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Date post: 13-Jul-2020
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  • LIN ENGINEERING, LTD. Consulting Engineers


  • Background After receiving his BS from National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan in 1970, Paul Lin attended graduate school at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After 3 years at the Illinois D.O.T. Bridge Office and approximately 18 years of structural design as a design consultant, Paul Lin established Lin Engineering in 1991. Lin Engineering is classified as a DBE firm and has worked as a prime consultant for the Illinois D.O.T., the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the Capital Development Board, in addition to providing services as a subconsultant to numerous design firms throughout the state of Illinois. Qualifications Since its inception, Lin Engineering, Ltd. has maintained Structural Engineering as its focal point. Contracts involving engineering services for bridges, retaining walls and culverts have been at the core of Lin Engineering’s work history. However, throughout the years, Lin Engineering has obtained valuable experience and developed a strong reputation in the areas of Land Surveying, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, and Construction Inspections. Lin Engineering is pre-qualified to work with Illinois D.O.T., Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Metra, City of Chicago, and the Capital Development Board. Currently, Lin Engineering is pre-qualified with IDOT in the following categories:

    Highways: Special Studies: Freeways Location Drainage Roads & Streets Traffic Structures: Feasibility

    Highway: Simple Location/Design Studies: Highway: Typical Rehabilitation

    Highway: Advanced Typical Reconst./Major Rehab. Highway: Complex (pending) Special Services: Railroad Route Surveys

    Special Plans: Land Surveys Traffic Signals Construction Inspection

    Awards Lin Engineering received the IDOT “DBE Consulting Engineer of the Year Award for 2001”. Duane E. Weiss was awarded the “Surveyor of the Year Award” by the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association in February 2002.

  • Lin Engineering’s Structural Department has developed into a reliable and experienced team with the capability of completing design projects in a timely and efficient manner. The Structural Department’s design experience is comprised of primarily roadway-related structures including small to large-scale bridges, retaining walls and culverts. The type of work has included Phase I Studies, in-depth structure inspections, rehabilitation, final plan preparation, and independent QA/QC review.

    Structural Engineering

    Notable Design Projects IL 49, Champaign/Vermilion Counties – Designed two separate bridges following the LRFD design specifications. One structure’s plate girder superstructure was designed utilizing stainless steel. I-70, Mississippi River Bridge Project – As a DBE subconsultant, designed two 8’-deep web plate girder, partially curved bridges with bifurcated deck, web haunches and seismic design. Each bridge spans over 750’.

    I-255 over Wagon Wheel Rd, Madison Cty, IL

    Bridge Design Plate Girder bridges: IL 336 over Slater Creek, Hancock County, IL FAP 310 over Fosterburg Road, Madison County, ILWenzel Road over FAP 310, Madison County, IL IL 49 over I-74, Vermilion/Champaign Counties, IL WF beam bridges: Van Buren Street over I-90/94, Cook County, IL IL 154 over Little Indian Creek, Franklin County, ILI-57 over Lake Creek, Williamson County, IL PPC I-beam bridges: IL 94 over IL 336, Hancock County, IL I-255 over Wagon Wheel Road, Madison County, IL I-255 over Field Access Road, Madison County, IL I-74 over North Fork Salt Creek, McLean County, ILTR 89 over US 136, Pike County, IL IL 100 over Cox Creek, Schuyler County, IL Pier design only: IL 92 over Rock River, Henry County, IL Shippingsport Bridge over IL River, LaSalle Cty, IL

    Bridge Rehabilitation Joe Page Bridge over IL River, Greene/Calhoun Cnty, IL Leverett Road over I-57, Champaign County, IL Bloomington Road over I-57, Champaign County, IL I-55 over Cicero Avenue, Cook County, IL I-55 over BRC Railroad, Cook County, IL I-294 over Sewage Disposal Road, ISTHA I-80 over I-294, ISTHA I-57 over I-294, ISTHA I-55 over Timber Creek, McLean County, IL I-55 over US 136, McLean County, IL Ruby Street Bridge over Des Plaines River, Will Cnty, IL IL 154 over Reese Creek, Perry County, IL

