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    Lil Boosie is hands down the most loved and respected gangster rapper of the entire south.
    There isnt a hood in the south that doesnt salute Boosie.
    His music touches the people who go through the hardest times.
    He is authentic, not a studio gangster. Real niggaz see right through the fake. Boosie is not one.
    He is currently incarcerated for gun and drug possession. And is now being charged with 6 counts of murder and bringing drugs into a correctional facility.

2. Lil Boosie Bio
Lil Boosie was born Torrence Hatch on the south side of Baton Rouge. He was born into dysfunctional household. His father was a drug abuser who died early in his life. His mother was present though and she was a good mother. He lived in a rough neighborhood and was very active in illegal activity. He never finished High School because he was expelled from his school for possession of drugs on school grounds.
3. Lil Boosie Street Credibility
Believe me when I tell you that Boosie has the every ghetto in the south on his back. His credibility is unmatched. I have been all over the south and I always end up in the bad parts with the thugs. I always ask people which rapper gets the most love in there city and they all say Boosie. When I ask why them they all say the same thing to He spits that real s#%T. And its crazy to hear different thugs from different cities. Who dont even know each other give the exact same reasons they love Boosie so much.
4. Effect of Boosies Music
His music effects the community in many ways. People easily can relate to his music especially the ghetto and hoods. He makes songs for the clubs, girls, sex, thugs, hard times, his past life. He keeps it real and doesnt sugarcoat anything. His music puts you in the mood.
5. Negative effects of Boosies Music
Most of the music listened to in the projects is in cars. Like I said music puts you in a mood. Lil Boosie is a certified gangsta no questions asked. When you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs which is very common amongst people in the hood it can be deadly. A lot of drive-by shootings are done while listening to Boosie telling you to do that. The guy in the back seat is in locked up on attempted murder charges !. His favorite rapper was Boosie. There are a lot of criminals in the hood whos favorite rapper is Boosie
6. Boosies Debut Album
Boosies debut hit the streets like a tornado.
This album didnt do too well commercially but was an underground classic.
All the hardest Gs were banging this throughout their hoods.
This is what really put boosie on the map.
7. Boosies Trill Family
Another part of his credibility was his crew. His crew was the circle of friends he ran the streets with. And when he got put on he put his peoples on. Thats showing your childhoods friends they were right all along.
8. Lil Boosie get dah#%s
As he gained more money and fame along came the women. Although here he is having a great time he is a caring father of seven.
9. Boosie The Family Man
He is a proud father of seven beautiful kids. Regardless of his thug he is still a caring person with the kids. He does a lot for the community. He spends millions on building his community which also adds to why the ghettoes love him so much.
10. R.E.S.P.E.C .T
Not too long ago he was arrested on gun and drug charges. This even added to his unquestioned credibility. But was real blow for him he was real sad about being sentenced to four years in the pen. They found a gun and marijuana in his car. Dang I really need to clean my car out.
While already incarcerated Boosie was charged with 6 counts of murder ! Along with his boys out of his crew. He even had 17 year in the crew who allegedly was the trigger behind 5 of the murders. He was also charged with bringing drugs into a correctional facility.Boosie had a lot of enemies and a lot of problems amongst other thugs and thug rappers. If found guilty he will get life or the death penalty !
What Im getting across to you is that Boosie is a gangster as it gets in Hip Hop. Anybody who knows about hip hop, gangster rap knows everybody in it wants so badly to be seen a thug. They will do anything to be real. I know for fact deep down in the hoods all over the south. Boosie is blasting through them speakers.

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