60







    Standard solution Hybrid solution LED solution

    LEDs for Hospitality and Wellness Vividly remembered

    Halogen downlights used toilluminate entrance area (3 75 W)

    Manually controllable free-standingluminaire for room lighting (1 150 W)

    Surface-mounted wall luminaires forbedtime reading (2 40 W )

    No lighting control

    Lighting quality

    Bright, pleasant room atmosphere

    Energy efficiency Less energy is consumed because

    individual luminaires are used forless time

    LED downlights used to illuminateentrance area (3 40 W)

    Continuous light line, from entrance todeep inside the room (3 35 W)

    Manually operated reading lights(2 20 W)

    LED lighting for minibar (1 2.5 W) ZBOX Plug & Play package for

    hotel room, including controller andCircle control points

    Lighting quality

    Clear shapes, straight-line architecturalappearance

    Various lighting scenes are freelyavailable to guests so that they canadapt room atmosphere to suit whatthey are doing at particular times

    Programmed lighting scenes can beselected at the press of a button

    Energy efficiency

    Economical ambient lighting in entrancearea

    Possibility of dimming paves the way topurposeful use of luminaires

    Saving energy through convenience:every luminaire can be switched on andoff from any control point, a central offswitch disconnects all luminaires fromthe power supply

    LED downlights used to illuminateentrance area (3 40 W)

    Indirect room lighting using LED light lines,behind TV as well as be d (2 14 W)

    LED reading lights (2 2.5 W) LED lighting for minibar (1 2.5 W) ZBOX Plug & Play package for hotel room,

    including controller and Circle control points

    Lighting quality

    Flexible, individual lighting design Indirect light creates a bright, pleasant room

    atmosphere Various lighting scenes are freely avail-

    able to guests so that they can adapt roomatmosphere to suit what they are doing atparticular times

    Programmed lighting scenes can beselected at the press of a button

    Energy efficiency

    Small, economical light sources produceatmospheric lighting

    Possibility of dimming paves the way topurposeful use of luminaires

    Saving energy through convenience:every luminaire can be switched on and offfrom any control point, a central off switchdisconnects all luminaires from the powersupply

    Analysis based on following parameters: hotel room measuring 4 5 m, in use 4 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Lighting solutions that leave guests with fond memories are characterised by high levels ofconvenience and delightful lighting ambiences. LED lighting scenes inspire a sense of well-being,and carefully staged architecture addresses all the senses. Because of LEDs small form factorsand long service lives, LED light is used in public areas in order to enliven events and fostercommunication. Even warm white LED light is extraordinary and unmistakable. Dynamically stagedLED solutions are especially atmospheric.

    Human Aspects + Energy Efficiency = Humanergy Balance

    LED lighting solutions are already a good alternative to conventional light sources when it comes toimplementing lighting solutions that strike a balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions




    Energy efficiency LENI




    Standard solution

    Hybrid solution

    LED solution

    H U M A N E R G Y B A L A N C E L I G H T I N G D E S I G N

    Task lighting using AERO direct/indirect pendant luminaire (2 54 W)

    Ambient lighting in room by down-light with compact fluorescent lamps(6 42 W)

    Walls are accentuated by low-voltagedownlights (3 75 W)

    Individually switchable luminairegroups

    Lighting quality

    Appropriate lighting is provided forvarious activities

    Waveguide technology guaranteesexcellent glare control

    Energy efficiency Meets requirements regarding

    efficient lighting

    Standard solution

    Task lighting using AERO II T16 direct/indirect pendant luminaire (2 54 W)

    Reduced number of downlights forambient lighting (2 42 W)

    Additional wallwasher for wallbrightening (2 28 W)

    Walls are accentuated by2LIGHT RGB MDL (3 20 W)

    Choice of lighting scenes using Circlecontrol point via DIMLITE light control

    Lighting quality

    Waveguide technology guaranteesexcellent glare control

    Various lighting scenes are available tosuit different activities

    Energy efficiency

    Structuring of lighting results in target-ed use and reduces the installed load

    Dynamic lighting control cuts energyconsumption

    Hybrid solution LED solution

    Task lighting using AERO II Hybrid direct/in-direct pendant luminaire (2 28 W, 2 24 W)

    Ambient lighting using PANOS PureWhite(1 40 W)

    SYSTEMLED flood light line for wallbrightening (4 14.3 W)

    Walls are accentuated by 2LIGHT RGB(3 20 W)

    Dynamic lighting management usingLUXMATE Emotion

    Lighting quality

    Waveguide technology guarantees excellentglare control

    Colour temperature can be adjusted to suitthe relevant lighting situation

    The various lighting scenes also vary interms of light colour (RGB)

    Cool colour temperatures provide additionalstimulation

    Energy efficiency

    High-output combination of high-powerLEDs and T16 fluorescent lamps ensuresoptimal, efficient workplace lighting

    Separate, dynamic control of all lightingcomponents cuts energy consumption

    LEDs for Offices and CommunicationAdded value through individuality

    Analysis based on following parameters: prestigious office with conference corner measuring 4 5 m, in use 11 hours a day, 250 days a year

    Flexibility in terms of light colour and colour temperature provides the ideal basis for adaptingthe lighting to suit particular activities. Changes in brightness stimulate, aid concentration andpromote a sense of well-being. Dynamic lighting sequences are people-friendly and provide avariety of stimuli. Efficient light sources are the starting point for using resources prudently.

  • 8/4/2019 Lighting Handbook LED Lighting Solutions


    Typical lighting solutions

    and LED product categories










    and back-