  • Retaining Walls Gravity Walls: US 51 over IC RR, Perry County, IL Soldier Pile Walls: IL 17 & US 45, Kankakee County, IL Modular Block Walls: US 136, Vermilion County, IL Soil/Rock Anchor Tieback Walls: I-74, Tazewell County, IL Soil Nail Walls: IL 113, Kankakee County, IL

    Culverts IL 113 over Unnamed Stream, Kankakee County, IL IL 41 over Cedar Creek Tributary, Knox County, IL Wenzel Rd over Rock Creek Br., Madison County, IL US 136 over Camp Creek, McDonough County, IL Airport Road over Unnamed, Rock Island County, IL IL 92 over Small Ditch, Rock Island County, IL

    Phase I Studies Cleveland Road over B.N.S.F. RR, Henry Cnty, ILColumbus Street and LaSalle Street over I&M Canal, LaSalle County, IL I-55 over Linden Street, McLean Cnty, IL US 67 Corridor, McDonough to Morgan Cnty, IL I-74 Corridor, Peoria & Tazewell Cnty, IL IL 29 over Black Branch, Sangamon Cnty, IL

    Independent QA/QC ReviewIndependent Review of Calculations, Quantities and design Plans. Shop Drawing Review.

    Miscellaneous Design Projects Noise Abatement Wall Design – I-74 Corridor, Peoria County, IL Jacksonville Developmental Center Building Demolition, Jacksonville, ILVachel Lindsay Historical Home Restoration Project, Springfield, IL Montgomery Trucking building foundation design, Galena, IL

    IL 17 in Kankakee County, IL

    In-Service Inspections McCluggage Bridge over Illinois River, Peoria County, ILPRR and WI Railroad over I-55, Cook County, IL IL Route 3 at Poplar Interchange, St. Clair County, IL Joe Page Bridge over IL River, Greene/Calhoun Counties, IL Murray Baker Bridge over Illinois River, Peoria County, IL McKinley Bridge over Mississippi River, Madison County, IL Crossroad bridges over Northwest Tollway, ISTHA I-80/294 over Markham Yard, Cook County, IL Crossroad bridges over Tri-State Tollway, ISTHA Dan Ryan Expressway, Cook County, IL Statewide Sign Truss Inspections

    IL Route 3 at Poplar Street, St. Clair Cnty, IL

    Background: FAP 310 over Fosterburg Road, Madison County, IL

  • The Transportation Engineering Department within Lin Engineering is comprised of an efficient and dependable design team focused on delivering quality products within the time and budget factors assigned to each individual project. The design department’s experience consists of a wide spectrum of projects, including Phase I and Phase II roadway designs, independent QA/QC reviews, Phase III Construction Inspections, and preparation of various technical reports and studies.

    Transportation Engineering

    Notable Design Projects Veterans Parkway, South Section; Bloomington, IL – Lin Engineering prepared traffic signal plans in the Veterans Parkway, South Section design project, contributing to the ACEC 2004 Special Achievement Award received by Missman, Stanley & Associates. Safety and efficiency are provided by a computerized traffic signal system incorporating video detection, fiber optic interconnect and video surveillance, allowing remote intersection monitoring and control by the local municipality. Replacement of the Shippingsport Bridge; LaSalle County, IL – In addition to preparation of structural plans, Lin Engineering also prepared maintenance of traffic plans for the project, teaming with Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly, in receiving the ACEC 2004 Honor Award. Detours and signing were required through the twin cities of LaSalle and Peru in order to effectively divert traffic with minimal lost time during construction.

    IL Route 49 in Champaign County, IL

    Phase II Roadway Design Old IL Rte. 4 over Hurricane Creek, Macoupin County, IL Wenzel Road over FAP 310, Alton, IL US Rte. 67 over Camp and Carter Creeks, McDonough County, ILUS Rte. 136 over Camp Creek Tributary, McDonough County, IL IL Rte. 41 over Cedar Creek Tributary, St. Augustine, IL TR 89 over I-74, Pike County, IL US Rte. 150 over I-57, Champaign County, IL IL 49 over I-74 in Champaign & Vermilion Counties, IL

    Phase I Studies and Design US Rte. 67 over Camp and Carter Creeks, McDonough County, ILUS Rte. 136 over Camp Creek Tributary, McDonough County, IL IL Rte. 41 over Cedar Creek Tributary, St. Augustine, IL US Rte. 150 Over Little Farm Creek, Tazewell County, IL Dirksen Parkway, between Clear Lake Ave. to Ridge Rd., Springfield, IL

    Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL

  • Intersection Design Studies IL Rte. 9 in Bloomington, IL IL Rte. 47 in Yorkville, IL IL Rte. 29 through Rochester, Edinburgh and Taylorville, IL IL Rte. 2 in Winnebago County, IL Milan Beltway in Rock Island County, IL IL Rte. 251 in Rockford, IL

    Traffic Signal Designs IL Route 88 in Peoria County, IL IL Route 9 in Bloomington, IL Bus. Route I-55, Bloomington, IL IL Route 113 in Kankakee, IL IL Route 251 in Rockford, IL QA/QC Review of all signals within the I-74 Reconstruction Project, Peoria, IL

    Maintenance of Traffic Plans IL 351 (Shippingsport Bridge) over IL River, LaSalle County, IL US 150 (McCluggage Bridge) over IL River, Tazewell County, IL US Rte. 136 from Gilbert St. to Kansas Ave., Danville, IL I-39 over US Route 20, Rockford, IL US Rte. 20 over Linden Road, Rockford, IL Baxter Road and Rotary Road over I-39, Winnebago County, IL

    Miscellaneous Design Projects Parking Lot Design, IL Route 17, Kankakee County, IL Railsplitter Rest Areas, I-55 NB/SB, Sangamon County, IL Illinois State Police Driving Track, Pawnee, IL

    US Rte. 136 in Danville, IL

    Parking Lot Design, IL 17, Kankakee County, IL

    Illinois State Police Driving Track, Pawnee, IL

    Background: IL Route 17 and IL Route 113 Intersection, Kankakee, IL

  • Hydraulic Engineering has become another integral part of Lin Engineering. These projects have ranged from stand-alone projects, such as preparation of Location Drainage Studies, to performing studies and designs as part of a larger project, such as the US 67 Corridor Study and the Phase I drainage designs for Peoria’s I-74 Reconstruction Project. Whether working independently or as part of an interdisciplinary team, our Hydraulics Department shares the organization’s mission to provide excellent service and quality products to our clients.

    Notable Design Projects I-74 Reconstruction Project - Phase I; Peoria, IL – Lin Engineering was involved in drainage-related work for all alternatives and roadways east of the Illinois River. Preparation of numerous Hydraulic Reports, Location Drainage Studies, Minor Waterway Analysis reports, storm sewer designs and other related work were performed. US 67 Corridor Study from Jacksonville to Macomb – Lin Engineering prepared Hydraulic Reports for all stream crossings within the 80-mile project study area. In addition, two Location Drainage Studies were prepared weighing the two alignment alternatives proposed at the time. Il Route 29 Corridor Study from Chillicothe to I-180 – Lin Engineering is currently preparing Hydraulic Reports and Location Drainage Studies for all stream crossings within the 28-mile project study area. Highly complex roadway and drainage area bounded by bluffs on the west side, and existing backwater caused by the railroad and the Illinois River on the adjacent east side.

    Hydraulic Reports US Route 45 Over Lucas Creek, Clay County, IL IL Route 2 over Illinois River, LaSalle, IL US Route 67 over Illinois River, Beardstown, IL IL Route 154 over Various Streams, Perry County, IL Wenzel Road over Rock Creek Branch, Alton, IL US 67 over Camp and Carter Creek, McDonough County, ILUS 136 over Camp Creek Tributary, McDonough County, IL

    Location Drainage Studies I-57/70 North to South Tri-Level, Effingham County, IL IL Route 62 from Penny Rd. to Eastings Way, Cook County, IL US Route 24 and Cruger Road, Woodford County, IL Tri-State Tollway, Dixie Hwy. to Toll Plaza 41, Cook County, ILI-80 Tollway to Western Avenue, Cook County, IL

    Scour Report IL 15/IN 64 over Wabash River, Mt. Carmel, IL

    Storm Sewer Designs US Route 136, Macomb, IL Milan Beltway, Rock Island County, ILDirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL

    Wabash River, Mt. Carmel, IL

    IL Route 2 over Illinois River, LaSalle, IL

    Hydraulic Engineering & Drainage Studies

    Background: US 67 over Indian Creek, Cass County, IL

  • Most projects begin and end with the involvement of a survey crew, whether it is a boundary survey, route survey, hydraulic survey, right of way survey or aerial mapping control. Lin Engineering is employing the latest in GPS technology and total station robotics to capture field data to be used for design and land acquisition projects. The survey department also handles the drafting of parcel plats for land acquisition. Lin Engineering utilizes MicroStation and Geopak for production of plats, cross section sheets and drainage studies. The survey department staff also writes all of the parcel land descriptions. The Professional Surveyors on staff complete a thorough QA/QC on every parcel plat and description before submittal.

    Land Surveying

    Boundary Survey & Right of Way Survey I-70 New Mississippi River Bridge Project - Plats, survey and R.O.W. staking of over 150 parcels, East St. Louis, IL US 67 survey and plats from south of Jacksonville, IL to Green County line US 67 survey and plats west of Jacksonville to Chapin, IL Dirksen Parkway survey and plats from N. Grand to Clear Lake Ave., Springfield, IL US 136 survey and plats east of Carthage, IL IL 29 survey and plats from Edinburg to Taylorville, IL

    Aerial Survey Control Networks Corridor Map – East Ring Road around Peoria, IL Corridor Map – Macomb to Peoria, IL IL 29 from Mossville to Bureau, IL

    Hydraulic Surveys IL 15 and Wabash River Bridge at Mount Carmel, IL IL 29 north of Chillicothe to Bureau, IL IL 109 for eight miles south of Jerseyville, IL

    Cross Sections and Topo I-57 & I-70 between tri-levels at Effingham, IL IL 49 & I-74 in Champaign and Vermilion Counties, IL

  • Construction Inspection

    Construction Projects Route I-474 West of Peoria and the Illinois River, Peoria County, IL US Route 136 from IL Route 61 to Hancock County Line, IL Various Routes and Counties for IDOT District Four; (PTB 111/20) Various Routes and Counties for IDOT District Four; (PTB 120/27) US Route 67 Bypass, Warren County, IL Various Routes and Counties for IDOT District Two; (PTB 115/24) Various Routes and Counties for IDOT District Two; (PTB 123/16) Various Routes and Counties for IDOT District Two; (PTB 129/06) US Route 136, McDonough County, IL Route I-74, Peoria County, IL Route I-80, Henry County, IL

    I-74 Reconstruction Project, Peoria, IL

    Construction Staking at Macomb, IL

    Lin Engineering has provided many Construction Inspection services to our clients. As an extension of the Prime Consultant’s project team, our engineers, technicians, and surveyors have worked together to meet the unique demands of each project. Providing our client with services that meet their requirements, without exceeding the budgeted funds, is our primary objective.

    Qualifications and Certifications ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I IDOT – Documentation IDOT – Bituminous Concrete Density Tester IDOT – Portland Cement Concrete Level I

    Background: I-74 Reconstruction, Peoria, IL


    Springfield, Illinois Chicago, Illinois 210 West Chestnut 608 Citadel Drive Chatham, IL 62629 Westmont, IL, 60559 Phone: (217) 483-4168 Phone: (630) 323-5168 Fax: (217) 483-4706 Fax: (630) 323-5174

    CONTACTS President Structural Department Paul B. Lin, PE, SE Michael T. Haley, PE, SE e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] Roadway/Drainage Dept. Survey Department Fred M. Lin, PE Duane E. Weiss, PLS e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] George L. Woods, PLS e-mail: [email protected]

    e-mail us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.lineng.com